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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 65)

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Originally posted by ArthunaAlive

 Sorry am commenting very late but too busy in office . Aria sweetie this is a superb Romedy you are writing !!!! A very nice change from the usual other stories and immensely funny . You have made piya/ Kalpi such a lovable buffoon that my tum tum is still all achy achy with too much laughter !!!!!!!Wink Keep rocking !!!!!! 

Hey it's okay sweetie and Thank you I'm super happy everyone loves Kalpi like thatLOLLOL

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 12

Recap~ Riley barged into Raghav's cabin "Rags..." she stood stunned and shocked seeing Raghav and Kalpi in that Position,Both looked up at Riley awkwardly.

Kalpi,Riley and Raghav stood watching each other in a awkward position,Riley chuckled nervously watching Raghav,"Rags...you seem pretty busy,So I'll go" Riley smiled and left,Raghav turned and watched Kalpi angerily,she looked away.
Suno naa kahe kya suno naa,Dil mera suno naa, suno zara
Raghav's Glare slowly turned into Daze,he held on to Kalpi tighter creating no space between them
Teri baahon main mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Kalpi looked up at him nervously,blushing seeing his eyes.
Teri baahon main hogi subah
Kalpi giggles seeing him so romantic,she wondered it it was a dream.
Be intehaan be intehaan,Be intehaan - hmmm
Raghav's Trance Broke,He watched Kalpi in his arms and was Dumstuck and Stunned,He jerked her away and stood by his desk.
Raghav-Why are you still here!! are you making a move on me!!
Kalpi watched him confused she thought "Ya allah,Laser eyes is so confusing,First he's Romantic then he's mean" Kalpi's eyes widen as she gasp,Raghav turned and watched her "Maybe he's bipolar" Kalpi looked up seeing Raghav glaring at her.
Raghav-You're still here?!! Go!!
Kalpi-Raghav sir i came to apologize about yesterday.
Raghav watched her recalling the times she had hit him his eyes widen as she was walking towards him,he stoped her.
Raghav-Don't come any closer
Kalpi-Kya hua Ragahv sir?? is something wrong??
Raghav-No...you just go.GO!!
Kalpi pouted and Left from there,Ragahv sat back in his chair and sighed "That girl is...Am i a punching bag" Kalpi walked towards her desk playing with her hair "I wonder what's wrong with Raghav sir"
At Singhaina Mansion.
Alexa caress Paakhi's face  comforting her.
Alexa-Why don't you just leave this Marriage Paakhi.
Paakhi-I can't...I love him.
Alexa-Love isn't like this,you need to stand for yourself.
Paakhi-Lexi,I'll be back.
Pakahi left from there,Alexa got and seeing Suhana.
Suhana-Are you her cheerleader now?? Alexa ji.
Alexa smiled.
Alexa-I guess so,But May I ask...How's your husband my colleague is going?? Suhana ji.
Suhana stood there dumbstruck.
Alexa-Aren't you ashamed suhana...Sammy is your brother in law,He's married.
Suhana-he's Married to a murder! No one loves her,she got everything and now it's taken away from her and Like Mausi Maa I'll take Samm...
Alexa chuckles
Alexa-You're worst than her...It's a shame,and you're a Role model what young girls look up to??
Alexa left from there disapointed,Suhana looked away And was in thoughts.
At Singhaina's & CO.,Kalpi took up files carrying it for Raghav.
Raghav-Sit there and look through for my old files.
Kalpi-But...Raghav sir,It's old files it would be hard to find.
Raghav looked up at her
Raghav-Yesterday you boasted getting My GOA file,Now boast and get those old files ,Now!
Kalpi-Lekin Rag...
Raghav glared at kalpi who looked away,she sat and went through the files,he got up and smirked at her,Kalpi packed all the files together.
Kalpi-Look Raghav sir I got it all.
Raghav watched her  annoyed ,Kalpi got up
Kalpi-Raghav sir,I'm finished and It's lunch,so I'm going to eat now.
Raghav pulled kalpi back before she could leave,she watched him in pain as his grip on her arm got tighter.
Raghav-As of today Piya Haider,You're My Spot!
Raghav-You'll clean my office before I come,Get my coffee,my lunch,My snacks my files,Anything I need you'll do.
Kalpi's eyes widens in shock,he watches her and smiles
Raghav-What! you can't do it!!
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...How can I.
Raghav-Then Quit,Leave this job.
Kalpi watched him shocked.
Kalpi-Quit? I can't...
Raghav-Then...You're my Spot girl.
Raghav jerked kalpi away and watched her shocked face.
Raghav-I understand that you want to quit,Leave my office and Company no...
Kalpi-What makes you think I'll quit Raghav sir???
Raghav stopped in his tracks and watched kalpi.
Kalpi-Do you think I'm weak??? well I'm not,I am a clutz but I'm not weak and I'm not quiting.
Raghav walked up to kalpi towering over her,She looked up in his eyes and was lost.
Raghav-What did you say!! You're answering me Back!!
Kalpi smiled at raghav and blushed she thought "He's so handsome and cute when he's angry" Raghav watched her and thought "Why is she watching me like that?? is she planning to hit me again" Raghav stepped back quickly,Kalpi watched him happily.
Kalpi-Raghav sir..I'm sorry but I can't quit,so it's okay,I can be whatever you want me to be.
Raghav sighed holding his neck in frustration,Kalpi walked up to Raghav.
Kalpi-Oh...Raghav sir is you neck hurting?? do you want me to massage it??
Raghav looked at kalpi annoyed.
Kalpi jumped back and left clumsily,Raghav sat down  cursing himself,Sammy came in laughing.
Sammy-That Piya is so nice and funny.
Sammy watched him confused.
Sammy-Kya hua?? what's up with you.
Raghav slammed his hand on his desk.
Raghav-That Piya is so damn frustrating!! I made her my Spot girl and she's okay with it,I did it so she can quit but No she's planning to stick under me!!!
Sammy smiled at him
Sammy-Raghav,Piya's sweet and carefree,she's nice.
Raghav-I'm going to make her quit.
Sammy-Then why don't you just fire her.
Raghav-Why should I?? she should quit!
Sammy watched and angry Raghav and thought "Piya seems really interesting Raghav,I wonder what she'll bring good in your life besides hitting you"
Kalpi sat by her desk sadly "Raghav sir is making me a spot girl,Why Allah? Why doesn't he like me" Kalpi rested her head on the table.
Night came,Kalpi rushed to the elevator and saw Raghav on his phone,She quietly went in happily,Without looking at Kalpi,Raghav thought it was Riley,he started talking
Raghav-Hey,You're comming in late.
Kalpi looked at him and smiled.
Raghav-Last night in this elevator,it was horrible,That Clutz almost killed me.
Kalpi pouted at Raghav,she watched him.
Raghav-If I see her again,I'll punch her,and why are you so...
Raghav turned and saw Kalpi,he jumped back in fright.
Raghav-What are you!! are you sneaking up on me now??
Kalpi-Raghav sir...Are you okay?? let me help you up.
Raghav-No...no,..you stay in that corner,don't move.
Kalpi-Are you sure Raghav sir??
Raghav-Yes...Don't move!
Raghav got back on his feet and moved around away from kalpi,who was digging in her bag,he watched her curiously,Kalpi took out a chocolate and handed it Raghav,He watched her.
Kalpi-Mujhe Maaf kar dain Raghav sir,i Didn't mean to hurt you badly yesterday,Please take it.
Raghav sighed and took the chocolate,
I don't know why
Kalpi smiled happily and hugged Raghav tightly,Raghav's eyes Widens.
The more I erase you with tears,The clearer you get
Kalpi-Thank you so much Raghav sir,Thank you, Thank you.
Raghav-Spot...Let go...This is unprofessional.
Don't go away
Kalpi kept on smiling and hugged Raghav tighly,He watched her feeling different,kalpi then realised what she was doing she jumped back quickly.
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I'm sorry.
Raghav looked away and sighed,
My everything, my destiny
she quickly glanced him and thought "Ya kalpi..what's your problem,Just like that you're hugging your handsome boss
My heart keeps going to you
Kalpi blushed looking away,Raghav looked at her irritated and scoffed he thought "She's an idiot,I feel like punching her' Kalpi looked up at Raghav who answered his phone "Yes,Aro,I'll be late tonight,Business dinner tonight with sammy,Tell Mom and Di for me I'll be late,Bye you too" Kalpi watched him and said in a low voice "Aro? who's that?"
The elevator open,Raghav watched kalpi and pulled her back,he pinned her to the wall,She looked up at him 
Raghav-Make this a rule Spot! whenever you're with me in the Elevator,I leave first and Enter first Understand!
Kalpi-Starting from today Raghav sir??
Kalpi-If it's full too??
Kalpi eyes widen.
Kalpi-Oh...Raghav sir Even if it turns into a big chopping monster too?? you're going first??
Raghav-Yes!... wait..I mean No!! what...You have me saying Rubbish.
Kalpi looked up seeing Raghav glaring at her.
Raghav-I'm warning you!!
Raghav then left from there angerily,Kalpi took a deep breath and walked out playing with her hair, "Mr Khadoos Laser eyes took my apology" she smiled dancing out the door,her phone then rang Kalpi-"Hello,Prem"
Prem-"Where are you?? were waiting"
Kalpi-"Give me about 3 minutes"
Kalpi ended the call and rushed quickly to Pizza Express.
Kalpi quickly rushed into the resturant,she saw Prem and quickly walked up to him,Everyone looked at her,Kalpi then saw Riley watching her,She looked away,Prem got up and hugged a nervously kalpi,Riley watched on and scoffed,He then made Kalpi sit and held her hand,Kalpi watched Riley and thought "What if she tells Prem and Ammi jaan,about Raghav sir."
Prem nudge Kalpi gently,Riley watched on.
Prem-Why are you looking so nervous??
Juhi-Piya...beta what's wrong??
Kalpi-Ammi...It's noting.
Neetu-Kalpi bechaa...Meet Riley,Meri beti.
Kalpi watched Riley nervously,Riley bowed,An hour passed,Everyone ate dessert,Kalpi sat their nervous.
Juhi-Piya you haven't told us about your job.
Kalpi looked up at Juhi and smiled.
Juhi-Riley is a businesswoman.
Kalpi looked across at Riley who was smiling at her.
Riley-I am a businesswoman,But Kalpi...tell me about your job.
Everyone watched Kalpi who looked down sadly she thinks "She's going to tell them about what happen in the office with Raghav sir"
Kalpi-Ammi,Abbu,Ammi jaan,Abba jaan,Prem,Bhajji,I'm working for Singhaina's & Co.
Everyone stared at Kalpi shocked,Riley watched her.
Prem-What?? Raghav Singhaina?? You didn't want to work with me,But you chose Raghav Singhaina.
Kalpi lowered her eyes silently crying,Riley watched her then made her gaze at prem.
Prem-Nahi Di I...
Riley-Stop,She's working with one of the most Successful Man I know! What is the big deal??
Neetu-Riley it is a big deal! Kalpi you didn't even tell us??
Tears roll down her cheeks watching prem who ignored her,she got up and bowed,"Excuse me"leaving in tears,Riley watched Prem,Neetu,Juhi,Aamir and Sahil and thought "You're this upset about her working with Raghav,I wonder how you'll feel knowing her growing attraction towards Him,But I'll keep that as a close book,Ms Haider's Love life isn't my piece to know,But you all to see for yourself"
Kalpi ran out in the rain in Tears,she sat and sobbed,Raghav came out the Restaurant opposite her's and saw her,He watched her from afar as she sobbed,He quietly walked up to her holding his umbrella.
Raghav-Spot..you're crying in the rain?? isn't this childish of you!!
Kalpi looked up at him crying,He watched her and scoffed,Kalpi looked away, he watched her and sighed.
Raghav-Spot,you'll catch a cold,get up and go inside,How will you do your work?? Spot!!
Kalpi-Maaf kar dain Raghav sir,I'll leave in a while.
Raghav-Fine Spot stay here!! but if you come to work tomorrow giving my employees the cold I won't spare you!!
Another day quietly passes again,I am just living like that
Raghav glared at her and walked away,Kalpi kept on sobbing
I can't do anything,Only memories remain
As he kept walking away from Kalpi, His conscience and Heart felt Miserable.
If only I can love again after time passes,It would be so nice
He stopped dropping his Umbrella as the rain poured on him "Dammit" He turned and walked up to Kalpi quickly.
Tears, my memories can't forget you
He stood infront of Kalpi,She looked up and watched him,He then grabbed on to her arm and pulled her close hugging her.
Heart, my memories can't let you go
Kalpi stood Stupfy,with her hand on her side,Raghav watches her irked and hugs her tightly comforting her.
If only I can see you for just one day my love
She sadly smiles,she close her eyes,with her hands on her side.
Raghav-Spot!! If i get sick,I'll punch you then I'll kill you.
I know it's love, even the past days,My tears are flowing
Kalpi smiles and smells raghav,While he sighed being confused at himself.
Tears, my memories can't forget you,Heart, my memories can't let you go.

Ice flower Embarrassed

Precap-Kalpi bounched into Aarohi at the office,Aarohi watched her shocked,Kalpi bowed.
Kalpi-Mujhe maaf ka dain
Aarohi smirks

Finished Big smile Hope you all like...Don't forget to comment and LikeBig smile any mistakes please do forgive me

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Lovely update pH I just love this kalpi too cute poor rag bee fearer n want make her leave but end up bringing her closer ops the kapoors came t know about her job m thank god Riley kept her mouth close n the hug n talks was too cute n lovely
Update soon

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it's really awsome
raghav can't see her crying it's good

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ARIA aaa!!!!! My tummy ache has increased after reading the update Wink Am liking this buddhu aur ghabraya hua Raghav  v much . Lol he is so confused by Kalpis antics Big smile And what a lovely lovely song so full of gentle pathos WOW . A big wali jhappi for you dear. Heart

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Aria are u living in Korea is thT y u know so many Korean song? But really awesome update. Rags wants to stay away from kalpi but keeps getting closer. And "spot". Awww rags gave her a cute nickname. I m so loving kalpi like this. You have done a wonderful job. U r such a versatile writer. I m enjoying all of ur writings. Tongue Wink

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Wonderful updateTongue

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nice update..tq tq tqClap

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