Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

PrAja SS: Post Marriage Moments! (Page 31)

rosal_awesome Senior Member

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Posted: 28 February 2015 at 7:45am | IP Logged
thanks for pm!! waiting for next chapt... Ajab learning talwarbaazi from pratu always gave wanted to see that in the show but didn't happen Cry but really look forward to seeing on your SS ! Embarrassed

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adaah22 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 2:32am | IP Logged

Okkk... I knw I took a long time to update the story bt the thing is that I wanted this part to be the best and I really tried... Hope u guys enjoy it as much as I njyd writing it... As promised this part is longer and full of PrAjalicious moments... So, without any further delay, lets go ahead with the story...


"Arre woh dekhiye" She said pointing towards a wall behind Pratap... As Pratap turned to look towards the place where she was pointing, she immediately stood on her toes and gave him a peck on his cheek...

Pratap froze...

"Shubh ratri Pratap" saying this she fled from there...

Pratap took a few moments to realize what had happened... He bought his hand to the place where she had placed the kiss... It was still tingling...

He took a deep breath... It was going to be a long day tomorrow...


Ajabde was excitedly hopping in her room... Her plan had worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all she had to do was corner Pratap and make him confess the reason for ignoring her... It was gonna be so easy...

Okk... Nt so easy as all the time she will have to keep herself in control which was a task in itself as her hormone ridden mind refuses to heed any logical reasons as soon as she lays her eyes on Pratap... Bt then, it really feels good mmm...

With these thoughts, Ajabde slept peacefully whereas Pratap was pacing his room restlessly... It had just been one day and she had him practically on his knees, with no idea about what's going on in that little mind of hers...

Pratap sat on his bed and took a deep breath... He needed to clear his mind in order to think rationally and maybe then he could decipher her devilish mind... Pratap closed his eyes and started remembering the previous events

Their marriage, him hurting her, their intimate moments in her room, her question...

This is it!!!!!!!!! THE QUESTION... She wants to know the answer as why was he avoiding her... Pratap smiled to himself as now he understood her plan completely... A plan started to form in his head... Smiling evilly, he went off to sleep...


Ajabde was pacing her room nervously... The first part of her plan had failed miserably... She had planned on irritating Pratap but he had avoided looking her all through the breakfast... And the thing that worried her the most was that he wasn't looking nervous at all... He was back to being the confident and brave Kunwar Pratap...

Bt she can't back down now... What if the first step of her plan failed, she had the other steps left... The second part of the plan was to take place in the Akhada...

Just then a dasi entered her room...

D: "Kuwaranisa, Kunwarsa aapki akhade mein pratiksha kr rhe hai"


A: "Thik hai... Hum aate hai"

Ajabde glanced at herself in the mirror, smiling at her reflection, headed towards the Akhada... She was humming happily when she noticed two dasiya walking behind her, timidly... She turned around, arching an eyebrow questioningly...

D1: "Woh kuwaranisa, Kunwarsa ne hi hume kaha tha ki aapko akele akhade mein na chhode"

D2: "Ha kuwaranisa"

A: "Par q??"

D1: "Qki waha par kuwarsa aur sainik honge toh kuwarsa nhi chahte hai ki aap akele waha ho"

Oh no...


Ajabde angrily marched towards the Akhada... At reaching there she held her head high and marched towards Pratap... The poor soul was left gaping when he didn't even acknowledge her presence...

She was fuming with anger bt was unable to do anything...

A few minutes later, Pratap started teaching her the basics to sword fighting, all the time maintaining respectable distance between them... Since, Pratap wasn't paying any attention to her, she had no other option bt to concentrate on the lesson... Being a fast learner she ended up learning the basics of sword fighting...

After an hour, they decided to head for lunch...


P: "Abhi k liye itna kaafi hai... Baki ratri k bhojan k baad hum sikhenge..."

A: "Ji woh..." Bt before she could complete her sentence, Pratap walked away from there... She was stumped... What was that??? He was behaving so rudely...Hhmphh...



Ajabde was furiously pacing her room... All day long, she had been searching for Pratap bt it was as if he had vanished in thin air... She couldn't find him at lunch or at the akhada or in his room... He had also not been with them for dinner... The day was about to be over without any progress...  She doubted that he will take sword fighting lessons at night, as he had promised in the morning... She angrily removed all her jewellery and about to change her clothes when she heard a knock on her door...

A: "Bhitar aa jaiye"

A dasi came in... "Kuwaranisa, Kunwarsa aapki pratiksha kr rhe hai..."

A: "Kaha pratiksha kr rhe hai???"

D: "Akhade mein"

A: "Akhade mein????????? Par q????"

D: "Talwaarbaazi k prashikshan k liye"

A: "Talwaarbaazi k prash... Hhmmm... Aate hai..."

Ajabde was confused... She started heading towards the Akhada bt stopped suddenly, when she realized that the dasiya are not following her...

A: "Aaplog hamare sath aa q nhi rhi hai??"

D: "Woh Kunwarsa ne aapko akele akhade mein bulaya hai..."

A: "Akele??"

Ajabde paled... Her heart started hammering in her chest... Suddenly, for some unknown reason,  the idea of practising sword fighting with Pratap felt dreading... She didn't want to go bt she couldn't back down now... Taking a deep breath to calm her jittery nerves, Ajabde headed towards the Akhada...

The walk to Akhada gave her the feeling of dj vu...

As she entered the Akhada, she saw him practising with a sword bt once again he gave her no attention which irked her temper... She angrily walked and stood in front of him, only then he lifted his eyes to her...

P: "Der se aayi hai aap... Hum kbse aapki pratiksha kr rhe the"

A: "Woh darasal..."

P: "Khair chodiye... Ab aapka prashikshan shuru krte hai..."

Ajabde huffed angrily bt gt no attention from her better half... They started their practice... Bt Ajabde wasn't paying any attention... Her mind kept drifting towards Pratap's chiselled body...

P: "Arreee Ajab, aise nhi..." He came forward and covered her palm with his... "Aise"

Ajabde's breath caught in her throat... He was standing close, very close... Her back was against his chest, his warm breath fanning her cheek as he was instructing her... They were touching right from head till toe... She closed her eyes, relishing the moment...

Suddenly, she a chill ran down her spine when she felt him lightly grazing her ear with his lips...

"Ajab" His voice was husky... "Ajab??"


"Aap humse apna sawaal nhi puchengi???"

Ajabde's eyes flew open... She turned around, creating space between him and her...

"Kaunsa sawaal??"

Pratap stepped forward, linking his fingers with hers pulling her closer... Instead of answering, he captured her lips in a heart searing kiss that left both of them breathless...

"Wahi sawaal jo aap humse puchna chahti hai"

Ajabde stepped back, away from him... She couldn't think right with him in such a close proximity... She had to rack her brain for a while to search for the question... Pratap smiled at her, moved forward to hold her hand bt she moved back

"Hum ye janana chahte the ki aap humse dur q bhag rhe the????"

"Hhmmm... Kya aap jawaab sach mein janana chahti hai??"

Ajabde caught Pratap's eyes and felt heat rise in her pelvis with the intensity in them... Pratap started to advance towards her causing to step back... A grin formed on his face with her nervous movements... Without saying anything he kept advancing towards her... Suddenly, Ajabde's back collided with a wall, halting her progress... Before she could move away, she found herself trapped between the wall and Pratap, with his hands on the either of her head, caging her...

He could always get lost in the her large innocent eyes, which were wide as saucers at the moment... He knew he was tormenting her bt she deserved it as she was the one to start it... He brought his mouth closer to her ear and whispered...

"Aapne jawab nhi diya Ajab"

Oh gosh!!!!!!!!!! His voice was so sexy...

"Ji.. ji"

Pratap smiled to himself... He nibbled her earlobe causing her to gasp and clutch his shoulder...

"Hum aapse dur isliye bhag rhe the" kissed the area just below her neck

"qki jab bhi aap" kissed her ear

"hamare samne hoti hai" kissed her cheek

"toh hum" kissed near her lips

"ye krna chahte hai" moved away from her... Ajabde whimpered causing Pratap to smile...

She opened her eyes, "Kya krna chahte hai??"

Pratap's smile widened... God!!!!!!! Could he look anymore sexy...

Pratap started leaning forward and stopped only when he was an inch away from her lips...

"Ye" saying this he captured her lips for a soulful kiss...

They broke apart in need of oxygen... Ajabde kept her head on Pratap's shoulder, trying to catch her breath...



"Kya aap humse ek vaada krenge??'

Pratap caught hold of her upper arms and pulled her away from her body so that he could see her eyes... "Kaisa vaada??"

"Yahi ki aage se aap kbhi bhi humse dur nhi jayenge... Chahe job hi wajah ho, aap hume batayenge... Krenge na aap??"

Pratap smiled at her innocence... "Avashya... Par agr hamara ye krne ka mann ho toh??" Saying so he leaned in to kiss her causing her knees to melt...

"Aap jb chahe aur jo chahe woh kr skte hai..."

Pratap's eyes widened at her sentence... "Ajab" He kissed her again, bt this with force knocking her breath out of her body...

The rest of the night, they spent time knowing each betterEmbarrassed


Kindly ignore any mistakes as I was in PrAja/RoSal land while writing this part... Lemme know wt u guys think... Waiting fr ur comments...

PS: To receive PMs regarding my future work, kindly buddy me as it becomes easier to msg u allSmile...

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adaah22 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rosal_awesome

thanks for pm!! waiting for next chapt... Ajab learning talwarbaazi from pratu always gave wanted to see that in the show but didn't happen Cry but really look forward to seeing on your SS ! Embarrassed

Ur welcome... Smile
Divi.C Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Wonderful update.. Now i hope u will come with post gauna moment...

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ApekshaM Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 3:18am | IP Logged
mind blowing update as always..Smile Pratap's confession... uff it was so romantic.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed overall.. great part.. thanks for pm.. Big smile keep writing more.. Wink

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm this was very prajalisious part maza aa Gaya

Please do pm me about your future works

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-QueenlyChitra- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm this was very awesomeBig smile

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coderlady Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2015 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Very very cute. It certainly was prAjalicious as you promised.

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