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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 7)

MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
Waiting for next update Day Dreaming

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 1 (Part B )

A Month had Passed,Everyone life's had Changed.
At the Chawl,Vitthal sat Reading the Newspaper,He went through Depression,Kamla watched Him sadly and thought "Bappa Vitthal Misses Kalpi so much,we all do,Please bring back Meri Kalpi"
Kamla saw Pakiya Rushing to work.
Kamla-Pakiya,don't forget to come home early.
"Haan Aai" Pakiya said Rushing out,Pakiya rushed downstairs in a hurry as he collided with Khushboo.
Khushboo-It's not my fault you collided into me!!
Khushboo Glared at Pakiya and left quickly,Pakiya watched on "Shortlegged woman"
At The Singhaina's Everyone rushed on to work,Paakhi got up,got dressed she watched the time"Oh No,I'm late for breakfast" Paakhi quickly walked downstairs and saw no one at The breakfast Table,She wondered where everyone was,she sat down alone by the table sadly,Divya the head maid walked in and watched her.
Divya-Choti Meemsaab.
Paakhi looked up at her and smiled seeing someone
Paakhi-Where is everyone?
Divya-Oh Meemsaab their all ate and left for there work.
Divya-Shall I serve you??
Paakhi-Nahi, Mein teek hoon,I'll serve myself.
              (No I'm Okay,I'll serve Myself)
Divya-As you wish Meemsaab.
Divya left from there,Paakhi served herself and Ate.
At  RS Constructions,Everyone Knew Raghav as a Gentle and Caring person,But After Kalpi was gone he became Arrogrant,shrewd,Violent,and had a Don't care Attitude,Everyone feared him in his Office,Sammy and Raghav sat in his cabin after a long Meeting.
Sammy-That was long.
Raghav-I need A drink.
Sammy watched him
Sammy-I need it more than you I'm married off to an Idiot.
Raghav snickered,Just then Suhana came in.
Suhana-Hey you guys want to head out for a drink??
Raghav-No,But doesn't Kamla Maa hates when you drink??
Suhana watched him
Suhana-No...she's... just being ...different,Is that making sense??
Raghav watched her.
Sammy-I'll go with you as Aryan isn't here.
Sammy left,suhana ran back to Raghav.
Suhana-Don't tell Mausi Maa.
Suhana then Left,Raghav sat back and Remembered all his times with Kalpi,He then got all call from Gauri.
Raghav-Ji Mom,
Gauri-Aarohi will be comming from London this afternoon,Pick her up.
Raghav-Aro? Okay I will.
Both Ended the call "Aarohi Khanna is comming to India" Raghav smiled 
"Ya! Why are you smiling that Another girl is comming?" Raghav got startled he looked up and saw Kalpi wih her arms folded Glaring at him.
Raghav-Oh..Kalpi,Nahi,Nahi Not at all.
Kalpi-Hmm Accha?
Raghav-Kalpi,Look I...
Before he could continue Raghav realised that no one was there,He looked at his side and saw his Employee's watching him.
"Get back to work! Did I gave you all a break! Do you want me to Fire you all!!" Raghav said fuming in Anger
At City Hospital,Kamla walked down the halls searching for Doctor Sharma,She went my The front desk.
Kamla-Sister is Doctor sharma in?? I would like to meet him.
Sister-I'm Sorry but Doctor Sharma is in an Operation.
Khushboo and her friends walked by and saw Kamla 'I'll see you guys later"Khushboo said to her friends then Headed by Kamla
Kamla Turned and saw  Khushboo.
Kamla-Khushi Beta,Kaise Aap? 
Khushi-Tai Mein Teek Hoon,Lekin you're here?
Kamla-Khushi I was looking for doctor sharma but he's busy.
Khushi-Haan,He's operating on a little girl,Tai it was nice seeing you,I'll have to get Back to work,I'll see you in the Evening.
Kamla smiled as Khushi left.
At The Airport Raghav stood leaning on his car waiting on Aarohi,He then saw her,Aarohi was one of the top Indian Model In London,she wore a Fitted Tiger Printed sleeveless dress,She walked up to Raghav and took of her shades,she watched him from head to toe.
Aarohi-Hot! You're looking Hot!
Raghav watched her.
Aarohi-How did you make me out??Is is because I'm the most Attractive Woman here to walk out??
Raghav smiled at her,Aarohi Pointed at All the ladies she saw.
Aarohi-Look,she's Slim,she's over slim,the other one is Just too Fat,and her sister Way Fatter than her,look at her she isn't wearing any bra,that's just disgusting
Raghav watched her and shaked his head while she fixed her shades on her head.
Aarohi-So was I right about it?
Raghav-I made you out because I saw A big head walking towards me.
Aarohi Glared at him,then she hugged him tightly planting a kiss on his cheeks.
Aarohi-Raghu I missed you.
Raghav watched her.
Raghav-Firstly It's Raghav not Raghu and lets head home,Mom and Suhana Missed you.
At The Club,Sammy took a few Light drinks,While he watched Suhana dance,Suhana was a while Partier she danced on Everyone when she isn't drunk,One of the Men saw her and kept Eyeing her as she wore a blackless,short dress after drinking for a while he got up and started making his way closer to her,trying to touch her,Sammy glanced on and off at times as it was only them both and she was his Responsibillty as Aryan was In Paris on work,Suhana kept pushing the Man away,while calling sammy,Sammy looked and saw the Man troubling Suhana,he rushed over to her,Sammy Pushed the man away"I'll Gouged your eyes and break your hands If you try to touch her" Sammy said looking at the Man In anger,Suhana stood in tears,The Man with a drunk breathe Apologized and left quickly,Sammy turned and watched a scared suhana,he hugged her to comforted her,Suhana stood in a daze feeling a werid Emotion flowing through her body as sammy's Hands was touching her bare skin,she gulped in nervousness,Sammy then took off his Jacket and made her wear it,he caress her face and watches her."Tum Teek ho? You're not hurt" Sammy said in a worried voice,Suhana stood in a daze she watched Sammy lovingly and nodded "Let's go home" Sammy said,He held on to suhana and carried her out.
At The Sighaina's Aarohi hugged Gauri tighly,Raghav sat with his foot up,By the Stairs Paakhi stood quietly and stares on  and thinks "Such a short and tight dress,I never wore anything like that"
Aarohi-Gauri Aunty I missed you so much.
Gauri-You're looking so Beautiful Aarohi,you've grown beautifullly.
Aarohi-Thank you so much Gauri Aunty.
Aarohi Looked at Raghav
Aarohi-See your mother says I'm beautiful.
Raghav watches her annoyed,Just then Sammy walked in with suhana holding on to her,Gauri,Raghav,Aarohi and Paakhi stares on,Aarohi rushes to her.
Aarohi-Suhana what's wrong?
Sammy-Some bas***d was trying to hurt her.
Everyone stood shocked.
Sammy-I'll take her to her Room.
Sammy took Suhana's Hand and carried her,Paakhi watches how sammy was holding suhana,He passed Paakhi straight heading upstairs,Aarohi turned to watched Gauri and she saw Paakhi.
Aarohi-Oh My were you there all this while?? Raghu,Gauri Aunty who's she??
Raghav Got up in anger and left from there,Aarohi watched him
Aarohi-What's up with him? Did I say something wrong?
Gauri-Aarohi she's no one,Let go chat by the Pool,I'll ask Divya to make A smoothie for you.
Aarohi-Sure Lets go.
Aarohi and Gauri left,Paakhi sat on the stairs in tears"Everyone treats me so coldly,Like I'm Invisable,Kalpi  mujhe maaf Ka Dijiye" Paakhi then wipes her tears and Recalls the Accident and how she tried to Ruin Raghav and Kalpi's Love.
In Lahore Pakistan,Kalpi sat up on her bed taking her daily Vitamins,Kalpi had a small scar on the right side of her forehead,she parted her hair in half as it  had grown out Longer,The nurse watched Kalpi,Doctor Khan watched her interactions
Nurse-You have Guests,I'll be back later to feed you
Kalpi smiled and bow her head in respect,Juhi and Aamir walked in and watched Kalpi and smiled,Juhi sat next to Kalpi.
Juhi-Kya Hal Hai? 
        (How are you)
Kalpi watched her,Juhi smiled
Juhi-You don't know me??
Kalpi watched her while Juhi took her hands
Juhi-Main Aapki Ammi.
Kalpi watched Juhi
Kalpi-Ammi? My Ammi?
           (Mother? My Mother)
Juhi smiled
Juhi-Haan,Aap Meri Beti,
         (Yes,You are My Daughter)
Juhi-And this is your Abbu.
Kalpi glanced at Aamir
Kalpi-Abbu? Meri Abbu?
Juhi-Ka...Piya,You don't rememeber us because you were in an accident.
Kalpi-Really??what's My name?
Aamir-Your Name is Kalpi,But we Call you Piya(Beloved)
Kalpi smiled
Kalpi-Piya? Kalpi? Bahut  khoobsoorat Nam.
"You're Awake,Won't you greet Me?" a voice spoke,Kalpi,Juhi and Aamir turned and watch Neetu Kapoor as she walked in,Kalpi watched Neetu as she looked beauitful and Flawless and her face was very Familar to her,Doctor Khan greeted Neetu
Doctor Khan-assalam alaykum Begum Saibha.
Neetu folded her hands
Neetu-Namaste Doctor How is Kalpi?
Doctor Khan-She's perfect,she can be discharged by the end of the week.
Juhi greeted Her Younger sister,both hugged,Neetu watched Kalpi who was watching her in a Daze,Neetu smirked.

Hope this update was long enough all comments allowed and My Hindi Forgive me,Will update characters and Trailers soon.Big smile

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Wonderful updates
I'm loving the way everyone is treating Pakhi ;)
She deserve it and more

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. And u being English even learned ammi...superb dude. I m in awe Tongue continue soon

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Aria nice update dear.ragna ek dusre sai kab milenge? Big smile

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usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
beautiful update hope ragna faceoff soon lovely update

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usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2015 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
beautiful update hope ragna faceoff soon love u

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superb update...
   every one ignore pahkiAngry...she deserve it  ..bcz of her my ragna r separatedCry 
  hope Raghav or kalpi jaldi se mil jaye ..
  update soon

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