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I wrote this long ago, but due to my disappearance from IF the thread got locked so here I am re-continuing it, because I miss the showCry. Hope you guys enjoy it!

            Their Dark Emotions
This is the story of two people, Arjun and Nandini. For both of them the meaning of law is different. He is willing to die in order to follow the law, while she is willing to die in order to break the law. They have nothing in common except their EGO. Their faith and values are tested when they clash over same incident. They stand against each other when she chooses to fight for integrity while he chooses to fight for justice, unaware of the fact that their emotions would be sacrificed in this battle.

Usually I don't write character list, but because I have few added characters, I needed this character sketch for readers to understand story better.

People involved in this Dark Journey:

ACP Arjun Raute - Simple, honest and cold officer.

Nandini Ahluwalia - Risky, Rich and spoiled Brat.

Ronnie Malhotra - Nandini's sworn enemy and ex-best friend.

Abhinav Ahluwalia - Nandini's uncle.

Avantika Raute - the very special character

Jay Desai - Nandini's close friend

ETF members

Chapter I - Dark Personalities


Please EmbarrassedLet me know if you want me to PM you!

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Chapter I - Dark Personalities 

        Rage was obvious in her eyes when she saw him getting off of his bike. If only she could kill him, she wouldn't have spared another moment. He turned around and gave her an evil smile. She gritted her teeth and spat few bad words. His face just ticked off her mind. Her eyes were red because of the anger and she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Her anger rose when he put his hand around a girl's waist. She knew that he did that to provoke her. She couldn't believe that they were best friends once, that she grew up with Ronnie . She started the car and sped up. His eyes widened when he watched her drive. He knew where the car was going to go, he screamed NO' but it was too late. She smirked and drove right over his bike, the bike which was dear to him more than anything else. Nobody ever dared to stand against her.


"Saali ka dimagh kharab hai." She heard him scream, but she just simply flipped him off.


        She smirked once again and blasted the music in her car. Her car sped through red lights and nobody dared to stop her. Her car came to halt in front of the familiar brown mansion which her ex-best friend owned. She waited and chuckled when she saw the red jeep in the mirror. She took the gun and started her car. She sped her car through narrow and cracked streets as the red jeep chased her. When both of the vehicles reached the open ground, the jeep chased her all around the ground and after an hour she hit the brakes. She looked in the mirror once and her lips curved up. She took the gun from her purse and got out of her car. She stood right in her place and kept on staring at the fast speed jeep coming towards her. She slowly aimed the gun at the tire. She pulled the trigger and it hit the tire right where she wanted. The vehicle went out of control and finally hit the tree. She sat back in her car and drove near the now-slightly wrecked jeep. She smirked and the two people sitting in it were shocked. That was the thing about her, she would hurt someone, but never dare to kill anyone. That was against her morals.


"Bull's-eye, don't you think?" She said mockingly.


        Yes, that was Nandini Ahluwalia's life, messing around with people, destroying things, breaking laws, street fighting and risking her life. There were no limits for her and no one to stop her. Anything that had to do with major law breaking in her town, her name was attached to it. Her phone buzzed and she checked it. It was a text message which brought a dangerous glint in her eyes. A bike race. She smirked.


       She reached the modern white mansion. Her car went right through the open iron gates almost hitting them. She parked the car and jumped out of it. When she looked at the cars, she knew her dad was not home. She shook her head and went in. All the maids and butlers were in living room. She chewed her gum as she observed all of them with bored expressions. All of them were looking down and their face color was pale.


"Abhi Chachu kahan hai?" She said as she threw her car keys towards the shelf and it fell right in the decoration cup. They didn't answer and she kept on looking at them. "Mere ko diwaron say bakwas karne ki aadat nahi."


        They still didn't answer. She jumped on the expensive couch with her shoes. She took the remote and turned on the TV. She turned her head and none of the maids or butler moved or talked. She became anxious as the minute hand on the clock moved slowly. She screamed as she asked for her Abhi chachu. One of the maids stepped out of the line and hesitantly told her that they didn't know where he had gone. That was when it hit her nerve.


"Thirty minutes and mere ko woh yahan isi living room mai chahia. I don't care what you do to make it happen, but I want him here." She yelled at them and they disappeared right after she said the last word of the sentence.


        Thirty minutes passed by and there was no sign of him and the living room was full of broken decoration pieces and a broken TV. Two hours passed by and she was still yelling aggressively. Her eyes were red and her emotions were begging to come out through her tears, but she didn't let them. She swore to never cry years ago and there was no way that she would break loose from her words now. Ten more minutes passed by and the door opened. She looked up and there he was, standing there with his bags. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly. He was surprised by such response. He hugged her back worriedly.


"Kya hua Nanhi?" He patted her head.


"I thought you left me." She said aggressively.

"Nanhi." He protectively hugged her. "You went with your friends for three days and I thought you would come back tonight, that's why I left for the business meeting without telling you. I thought I would be back before you."


        She let go of her uncle and nodded. Abhinav Ahluwalia was the only person who could calm her down. Risky and spoiled Nandini had only one fear, fear of losing the people whom she loved. For the people she hated she was the worst human possible on this earth, but for some she was a miracle. She was a ray of hope for the old-age people in her society. She was the reason of smile for the orphanage kids. Nandini either hated people or straight out loved them, there was not in between thing for her. Nandini had her own little world where she was the bad guy and the good guy. She hasn't met anyone of her match yet.

                                                             Broken Heart

        The bullets missed him by an inch; Arjun smirked as he heard the shooter gasp because there weren't any more bullets left in the gun. Hestepped away from the wall which was his shield and faced the horrified shooter. As he stepped towards the shooter, the shooter fell on his knees, pleading for his life. This was nothing new, many criminals had been in this position and till date no one had been out of jail and in jail their life was worst than what could have been in hell. Even the worst criminal preferred death over facing Arjun Raute. Nobody wanted his wrath and that's why there was peace in his city. Arjun put his gun away and just stared at the pleading man. Arjun didn't understand why people chose to commit crimes, why not other choices? After giving the shooter few punches, kicks and a blow on the head, the shooter fell on the ground and lay there unconsciously. Arjun shook his head in disgust and called the police station so they could take the man with them. When the crime scene was clean and the man was taken away, Arjun returned to his car and cursed all the criminals that existed out there.

        Arjun was a man of laws and regulations. He disapproved of anyone who broke a law intentionally. He always thought that there was always another choice. He grew up watching his father fulfill the duty of Army officer and his mother as a university professor. He grew up learning that one should always respect life no matter what. It had always been in his mind that whoever committed crime was a bad person and didn't respect life, himself and others.

        Along with that Arjun's personality was cold. He didn't know how to love anyone. He never smiled sincerely ever; the only time that his lips curved up was when he smirked at criminals. For him making friends was harder than catching a criminal. Throughout his student life he had always been reserved and the only reason he became best friends with Rathore easily was because they were neighbors since childhood. His life consisted of three things, giving justice to victims, punishing criminals and following laws. He was allergic to high class people. He believed that they were the roots of all the major wrong doings, granted that he was stereotyping them, but didn't majority of rich kids committed crimes and slipped out of the punishment like it was nothing? He was disgusted by wealth. In his perspective people did anything possible for money and half of those things weren't even legal. He was simple, cold man of rules and regulations. He had been living the cold life peacefully and nobody messed it up yet.

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                   Chapter II - Dark Memories

     He opened the door to an empty house. The silence welcomed him like always. It was this silence that made him so cold. The darkness of the house that made him reserved. It was the loneliness of the night that made him so heartless. The need for love made him unaware of how to love someone. He took out his jacket and hung it in its place. When he went to kitchen and there was a post-it note stuck on the refrigerator  from his mother.



   "The food is in fridge along with dessert. I won't be home for this weekend. I have to attend board meeting. Take Care




     He chuckled sadly and just opened the refrigerator to take his food. His parents became so engrossed in fulfilling their duty that they forgot to provide him the extra warmth of love he needed. In these twenty-seven years of his life he had waited for his parents every night to have dinner together, but he was disappointed many times. His mother was always busy in making education better for everyone else that she missed the times she was supposed to spend with him. His father hardly lived with them due to his transfers. His parents practically lived separately because his mother couldn't leave her job and his father's transfers couldn't be stopped because of his job.


     He just went to his room after eating the cold food. He didn't even have the heart to warm the food and actually enjoy the taste. He just swallowed the food because his body needed it. He went upstairs and got ready to go to bed. He lay down in his bed and stared at the wall full of pictures. The only two people he was close to were his sister, Avantika and his best friend Sameer. As they grew up he kind of lost his closeness with Avantika somewhere because they never really spent time together anymore. The last time he really had full conversation was that she had gotten her job as legal Advisor at some well-known corporation. Just like how Arjun had brilliant analytical skills, Avantika was a gifted lawyer. He missed her. He fell asleep with thoughts about his shattered family.


     When he entered the dusky brown hallways, he chuckled as he saw his best friend flirt with Aayesha. He went straight to his cabin and continued his work on pending case. He was midway through his case file that his phone blinked and it was another case. He closed the files and left for the conference room. Lisa was already there bickering with Shree, while Chotu was trying to pacify them. Aayesha and Sameer entered together. These were the moments when Arjun was at his best moods. His team members were successful to at least give him a moment and two of laugh. They all settled in their seats and Sameer started.


"It's the summer time and time of the year when all these youngsters tend to risk everyone's lives including their. We have got the orders to keep a close eye on city and we have to stop this one major bike race." Sameer looked at Shree to elaborate on it. Shree had already done his research.


"It's an underground bike race which happens on the abandoned underground railway track. The track is only used for the trains in which the raw material is transferred. This race happens once a year and throughout the year these bikers prepare for this race. To participate in this race practically means holding a gun to your head and hoping that the bullet won't come out when you pull the trigger. Unfortunately the train is set at the certain speed which means these bikers can race with it. Before the train starts these bikers start and they just race against it. Some of lose their lives and many of end up at hospitals with severe injuries. Those who end up wining, wins the money of bet and come back the next year. No one knows at which area of the track it happens because it is decided at the very last minute so no one is able to stop the race."


     Arjun shook his head in disbelief at how these people risk their lives for thrill. Only if he had the power, he would remove all these life risking thoughts from people's minds. He asked Shree if he found anything else or a name attached to it.


"Nandy." Shree said. "For past three years she had been wining this race."


     Shree pulled up her picture. Arjun observed her as he flipped the marker in his fingers. She had light brown eyes with the thrill evident in them; her lower lip left corner was pierced with silver ring in it. Her jet black hair had blood red highlights. She looked defiant at first sight.


"Nandini Ahluwalia known as Nandy on the track. Majority of people bet on her and she wins it every single time. She is the daughter of well-known Nikhil Ahluwalia, one of the richest man alive. She is the queen of breaking laws, but because of her father she had never been charged seriously."


     He should've known she would be one of them rich spoiled brats who didn't care about anyone but themselves. The whole ETF team started their plan on how to stop this dreaded race. Along with Shree, Arjun went to observe the track. He noticed a few bikers there. He pointed at them and Shree told him that they are here to practice for the actual race.


"I'll talk to them, bring the trackers." Arjun smirked. "When I am talking to them, put the trackers on their bikes. They shouldn't suspect anything."


     Shree nodded, but he was still not sure about it. It was not easy for Arjun to convince the bikers to talk to him, but he was Arjun Raute he made it possible. He distracted them so much that Shree had enough time to put the trackers on. Shree nodded his head and they left the track. As soon as they reached ETF headquarters Shree turned on the trackers. Arjun didn't know if this way would work, but he had to try it anyways. Aayesha came in with more information.


"There are two people behind this race, Jay Desai and of course Nandini Ahluwalia. Chotu found out that Jay is the one to decide which part of the track and the sole reason everyone participate is to win against Nandini, but of course that never happens." Aayesha put the information on screen. "The race is two week from now."


"Two weeks." Arjun pondered.


                                         Broken Heart

     Nandini showered and got ready. She wore denim shorts with brown shirt and tied her hair in high ponytail. She wore black jacket along with black boots. She went to dining room and her dad was there waiting for her. She went and hugged her father.


"Hey dad." She smiled.


"Hey Nanhi." Her father smiled and kissed her forehead.


     Nandini talked to her father and caught up with him on recent events in their lives. His father laughed with her, smiled and joked, but she could still see sadness in his eyes. She gritted her teeth and her eyes were full with anger, but she didn't let her father notice. She didn't want him to be worried about her when he had already lost the lady he loved. She knew how much her father missed her mother. He tried not to show, but Nandini could still see that he was shattered due to her mother's death. Nandini smiled as her father looked at her. After they had their breakfast she bid goodbye to her father as he left for his office. She jumped on the couch and blasted the music. She texted Jay about the location of the race, while she was texting she was was knocked off the couch. She knew who it was. No one else had the courage to do that to Nandini.


"What the hell are you wearing?" She heard her say and heard her flop on the couch.


     Nandini turned around and there she was sitting in fully ironed white shirt and black pants. Her hair neatly done and she had light makeup. That was her best friend and her father's legal advisor, Avantika Raute. Avantika took the remote and turned off the TV.


"These are called shorts just in case you don't know." Nandini replied in duh tone as she sat straight on the floor.


"Sure." Avantika replied sarcastically. "They told me you broke everything in the living room few days ago." She stared at Nandini with disapproving look.


"So?" Nandini said as she tried to take the remote, but Avantika refused to give it to her.


"SO?"Avantika said shockingly. "I lost the count of how many times you have made them redecorate the whole mansion. Apart from walls I think you have broken everything."


"And of course your car." Nandini gave her evil smile. Avantika shook her head in disbelief.


"Aur tu phir kal shaam jail ki visit kar ke aayi hai." Avantika said in stern voice. "Reason?"


"That new guy was bothering the paan-uncle. I just happened to be there. I ended up giving him a few on his face. I didn't know his teeth were that fragile, it just fell right out."Nandini shrugged her shoulders. "Woh saala Ronnie agaya wahan or else nobody would have known."


     Avantika tried yet again to make her realize that it was not okay to be like that, but once again she had failed. She had known Nandini for so long and she knew why she changed to this mess. All she could do was hope that before it was too late her best friend would become the same old person she was three years ago. Nandini left Avantika to deal with her files and she went to visit Jay because he had called her on the track as it was something urgent.


     Nandini reached the track and Jay was pacing around there worriedly. She asked him what happened. He told her that for past few days ETF had been coming around. She got curious because she knew even though police always had the knowledge nobody dared to come well of course except Ronnie. He tried to sabotage the race many times. She pacified Jay and sent him home. She went up and sat on the bumper of her car waited for this so-called ETF patrol. She looked at her watch and it was already past twelve. She thanked god for the cloudy day or else she would have been fried by heat.

      She put on her headphones, chewed gum as she watched busy people and cars pass by. She loved the noise of city, well that's odd, but she was like that always odd. Her mom would take her and drive around the city for fun. Nandini laid back against the glass. Her mom would've highly disapprove  her dressing and how her personality was now. She wanted to forget the incident or anything that had to do with her mother. Her pain was already numbed. There were just memories that reminded her of her mom. She wanted to forget all the times she spent with her mother, but that was impossible. Everything reminded her of her mother. Even she herself was almost a carbon copy of her mother. She had dyed her brown hair in jet black because they were exactly like her mother's. She tied her hair in ponytail because every time she let her hair open she would see her mother in the mirror and most out of all it was her heart that was just like her mother, no matter how much Nandini tried to be cruel there was always a kind corner in her heart for those in need. She had changed completely because she wanted to numb the pain and she was successful in numbing the pain, but Nandini had not realized that the day her numbness would fade, the pain would kill her because it's after the numbness that the wounds hurt a lot more.

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Oh yes I remember this story
Glad u restarted it again
U can make Sakshi the new character replacing nandini if u want
Continue soon plz
Thanks for the pm x
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PLease make it as arakshi nd PM me if u turn it in them...
i just loved arakshi...
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nice start..
loved it..
thanks for pm :)

p.s: u can make it ariya :)

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welcome back again...
I of course remember this story...
glad that U're back..

please don't change nandini into sakshi or Riya...
I like her the way she is...

continue soon

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