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Arhi Thread 8 On His Demand THE TRUTH PAGE 133 (Page 69)

Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Loved the teaser
Thanks for the pm

Titaliya1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Nice one!
Titaliya1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2015 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Wonderful teaser!
yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2015 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Nice teaser...thanks for the PM
crazy4ArnavSR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2015 at 1:20am | IP Logged
hey finally finished reading both OHD 1 and OHD 2 so far...and i hv to say its amazing story. U hv done a wonderful job. but my honest opinion would be u need to refine a bit with the editing part. 
For instance...since u planned it frm start tht Arnav wouldn't actually lose his memories...then i feel it was wrong of u to show the attraction feelings part of Arnav when he was actually just pretending to hv forgotten. U could hv just left it without actually any mention of his feelings. 
Another thing tht i feel could hv been written better were his suscpicious thoughts WHILE he was at the house of strangers.

I hope my honest opinion didn't hurt u...i just intended to help the writer in u.

Oh and thanks for adding index to thread 6. :) 

Meg :)
NidhiAS.Raizada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2015 at 1:25am | IP Logged

Thank you for reading...
But I guess overall it might look odd, but at that point of time you do have to trick, I know what do you mean...It is not only you noticed it, I did as well! LOL

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rini_kat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2015 at 3:00am | IP Logged
lovely updatesSmile
NidhiAS.Raizada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2015 at 3:29am | IP Logged
On His Demand Chapter 13 (63) 

Khushi walked out of the puja room. Payal followed her to know what happened to her.
"Khushi, stop, dear..." she said.
Khushi ran to her room, first Payal thought she was mad at Arnav for his actions but then she thought, why would she.

"Bhabi, what do I do?" she said, as she sat on the bed. "I do not want to say all those hurtful words to him, I know he does not remember anything. Then I do not know what happens to me when I am in front of him," She added, sounding frustrated at herself, she indeed was frustrated.

She understood Arnav had to pretend a memory loss, but why she was angry at him. Was she overreacting?

Payal smiled. "Khushi, it will all be okay. Why are worrying about all this? You know that what your anger has gotten to you today.  Your Arnav ji is yours once again. Whether it was out of jealousy or whatever, his connection with you is of a soul, does not matter what you guys goes through, you understand each other really well. And it is always so good to see you both fighting, I mean your cute fights. I am sure this will bring you close..."

Whom are we really making fools, people who loves us? Khushi thought. The deed of one wrong person in the family was putting all the good people under the radar of doubt. But when it was not known whether it is one person or more, she had to keep her emotions in check, she thought. It was not easy for her to do this drama and for Arnav it was not all easy. He has spent more time with these people around him then she had, if she was this emotionally attached it was natural for him to share a bond that was more than described as an emotinal attachment.

If it was better to do to save the life of everyone, she was no an exception, she just had to play along.

"Di, you?"
"Hi, Chote!" she says and Arnav falls silent. Reading his silence, she says, "I know what are you thinking!"
"Di, I have taken a step in a haste, I do not know how am I going to fulfil the demand of this relationship..."
"You will, Chote. Before you would know it, everything will be okay..." she assured him... "Khushi, is a great person, and best for you. She has gone through the worst and promise that you will do everything to give her the happiness that she deserves..."
"Di, what shall I say, La?"
"If you are worried about, La, I will talk to her...She will understand, I know she will..."
"Di, if you can do this for me I promise that I will be grateful to you all my life, and by the way what you have done for me since childhood nobody can really do it."
"Chote, you are quantifying my love by saying all this..."
He shooks his head. "You deserve to hear all this, di. I love you, you know that, by saying yes to Karan you have lowered the weight of my shoulder, so much that I can not put in words."
"Why are flattering me?"
"Because I want to say is I cannot marry Khushi, I would not be able to ever marry her..."
"Chote, what you did today indirectly it shows you want her too..."
Arnav pretended he was confused, "And why are you saying this?"
Anjali tried to divert his mind. "Nothing, Chote..."
Anjali walks in. Khushi gets up the bed.
"Di," she said and wiped her tears.
 "I was looking for you two, glad I found you both here..."
"What happen, di?" Payal asked.
"Came to congratulate, my sister-in-law. Was not I saying that everything will happen good? Not only Karan is able to find Adhwaya, Khushi got Chote back...Cannot wait for him to know that she is actually his bride and Adhwaya is his son...And I am deciding that Chote should know that you are his wife already. Because we do not want Chote, to do anything to call off this marriage with you, Khushi. I just came from his room and he was saying that he does not want to marry you..."

Anjali saw look of tension on her face. "Do not worry, Khushi. I talked to the doctor and he said we can try to tell him, if we will see he is mentally affected then we will say we were just kidding..."
"What if we will be unsuccessful?" Payal asked...
"Risk involves, but we have to try this..." she said.
Khushi was having a mental talk with herself. She had to talk to Arnav about this before everyone was going to come together and try to bring his memory back, just so that he was prepared.

"Karan, can I see Adhwaya?" Akaash said.
Karan was surprised to see him at the police station without an ahead appointment. It wasn't he needed it, since he was his friend, but his all of sudden arrival surprised him. Also, what surprised him the most was that he did not say hi or how are you? M

He could only conclude two things, either he was concerned or the worst...

"Hey, Akaash, you here?"
There was an immediate change in his tone. "Hey, hi, Karan. Sorry I came all of sudden, I must have surprised you..."
"You indeed you surprised me," Karan said as a matter of fact. "Please have a seat first..I was expecting you, but not like this..."
"I am sorry. When I came to know that Adhwaya has been rescued I was so relieved that I had to come. Payal said I should come and talk to you...How is Adhwaya?"
Karan kept his file away. "Hmm...He is actually fine...No harm..."
"Karan, I want you to give the worst punishment to the gang..."
"We are working on it, Akaash, do not worry...In no time culprit will be right in front of your eyes..."
Akaash gulped the lump down his throat. He took out his handkerchief from his hand and wiped the beads of sweat of his forehead. Karan noticed it. He was using all his skills to understand the behaviour of his and every second change in his body language.
"AC is working properly, Akaash, then why you are sweating?"
"Yes, but outside it is really hot, man..."
Him coming alone also surprised him atleast if not Arnav, he was expecting him to bring Khushi atleast...
"Hmm...I guess...And as far as Adhwaya is concerned we cannot let anyone to meet, I am sorry, Akaash. I know you are his uncle but I would not even let Khushi or Arnav meet him as his parents. It was his second time kidnapping in a row and it is an order from the head department to not let anyone meet those kids that are rescued."
Akaash nodded.
"Would you like to have a glass of water?
"Yes, please," he muttered. "That will be great..."
Karan rings the bell to call his peon and asks him to fetch a glass of an ice called water for his worried friend.

"Arnav, we have to go to the mall," Khushi said looking everywhere but him, from her tone she made it hear as if she was not at all interested."It is not for me, for Anjali di. She needs a new set of clothes now..."

He looked up at her.

"I am sorry I am in the middle of something and I cannot go..."

"It was not a request, it was a command," she said, walking up to him and shut his file.

"Khushi, seriously I cannot go...I am busy..."
"It is for di, Arnav," she tried to keep her tone as low as she could.
"I understand, okay, can we go little later?" he asked.
"How long you need?"
"An hour..."
"Okay, I let di know, she is coming with us as well..."
"Oh great...Also let her know that Karan is coming home and we will talk to him regarding her alliance with him..."
"Okay, I do so," she said.

Akaash walked in the room. Payal immediately went over to him..."Akaash, you home? Why were you not picking up the phone? Did you talk to Karan?"
Akaash do not answers her at first and sits on the bed.
"There is something Karan is hiding from us..."
"Hiding? What?" she asked.
"He did not let me to meet Adhwaya...he also said he cannot let even Arnav bhai or Khushi meet him. This is not possible..."
"Akaash, why are you worrying? It could be because it is the second time his kidnapping has happened..." Payal explained. "Now get up and prepare for tonight, Karan is coming home, and Arnav will talk about his marriage with Anjali di..."

Arnav and Khushi were half way through their shopping along with Anjali when her phone came and she decided to excuse herself, it was rather a plan to leave Arnav and Khushi alone.
"Di, I cannot let you go alone!" Arnav said and he calls NK to pick Anjali from the mall.

It was not long when NK comes to pick Anjali up and she leaves.

"Khushi, how is this dress?" he asked, and sees Khushi was looking somewhere else, with a scared look on her face.

"He..." she said and raised her finger at someone straight in the direction she was looking.

"Yes, Khushi, what is it?" he asked, when he sees in that direction nothing striking he notice.

"Ra..." his name choke in her throat.
"Khushi, what is it?" he asked getting alarmed. Before he could hear something from her she collapses with a strong image of Rahul in her mind.

"Doctor, what happened to her? Is she alright?" he asked, as soon as the doctor made his way out of the GW.

"Mr. Raizada, looks like a case of a panic attack. Is she scared of something?"

"Scared?" he thought. She was scared of everything that could harm her family. And at this point of time there was so much going on to mess with her mind.

"Her B.P. had dropped to the dangerous levels and it is only possible if she has seen something that scares her the most...And she is not okay, if she didn't wake up in the next few minutes, I am afraid she will slip into a comma..."

"No," he gasps in shock. "I have to talk to her...Nothing can happen to her!" He said and rushed in the ward to Khushi. Doctor follows him.

Seeing her lying on the bed, still, with an oxygen masks attached to her nose, his senses went numb. But then he told himself it was a time to react. When finally everything was going to happen good she can't loose her hopes. He grabbed her shoulders.

"Khushi, open yours eyes, it's me, Arnav. Your, Arnav, Khushi. I know you can hear me very well. So come on respond me," he pleaded to her. He could feel his life slipping every second that passed by and she was silent.

"Mr. Raizada, she won't response..." Doctor said.

"Shut up," he shouted at him. "Get out of here!

"Khushi, if you didn't open your eyes I promise I will never talk to you," he shook her body now.

"Mr. Raizada," doctor kept hand on his shoulder and he pushed him away. "I said shut up, and leave from here!"

"Khushi, please!"

He called her thousand times, he shook her body but it seemed as if she had decided to keep herself silent.

"Mr. Raizada, we can pray!" Doctor spoke once again.

"Khushi, please get up!" Arnav cried, ignoring the doctor.

Doctor was going to pull him away from Khushi, but she held his hand all of sudden and opened her eyes at a speed of a light.

"I reside in your mind." played in her head as a stuck tape.

"Arnav!" she shouted.

Arnav gasped and once again sat close to her...Doctor right now let him deal with her, as he knew only he could help her.

"Khushi," he said, relief dancing in his tone.

Upon seeing him, she quickly hugs him.

"Arnav, he is back..."

"Back who?" he asked, slipping the lump down his throat.

"Ra-hul!" She stammered.

His eyes widened in shock. He pulls away from a hug.

"He is back, and he is doing everything, he is the one hurting you, he will harm everyone...He is back!" she repeated this over and over again.

Arnav was shaking his head to convince her it wasn't so. "Khushi, no, he is dead...You know that...Don't you?"

She wasn't going to get convinced when she has seen him with her own eyes. She held his hand in hers tightly.

"Arnav, I have seen at the mall. He was there..."

"Khushi, you must have seen someone else. Someone who looks like him, you know Rahul he is dead. You killed him. Didn't you?"

"But what I saw was also right, he is evil, he can do anything. He can escape his death. May be it was not him, who was dead."

Her fears and image of him in her head was driving her crazy.

"You haven't seen him that's why you don't know, he was there, Arnav..." she repeated herself again, so that she could make herself clear to him.

When she didn't listen him, he jerked her shoulders. "He is dead, Khushi. You get that. That. man. is. dead."

"You think I am insane?" she shouted, "who all of sudden is dreaming about him?"

"He is in your head," he said.

Rahul's words from her dream felt true to her. She grew even more scared. Rahul's face was now flashing in front of her eyes. In place of Arnav she saw reflection of Rahul...

She tried to push him, but he was holding her. "Leave me, Arnav. Save me, please!"

"Khushi, you are mistaken, it's me, Arnav!"

"No," she wailed, trying everything to find a way to free herself from his hold. Her fears wasn't letting her to think straight.

Arnav slapped her. She let out a loud gasp. "It's me, Khushi. For god sake believe me, Rahul is dead...He can't be alive..."

She looked at him, knowing it was Arnav, she hugged him tightly, and hid her face in his chest."No, Ar-nav, I have seen him. He was there. I am not just making things up, he is not my imagination..." She finished her sentence with several pauses.

"Khushi, believe me, I will not let anything happen to you," he said little bit louder so that he could make her hear him over her cries.

He cups her back of her head.

"Khushi, everything is soon going to be okay!" he told her. "Very soon!"

He was very certain.

Doctor moved forward and gave her the injection and she slipped back to sleep...
Arnav laid her gently on the bed. 
"There is only way to get rid of her this fear is to prove her that Rahul is dead..." 
He thought there will not be need of that, they need not to pretend or be in a constant fear of who was after their life! Henceforth!  

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