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Arhi Thread 8 On His Demand THE TRUTH PAGE 133 (Page 132)

saal24 Groupbie

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hey ur ff is fab...plz give me ur blog link my email is seemagandhi1976@yahoo.comSmile


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Bookmarked. Plz add me to your blog list.
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Niddhi shifted it on the blog?

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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when are u updating...didnt find any update on the blog too...dying to read the next chapter
chennai123 Newbie

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 1:18am | IP Logged
Just read the entire story at one go.
Can I have the blog link.

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hi dear, im not sure if u receive my previous email. 
Please share your blog access. My email id is
Thank u and please consider my request.
ZaynArshiV Goldie

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Nice story
NidhiAS.Raizada IF-Sizzlerz

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Here you go guys,
I Know I made you guys a lot, however, I am here with the revelation part...Hope you guys like it...Leave your comments and your views...After this there would be either a chapter or a prologue...either way there will be an update...
On his demand: Revelation: The truth.
"Where is Khushi?" Arnav asked.
"Lavanaya is not to be seen anywhere either?" Payal revealed.
"This is what I was scared of," Anjali cried. "I had been telling you guys that releasing La from the jail was not a good idea..."
"What?" Arnav asked. "Released from a jail?" he asked.
Anjali's face went red when she realised what she had said and when everyone heard it their face went pale. "Jail?" Anjali asked immediately...Did I really said that?"
she asked. "No, Chote, I meant we should not have let Khushi alone...Now you see where is she?"
Arnav did not want to continue with what Anjali revealed at this point. "Why are you so worried? They must have gone somewhere...We are having a gathering, they must
have gone to get something from the market..." he said when in reality he was just wishing them to come in no second.
"But at least they should have told us," Nani said.
"Oh come on you guys stop worrying they are not kids. They must have had to urgently somewhere," Arnav said.
"Yeah, that is right," Mama ji said. "We can try calling them..." Mami ji added.
"There is no need of that we are here," Lavanya said as she entered the RM and there were the familiar faces that Arnav recognised. Nani, Mama, Mami ji's world had
turned literally upside down when they saw the lady that had ruined their life 30 years ago was standing at their door.
"You?" Nani ended up saying in a loud tone.
Anjali did recognise the tone of Nani's. After a careful glance she could tell who that lady was. More than Nani, Mami, or Mami ji she was furious. "You? What the hell
you are doing at my home?" she asked. There was a sudden change in her that was really hard to ignore by any person in the family. Khushi with whom that lady had come had no idea who she was.
Now everyone's attention was at Anjali especially Nani, Mami, and Mama ji's that how come Anjali knew the lady. They wondered the way she was acting it was sure that
she knew everything and that was scary for one and only one reason. Something that had kept hidden for years was going to come out in the  front and that was something
that was going to bring the worst truths out. That would be evident that the most deadly TRUTHS were going to be revealed why really everything happened in their lives. Anjali was not herself now, she was filled with uncontainable anger...
"I am asking what the hell you are doing at my home?" she asked. Khushi was scared now to see this form of Anjali. But as she looked at Arnav she saw certain calmness
in him and she did not know where he was gathering it. Why really Anjali's behaviour was not impacting him but everyone. Lavanya held Khushi's hand and stepped back.
That even confused her more as what was really going on. Why everyone was so scared and furious to see this lady at RM especially Anjali herself.
Just like her Akaash, NK and Dhruv guys were confused.
Arnav stepped as far as he could but close enough that he could see his whole life being opened and read as a book.

"Can you speak something? What are you doing at my home?" Anjali asked.
The old lady smiled to herself. "I am back to my own house, Anjali bitiya..."
"What nonsense you are talking about?" Mami ji asked. "Can you please for god sake get out of here?" she yelled.
"Mami ji please tell her to leave else, I would kill her..." Anjali warned.
"I am not here to leave," the lady said.
"Can we know what really is happening here?" Dhruv asked when everyone still kept wondering in just few seconds howcome everything went bizarre, every
situtation was out of place, and falling apart. Atleast this is not that they were thinking or expecting at this happy hour.
"Would our live be ever normal?" NK questioned helplessly.
"You guys want to know who is she?" Anjali said still in anger,"she is a bitch..."
Arnav's fist clenched tightly on his sides but he still stayed kept himself calm not that he had to but he wanted to. Because he himself was done fighting.
"She is a mother of this man," she said and pointed out at Arnav.
Khushi, Payal, Akaash, Dhruv, NK were thrown into a shocking stage.
"What are you talking about?" Dhruv was the first one to ask.
"Yes, Dhruv this person was not born to the same mom as us, but this bas***dine..."

More adrenaline shoot in Arnav's blood but he knew getting or expressing rage at this point was unnecessary.
"Are you in your senses, di? What really you are talking about?" he asked.
 "I am telling you the truth, Dhruv. And I knew this when your brother in law, Rahul told me about this...Otherwise I would have not known that this man here is a not our blood. This is the truth that our own Nani, Mama, Mami kept from us. And the day I came I also came to know that our mother has committed suicide because our so called father had been in a unlegimitate relationship with this b*tch..."
If Arnav wanted he could have done something really bad to make Anjali quite from saying something that he would never heard about his own mother. But still he chose
to stay quite because this was only one forth of the truth that she has revealled so far, and other third was way more shocking. Today he himself wanted to know from
her mouth what she had to reveal.
"Because of this man and this Khushi I have no idea how many people I have lost...To make this man's life miserable we not only lost our mother, but our happy family, and not only the obvious but I also killed my own child and my own husband..."

This was blow to every single person present in the hall and they felt they all were just watching a dream. Another second they will wake up and everything they were
imagining will be gone and everything will be good. However, least they knew that it was not a dream. This was one worst truth that they had live with.
"Di are you in your senses you have any idea that what are you really talking about?" Dhruv asked.
"Yes, I am very much aware what I am talking about my brother, I am very much aware, this woman, her son and this Khushi took everything from us. Then how come they would have stayed happy. I did not get to know about this lady until Rahul told me that she existed. And from that day my only motive was to make this man's life worst..."
Khushi was furious when she kept on referring Arnav to "this man" as if it nothing really mattered how much Arnav loved her. He could have given his life for her  if
she had asked for but here it seems she would have not shed a single tear for his sarcifice if he had done it. However, that was not at all shocking but the fact that she had killed her own child and even Rahul.

"Everything was going great I was so close to get my revenge from this man until this Khushi came in the picture..."
Khushi's legs were shaking in fear that what she was talking about and how exactly she fit in the picture. And to be honest she could have not waited to know about it either.
"Just like my own father my own husband had ditched me for this khushi, I don't know what I did not have that Rahul had to go after this woman. God was on
my side, when Mr. Gupta came to know that Rahul was married he was gonna tell Khushi this, but I guess that would not have made Rahul come to me. So instead Rahul had
killed Mr.Gupta's story. I am sorry that your brother is still alive," she said with so much bitterness to sound that he was dead. "But he is crippled anyways. So, Mrs. Raizada your only one mistake was that you tried to take my husband from me...And to punish him I had to kill the baby that was inside me and blame that it was
because of you I lost my own child..."
Now slowly and steadily everything was coming forward and it made more sense that why everything messed up in their lives. Khushi's soul was once again torn into infiniti pieces it was like her every pain was scratched layer by layer, slowly and slowly without a mercy.
"What else then I used this man to take revenge on you..."
Now Arnav knew she had used a stone to hit as many targets she wanted. It made little easier for Khushi to understand that really it was not coincidence, everything was so much well planned.
"Everything went as I wanted...If I had lost my kid how could have made sure that this man's and your child was safe, that day at the hospital it was my security guys who killed your child..." she said pointing Arnav and Khushi.

Another hard punch in Arnav's and Khushi's hearts and rest were just right now listening.
Khushi's mind replayed the every worst situation. She had seen the death of her own father,  her own brother neared to death, and her own child killed in her womb. Her head was already spinning. Arnav on the other side was just making sure that he kept his rage contained until she had spilled all the beans. Because he already knew what she was gonna get anyways. They say pot of sin do not fill in a day.  But as of her's it had and it was overflowing, and her fate was already decided.
"And that was another victory," Anjali continued. "You see it was not easy but the fate was with me," she said proudly. "the same day when Rahul abducted me I knew he was gonna do that so I had already replaced my security with his and to make him think it was his I had made sure that I got his men on my side. So that day really when Rahul was thinking under his control I could not help but laugh at him...And you know what he told me?" she said and laughed...
"he said in my ear that he will tell every truth about me and really that was something that I could not have bared at all. How stupid he was? He lost his life, poor guy did not know that all this time it was me who was actually using him...well he got what he deserved..." she said obvious..."But I have a feeling he is really not dead...That dog is still alive..."
Then she walked towards Arnav," you are just the dirty blood who would have never ever gotten my sympathy because your this bitch mother f**ked up everything..." she said.
"Killing you slowly was not something on my mind because I realised that your bitch mother knew about you and was keeping an eye on you and in the media when she would know what you are gone through she would die slowly...I knew things were going out of my hand when she decided to step into your life even when I had warned that I will make your life hell but she made one move and told you the whole truth that's when I planned your accident that night because she had told you everything but see destiny was still on my side even if you survived that accident you had lost your memory...It means even God wanted you to suffer more for what your mother did and of course what this Khushi did to me..."
Khushi now realised that why Arnav had decided to play his memory loss. As more and more beans Anjali told her truth without realising what exactly she was doing more and more everything got clear to her and she played back the memories and came to a conclusion that Arnav's plan to go to Darjelling. He had gone to know more about his mother. And when he had found her he was afraid and felt so rushed to leave.
Now everything made clear to her and everyone.
"I killed my own child, Mr. Gupta, made Aryan bring to death so sad he is still alive, killed my own husband, killed these people's child, I was so close to kill this man but he survived but he survived..." she said.
After saying all she had to say, Anjali held her head in agony and shock thinking what she had done...She looked at her surroundings she knew she was messed up. "No," she yelled... "Oh god what did I do?" she asked herself...Please say that you guys did not hear anything..." she yelled again.
But no and that is when she knew she was finished. There is end to every sin and the sinner.
                                                                                                                    ...To be continued


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