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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 62)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2015 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjinie

just loving this side of Kalpi, just when she gets her memory back, and Raghav tells her all that she did wonder how she will react

Thank you sweets,Yep will add that in for sureLOLLOLLOL

Originally posted by sampa79



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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Chaahat0

beauitful update! love every scene,The ending was so beauitful,Dear update soon

Thank you dearyWink Glad you like it Big smile
Originally posted by melody1

Beautiful update!!ClapClap Raghav's Nickname for Kalpi is SPOT lolLOLLOL It's cuteWink aww Raghav's afraid of KalpiROFL I loved the end,Raghav can't see her cryDay Dreaming and the sonf suits it it's all so beauitfulClapStar

Thanks Babes,Spot! I like it tooLOLHe is afraid of her thank you for liking the song choiceBig smile

Originally posted by ...Natasha...

Fabulous update 
Kalpi is too cute as always 
Poor Raghav is scared of Kalpi lol
Aww Raghav hugging Kalpi in the rain was amazing 

Natasha thank you muchkin,How are you?? Kalpi is cute,Yah raghav is scared of her she treats him like a punching bagLOLWink Raghav comforted her he doesn't know WHY yetConfusedLOL

Originally posted by eishe10



Originally posted by usahingora

why ragav want 2 punch kalpi beautiful update awesome ria

Ummm He's annoyed lol so he's saying thatLOLLOL and thanks babes

Originally posted by chahat4u

Lovely update Aria. Love RagNa scnes, my favourite. Love Riley also.Big smile Loved the song's music you added.Star

THank you so much my charupieBig smile thank you,Riley's my favortie too,Loved the music as wellEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 12 February 2015 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Nice update Embarrassed

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charvi3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2015 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Superb update dear..rags is scared about kalpi but liked the last part how he hugs herTongue
S0nalii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2015 at 6:11am | IP Logged
superb update
ragna elevator scene is hillarious
prem alws hurt kalpi, riley seriously wanted ragna to be together?

nyc update Aru

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premap IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2015 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Was waiting for updates. Enjoyed it. . Whatever or whoever schemes to separate the two true loves wil not succeed as fate is with them. Inspite of Kalpi's memory loss[ man-made by Neetu ,partly ] and Rags stubbornness ,not to forget Kalpi's memory [thinking she is dead ] , is drawn to her ,unconsciously .

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usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2015 at 6:40am | IP Logged
pls update waiting for ragna romantic scenes love ur update ria
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 13

Recap~ She sadly smiles,she close her eyes,with her hands on her side.
Raghav-Spot!! If i get sick,I'll punch you then I'll kill you.
Kalpi smiles and smells raghav,While he sighed being confused at himself.

Kalpi stood in a daze,Her face turned red,she was weak, she then thinks "Ya Allah,Yeh Sapna nahi hai,Right...Is Raghav sir really hugging me??" Raghav broke his and Kalpi's hug and watched her.
Raghav-Spot,Why are you crying in the rain??.
Kalpi looked down sadly.
Raghav-Go inside,I'm leaving now.
Kalpi watched on as Raghav walked away,she touched her heart and felt it beating faster,she sighed.
At Singhaina Mansion,Raghav came home drenched,Aarohi came down watching him.
Aarohi-You're late,we didn't have dinner together.
She saw chocolates in his hands she walked up to him and took it away,he watched her.
Aarohi-Oh My Raghu did you bring chocolates for me?
Raghav watched her as she checked out the brand.
Kalpi took out a chocolate and handed it Raghav,He watched her.
Kalpi-Mujhe Maaf kar dain Raghav sir,i Didn't mean to hurt you badly yesterday,Please take it.
Flashback ends
Raghav smile slowly faded,he looked up at Aarohi who was trying to open the chocolate,he grabbed it out of her hands,Aarohi watched him shocked.
Raghav-This is mine,You can't have it..
Raghav then left from there,Aarohi watches on clueless.
In Raghav's Room,he sat on his bed doing work on his laptop,he glance at the Chocolate and took it up.
Kalpi smiled happily and hugged Raghav tightly,Raghav's eyes Widens.
Kalpi-Thank you so much Raghav sir,Thank you, Thank you.
Flashback ends
Raghav scoffs and watches the chocolate "What a cheap chocolate,Spot"Raghav tossed the chocolate on the bed and went back to work.
Paakhi at by the poolside recalling sammy's hurtful words,He quietly walked by the poolside and watched her.
Sammy-You'll catch a cold.
Paakhi-It doesn't matter,You don't care.
Sammy-You're right,I don't,But for Daadi's sake please come inside.
Paakhi-Give me a few minutes,Then I'll come.
Sammy watched her then walked away,Paakhi silenty cried "Bhagwan,Please,please give me my husband's love,That's all I want"
Suhana walked downstairs on the phone "Bhai,Please come,You and Mom,I'm really missing you both,Plus I need you to do something for me"
Suhana turned seeing saamy in the kitchen she smiled.
Sammy-Was that Aryan??
Suhana's smile slowly faded.
Suhana-No,It was my brother,He's planning on comming.
Sammy gave suhana a drink and both was seated,He held her hand,She looked up at him lovingly.
Sammy-I'm sorry about all this...Forgive me,Can you??
Suhana-I do sammy,But...
Sammy-Aryan,he's missing you and I'm sorry that he's not here to be with you,I know how much you love him and need him.
Suhana smiled Fakely,Paakhi walked downstairs quietly.
Sammy-As his brother I'm here to protect and Look after you.
Suhana smiled as Sammy caress her face,Paakhi watched on sadly.
Sammy-You're like my Little Sister,
Suhana smiled faded,she looked away,Paakhi snickered.
Sammy-And talking about sisters Amee is comming tomorrow,So I'll have my two littler girls with me.
Sammy Gently nugde Suhana then left,Suhana felt heartbroken.
"Little Sister" Suhana turned seeing Paakhi smiling at her.
At Kapoor's Mansion,Kalpi was seated infront of,Juhi,Neetu,Aamir and Sahil,Rukhsar,Aisha,Zoya,Saibha and Prem watched on.
Aamir-We gathered everyone here piya because of your decision.
Juhi-And We have decided that you're going to Quit and Get Married to Prem.
Kalpi and Prem made there glance at each other then their parents.
Juhi-Why didn't you tell us you're working for that Raghav Singhaina?? We are disapointed.
Sahil-There are right Kalpi,what...why are you working with our enemy in business!!
Kalpi-Abbba jaan...
Neettu-Kalpi ...bechaa you have to quit tomorrow.
Kalpi sat back listening to everyone's decisions on her she closed her eyes 
In Bhopal,Kalpi and Ayaan sat by the beach,he watched her.
Ayaan-Kalpi,watched me.
Kalpi did so and smiled.
Kalpi-Kya hua??
Ayaan-Always remember...Never let anyone force anything on you,Your decision is made from your heart,That Pretty mind of yours will go Places,Prove it to your Ammi and Abbu and yourself.
Flashback ends
Kalpi open her eyes and Looked up at her parents,she stood up and took a deep breath.
Kalpi-All my life I've seen the head forced judgements on everyone,How to eat,sleep and dress and today in my own home,Meri khandaan,Is forcing me.
Everyone stared at Kalpi.
Kalpi-I have decided that I'm not quitting this job Mr Singhaina gave me,Nor I am not getting Married.
Kalpi watched everyone sadly and was leaving when neetu stoped her.
Neetu-Kalpi Bec...
Kalpi-Ammi jaan...Please don't you all have hurt me alot,you're taking advantage of me, aur tumari beta...
Prem watched Kalpi sadly.
Juhi-Kalpi Think with a straight head not your heart,The Head...
Kalpi-Will understand that I will not be forced into Marriage,and As Raghav sir is concerned he's just my boss.
Kalpi gently removed Neetu's hand and was leaving when neetu again took a hold on her.
Neetu-But Kalpi,Raghav is a bad person,He's terrible!! He has destroyed prem and...
Kalpi watched neetu in a daze as Blurred memories of her cursing Kamla flashed before her,Neetu stopped realising what was happening she watched juhi,aamir and Sahil jumpy.
Kalpi-Ammi jaan,what's wrong why did you stop?? you all are behaving as if Raghav sir and I are in love or something like that.
Everyone stared at her shocked.
Kalpi-He's just my boss and I'm not quitting.
Kalpi then went upstairs,Kalpi went to her room in tears ,droping on her bed,"Why does everyone hate Raghav sir??"
Downstairs,Saibha watched her jumpy  Parents,Aunt and Uncle  she thought "Why are they so jumpy?? what are they hiding?? and Why don't they want Piya and That man working together"
Morning came,At Singhaina & CO.,Raghav sat in his office buried in his work,he called Payal.
Payal-Yes sir??
Raghav-Ummm has Spot came yet??
Raghav-Ms Haider.
Payal-No sir,do you...
Raghav-Go now.
Payal bowed then left,Raghav watched the time "Spot hasn't come yet?? and she didn't bring my coffee,I won't spare her today" Kalpi walked in the office quickly holding a Coffee Tray.
Kalpi-Payal,Has Raghav sir...
Payal-He's in the office,Hurry and go.
Kalpi nodded then quickly went by Raghav's cabin,Kalpi quietly walked in,he looked up and watched her.
Raghav-You're late Spot!!
Kalpi-Mujhe maaf kar Dain Raghav sir.
Raghav-Rest it on the Table,Sit.
Kalpi nodded "Ji Raghav Sir" 7 mintues passed and Raghav watched Kalpi annoyed.
Raghav-Would you shut up!!
Kalpi pouted and watched Raghav.
Kalpi-Raghav sir,did the coffee taste good??
Raghav-No!!..It was too sweet! are you trying to give me high blood pressure!!!
Kalpi-Really Raghav sir?? Then I'm sorry.
Raghav looked away annoyed.
Kalpi-Oh...Raghav sir did you like the chocolates
Raghav looked up at smiling Kalpi.
After finishing work raghav laid back on his bed he watched the chocolate,he looked at the brand then open it,He took a bite from a small piece and then a bigger bite "Hmmm Spot,you have brought me a really tasty chocolate" Raghav kept on eating the chocolate
Flashback ends
He looked away and went back into his files
Raghav-It tasted really bad!! and it was cheap! Spot what Kind of chocolate was that!! It tasted like Soap!
Kalpi looked at him sadly 
Kalpi-Really Raghav sir?? Okay then I promise next time I'll buy a better one and you'll like it.
Kalpi said writing in her book,Raghav looked at her Amazed he thought "What is she"
I don't know why
Silence took over the office,Kalpi looked up at Raghav and smiled
The more I erase you with tears,The clearer you get
Kalpi watched Raghav in a loving daze as he wrote,Drank and yawned.
Don't go away
She blushed and wrote in her book "Buy Raghav Sir a better chocolate" Raghav looked up at Kalpi who  was smiling for no reason
Raghav-Spot! why are you smiling are you planning to hurt me??
Kalpi looked up at him
Raghav-Don't speak! It's going to be lunch in a few Minutes,go and get lunch.
Kalpi got up.
Kalpi-Do you want anything Raghav sir??
Raghav-No!! you go!! come back later so we can finished the GOA files.
Kalpi nodded and left clusmily,Raghav scoffs,he leans forward  and takes up her book 'What was so important,who was she smiling at" 
My everything, my destiny
Raghav opened Kalpi's book and saw "Buy Sir a Better chocolate and always be careful around him"
My heart keeps going to you
Raghav slowly smiled then scoffed and closed Kalpi's book.
Kalpi was walking back to Lunch when she bounched into Aarohi and Myra,Aarohi watched her shocked,Kalpi bowed.
Kalpi-Mujhe maaf ka dain Ma'am.
Aarohi scoffed and watched Kalpi's face and thought "So this is the Lookalike'
Aarohi-It's okay.
Aarohi and Myra left for Raghav's office,Kalpi watched them as they left.
Kalpi-Payal,Who are those...
Payal-Models,Raghav Sir's Never will be Fiance.
Kalpi smile slowy faded
Payal-Oho,Piya there aren't engaged.
Kalpi started smiling  again,she hugged Payal.
Kalpi-First,I'm so happy Raghav sir is single and second,call me Kalpi.
Kalpi-Only my loved ones call me Kalpi
Payal and Kalpi smiled,An hour Passed,Kalpi walked down to Raghav's Cabin happily,
My tears remember
her smiled slowly faded seeing Aarohi hugging Raghav,Both broke their hug seeing Kalpi.
It fills up your seat again
Ragahv-Spot!! You're here now!!
Kalpi hit her hands behind her back and Lowered her eyes,Aarohi watched her with hate.
Kalpi-Mujhe Maaf kar Dar Raghav sir,I didn't...
Raghav-What do you want!!
Aarohi fake smiled and watched Raghav and held his hand,Kalpi looked up sadly.
Aarohi-Oho sweetheart,She seem so cute,What's your name??
Kalpi-Kalpi...Kalpi Piya Haider.
Raghav and Aarohi watched her 
Aarohi-See Raghu,she has a cute name,Right
Aarohi watched Raghav and smirked
Kalpi Looked away as Aarohi kissed Raghav then left,Aarohi stood utside Raghav's cabin and watched Kalpi and scoffed "There's something to worry about Just because you have that woman's face,Raghav will fall for you,I need to get you fired" Aarohi smiled then left,Raghav went back to his seat.
Raghav-Spot have a seat.
Kalpi took a seat and watched Raghav sadly.
Raghav you'll be working a night shift
Kalpi-But Raghav sir tomorrow is Valentines day.
Raghav-You'll be working tonight and that's final
Kalpi nodded
Raghav-You can go.
Kalpi got up and watched Raghav and smiled
Kalpi-Raghav Sir..I brought this for you.
Raghav watched the chocolate.
Kalpi-It's a better one,you'll like it.
I will miss you the more I erase you
Kalpi rested it on the table then left,Raghav sighed and watched the chocolate "Spot...You're really something"
I will shed more tears than today
Kalpi rested her head on the table feeling heartbroken 
Like fate, I won't ever have anyone like you
"What's wrong with me,Why am i feeling so...I'm in love with Prem,Yet i can't stand seeing her with Raghav sir.."
Only you, only you

Goodbye My Love


Precap- Kalpi and Raghav stood in the elevator Quietly,Raghav made a glance at her and saw her head lowered
Raghav-You're really quiet tonight spot
Kalpi then fell on Raghav,he held her in his arms,he shook her head
Raghav-Spot!! spot wake up!! 
Raghav touched Kalpi's neck and watched her shocked.

At Kapoor's Prem paced Back and forth,It was Midnight and Kalpi was missing on their first Valentine's together.

Finished super sorry if it's boringCry Hope you likeTongue

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