Their Dark Emotions - FF (Ch1 Pg1) (Page 2)

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Just Awesome
plz change Nandani into Sakshi

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Dear... umm Aster for now? LOL

           Simply fantastic, I really loved the first two bits a lot. 
           Something different and amazing... truly... 

           Now as far as Nandini is concerned I loved the way you have sketched her character, from her brashness and her being a typical spoilt brat. Excellent characterisation! Oh I truly believe in this that if a person is astray, then there is definitely a past attached to it.. I mean very few are like Shakespearean grey characters who have no reason but are just like that - negative. Aha... so the only way for her to cope up with the death of her loving mother was to revamp herself into someone that maybe somewhere down the line she herself doesn't realise. This hurts but at times it is the bitter truth. If only someone comes and "fixes" her up... I think we know who Wink

          As far as Arjun is concerned, we all are already head over heels for this guy, and you made him further more attractive! Bro and sis... a bond that is very senti and touchy for me. Oh My God, Is sis Rawte best friend of Wild Ahluwalia... brilliant! Nothing could be better that this! 

         Ouch... a piercing on her lip! Ouch again. Just wondering that the first kiss between the leads would be little difficult ROFL Obviously Nandy would have to help by removing the piercing first ROFL

         If you ask me since the girl portrays defiance she could be Sakshi as Sakshi always had that thing to tease and change Raute... and say a big no on his face and even spite him at time - she always hit his nerve... always... LOL

        Whereas ... u know the other one was little complaint with him... won't say anything further cause I really don't want anyone to kill me out here!LOL

       Lastly I believe Nandini is best as who she is, if you have to replace then Sakshi would be the choice and I hope I can provide logical reasons for it, am sure you must have watched Arjun and the initial awesome days might give you a hint... 

Continue soon... 

Love Heart


P.S : Sakshi or Nandini, the choice should be according to your own instinct Thumbs Up
Yeah, do PM me the updates

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     Chapter III - Dark Confrontations

          She yawned and stared at her watch. The light of the day started fading as the wind picked up its speed. As the evening approached the city, lights started to turn on. She shivered as the cold breeze swished against her body. She pulled her knees to her chest and sighed. The lights against the cloudy evening sky seemed more than beautiful. The bright colors of lights mixing with warm colors against the whitish-blue sky was the view that she was always desperate to see. Not only she loved it, but she also had fond memories associated with it. She would stand on the rooftop of the corporate building because it was one of the tallest buildings in the city. She would stand against the railing and watch the city turn from the busy crowded day life to the beautiful romantic night. She tilted her head as she admired an old couple enjoying the tea outside of a cafe. Even though she didn't smile, there was a glint in her eyes. Those emotions changed in a split second when  she saw a little girl whining and throwing tantrum while her mother was trying to calm her down. The mother picked up the girl and hugged her to console her. The glint in Nandini's eyes changed to pure rage. Why does she have a mother and I don't? The thought made her eyes red with fury. That anger was not towards the mother-daughter instead it was towards the higher power and towards herself.  She slammed her hand on the car as she watched them. She gritted her teeth as she held on to the windshield wipers. She held them with so much forced that it pierced her skin and drops of blood trickled.


          As if on cue, a black SUV came to halt not far from her. She turned her head and examined it as the doors opened and two people came out of it. One of them caught her eyes. She stared at him as he put his hands on his hips and took a look of his surroundings. She looked  at him intently from head to toe, noticing his every moment. There was something so edgy about him that had caught her attention. There was a hard and disinterested look on his face. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to his elbows. Her gaze was still on him when he turned his head. Her eyes met with his and for a second he stared at her then a realization dawned upon him. The emotions of interest in his eyes transformed in to disgust. She could feel that he was staring at her with those judgmental eyes. He was one of them. So of course he would judge her. He was part of those unfair law enforcement chamchas, the ones who looked down on people like her. She looked at him as these thoughts crossed her mind. The two men started walking towards her and an amused look formed on her face. She knew what kind of conversation was coming up. They came and stopped in front of her car.


          "Are you Nandini Ahluwalia?" The one with mustache and in checkered shirt asked her.


          "Jee, Aur koi itna kamina hosakta hai kya?" She replied as she stared at both of them this time.


          The two officers shared a weird and slightly shock look with each other. By the looks, it seemed as if they had seen someone like her for the first time. The one with the mustache kept on asking her different questions while the other one watched her with hate and disgust. She got to know that the one with mustache was ACP Sameer while the one in white shirt was ACP Arjun. She noticed Arjun glaring at her as her smirk got bigger and finally he talked.


          "Railway track wala race cancel karwa do." He spat out. She stared at him as if he had gone crazy.


          "Kyun tere baap ka track hai kyaa?" She replied in stern and harsh voice.


          "Tere baap ka bhi nahi hai. Is liye yeh race nahi ho gi." He mirrored her voice.


          Rathore just backed out and face-palmed. He knew where this was going. He had never seen anyone challenge Arjun like that; in fact he had never seen anyone talk to him like that. This girl was hitting right on Arjun's big fat ego and it was not going too well with him. He had noticed the flared emotions in both of their eyes. Both of them were hot-headed and egoistic. There was no way that Rathore could ever calm them down so he just stepped back waited until the end of this conversation.


          "You are going to stop this race?" She laughed sarcastically. "Mere ko yahan sai hatane ki auqaat hai nahi and you are going to stop the race? Sureee." She laughed yet again.


          "Meri auqaat to tere ko tab pata chale gi jab tu ek raat jail mai spend kare gi. Taangey tor kar haath mai doon ga tab tere ko samajh aayega ke railway track tere baap ka hai ya mere." He raised his voice.


          "Jail is like my second home ACP-Retard." She chuckled. "Every time I visit, my dad showers some luck on them. I suppose you need some."


          Anger flared in his eyes as she insulted his job. There was nothing more precious to him than his job, his pride and his respect. All he wanted to do at that moment was slap her so hard that all her stupidity, ego, selfishness would fall out of her head. He had never seen such a disrespectful, moun-phat, and Badtameez person in his entire career. They kept on arguing, throwing worst words than previous ones at each other. He despised her so much that looking at her face was pain for him. Her persona was way worst than what he had imagined by looking at that picture. He had never disliked anyone more than he disliked her. Granted that she had a pretty face, but her personality was uglier than scarecrow. He couldn't deny the fact that she was attractive, but after dealing with her, in his perspective she was worst than a monster. He couldn't stand her, to the point that he preferred to be tortured than standing around her.


          "You know I pity you for being rich." He said with disgust.


          "Achawww?" She was unaffected by his every words until he blurted out the next few words.


          "I pity you that your parents forgot to teach you manners." He exclaimed as he chuckled this time.


          "STOP ACP, I am not going to be responsible for anything that happens to you after this." Her hand curled into fist and the blood started trickling again as she screamed in venomous voice at him, but it was too late.


          "If only your mother would have taught you something instead of doing her so called kitty-parties, maybe you wouldn't be this vulgar and rude."


           He spit out those spiteful words which stabbed her in heart. Any mention of her mother killed her inside and he dared to point a finger at her parents. That was not something she learned to tolerate. He had hit the worst nail in her head. She had broken bones of people before when they just mentioned her mother and he just insulted her mother. That did not go too well with her.  She pulled out the gun from her jeans and held it right on his forehead. For a second or two both Rathore and Arjun were shocked. Arjun held up his hand in front of Rathore, telling him to stay away from it.


          "Ek shabd aur bola na, yeh sari bullets tere dimagh ke ander hongi." She said harshly. "Yahin mar doongi mai tere ko."  


          He stared right in her eyes. Her eyes were red. Rage and pain were both evident in her eyes. The grip on the gun made her knuckles go white. His eyes averted from her eyes to her hand, blood drops were still tickling.


          "Maar naa." He said, but her hand trembled. "Himaat hai to maar na." Her hands were shaking so she had to let her gun away so he wouldn't notice her hesitation.


          "Tu race rok ke dikha. Yeh che(six) bullets tere dimagh main uttar na di usi track per to yahi che bullets mere sar mai jayengi." She challenged him as she turned around and walked towards her car with blood trickling from her hand.

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again awesome update
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Dear Aster,

I wanted a bigger update.. haha... guess that is selfish of me LOL I seriously loved the confrontation between the Sher and Sherni. The words were crisp and no unnecessary dialogues were apt. Aha, looks like the easy way she had with police made her disrespect them as well! 

Ouch... both Arjun and Nandini pointed out at really sore points of each other, he pointed out on her mother and she on his job. Especially the Ishaqzaade moment when she placed the gun on his forehead. I seriously love this story. Clap

I absolutely agree, Nandini is gorgeous as her own, neither Sakshi nor Riya would fit their role. Sakshi is witty and sardonic but not direct like Nandini. Nandini wears her turmoil on her. Beautifully written. I simply love her role out here. She's brilliant to the core!Wink

Even the way Arjun handled the talk was exceptional... the beautiful part was where the duo started the conversation by being judgemental on each other due to prejudices of the past. 

He knew that all "rich" are damn same, and she knew that every policeman needs bribe to satiate their greed. Apt!

In fact if I have to think of a girl to portray the role of Nandini, these are the two faces which came to my mind... haha..

This pic of Deepika's... 

Or these pics of Alia Bhatt's... Haha... (especially of the fact that she is sitting on the bike!)


So yeah... hehe... 

Truly loved this update and the sizzling chemistry between the leads is fantastic. Rawte and Nandy... none of them moved back a single inch from their big fat ego, Rathore did his best and stepped back!

Aha... Rawte caught Nandy's eye and vice versa (mental pakauing something something) Not bad... I always love such a chemistry... 

Continue soon dear... real soon... 

Love Heart


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loved nandini character specially
nandini ko riya ya sakshi mat karo
bs ek chehra de do nandini ko
and cont soon

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