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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 91)

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Aria update please Embarrassed

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pls updatr ria pls pls pls...
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pls update ria pls pls pls...
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pls ria update
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Kalpi - goa - raghav - shock !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please  update next part dear

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Chapter 17

Recap~ Sophie and Sammy stood by the glass door watching Raghav who was clinging on to Kalpi tightly,while she was in tears
Kalpi and Raghav stared at each other one shock and Broken while the other in Revenge.

Kalpi looked up at Raghav trying to get out of his tight grip.
Kalpi-Raghav sir...Please let go.
Raghav held on to her even tighter,Kalpi made a glance at the door,she stood shock seeing Sophie and Sammy watching her and Raghav,Kalpi removed Raghav's hands and walked out of his Cabin,Sophie turned and watched her as she left holding her arm in pain,She walked up to Raghav and Glared at him.
Raghav-Don't give me that look.
Sammy-Raghav why are you hurting her like this.
Sophie-Are you against women?? Working for you?? How could you behave like that with Chulbuli...
Raghav-Soph...I don't want to hear anything about that woman!!
Raghav was leaving when sophie held his wrist.
Sophie-I'm not done!!! I'm talking to you.
Raghav-Sophie...Leave it be otherwise...
Sophie-What!! I'm not afraid of you and you know that!!! Why would you hurt her like that...
Raghav sighed and watched Sophie Annoyed.
Raghav-Because I hate her!! 
Sophie and Sammy watched him 
Sophie-No!! You have Fallen for your Spot!!.
Raghav Laughed,Sophie and Sammy watched on.
Raghav-Sammy do you hear her,I have fallen for my spot!! Are you okay?? you're not On meds right??
Sammy-Raghav try to understand...
Raghav-You too Sammy...Do you also think I love Ms. Haider??
Raghav made his way to his seat.
Raghav-Let me tell you both something,Ms. Haider is a Klutz,And there's no way I like her,Come on she's with Prem Kapoor,I'm not running after another Man's childish girlfriend,And you both know How much I love Kalpi.
Sammy-But Raghav...
Raghav-Let's not talk about these useless and Baseless things.
Sophie-Raghav try to understand if you keep denying this,you'll ruin yourself,You'll keep hurting Chulbuli...Please hear us out.
Raghav sighed and Looked up at sophie
Raghav-I would like it if you both leave...I don't want to hear anything about Spot...Please leave.
Sammy and Sophie Respected Raghav's Decision and Left,and went into Sammy's cabin.
Sophie-He's so stuckup,I should've smack him.
Sammy-We need a new plan,because He's denying it all.
Sophie jumped up and watched sammy,she talked in a low voice.
Sophie- I may not know Kalpana...But do you think...She's Piya?? maybe she can't remember??
Sammy-Maybe...We'll have to find that out too.
Night came,Kalpi quietly walked down to Raghav's cabin,she stood by the door and quietly watched him,
Kalpi-Why do you hate me Raghav sir???
Raghav looked up and watched Kalpi.
Raghav-I have my reasons,It's good that you're here...Take this money,I'll be In GOA for a Month so this is your money for the Month.
Kalpi-please let me go with you.
Raghav-You're begging again,I said no.
kalpi-But Why!! Why can't I go!!! Please let me go.
Raghav-Spot please leave!.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...
Raghav-I sad to go!!
Kalpi stepped back and Watched Raghav in tears then left,Raghav sighed "Why do not want her to go?? I just don't want to see her" Raghav sighed "Ah,Why am I even saying this"
Kalpi went to her desk and sighed "Why is he so mean" Sophie and Sammy who was leaving stood by her desk.
Sammy-Long day,Piya??
Kalpi looked up at Sammy smiled
Kalpi-Yes Sammy sir...I'm really tired
Sophie-Chulbuli,Don't worry we'll see you in GOA,We'll have a girls night out,I hear it's a retreat.
Kalpi smiled at them both and thought "How will it tell them I can't go GOA"
Sophie-Well bye Chulbuli.
Kalpi smiled as there left "Bye"
Sammy and Sophie walked out together,heading to the Elevator
Sophie-See Sam,Witchy Bitchy is no match to Chulbuli.
Sammy-Soph...shhh,Piya will hear you.
Sophie-Wait are we leaving those two together...Alone??
Sammy-Are there really alone,Lets go,He'll behave...
Sophie held sammy back and smacked him.
Sophie-Ya...you want those two,to romance,we need to leave them alone.
Sammy looked at Sophie Annoyed while she smiled at him.
Raghav packed up and walked towards the Elevator seeing Kalpi,He stood next to her,Both stood quiet until the door open,Kalpi walked in first and Raghav watched and Followed her.
Raghav-You know  I always go first.
Kalpi-Rules are meant to be broken.
Raghav-You being like this...It doesn't affect me one bit.
Kalpi-Really...I wasn't behaving in any way.
Kalpi looked up at Raghav.
Kalpi-You should know that.
Raghav-You're behaving very childish.
Kalpi-Am I??
Raghav looked at Kalpi.
Before Raghav could  say anything Kalpi cell rang,she answered it.
Kalpi-Yes Prem.
Raghav looked at her and scoffed
Prem-How are you...do you want me to pick you up??
Kalpi-No...I can make it on my own.
Prem-I miss you alot,Hurry back.
Raghav eyes widens seeing Kalpi smiling he thought "What is he telling her,That she can smile"
Kalpi-I miss you too.
Raghav gasped and looked away,
Kalpi-I'll be home in 10 minutes,and I'll massage your head.
Kalpi giggled saying that,Raghav Looked at her annoyed and Jealous.
Prem-Okay,Hurry home...Bye.
Prem and Kalpi both hanged up,Kalpi blushed at prem's words.
Raghav-Does he really love you?? Or is it to get in there.
Raghav looked at Kalpi and smirked,she watched him in disbelief
Kalpi-What did you say?? How low can you think!!
Kalpi pushed Raghav back,He watched her camly
Raghav-Spot Relax...The way he behaves you're like his Mis...
Kalpi Slaped Raghav across his face,she then watches her hands,she makes her glance at Raghav who Glared at her.
Raghav-Did you just slap me!!!
Raghav grasped Kalpi's Arms tightly and Pins her hands to the wall.
Raghav-You have crossed all your limits
Kalpi-Crossing all limits Raghav sir...What did you say!! Let me go!!
Raghav held her tightly and Glared at her.
Raghav-Shut up!! Apologzie!!!
Kalpi-Really!! you want me to apologize!! you apologize about what you said about prem!!
Raghav watched her and Scoffed
Kalpi-Prem Loves me...You're noting infront of him...You're noting!!
Raghav tightens his grip,Kalpi looked up into his red Angry eyes.
Raghav-What did you say!!
Kalpi- I Clearly said it!! Prem Kapoor is Better Than Raghav Singhaina...
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Raghav turned Furious ,Shutting her up,Raghav Angerily Kissed her,Kalpi  Pushed him away,He looked at  her,Kalpi stood in tears as Raghav closed his eyes and stood there for a minute
Tere bina kya wajood mera
,Kalpi breathed heavily trying to process what had happen,Raghav then opened his eyes and held kalpi's face and Kissed her again slowly,Kalpi tried pushing him away,but his grip gotten stronger,
Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
He closed all space between again pinning her back to the wall and Kissing her,Then their kiss grew bigger and Intense Kalpi turned weak,her hands slowly releashed her bags,Raghav and Kalpi's Kiss turned into a passionate one,
Zindagi ab tum hi ho.
Where Raghav could'nt stop,He could'nt let her go,He broke their kiss and both stared into each other's eyes,He watched her face seeing her Nose,Lips and Cheeks were Red,Not because she was Blushing but because he kissed her for a long time,He then remembers his words to sammy,That he'll never betray Kalpi again,Raghav Jerked kalpi away,Before he left her turned and watched her
Raghav-Tell Mr Kapoor,I kissed his Childish Girlfriend!!
Raghav smirked at Kalpi then left,Kalpi slide down on the elevator's ground and touched her lips "He kissed me,He really kissed  me" Kalpi felt her cheeks "Why Am I feeling so hot"
Raghav angerily walked to his car,slamming the door,Raghav sat back in his car,punching his car wheel,"What did I just do,Why didn't I stop...It's best if Spot doesn't come GOA,I think I'll have to fire her...I have to stay away from her.."
At Kapoor's Mansion,In Prem's room,Kalpi laid on her side,recalling Raghav kissing her,Prem made a glance at her,she blushed and touched her lips and thought "It wasn't a dream...My Raghav sir Really kissed me" Kalpi pinched herself"I should've Kissed him back...Nahi,That's to forward,Raghav sir would've probably think I was werid,Oh Ya allah,I love him,I can't even yell at him because,I don't want to hurt him,Am I secretly in love with him"
Prem leans over to kalpi,he caress her head and she closes her eyes.
Prem-Kalpi...You're really quiet...Did something happen at work?? Did that Raghav Singhaina yell at you again,I'll punch him if he did so.
Kalpi opens her eyes and smiled touching her lips
Kalpi-He did something even Better...
Kalpi's eyes widens realising what she said.
Kalpi-I mean...He gave me a day off.
Prem turned Kalpi on her back,she looked up at her.
Prem-You're not going GOA?? 
She watched him sadly
Kalpi-He's not letting me go.
Prem-Do you want me to carry you??
Kalpi-No...I'm good I'll say at home and Enjoy some time with Ammi and Ammijaan.
Prem-Kalpi you do realise it's going to be A month We all will be In GOA...A whole Month.
Kalpi pouted and looked away
Kalpi-So...I'll find something to do...
Prem-I'll Miss you alot..
Kalpi smiled and got up.
Kalpi-I can't be in your room like this,Ammi and Abbu will kill me.
Kalpi was leaving when Prem held her wrist,she looked at him
Prem-Were going to get married anyways Kalpi.
Kalpi watched him in a daze
Kalpi-We are,aren't we...Anyways Prem Good night.
Prem pointed at his cheeks,Kalpi rolled her eyes and smiled,She kissed him and then left,Prem sat back and wondered "Why isn't she getting back her memory?? It's kind of a good thing she isn't going GOA,That way Raghav Singhaina Would'nt be around her
I don't know why
Kalpi went into her room,she laid back on the bed and Dangled her Chain,she watched it and smiled
The more I erase you with tears
 "I wanted to give Raghav Sir My valentine's Day gift" Kalpi pouted "He probably would've liked it" Kalpi then took out her phone and called someone "Can you help me with something??"
At Singhaina Mansion,Raghav walked into in room,with red eyes and a bottle of  Skotch,he watched Kalpi's photo on the wall.
Raghav-Do you think I'm happy...Huh!! You left me and now...I...I kissed Spot! Are you happy...I'm only betraying you Kalpi...
Tears rushed down Raghav's face,he fell down on his knees watching Kalpi's photo
Raghav-I can't...breathe around her...Kalpi,I can't see clearly she...she blinds me,I hate her alot.
Raghav took a drink out of the bottle and laughed.
Raghav-I'm a mess...Shit I'm a mess a big mess,Don't worry Kalpi...I'm going to forget Spot,I don't want to see her or be around her...I...I don't love her...Trust me,I could never love another woman Kalpi...So I'll Fire her and competely Erase her.
Raghav fell back on his back,Aarohi stood by the door and watched him Lustfully.
In Sammy's room,He sat and watched Paakhi,Packed his luggage.
Sammy-I got your message.
Paakhi-really...Did I bother you??
Sammy-No,you didn't...So where are you staying??
Paakhi-It's in Pune.
Sammy-Oh...I thought...
Paakhi stoped packing she made a glance at Sammy
Sammy-Noting...Have a safe trip.
Paakhi-You too,I'll go and Get your Dinner.
Paakhi then left from there,Sammy watched on "Something's bothering her...What is it"
Kalpi scroll through her phone seeing Raghav's number she then accidently called him,Aarohi took up his phone and Smiled.
Kalpi-Hello?? Raghav sir??
Aarohi turned and Watched Raghav who was sleeping she smirked
Aarohi-Raghav...Stop...No  don't touch me there,Raghav...Please I don't want to make out right now,Raghav.
Kalpi's eyes widens,she exits the call and twisted her face "Chiii Raghav sir and that Chudail,Yuck" Kalpi's eyes sadden "But Raghav sir and Chudail are together right now??" Kalpi's tears fell down her cheeks "After Kissing me,he's kissing her??Kalpi stop crying he's engaged to her"Aarohi smiled seeing the call ended,she then deletes Kalpi's Phone call and Number,She sat next to a sleeping Raghav and caress his face "Raghu my sweetheart,I'm so proud that you're not letting that Bitch go GOA with you,So I don't have to worry when I'm not there"
Morning came,Kalpi stood by Prem's Room door and watched him,He looked at her through the Mirror,he signaled her to come,she stood behind him while he took her hands and wrapped it around him,Kalpi sadly smiles
Kalpi-You're leaving again...I feel broken.
Prem-It's a month kalpi...How would you survive??
Kalpi-On food...simple
Prem pulled Kalpi infront of him
Prem-Are you in love with me Or food??
Kalpi watched him and Thought "I'm In love with you and Raghav Sir? I am werid...But I love Him more Prem...I love Raghav Sir more"
Kalpi-I love Food..
Downstairs,Kalpi gave Prem a big tight hug before he left for GOA.
Kalpi-I'll miss you.
Prem-I'll miss you more
Prem kissed kalpi,Took blessing from his elders then left,Kalpi sadly smiles and sighs,Juhi hugs her from behind.
Juhi-Meri beautiful Piya,Do you want to go shopping with your Ammi??
Kalpi smiles "Yes Ammi".
In the Market Kamla and Khushi were buying fruits,Kalpi and Juhi were also buying fruits,Juhi looked at kalpi and touched her stomach.
Juihi-At this Rate when you get pregnant,You'll be fatter than me,Poor prem.
Kalpi gasped and twisted her face.
Kalpi-Ya Ammi...How could you even say that...
Juhi-Piya you're always eating...
Kalpi pouted and continued to eat.
Kamla held a apple and stood in a daze.
Kamla walked in seeing Kalpi studing,she smiled,Kalpi turned and watched Kamla
Kalpi-Aai you're back...Why did you buy??
Kamla-Kuch nahi beta...Just a few stuff from the market.
Kalpi got up and went through the good,she took up the reddest Apple and smiled at it "Hmmm This looks Healthy" Kalpi was about to bite it when kamla took it away and wiped it with the end of her saree.
Kamla-Kalpi,Kya kare ho tum!!
Kalpi watched her shocked and cluless
Kamla-Kalpi...you can't have this,It's for my Paakhi baby,she wanted a red Apple.
Kamla handed Kalpi a Banana.
Kamla-Eat this,It's better,I'm going to meet Paakhi baby now...Eat on time
Kamla then left with the apple.
Flashback Ends
Kamla's tears droped on the Red apple as she remembers hurting Kalpi,Khushi comforted her,Kalpi looked ahead by Kamla seeing Apples her eyes widens "Ammi lets get some red apples"
Juhi-Wait...let buy these fruits first.
Kalpi nodded and Fed Juhi candy,Kamla and Khushi turned and stood shocked seeing Juhi and Kalpi,Tear fell from Kamla's eyes as Kalpi kissed Juhi and Hugged her,Juhi and Kalpi stood face to Face with Kamla and Khushi.
Kalpi-Oh...I know you..Oh we met on Holi right??
Kamla smiled and nodded,Juhi looked at Kamla with hate.
Juhi-Saalam...I'm Juhi.
Kamla-Namaste I'm Kamla And this is my Bahu Khushi.
Kalpi-Phoopi...You're also shopping here too with your daughter just like my Ammi and I...That's awesome.
Kalpi hugged Juhi,Kamla looked on in jealousy
Kalpi-She the world's Best Mother
Kamla heart sanked hearing those words,Juhi smiled,Kamla took out a red Apple and Handed it over to Kalpi.
Kamla-Beta...you'll like this..I'ts the reddest
Kalpi-It is...shukriya Phoopi
Kamla watched Juhi and Smiled.
Juhi-We'll get going now...khuda hafiz
Before Leaving Kalpi hugged Kamla and Khushi,Kamla looked at her shocked,she felt her Kalpi.
Kalpi-khuda hafiz Phoopi and Khushi ji
Kalpi and Juhi walked off hand in hand,Juhi turned back and smirked at kamla,how kept her ground.
Khushi-Aai...are you alright.
Kamla-She's my Kalpi...Khushi
Khushi-But Aai...
Kamla-We'll have to prove it.
Khushi watched Kamla thoughtful.
Raghav walked downstairs,watching on as Soha and Gauri stood waiting for him
Raghav-What's the Occasion??
Raghav-Di..come on.
Gauri Hugged Raghav and Sobbed
Gauri-You're leaving us for a Month.
Raghav-It will pass fast Mom,Relax.
Gauri Wiped her tear,while Soha comforted her,Rubina walked up to Raghav and caress his Face
Rubi-How are you?? Don't you have time for me??
Raghav-How are you aunty??
Rubi-I'm alright,you've growm up handsomely
Raghav-Thank you Aunty.
Sammy walked downstairs,Sammy watched him from the couch,Paakhi came out with his files
Paakhi-Sammy here...Do well.
Paakhi was leaving when Sammy held her wrist,Suhana sat up and watched on in jealousy.
Sammy-Be careful,while I'm away,Otherwise Da...
Paakhi-Daadi will be angry...I understand...Have a safe trip
Sammy-Take care.
Paakhi nodded then left,Aarohi walked downstairs and stood by Raghav who looked away,she pulled him aside.
Aarohi-Raghu...I'll miss you alot,would you give me something before I go??
Raghav looked at her and jerked away her hand.
Raghav-I'm busy,Go and Play make up with suhana and Myra...I have no interest.
Aarohi-Raghav If this is because Of Kalpi...
Raghav-Spot...Isn't my interest either,you both  are irritating,Leave me alone now...
Raghav took blessings from his elders then left,Sammy was leaving when Suhana stoped him.
Suhana-Are you going without saying goodbye to me??
Sammy-How could I?? Take care...
Sammy then left,Suhana sighed and wiped her tears.
Raghav walked passed his employees desk after his meeting regarding GOA,He stood by Kalpi's desk and took up her pen,he watched it and scoffed "She bites the ends her of pen"
Sophie walked up to him.
Sophie-Yo..Yo..Yo,You're here,where's Chulbuli??
Raghav looked at Sophie Amused.
Raghav-I killed her.
Sophie-Very Funny Grumyuncle,Vaise where your special girl Witchy Bitchy??
Raghav-She's home,she isn't comming.
Sophie's eyes widens
Sophie-Really?? Thank god...I thought I had to see that Witch's face whole Month.
Raghav watched her,he scoffed and went into his cabin,Sophie smiled "I'm just keeping it Real Rags" she then saw Sammy and walked up to him
Sophie-Yo..Yo...Yo what's up HandsomeSam?? Where's the Biwi??
Sammy-Are you sure you're not a boy?? why the Pantsuit Aren't you a Model?? And She's heading to Pune today.
Sophie-I'm A different Type of Model...Really?? That's so sad.
Sammy-It's really not,I had plans she has plans..
Sophie-It's all good Sam,I'll take care of you...Cool?
Sammy smiled and Carried Sophie in his Office,Raghav took off his Jacket and took a seat,he sighed "It's so Peaceful here...No annoying Spot" Raghav closed his eyes remembering he Kissed Kalpi,he slowly opened his eyes and cursed himself.
Payal Knocked and came in.
Payal-Sir...someone left this for you.
Pyal rested the message on the Table and left,Raghav took it up and opened it,
Love is feeling 
He saw Kalpi's Chain,his eyes widens,He opens the Letter and Reads.
"Dear Raghav Sir... It's true This chain,I brought for you, for Valentine's Day...I wanted it to give it to you personally that day because I was sorry for hurting you in the Elevator.
the moment I first saw you
Kalpi got on the bus heading home,Raghav Read on
"I really saved my money to buy it...I don't know why I brought it,It's werid as we have an age difference and Boss-Employee Relationship"
love is feeling
Kalpi leaned her head on the Bus's Window and silenty cried,Raghav sat Amazed.
As if time had stopped, I was in love with you and I wanted you
"I know you hate me...I don't know why?? But I am sorry for entering your Life and ruining it,I didn't intend to hurt you,I just wanted a job and to be independant,not using Prem's money,I just wanted to get money and Get my studio for my munckins"
Love is my pain 
Kalpi wiped her tears,while Raghav read on with mixed emotions
"I would always be thankful to you...Raghav Sir,For giving me this job...I'm sorry to both you and Aarohi ji...I didn't intend to hurt you both."
 the more I love 
Kalpi then recalls Aarohi on Raghav's phone,Raghav reads on.
"And Raghav Sir...About that Kiss...I'll forget it,I know you don't want me around so,I'll forget it..You too would've wanted that, I know it meant noting...Raghav Sir Please have a safe Journey to GOA and please make our company proud...Yours Truly...Kalpi."
 Love is my pain
Raghav sat back watching Kalpi's letter and chain,he slowly smiled then scoffed,
The world gets jealous and hurts someone like you
He then put the letter in the box with the chain and gently rested it in his drawer "You're really something Spot
Sophie walked in smiling
Sophie-Yo..Yo..Yo..,who's really something.
Raghav looked up startled
Raghav-What are you doing!! what are you saying??
Sophie sat back and rested her feet on Raghav's desk
Sophie-No clue...I was watching this movie...
Raghav-I understand...You're a werid person,Have you Packed??
Sophie-Long ago,It's a retreat...so I'm going to Partyyy!!
Raghav scoffed and looked away.
Kalpi wiped her tears then pouted "I really wanted to go GOA,Now I can't,How could they even sell my studio Land"
Kalpi fretted,her eyes widens "Ya allah why do you give me these Idea's last minute" Kalpi smiled happily then texted someone
In GOA...At BA,Raghav,Sammy,Payal,and Sophie walked in Greeting all the top 5 bussinessmen and Women around India,Raghav stood behind Payal.
Raghav-Making that face isn't going to bring spot...she isn't welcomed here...Understand!
Payal-But Sir Kalpi worked hard...
Raghav-Did she?? She's Just a Klutz...Stop this sulking and Smiled.
Payal turned and watched Raghav sadly and nodded,Raghav looked up seeing Prem,Both stared at each other with hate.
Sophie was in awe,her eyes widens she Nugde Sammy
Sophie-Is this real Sam?? Am I in business dream world??
Sammy Looked at her amused,
Sammy-Were here to work.
Sophie-Then Partyyy...I am so lucky.
The Announcer gathered in the Middle while Everyone Watched on.
Annoncer-Welcome Everyone to GOA's BA retreat for all the Businessmen and Women...
Everyone Stared on as he spoke
Annoncer-We are Extremly happy that everyone can be present,To work and Enjoy time together in this retreat,Now Our Newest and Youngest Businessman...I would Like to introduce Our Special Guest Mr. Divijay Aka DJ Suryavanshi!!!!
As the Spotlight hits the Door everyone Wondered who was Divijay Suryavanshi and why he hadn't appear,As the Door Slowly opens,Divijay Suryavanshi Makes his Grand Appearance,Wearing a Pinstripe suit with a gold tie,Looking Dashing as Ever,Everyone Applauded at his Entrance,Divijay smiled being applaued at because to the world he was the Richest Businessman ever born,
My Desi Girl,My Desi Girl
But under the suit She,Kalpi Smiled Widely knowing she was going to Fullfill her Goal as DJ Suryavanshi,Raghav watches on and scoffs and Sulks,Sammy smiled happily,Prem and Riley watched their New compeition,While Sophie and Payal smiled.
Ain't Nobody Like My Desi Girl
Kalpi watched Everyone in Awe she thinks "Am I being applaued at??
Who's The Hottest Girl In The World My Desi Girl
She Salutes everyone and smirked "Ms. Kalpi Haider is going to Rock GOA!!"

Precap-~ In BA's Lounge Kalpi sat awkwardly with The Businessmen,she watches on as they smoked and Drinked,Raghav who sat across her looked at her and Sulks and scoffs,Kalpi who noticed him watching her fixed her boycut wig and looked away taking a drink.

What you all think LOLLOL Hope this chapter was longEmbarrassed Hope you all,Don't forget to comment and LikeBig smile and so so sorry for taking so long to update...

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