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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 98)

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Waiting for a updateDay Dreaming

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Chapter 18

Recap~Kalpi watched Everyone in Awe she thinks "Am I being applaued at??" 
She Salutes everyone and smirked "Ms. Kalpi Haider is going to Rock GOA!!"

Kalpi was on cloud Nine as everyone greeted her,she was in Awe looking around the bulding seeing it's beauty "I've never know BA would've looked so beautiful" she poted "That's why Ammijaan and Prem always comes here and leaves me in Bhopal" Mr. Alex Malthora the head of the Retreat greeted Kalpi.
Alex-Hi...DJ right?? I am Alex,I'll help you around here,I know you're not Familrer with Business,But since your father told me about you comming,I'll Help you.
Kalpi Looked and Smiled at him nervously.
Kalpi-Haan...You're right...Abb...Dad was telling me about this.
Alex-He has already Informed you,...Great,I want you to meet some Businessmen.
Kalpi nodded and followed him,Her eyes widen as she saw Raghav,Sammy and Ayaan infront of her,she gulped and looked away.
Alex-Guys this is DJ,He'll be in your group.
Raghav-Mr Malthora we don't need a child in our group.
Kalpi pouted at Raghav and thought "What is he...I think he's an alien or maybe after kissing that Chudail he's probably Messed up badly"
Raghav-We already have Mr Siddiqui,we don't need another
Alex-Mr Singhaina,I understand...But Mr Suryavanshi is a Popular Businessman and you need to accept his Son.
Kalpi smiled and looked away as Raghav glared at her.
Alex-Well I'll leave you all to chat.
Kalpi turned and tried stopping Alex from leaving,she slowly turned back watching Raghav Glaring at her.
Kalpi-Hi...I'm Divijay,You can call me DJ
Sammy-Hi I'm Samar,you can call me Sammy.
Ayaan shooked kalpi's hand and watched her,he then smiled
Ayaan-I'm Ayaan,It's nice to meet you.
Kalpi looked at Raghav waiting on him to introduce himself.
Raghav-I'm someone Who has no interest in knowing you...Don't get in my way!!!
Raghav glared at her then left,Kalpi scoffed and watched on as he left she thinks "Ya allah..Why is he like that to everyone!!"
Sammy-Don't mind Raghav,He's sometimes likes that.
Sammy smiled at her then left,Kalpi looked away as Ayaan kept watching her.
Kalpi-Is there Something wrong Ayaan ji??
Ayaan-No...I'll go with sammy.
As Ayaan left kalpi let out a huge sigh "Sammy sir, Ayaan or Raghav sir hasn't noticed me" Kalpi's eyes widens as she saw Prem watching her "Oh no has prem recognised me" She watches on as he went back speaking to his friends,Kalpi calmly walked out of the Presitation room and went for some water,Sophie looked around at everyone.
Sophie-HandsomeSam...Let leave and go somewhere fun.
Sam-Why?? We have work,Later we'll heave for drinks.
Sophie-Fine,But When I drink don't stop me.
Kalpi drank water nervously,she took a deep breathe and turned seeing Payal who watched her
Payal-Are you alright??
Kalpi-It's frustrating.
Payal took kalpi by the hand and carried her to a corner
Payal-Kalpi... do you know how much trouble we'll get into.
Kalpi-I'm sorry about this,I don't want by studio taken away.
Payal-What did Mr Suryavanshi say??
Kalpi-First he is hot,second he is Hot,Third he told me if I can play him well for the Month without getting caught he won't  by the land.
Payal-Then why doesn't he do it himself??
Kalpi-Because he's lazy...He doesn't like business and he's hiding away from his father...So His father thinks he's in GOA,But It's me.
Payal-Ohh...Kalpi now we have to be careful around everyone.
Kalpi Nodded and left with Payal,Alex watched on and thought "DJ and Raghav's Secretary?? together alone??"
Night came,Kalpi who walked in after Everyone struggled with her suitcases,Raghav scoffed and Sulks,He then walks away heading to his Room,Sammy and Ayaan help her with her luggage,Sophie came out by them eating a burger,Kalpi smiled at it,Sophie Looked at kalpi Curiously.
Sophie-DJ why are you watching me like that?? I'm taken already.
Kalpi looked away awkwardly,Ayaan walked up to her.
Ayaan-He's Probably looking at the Burger...Not you.
Sophie-Ohhh...I'm sorry,I'll make one for you.
Sophie then left.
Sammy-Dijviay ji since there are only Two women here,And all the Rooms are taken,You'll have to sleep on the couch,Tomorrow We'll get a place for you.
Kalpi Nodded,Sammy and Ayaan then left,Kalpi sat back on her suitcases "Ya allah...Please let these day pass quickly"
Kalpi Moves into the Villa,Where Raghav,Sammy,Sophie and Ayaan are staying,She looks around and marvels at its luxuries,Kalpi decided to Apologize to Raghav for Invading his space,she sneaks into his lavish room and tries writing an Apology Letter,she quickly goes by the Mirror,she watches herself and giggles "Kalpi you look like a boy" She watches herself wearing a Blue tracksuit and A white Hoodie,she makes sure she fixes her chest,Her eyes widens Hearing the Door knob shake,Raghav comes in unexpectedly, forcing her to sneak into the bathroom,Raghav walked passed his desk,he then stopped and looked at it,Him being a neat freak and can tell someone's been in his room "Someone has been here,If it's Sophie,I'll tie her to a train" Raghav heads suspiciously into the bathroom, where he finds Kalpi using the toilet,She looks up at him and stammers while he turned his back to her.
Raghav then left,He closed the door and sat on his bed,recalling the awkward mommet,Kalpi sobs "My raghav sir has seen me in a Werid momment" After using the Washroom,Kalpi quietly opened the door and Peeped at Raghav,she decided to Run out of the room when he stopped her,She turned and watched an Angry Raghav.
Raghav-Were you seriously doing that In my Toilet??
Kalpi looks away awkwardly,He looked at Her annoyed.
Raghav-You're very Annoying looking,Just like my Spot!!
Kalpi looked up at him and smiled
Raghav-Are you smiling?? 
Kalpi changed her reaction quickly
Kalpi-No...Why would I??
Raghav-Since I have no choice Listen well.
Raghav got off his bed and walked closer to Kalpi,He glared at her while she watched him nervously.
Raghav-Don't Come in my way!! Don't Touch me,Don't Barge into My room Uninvited,Don't touch my things and Don't talk to me...Understand!!
Kalpi stammers and watched Raghav,she nodded 
Kalpi-I'm Sorry...
She then Hurries Away,Raghav sighed and watched "I wonder if He's Dangerous like Spot" Raghav then recalls all the times Kalpi would've Hit him,He shakes his head "Nahi...Another Psycho hitter,I'll be Doomed"
Kalpi quickly ran downstairs,She smelled food,she walked into the kitchen and Clumsily sat down waiting to Eat.
Kalpi-Are we eating now??
Ayaan looked at kalpi who was next to him.
Ayaan-Soon,Sophie always make dinner and Breakfast for us.
Kalpi-Really?? That's so awesome!! I love Food.
Raghav who was walking down the stairs watched and Listen to Kalpi and sulked.
Ayaan-That's great...
Sophie Laid the food out,Kalp's eyes widens and Brightens seeing the Food,Before she could dig into it,Raghav took the plate of food,Kalpi pouted
Raghav-It's Mine...
Raghav then left with the Plate of food,Kalpi brushes it off and took another plate of food and Ate happily,Ayaan,Payal,Sophie and Sammy watched on Happily and stomach-churning, After Eating,Kalpi sat outside by the Bench,she crouched up looking at the Nature,Payal sat next to her.
Payal-You're Happy now??
Kalpi-I didn't know Sophie Ma'am could've cook,I feel like Marrying her now.
Payal-Kalpi...You need to be extra careful now.
Kalpi-I will...Raghav Sir looked so cute today,I haven't seen Him for like a whole day.
Payal smiled at her and caress her head
Payal-What do you see in Sir??
Kalpi-Everything...Flaw and All,He's amazing.
Sophie came out,Payal moved her hand quickly and moved around,Kalpi changed her position and sat like a Man.
Sophie-Peaches and What should I call you??
Sophie Smiled and shaked her head.
Sophie-No! i'll call you  HottyD...Nice isn't it!
Kalpi smiled at her
Sophie-It's a day off for us...And Were heading out tonight for drinks.
Kalpi and Payal Nodded
For the Success of the Retreat,At BA's Lounge,Alex Throws A Party to welcome DJ (Kalpi) to the group,she sit there Frustrated,trying to fix the tie "Ya allah what's with these men wear...It's so stupid"Kalpi watches on as they smoked and Drinked,Payal who was next to her tries to keep the champagne away from her,Raghav who sat across her looked at her and Sulks and scoffs,Kalpi who noticed him watching her fixed her boycut wig and looked away taking a drink,and is soon drinking refill after refill,She quietly get up and stumbles to the bathroom,She's competely Drunk,Sammy see's her and tries balancing her.
Sammy-Divijay ji,you're sweating,why don't you take off your shirt.
Kalpi jumps back and panics
Kalpi-No...I'm okay.
Sammy-Then why don't you go and get some fresh air from the Roof.
Kalpi nodded as Sammy left,Kalpi Drunkenly headed to the Rooftop with her head spinning,she stood and enjoy some fresh Air,Kalpi bends over the railing Laughing louding,Raghav who came up 15 minutes before turned and saw Kalpi,He sighs frustrated,He walked up to her and pulls her away from the Railing.
Raghav- Hey Idiot!! What are you doing!! It's dangerous!
Kalpi-My head is spinning!!
Raghav gives her some water and looks away from a minute,his eyes widens seeing her ontop of the Bench,She smiles taking in more Air,Just as Sammy and Ayaan join them on the Roof in Amused.
Ayaan-He looks Pretty Fun..
Sammy-I think this month is going to be intersting.
Raghav Made a glance at them and scoffed
Ragahv-I Think he's an Idiot who's annoying!!
They all look at Kalpi Shocked and worried as she sways dangerously on the bench, and starts to lose her balance,They all rush to her and she freezes and Watches them  and Thinks "Ya Allah...I'm I dreaming,Sammy Sir and Ayaan is there...and My Raghav Sir is also there...Is he going to Kiss me again" Kalpi closed her eyes and feel ontop of Raghav,falling unconscious,Sammy and Ayaan looked on in Horror,Ayaan help kalpi up,While Sammy asisted Raghav.
Ayaan-You too go,I'll help DJ.
Sammy left with a Limping Raghav,Ayaan tried waking kalpi up,until she fell into his arms pressing tightly against him,Ayaan's eyes widens as he felt her,He then looks closely at Kalpi's Face and scoffs,He caress her face "You're a girl...You're Kalpi"
Morning came,Kalpi slowly opens her eyes and found herself in Ayaan's room,She jumped up seeing him bringing in tea.
Kalpi-Ayaan...How Did...
Ayaan-DJ...You're up?? Here Drink some tea.
Ayaan watches Kalpi happily as she sipped the tea clumsily And Happily
Ayaan-You like it??
Kalpi nodded and continued drinking.
Kalpi-Ayaan,I'll get going.
Ayaan nodded and smiled as kalpi left "I don't know why you're hiding as DJ but I'll protect you here Kalpi"
Kalpi quietly walked down the halls,she sneaked into Raghav's room looking for a clean towel "Mr Laser eyes is probably taking a bathe,I'll take a towel quickly and go" Kalpi went into Raghav's draw quietly,she took out a towel and was leaving happily,her smiled faded and she slipped back on Raghav's bed,Her eyes widen as she saw a shirtless Raghav standing infront of her,Glaring at her she thinks in Fear "Ya Allah...Please protect me from Him...What should I do"

Precap-At BA,Raghav and Kalpi stood in the Elevator,he Kept his distance,Kalpi was streching when she acciendtly smack Raghav in his face,she slowly turned and watched his Glaring and Face.

This is a short updateTongue I felt it wasn't up to markOuchhope it's okay...Don't forget to comment and LikeTongue Romance will start soonWinkEmbarrassed  Did'nt read back any mistakes please forgive me

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New name for u ,
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Originally posted by Sh0Nali

stalker here LOLEmbarrassed
New name for u ,
res stalker LOL

haye kitna sona naam he EmbarrassedLOL
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CHAPTER 18 IN PROGRESS...Embarrassed

Confused Confused  Confused
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stalker here LOLEmbarrassed
New name for u ,
res stalker LOL

n BTW m stalking u more than Aru Tongue

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