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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 78)

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Originally posted by abxetz

Ye arohi Angry rags ki future Angry ye rags I hate him.ye rags ko kab patha chalega ki vo kalpi hai Cry Cry interesting update [Big smile

Thank you sweetie Embarrassed

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Originally posted by ...Natasha...

Oh gosh! Can I plz strangle that Aarohi with my bear hands Angry
This girl is so damn annoying. She happy that Gauri is talking about her marriage with Raghav
Keep on dreaming witch LOL aww Raghav is jealous seeing Prem hugging Kalpi but he didn't even know it. That bitch stole Kalpi chain Cry I hate the way Raghav spoke to Kalpi
I hope Kalpi don't listen to Raghav and go yank her chain from that witch neck
Beautiful update, happy Valentine day

Hahaha Everyone hates herBig smileLOL Hahaha she is LOLRaghav is going to get jealous nowEmbarrassedHe hates herCry she will
Thanks babes ANd happy belated V-dayEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

Suprb update Aria.. Plzz dear i don't want .aghav to marry that Witch.. And prem to marry kalpi.. Plzz yaa requst only Ragna.. I want Raghav to kno abut Kalpi is only his kalpana... Plzzz... Update nxt chappy soon plzz... Waiting...

Hey...RagNa will be together,Just because Marriage came up I'm not marrying off Kalpi and Raghav to prem and Aro,RagNa will be togetherWink
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hey ria superb update update waiting 4 nxt part n now want possesive ragav pls
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hey ria superb update
waiting 4 nxt part n now want possesive ragav pls
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sorry bhul se 1 wala send hogaya
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Chapter 15

Recap~ Kalpi wiped her tears and watched him
Raghav's eyes widens he looked at her shocked,Kalpi then walked away sadly.

Kalpi quickly walked out of Raghav's cabin Wiping her tears,She ran into the washroom,went into the toilet and locked the door,she dropped down and cried silently,In Raghav's cabin,he sighed and took a seat on his couch,Aarohi walked in seeing him tensed,she touched Kalpi's necklace on her neck and thought "I should fire him up a little more for tomorrow" Aarohi sat next to Raghav and held his hands.
Aarohi-Raghu,I'm sorry about what happen with Piya ji...she seem so...
Raghav-Lets not Talk about her.
Aarohi-But Raghu...How can she think that this was her's??
Kalpi walked back to her desk and took a seat,she watched her phone getting a message from Raghav "Spot...Tomorrow Our Meeting will be held after lunch,Don't be late" Kalpi watched her phone and cursed Raghav "This Man and his stupid attitude"
Raghav walked out with Aarohi on his arm,Kalpi looked up sadly seeing Her chain on Aarohi's neck,Aarohi watched Kalpi and thought "I wonder if this Bitch got the message I sent,When she reaches late tomorrow Raghav will Kill her" Raghav looked at Kalpi,who's eyes were fixed on Aarohi's neck.
Raghav-Tonight,I'm havimg my Valentine's Party,You all are invited,Come and Enjoy.
Everyone watched Packed up after Ragahv's announcement,Aarohi looked up at Raghav angerily.
Aarohi-You're announcing this now?? Not fair Raghu,I'll leave now.
Aarohi kissed Raghav and left with Myra,Raghav was leaving when he over heard Kalpi's and Payal's Conversation,Kalpi sat back blocking her face,Payal watched her.
Payal-Are you comming tonight??
Kalpi-No...I think I'll stay at home.
Payal-Kalpi...It's a nice party plus sir has invited us all.
Kalpi-I don't care...Let those rich people enjoy their party.
Payal-Isn't Mr Kapoor Comming?? The cute Prem Kapoor??
Kalpi jumped up and watched Payal,Raghav scoffed and looked away.
Raghav watched on angerily and left from there.
Payal-He is,He's so handsome.
Kalpi watched her shocked she thought "Payal likes prem?? My prem?? why aren't I jealous" Payal nudged kalpi Realising she was lost.
Payal-What are you thinking??
At Singhaina Mansion,Paakhi sat by the Window,thinking about how badly sammy treats her,He walks in on her and watches her quietly,He glances down on the saree in his hands he brought by force for her.
Sammy-You need to get dress.
Paakhi heard him and cried silently.
Sammy-Daadi will be angry,Get dress.
She got up and walked over to sammy.
Paakhi-I don't want to go.
Sammy scoffed at her words
Sammy-Why?? are you sick? The world needs to see how much I love my wife,So get dress.
Paakhi-Sammy...I don't
Sammy Glared at Paakhi,he took the saree and angerily pressed it in her hands
Sammy-Get dress,That's It.
Sammy left and went into the washroom,Paakhi looked at the saree sadly.
At Kapoors Mansion,Prem waited for Kalpi downstairs,he sat back and sighed,Neetu smiled seeing him waiting
Neetu-Chocopie...Are you sure you want to go to this Party?? Raghav Singhaina will be there...If he finds out she's Kalpi,He'll...
Prem-He'll find out Mom...so what she  is Kalpi.
Neetu watched him stupefy
Neetu-You're talking so calmy...Why!!! if he finds out he'll take her away from us.
Prem looked up annoyed by his mother.
Neetu-Then what will you do??
Prem-I'll do nothing,I'll ask her to choose.
Neetu scoffed and sat next to Prem
Neetu-Choose?? She'll choose him...That bas***d she's choose him.
Neetu took Prem's hands and Put them over her head,His eyes widens in shock,Upstairs Kalpi brushed her hair out smiling,
I don't know why
she closed her eyes,She Fantasize Raghav holding her waist tighly and kissing her,She opened her eyes and tapped her forehead
The more I erase you with tears
 "Crazy! why would I even dream of that man kissing me,I don't...I might...maybe,No it's not love I love prem and that's it"
The clearer you get
Rukhsar who was on her bed watched her and smiled
Rukhsar-is it your Raghav Sir Again??
Prem tried pulling away his hands,neetu griped on tightly.
Neetu-Swear by Mine and Kalpi's life that you'll never tell Raghav who she is.
Prem watched Neetu shocked.
Neetu-Swear it.
Prem looked away while Neetu waited on his answer
"What are you doing??" Prem and Neetu turned shocked seeing Kalpi watching them,Prem smiled at her seeing her looking to beauitful,Kalpi was wearing a Red Lace,sleeveless,Knee length dress,He walked up to her and took her hands.
Prem-I might die tonight??
Kalpi's eyes widens,Neetu smiled and watched on,Kalpi touched Prem's forehead really thinking he was going to die.
Kalpi-What...Why?? prem?? Don't leave me.
He sighed and held his head,Kalpi pouted.
Prem-I might really die tonight Kalpi...These answers you give me.
Kalpi looked up at Prem,she smiled at him thinking "I'll always be thankful to you Prem...I like you."
At Singhaina Mansion,Everyone was Invited to Business Tycoon Raghav Singhaina's Valentine's day Party,Raghav greeted his guest,He kept glancing the door to  see if Kalpi  would've walked in,Aarohi walked downstairs catching all the men's attention wearing a short,Fitted,Red dress,But she didn't caught Raghav's gaze,Suhana walked in watching Sammy Lovingly wearing a cotton red dress "He looks so good,I should give him my gift" Sammy talked with his colleagues,They waited to see his wife
Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
He turned seeing Paakhi walking towards him  in a Transparent Pink lace saree and her hair in curls.
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon
Sammy watched On with Mixed emotions,he stood in a long Daze seeing her look so beauitful,Paakhi stood next to sammy and greeted his Colleagues,She turned and Watched Sammy and whispered
Paakhi-Am I late?
Sammy-Uh...No,you're perfect.
Paakhi watched him sadly,Suhana looked on in tears and mashed the rose she brought for him.
Aarohi hooked herself to Raghav and watched him.
Aarohi-You haven't noticed me yet?? That's bad Raghu.
Raghav-You look Great.
Aarohi-Only Great?? Not Beautiful??
Raghav-You Look Be...
Because I'm dangerous
Before he could continue Raghav saw Prem and Kalpi standing by the door hand in hand,he stood in a Mixture of Jealously and Shock.
because this is for you I love you but it can never
Aarohi clenched her fist and looked away angerily,Riley spotted Prem and went to him.
Prem-Di...you're here to??
Riley-Raghav is my Friend.
Riley Then made a glance at Kalpi.
Riley-You're here too?? You look beauitful.
Kalpi-Thank you Ma'am.
Prem left with Riley leaving Kalpi all alone,Raghav scoffed and went by Sammy who noticed his anger and Jealously,Kalpi went by the snack table and was stuffing her face with chocolates,She turned and saw Paakhi,Paakhi looked at her and sadly smiled
Kalpi-Hi...We met before right?? I'm Piya.
Paakhi-Hello,Yes we did,I'm Paakhi.
Kalpi-Paakhi...Hmm  did I hear that name before?? Paakhi... where did I??
Paakhi watched her shocked.
Paakhi-Nahi,I don't think so...Excuse me.
Paakhi then left,Kalpi watched on as she left and ate the chocolates "Werido,Hmmm more chocolates for me"
Raghav watched Kalpi as she ate the chocolates
Raghav-Look at her sammy...She's just so greedy.
Sammy-She's eating chocolates,She's not greedy,Anyways why is she bothering you like that??
Raghav looked at him shocked.
Raghav-She's not,she just.
Raghav sighed and Kept quiet,Kalpi walked around Raghav's Mansion,she then saw Aarohi in a room,she watched her Chain.
Aarohi-Hello Kalpi.
Kalpi walked up to her and watched her chain,Aarohi touched it and smirked
Aarohi-I really like your chain,...It's a pity that raghav didn't believe you...Poor Baby.
Kalpi watched her shocked
Kalpi-Aarohi ji That's mine...Please give it Back.
Aarohi-I won't...I like it.
Kalpi watched her annoyed and Yanked the Chain off
Kalpi-It's mine...And I'm taking it back.
Aarohi stood shocked ,Kalpi glared at her and walked out the room,Raghav watched as he saw Kalpi walking out the Rooms,Aarohi quickly smeared Cake on her face and Sobbed seeing Raghav walking in,He rushed to her and wiped her face.
Raghav-Kya Hua?? why are you like this and  Why was spot here??
Aarohi-Raghu...Kalpi took away my chain and smeared cake across my face,She told me that I was a worthless thief.
Raghav walked out of the room angerily,Aarohi wiped her fake tears and smiled "Now How will you get out of this one Kalpi
Kalpi went upstairs by the poolside looking out to the stars,Taking a deep breath closing her eyes,she held on tightly to her chain,Kalpi was then startled,watching Raghav's Angry Red eyes,that he had pulled her so closed to him holding onto her left arm,She watched him Teary eyed as his grip got stronger,Tighter,She never once blinked she only kept her eyes at Raghav's looking for answers and ways to fix his anger on her,
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...It's hurting
she finally let her tears rushed down her cheeks,Not knowing her Arm was turning red,Raghav Never cared once, he pulled her closer to him,Making them both at Kissing distance,kalpi could've felt his heartbeat,beating angerily,that's how close their were.
Raghav-Are you stupid!! you messed with Aarohi!! She's my Family!!
Kalpi-Raghav Sir..
Raghav-Didn't I told you That Chain was her's
Kalpi-Raghav sir...It's mine,I swear.
Raghav-You Swear!!!Are you human!!! What Exactly are you!!
Kalpi sniffled,crying,Trying to move Raghav hand
Kalpi- Raghav Sir it's Paining me...
Raghav looked at her tigthening his grip,not caring,Kalpi sobbed and tried pulling away.
Raghav made his head closer to kalpi's,who slighty turned away and he whispered in her ear.
Raghav-I haven't shown you pain yet!!!
Kalpi-Raghav sir...Please..
What should I do? Even now, I live each painful days because of your words
Raghav took the chain out of Kalpi's hand and Dangled it infront of her.
Raghav-Since you claim this is your's...
Kalpi watched him confused with Tears,Raghav flinged the Chain into the Pool.
Raghav-Go and Get it!!
Tell me if this is a bad thing to do
Kalpi watched him shocked as he pulled her closer,she watched his angry red eyes and cried.
Are you living each day painfully like I am
Raghav-Spot...I hate you!!!
Raghav jerked kalpi back and stormed off,Kalpi turned watching him go,she sobbed seeing his cold,hurt,Angry,regretful eyes at her,she grasped the end of her dressed tightly and said in a low voice.
You and me
Kalpi-But Raghav Sir...Hum Aap se Mohabbat Karte Hai.
Are we too late? Do we not have a chance?
Kalpi droped down on the floor in tears as the words "I hate you" echoed in her ears "How can you hate me Raghav Sir...I ..I...realised I have Fallen for you"
I still think about you and you might know this
Kalpi blocked her face and Sobbed,She then wiped her face "Yes Raghav sir...It's my chain and I'll get it." Prem looked around for kalpi,Ready to leave for home,He walked by the poolside seeing her going into the Deep part of the Pool,Riley who was with him rushed downstairs and Prem Jummped into the Pool.
Gauri-What's wrong?? Why are you breathing heavily??
Raghav,Aarohi,Sammy,Suhana and Everyone stared on.
Riley-It's Kalpi...I...I think she fell into the Pool.
Raghav eyes widen in shocked,He rushed upstairs with
Because I'm dangerous, my love
Everybody,Raghav was about to jump in,he stood shocked,seeing Kalpi in prem's arm comming out of the Pool,He watched as Kalpi held on to Prem tightly,
The more you love me The more you,might get hurt in the end
He clenched his fist and watched on in Jealously,Prem gently rested Kalpi on the ground,Everyone gatthered and watched on,
Don't test me, my love
Kalpi opened her eyes and saw Raghav standing there watching her with a mixture of Anger and Concern,He looked away seeing Prem Kissing kalpi on her cheeks and caressing her face
It can never, ever be Because I'm dangerous
,Raghav made a glance at Kalpi's hand seeing the Chain,He scoffed and watched her as she clinged to it,
because this is for you
Prem Helped Kalpi downstairs,Everyone followered them,Aarohi was leaving when Raghav held he wrist,She watched him nervously.
Raghav-Tell me...Was it yours??
Raghav-Don't play games with me Aarohi!!! Was it yours??
Aarohi lowered her head,Raghav watched her,Aarohi Finally looked up At Raghav.
Aarohi-No...It wasn't.
Raghav glared At her then slapped her,Aarohi held her face in tears.
Raghav-You  knew Spot was Innocent and you made me hurt her?? Is there something wrong with you!!!
Aarohi-Spot...You think that Bitch is innocent.
Aarohi blocked her face as Raghav raised his hands to hit her again.
Aarohi-Hit me!! come one Hit Me!!!! You care about that Bitch!!! you do!! How could you slap me for her!!! Yes I lied because I realised you are falling...
Raghav chuckled,Aarohi watched him confused and shocked.
Aarohi-You're laughing
Raghav angrily held Aarohi by her face,she looked away.
Raghav-Don't make that Mistake Sweetheart!! You or Spot can never be in my heart no one can take Kalpi's Place...Understand!!!
Raghav Looked at Aarohi in disgust and Jerked her away and headed downstairs,Raghav walked downstairs and stood by the edge on the stairs Watching Prem and Kalpi,Gauri and Soha smiled at them,as they both were looking cute together.
Prem made Kalpi sit and he took a towel and gently dried her hair,while she ate a candystick.
Prem-You look like a Baby.
Kalpi pouted, Prem watched her pinched her cheeks,Raghav looked on in jealously 
Prem-My cute Baby,You look fat too.
Kalpi-Ya...Prem,how could you say that??
Prem wiped Kalpi's face and Hands,He watched her arm seeing it red,he gently rubbed it.
Prem-Kalpi...Where did you get this.
Raghav looked away remembering hurting her,Kalpi watched him clueless
Prem-This red mark...did you bruise it by the pool??
Kalpi-Yes I think so.
Prem hugged Kalpi and rubbed her arm gently,Raghav twisted her face and Looked away.
Prem-We'll leave quickly,Just Let's get you in dry clothes.
Kalpi smiled and nodded,Raghav watched Kalpi and Thought "I'll have to Corner Spot"
Prem-If you get the cold,Mami will kill me.
Paakhi walked up to Prem and Kalpi and handed over a Blue Salwar,Kalpi happily took it.
Kalpi-Thank you Paakhi ji.
Kalpi then left for the washroom,Raghav followed her quietly,Paakhi watched Prem in tears.
Paakhi-Bhai...Kaise Aap??
Prem watched her emotionless.
Prem-Thank you Mrs Raizaada.
Prem looked away,Paakhi lowered her head then left.
In the washroom,Kalpi twirled around in her blue salwar,she giggled finding herself looking pretty,She smiled at herself in the Mirror,Kalpi then opened the door,she got startled seeing Raghav standing there,He pushed her back and went into the washroom and locked the door,Kalpi watched him confused,she stepped back,until she felt the sink behind her.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...
Raghav Blocked her mouth and looked down at her,Her eyes Widens,
Raghav-Shhh,someone will hear you,You were right,That chain was yours.
Raghav removed his hands and watched an annoyed Kalpi who looked away
Raghav-Spot...Why are you saying anything?? You speak alot.
You, I can't see you, I can't hear you
Raghav got angry as kalpi was ignoring him,He grabbed her by her arm and she cried in Pain,
But I'm okay
He watched her as she tried removing his hands,he then saw red marks on her arm,he slowly releashed his grip,
Goodbyes are sad, my heart aches
Kalpi held her arm,Raghav looked away,Kalpi then left from there without saying anything,Raghav followered her.
Kalpi-Prem..Lets go.
Prem got up and Thanked Gauri and Soha,
Because I'm dangerous, my love
He took Kalpi by the Hand and watched Raghav who scoffed.
The more you love me The more you,might get hurt in the end
Prem-Raghav Singhaina Thank you for such a Wonderful Party.
Raghav Kept his Gaze on Kalpi who head was lowered.
Raghav-No Problem Mr Kapoor...I'm Glad you both Enjoyed it.
Prem and Raghav made their Glance at kalpi
Prem-Are you okay??
Kalpi looked up at him and smiled.
Kalpi-I'm okay...Let's go home.
Prem held Kalpi's hand tighter and Watched Raghav and left,Raghav watched on and thought "He always does that...He hugs her or touches her infront of me,Why...Why will I break if he does that!!"Aarohi stood by the end of the stairs holding her red Face "Raghu you made a mistake slapping me for that Bitch,Tomorrow You'll hate her more,and That's a show I would love to see."
By the Poolside,suhana looked out to the stars,Sammy quietly sat next to her.
Sammy-Why are you here alone??
Suhana-I feel alone...Sammy.
Sammy-I understand...It's valentine's day and Aryan isn't here with you.
Suhana sighed in frustration she looked at Sammy and held his hand.
Suhana-Would you do something if i Asked you too??
Sammy-Perhaps...what is it??
Suhana gently rested her head on sammy's shoulder,He looked down at her and caress her Head.
Suhana-Just for a Moment Sammy...Please.
Paakhi stood by the door in pity for Suhana,she smiled "I should call Aryan...and maybe the void in her life will be filled"
Kalpi layed on Rukhsar's Lap while she caress her head.
Rukhsar-Are you feeling bad Kalpi??
Tears welled up in Kalpi's eyes as she spoke
Kalpi-I am...I felt really bad tonight,That I feel bad when he scolds me,I feel hurt when he calls me annoying,What's wrong with me.
Rukhsar-Kalpi...I understand but Prem is your Future,you falling for you Boss...It's not the Kalpi I know,You barely know this Man.
Kalpi hugged Rukhsar tightly and sobbed
Kalpi-But I can't forget him Rukhsar...I really can't,I feel so bad knowing these feelings for Raghav Sir, and when I'm with Prem,I cannot hurt Prem,I can't...I don't ever want to see hate in his eyes for me...Prem gave me life and Made me Love...Now I feel like I'm betraying his trust.
Rukhsar wiped away Kalpi's Tears.
Rukhsar-Kalpi...I don't know what to say but It's only your choice,Only you will have to live with it.
Kalpi layed on Rukhsar's Lap in thoughts.
Morning Came,Raghav Paced Back and forth outside his Conference room watching His Business Partners getting Impatient,He Pulled Payal aside.
Raghav-Where's Spot?? She knows how Important this Meeting is for me!!! 
Payal-Sir...Kalpi knows,Just gave her time...
Raghav-Time!!!! Idiot!! I don't have that much time!!! I won't spare that Woman If I lose this Deal!!!
Raghav walked into the Conference Room,He greeted everyone and Apologized.
Raghav-I guess This deal wasn't for me,I am Really sorry That I wasted your time.
Raghav Left from there saying so,Payal watched on Worried for Kalpi.
In the coffee shop Kalpi took her Last 2o dollars and brought Raghav's Favorite coffee "Raghav Sir will be Extra Happy after drinking his Favorite Coffee"
Raghav walked Passed his Employees Desk he stoped By Kalpi's and watched it.
Sammy came out of his Cabin and watched him.
Sammy-Raghav...calm down
Raghav-Payal Get Me Spot's Work from Last night.
Payal did so and handed and Angry raghav,Aarohi came out Of Raghav's Cabin waiting for the show,Myra nudge her.
Myra-You Planned this??
Aarohi-That Bitch is going to Pay...She'll quit!!
Kalpi stood in the Elevator she took a deep breath "I hope Raghav Sir isn't that Angry that I'm late...Plus he sended  me a text saying the Meeting is in the Afternoon,He''ll be happy that I'm on time"
Kalpi came out of the Elevator and stood by thr Employees desk seeing all eyes on her,She walked up to Raghav Nervously,Raghav turned and watched her fuming in anger.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...Is everything alright?? What Happened?? I brought your Favorite Coffee.
Raghav watched her and angerily flinged the Coffee out of her hands,Kalpi looked up at Him shocked.
Kalpi-raghav sir...
Raghav-Be Quiet!!!
Kalpi lowered her head,Aarohi smiled and watched on.
Raghav-Are you taking revenge on me?? That you show up late to the most important meeting I prepared for!!!!
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...You messaged me that...
Raghav-Rubbish!!! I don't want to hear you!!!
Raghav held kalpi's late night work
Raghav-This...This is what you work so hard for right!!
Kalpi watched Raghav teary eyed and he ripped her papers and threw them in the coffee,kalpi was about take up her paper when Raghav pulled her back
Raghav-What are you doing!! Leave it!!! You'll do it over!! You Knew How Important this meeting was for me!!! Yet you took Revenge on me!!
Kalpi lowered her head,Aarohi and Myra snickered,Payal and Sammy watched on in tears as Raghav kept on scolding her.
Raghav-Why did I even hire a Klutz like you!!! You're incompetent Fool!!! I loathe women like you...
Kalpi clenched her fist ready to fire back,she looked up at him.
Kalpi-Ya!! Would you shut it now!! I must say you're really annoying!!! You're calling me a Klutz, I am!!! But who are you to speak to me like that!!! What Exactly are you!! are you even human!!! That was my last 20 dollars and that's what you do!!I am a woman who gave you the right to speak to me like!!
Raghav and everyone stared on shocked.
Kalpi-Shut it!!! I am speaking now!! Do you have a brain of your own!! You called yourself a Respectable man and yet  you can't even own up to the word Respect!!! what...Revenge!! do you think I stood up whole night thinking and Plotting against you,I have a life as well!!
Kalpi walked up to Raghav,Both at Kissing distance,she watched him dead in his eyes.
Kalpi-Mr Raghav Singhaina,Don't you ever speak to me like that!!! I will not allow it!! No man...can ever speak to me like that!!! and I am not afraid of you!!! Your words your pitiful,meaningless words can't break me!!
Raghav watched Kalpi with Mixed emotions,he stood dumbstruck,she was leaving when she stopped.
Kalpi-And I'm not quiting...I understand your ego is bigger than your brain so you won't fire me,So I will not quit until I finished my goal!!
She walked passed Aarohi,she stopped and watched her.
Kalpi-Your Pitiful girlfriend,She deserves you...You both deserve each other,Stupid men and women are made for each other.
Good bye my love
Raghav and Kalpi watched Each other.
Kalpi-Am I right Raghav Sir??
Kalpi then left and went into the washroom,Raghav stood in a Daze,Aarohi ran and comforted him.
Aarohi-Just fire her Raghu.
Raghav-I...can't believe it.
Aarohi watched him confused.
Raghav-No one has ever spoken to me like that since 3 years and this woman she...Stood up to me.
Raghav stood there with Mixed emotions,Shocked,Angry and Amazed,Aarohi tried hugging Raghav when he jerked her away.
Raghav-What are you doing?? Get lost!
Raghav left with sammy to his Cabin,Aarohi scoffed and looked away,Kalpi came out of the washroom after crying buckets she thought "Ohhh Ya Allah...What did I just do,raghav Sir probably hates me,But How can he talk to me like that!" Kalpi looked up seeing Aarohi and Myra glaring at her.
Aarohi-Hmmm another Bitch to deal with!! one ugly Bitch!!
Kalpi looked at her calmly,Aarohi was about to push Kalpi when she held her hand.
Kalpi-What are you doing!! Do you want to lose your hand!! How will you model!! Do you think I'm going to let you push me around!! Big Mistake!! Get Lost...Aarohi Ji
Kalpi jerked her away and went to her dest,Aarohi scoffed and watched kalpi,Payal looked at kalpi and gave her the thumbs up.

Precap- In Raghav's Office kalpi watched Raghav shocked.
Kalpi-I will beg and Grovel at your feet,But please let me go to GOA with you I don't want them to Buy my studio land.
Raghav looked up at her.
Raghav-No!! Spot you can't go you messed up my meeting,Now get Lost.
Kalpi-Mr Khadoos...Please.
Raghav got up and walked closer to her.
Raghav-What did you call me,Khadoos!!
Kalpi looked away

Hi everyone I really hope this Chapter was long please tell me it's long LOLCry And I'm extra sorry for not updating on timeCry don't forget to comment and Like any mistakes please tell me and If it's not up to mark I'm sorryCryTonguealos if it looks rushed I'm sorry...

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abi se res karu
stalker hereLOL

ps: Aru i repy u in pm as IF is nt allowing me to cment directly on postCry

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Ragna family- Ragna ff-ZINDGIDILSE-DESTINIED (ZDSD)- Note - Pg - 72

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 78 79

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zindgidilse 631 62016 10 March 2016 at 11:06pm by Dubeyanisha


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Sanjuniki 15 6061 11 June 2015 at 7:39pm by niru04
Ragna ragna ragna

Author: MagicalMadness   Replies: 2   Views: 3117

MagicalMadness 2 3117 13 May 2014 at 1:24am by IThinkALot

Author: Autumm   Replies: 2   Views: 5444

Autumm 2 5444 08 April 2014 at 7:52am by ajaved

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