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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 87)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by usahingora

awesome update thnx

Thank you babesEmbarrassed

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 March 2012
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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 5:57am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sunyy

wonderful update. Rags is in serious denial mode about his feelings. He kissed her awww.   She finally gave him his Valentine's present even more awww. And rags is missing her in goa. And omg kalpi dressed like a man for her land.    LOL Wink can't wait for next update.

Thanks sunny,He is LOL He kissed her and could'nt stop,soon he'll get a few hints,Kalpi wanted to give it to him showing that she had brought it for him,Rags is missing her but he's snboish he won't admit it,ahhahha true she's goning to pull it offWink

Originally posted by switymango

Superb update. ...
  Raghav kiss kalpi. ..Embarrassed...but in angerOuch ...
 Thank god aroshi not  going with raghav...kalpi in goa. ..
 Update soon. .

Thank you swatiHug He did kissed her in anger but slowly too LOLWink She will not be there for a while LOL Kalpi is in GOA Prancing around Rags LOLLOL

Originally posted by ReezaFathi

very best update..waitg 4 next updateBig smile 

Thanks so much ReezaEmbarrassed

Originally posted by sweet1308

Awesome update really lovely  poor kalpi is sad n raghav being hurt t see her not his kalpi n they kiss in the elevator n that bitch should go t hell how can she said those word t kalpi n good for kamla treating kalpi badly now she felt it n its emotional the letter of kalpi oh she love him too much n kalpi n her ideas a boy DJ lovely update soon
Can't wait too good

Hey sweetie thanks alot...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Kalpi is in mixed emotions right nowWink Raghav is still hurting he thinks his kalpi is missing still,Hahahah Aarohi LOLLOL
Kamla is regreting alot nowSmile She wanted to give it to him before he left and to show him that she had brought the chain for him,She does love him alot.Hahhaha she'll Rock as DJWinkLOL
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 March 2012
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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:03am | IP Logged

Originally posted by veeranu

Wonderful update.. Atlast, they are in Goa.. And am I the oly one tht sees EMA's Pakhi in this Arohi ??? And Sammy carried Saophie.. Tht's wht he does to me too Day Dreaming
Update the next chapter and PM me..

Thanks alot babes Blushing Aarohi is like PaakhiLOL Hahahaha I'm thinking of paring him with Sophie and Give Paakhi to her best friend Rishi Wacko Ohh I know you and your sammy EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Will Pm you babesWink

Originally posted by eishe10

Brilliant update!!!

Thanks sweetieBig smile

Originally posted by charvi3

Awesome update ariaTongue
rags kissed kalpi in angerSmile & she had given  Valentine gift  to him & he liked it alsoBig smile
Now kalpi is also in goa as a djSmile
update next part soon

Thanks babes Smile Yay he did and he could'nt stop,she did she wanted to give it to him before he left,he did like it but he has a huge ego hahahaha she is DJLOL

Originally posted by ArthunaAlive

 I am totally liking this piya / kalpi . She is a lovable imp . Great going sweetie Embarrassed

Hey Arthuna thanks alot dearyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Hahhaha everyone likes her alot and thanks babes
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Can I guess the update is on its way??
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 March 2012
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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:10am | IP Logged

Originally posted by usahingora

hey ria superb update lekin want kalpi 2 avoid ragav its my wish n exillent update

Hi sweeite...Okay i'll see what i can do Big smile

Originally posted by sampa79



Originally posted by ...Natasha...

Marvelous update
I love the entire chapter
So many awesome moments

Hi Natasha Embarrassed Thanks you

Originally posted by abxetz

Aria brilliant update Clap Star ragna kiss Embarrassed Wink superb.

Hi babes thanks alot Wink yaya they did LOLEmbarrassed

Originally posted by premap

Kalpi .inspite of being hurt by Rags is still very respectful and honest . Love the note to Rags ,a very honest and sincere one. Love Kalpi as Piya and of course ,SOPHIE takes the 'limelight' in few updates. She is atrocious in her comments to Rags and Tomboyish ! Thanks for bringing in , Sophie.

Yes she does love him alot so she won't hurt him,Yay thanks for liking it,I wanted to kalpi to gave Rag a letter and the chain she had brought for him before he left,Sophie is My Baby I love her too much,she kinda simlar to My Babli Embarrassed 

Originally posted by Anjinie

poor kalpi I really hope Kalpi does not get caught,

She will get caught but will get helpBig smile
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rani214

Read all parts in one go...amazing story... even though i dnt lik love triangles track much but love d way story is progressing n hw beautifully u r writing d story it feels as if watching a movieEmbarrassed
Beautiful Banners n trailers n promos r fabulous...loved demClap

Hhahaha thank you so muchHugEmbarrassed I'm finally seeing you Rani ahahahaLOL I wanted to make a love trianlge with sense hahahaaLOL

Der  r many villains or say bitches in dis ragna story main being neetu n aarohi...jus hate demAngryAngry

Yep Their are many of thoseLOL

So this is neetu's plan to revenge raghav n jadhav's
Lik dat kalpi's new big family love her very much n also lik sisters bonding
i thought dat juhi and Aamir r good but they are also evil n helping kapoors in making Kalpi forget her existence, her parents n her love raghav by giving meds

yes Neetu want to take revenge on Raghav and Jadhavs so she took kalpi and taked care of her,Juhi and aamir does love kalpi,They are but they love her and doesn't want her memory

Pakhi I too hate dat lady as she caused ragna accident n responsible for der sep n she deserves d treatment Sammy n all r giving...but lik she realised her mistake...she truly love sammy n he also started to care for her jus hope Sammy n all others forgive her soon...also hope she helps kalpi to remember her past n help in ragna reunion n redeem for her mistakes
suhana Angryseems she is too obsessed wit Sammy n trying her cheap tricks to make him fall for her but all in vain...loved wen he called her his lil sis...poor suhan ROFL 

She has realised her mistakes and she want Sammy's love,they will but not so soonLOL hahaha yeah suhaana is obsessed with sammy so she's going to give paakhi a hard timeLOL

Loving prem's character here...he is so sweet n attracted to kalpi ...also love premna bonding ...lik d way he treats kalpi n takes care of her n always want to see her smiling...he is truely falling for her but is unaware of neetu's evil plan
Kalpi thinks she love prem but still wants to find d person whose flashes she see in her dream was nice
Lik dat raghav is not giving up on kalpi n he made clear to aarohi too dat he only loves kalpi

He is my sweetie pie,he truly loves her and he is unaware if neetus plans,Yes she loves prem but she want to see the man who flashes before her eyes (Raghav) He made it clear to aarohiWinkLOL

Kalpi finally came in Mumbai n to meet her destiny...Loved dat stoll scene n also der meeting wen she falls into his arm ... it seems watching a movie scene loved d way u described it 
Oh kalpi seems fascinated by Raghav Singhaniya by jus reading his interview n finds him hot n handsome n nw started imaging him n confused abt her love for prem 
Loved Kalpi's first meeting with her family n raghav...holi scene was awesome n lik dat raghav coloured her first n she dn't object it...she felt she has sum connection wit raghav was niceEmbarrassed

Hahaha mee tooBig smile hahaha thanks babes she is,she's intruiged by him ahaha she does find him hot and handsomeLOLLOL she is confused but she know who she lovesWink Raghav must colour kalpi firstEmbarrassed

Khushi is brilliant suggesting DNA test eventhogh her plan failed coz of evil juhi n kapoors...hope dey soon find abt kalpi's identity 

Khushi is a doctor so she's wondering,They will find out soonWink
Raghav's breakdown was aweful n he turned into cold hearted again Unhappy...hope kalpi gets her memory back before the wicked Kapoors gets her married off to Prem

He decided not to get close to anyone and turned cold hearted,Prem isn't going to marry Kalpi without her saying yes so their's no need to worryWink

Wow kalpi working for raghav...he hate to see kalpi's lookalike but still hired her n moreover he is irritated by her clumsiness n child lik behaviour...poor raghav is scared of her lol...d elevator scene was funnyLOLLOL
Hahahhaa he hates her childish behaviorLOLEmbarrassed and he is scared of her hahahaha I knowROFL

Oh how I love this chulbuli kalpi more dat quite kalpiWink...she keeps on drooling over him n has started to fall for him n dis stupid raghav is pushing her away by scolding n hurting her...he seems to b attracted to her but pushing her away as he dn't want to ditch his kalpi...but why cant his soul identify his innocent n sweet kalpi in dis clumsy n chulbuli piya ...hope he is not too late to identify her

I love both but more of chulbuli kalpi,She really likes him,he is pushing her away,he is attracted to her but won't admit it,he doesn't want to betray kalpi againWink

Wow both ragna were together on der valentine n she wishes him first n not dat aarohi...dat bitch took kalpi's chain n moreover raghav fell in her trap n blamed kalpi n hurt her badly...m jus angry on ragav for dng this to kalpi cant he see her innocence 
Lik dat kalpi yanked her chain from aarohi n den got it from pool...Feeling bad for kalpi but lik dat prem very sweetly took care of her n loved seeing jealous raghav
Raghav is been really rude to kalpi n insulting her badly lik dat she finally bashed raghav n aarohi its high time nwBig smile

Yay of course RagNa should wish each other  first,she took kalpi's chain to get her in trouble,Prem took care of her as she's his babyEmbarrassedLOL Of course everyone loves a jealous raghavLOL 

Lik juhi-kalpi-kamla scene...kamla realised dat she hurt kalpi in past n loved dat she could recognise her daughter ...hope khushi n kamla b able to prove she is kalpi

Kalma did recongise Piya was kalpi and they try to prove it all,

Wow...i love sophie's character ...she is our ragna's new love guruWink...lol lik hw she give all dem name...she is cuteBig smile

Hahahah sophie is my babyEmbarrassed she is just like My Babli and Loved my babli so much I made another character like her but sophie is much foward,yes she has alot of names for everyoneLOLLOL
jealous raghav is always fun to read LOL...omg in his jealousy he kissed his clumpsy Spot but then he felt that he cheated Kalpi 
Kalpi has finally accepted in her mind that though she likes Prem but she loves Raghav more 
Kalpi wrote a lettr for raghav n gave him chain before leaving was lovely ...raghav is surely missing her n falling for her but our arrogant n stubborn RS won't accept it...hope Sophie b able to knock sum sense in him n him accept his feeling n we get sum ragna romance in goaTongueEmbarrassed
So kalpi is finally reachd goa in disguise...curios to knw how is she gonna seal d land for her studio...excited to read next update...cont soonBig smile
Heart Hug

Hahaha he is alwyas jealous and his jealous made him kissed his SpotLOL Yesh she loves Raghav more than Prem. He won't accept it at all,he a jerk,sophie,sammy,Payal and Prem will help him realise,She has a plan LOL as a guy Wink

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lolor

Raghav kissed kalpi in anger...hope he realizes his love...
Arohi is bitch... Angry thank god shes not going to Goa...
kalpi reached G Angry Goa as DJ... Big smile hmm now waiting what will happen in Goa...will kalpi will succeeds hiding her reality...waiting for next chapy...update soon

Hahaha he did,He will soon,she isn't ahahaLOL for the whileLOL she will succeed with alot of helpEmbarrassedBig smile

Originally posted by laavanya4u


Waiting for DJ Suryavanshi's cute antics and some drama in the meet!!!!!!!!

Hhahaha you know me I'll give it allEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
charvi3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2015 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Waiting for a updateDay Dreaming

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