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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 59)

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Originally posted by ariarai

Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

lovely update dear... Plzz. Plzz... Plzz... Don't seprate ragna.. Plzz dear... M crying... For ragna... Update nxt chappy soon... Waiting...

<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#ff0099">YaarLOLLOLI'm not seperating RagNa...She likes him and they'll be togetherWink</font>
thnx dear... But make it soon.. Wanna see ragna romance soon..
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suprb update dear.. Update nxt chappy soon...
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Excellent update.
So,Raghav had literally turned cold hearted.
If he had loved Kalpi very much in the past,why couldn't his soul
identify the true love and the unique qualities of her?????????
On the other side,unknowingly Kalpi is getting pulled to her Raghav Sir.
Since her memory is purposely getting weakened by the wicked kapoors,
she wouldn't be able to remember anything abt their past encounetrs.

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Chapter 11

Recap~ Kalpi then goes closer to Raghav's face making them at Kissing distance
Raghav then slowly opens his eyes seeing kalpi infront of him.
Both shared an long awkward Eyelock.

Kalpi put her fingers forward to touch raghav's face,He watched her confused,Kalpi then touched Raghav's face getting blurred flashes of him,she kept watching in a daze until she snaped out of it,she jumped back.
Raghav-What are you doing!! Why are you in my cabin!!
Kalpi looked down feeling embarassed.
Kalpi-Mujhe Maaf kar dain Raghav sir,I'll just go.
Raghav-Please do.
Kalpi left quickly,Raghav sat back sighing in frustration"This Piya character is so frustrating,It's like she's a child"
Kalpi walked back to her desk frowning "Ya allah Mr Laser eyes will think I'm a weirdo girl and he won't like me" Kalpi then gently tapped her head "Why Am I thinking that" Kalpi sat back in her seat cursing herself and eating another candycane hidden in her draw,she watched the clock "2 hours again and I'm free"
At Kapoors Mansion,Neetu and Juhi watched Prem paced back and forth.
Neetu-Chocopie,She'll be home soon,Just head by upstairs.
Prem noded and left.
Juhi-Has Kalpi remembered anything since she came here??
Neetu-No,It's a good thing,What I like the most is that she can't remember Raghav.
Juhi-Raghav...Raghav Singhaina?? isn't he a businessma??
Neetu-He is,He'll think now that his Kalpi is dead.
Juhi smiled.
Juhi-Neetu I'm proud of you,We'll get Kalpi and Prem Married of soon.
Neetu-Di...When is the wedding??
Juhi-Ummm...I was planning for next year,I wanted to spend some time with Piya before she leave and comes here.
Neetu-Okay Di,That's fine,anyways we need to get some more of those Medicine for Kalpi,It will weaken her memory.
Juhi-I'll try tomorrow.
Juhi and Neetu smiled talking about their Plans.
At Singhaina & CO,Kalpi's head was rested on the table playing with her pen,she then heard footsteps,she looked up seeing Raghav heading out,he stoped and watched her.
Raghav-You're still here? Why didn't you leave??
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I was finishing the Goa files for you.
Raghav scoffs and walks away,Kalpi's eyes widen,she then grabs her jacket and purse and followed him to the elevator,Both stood in the elevator quietly,Kalpi kept glancing at Raghav and smiling,Raghav turned and watched her annoyed,she looked away,breaking the Ice,Kalpi kept on talking and talking annoying Raghav,she even showed him a little dance she taught her munchkins and Accidently mashed his foot.
Kalpi-Ohh...Laser ey...I mean Raghav Sir,Are you okay??
Raghav sighed in frustration and glared at kalpi.
Raghav-You!!!Just move around before I hurt you!!
Kalpi-Ohh... Raghav sir why would you hurt me??
Kalpi smiled Poking at her cheeks,Raghav glared at her feeling annoyed
Kalpi-I'm pretty Cute...Right...Right...Right,Come on say it, Kalpi ...Piya You're pretty cute.
Raghav watched her shocked,he then looked away.
Raghav-Did you say Kalpi!??
Kalpi-Haan...That's My name,Kalpi Piya Haider,But only my loved ones call me kalpi.
Raghav watched her annoyed
Kalpi-Raghav sir,isn't the Elevator moving slow??
Raghav took off his tie,Kalpi watched Raghav and smiled
Raghav-Too slow.
Kalpi-Oh... Raghav Sir are you feeling hot?? Would you like some water??
Kalpi happily went into her bag taking out her water,Raghav closed his eyes praying for the elevator to open,she open the water quickly and handed it over to Raghav but she clumsily spilled it over him,Kalpi eyes widen,she bit her lips and closed her eyes,Raghav glared at her.
Raghav-What are you!!
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I'm so sorry,Let me help you.
Kalpi took her scarf and tried drying him off when he jerked her away,She watched him as he  sighed
Raghav-Just stay in that corner,Please!
Kalpi pouted and went around,Raghav watched her and felt like punching her he thought "What is she!! she keeps spilling things and hitting me"
Silence took over the elevator once again,Until music begin playing.
And if we had babies they would look like you
Kalpi and Raghav awkwardly and slowly watched each other.
It'd be so beautiful if that came true,You don't even know how very special you are.
Raghav cleared his throat while kalpi looked away then watched Raghav.
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I Didn't know you all play these type of songs.
Raghav watched Kalpi irritated
You leave me breathless,You're everything good in my life
Kalpi began swaying to the song"Breathless",while raghav watched her,Kalpi then raised her hand accidently hitting Raghav in his face,Kalpi turned and watched Raghav and twisted her face,Raghav sighed and took a deep breath feeling irritated by Kalpi he made an angry glance at her,she step back and looked away.
Kalpi-I'm sorry...Raghav sir
Raghav glared at kalpi and Pinned her to the wall,hitting the wall angerily with his hand,Kalpi watched him with tears and fright
Raghav-I don't like you and Once I don't like someone...I hate them forever
Kalpi Looked up at him and Pouted 
Kalpi-So does it mean,you don't like cats??
Raghav watched her confused.
Kalpi-Oh...Raghav sir,Kittens are so cute don't you like them?? I think cats are so soft.
Raghav-What the hell!!! 
Raghav sighed "Ahh...this woman"
Kalpi-Raghav sir...are you okay? 
Raghav-Understand me!! I don't like you!! You're irriating me right now!!
Raghav-Nahi!! shut up!! I don't want to hear your voice,This day was the most horrible day!! I met a Clutz!! can't you stay one second without hitting me!!
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I'm...
Raghav Glared at kalpi and blocked her mouth"Shhh,The Elevator finally opened,Raghav and Kalpi smiled.
Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho,Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Kalpi rushed out of the elevator falling ontop of Raghav.
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Kalpi found her lips on Raghav's cheeks,He looked at her moving his hands against her skin
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Both Looked at each other in a long Daze.
Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Raghav made his hands to Kalpi's face bringing her closer to him,Their Trance broke with Raghav's phone Ringing,Kalpi got up quickly and watched Raghav Awkwardly,He got up and went back into the Elevator Talking on the phone,Kalpi took a glimpse of Raghav before the Elevator door closed,Both watched each other,then the door closed,Kalpi turned and bit her hair and thought "Ya allah!! Why do I forget That I love prem when I'm with Raghav Sir,Why do I like his pressence".
In the Elevator Raghav stood there recalling he almost kissed Kalpi,He punched the Elevator wall in anger "What's wrong with me,That Piya haider,she's getting to me,I'll have to block her out,I can't betray Kalpi,Our Love,"
It was 11pm and Kalpi walked home in the rain getting drenched,she turned and saw a car passing by,she squinted and saw Raghav,she stood shocked getting a flashback of this same scene,she saw the car and the road and the People clearly but not the faces there were blurred,she watched on as Raghav watched her rememerbing kalpi and that rainy night,he  Drove away quickly, "Ya allah did this happen to me before,I remember it...It happen but why can't I see the faces" Kalpi then pouted "Ya Laser eyes,you could've droped me home,so snobbish"
Kalpi walked through the rain and stood before a chawl she wondered why her feet carried her there she then got flashes of the chawl and her family,she quietly walked in and took shelther downstairs,Vithal and Kamla came out and stood by the Balcony.
Kamla-Vithal,Lets try the police and search again for Kalpi.
Tears built up in Vitthal's eyes
Vithal-it won't work anymore Kamla,She's gone now...my rajkumari...she's gone,Let's stop now...It's all over.
Vithal watched her sadly and left,Kamla wiped her tears and looked downstairs seeing in girl walking out,Kalpi walked out quickly and Quietly,Kamla squinted and watched on.
Kalpi quietly entered the Kapoors Mansion and headed to bed,She woke up Rukhsar.
Rukhsar-Kalpi...How was your work today??
Kalpi smiled and hugged Rukhsar thinking of Raghav.
Rukhsar-Who is he??
Kalpi-Raghav sir...he's so...
Kalpi jerked back watching a smiling Rukhsar.
Rukhsar-Oho...Raghav Sir??
Kalpi blocked Rukhsar mouth.
Kalpi-Ya!! Someone will hear you.
Rukhsar-Tell me about him...Or Rehan ji can tell me.
Kalpi glared at Rukhsar,Both Lay back on the bed.
Kalpi-Rukhsar...I know,Prem and I have something...But Raghav sir and I have something much more,He's handsome and Handsome and the way he looks at me it's like he wants to laser me.
Kalpi snickered,Rukhsar watched her and smiled
Rukhsar-I know...meri jaan.
Kalpi-Is this werid...That I'm feeling this way??
Rukhsar-Maybe...But Kalpi don't tell Phoopi or Prem.
Kalpi looked away sadly "I know"
Morning came,At Singhaina's Mansion,Sammy was yelling at Paakhi who was in tears.
Sammy-I told you before not to behave like my wife!!!
He held her arm tightly
Sammy-I hate you!! This isn't concern,I do everything to please Daadi,Do you think I care about you!!
"Are you freaking Kidding me" Sammy and Paakhi made there Glance at the door seeing Alexa Singh standing there glaring at Them,She walked up to them.
Alexa-Is that the way to speak to your wife!!
Sammy watched her and scoffs
Sammy-She isn't.
Sammy Jerked Paakhi away and left from there angerily,Alexa watched Paakhi sadly and hugged her,Suhana stood from afar and smiled.
At Singhaina's & CO.,Kalpi walked in sleepy,Payal watched her and Pulled her aside.
Payal-Piya!! you're late.
Kalpi-Kya hua?? 
Payal-Riley Ma'am is with sir.
Kalpi eyes widen.
Kalpi-Riley?? who's that??
Payal-She's...Sir's friend.
In Raghav's cabin,Both Raghav and Riley watched each other.
Raghav-You're late!! Is this how you function??
Riley-Listen Idiot! So what if I'm late...I get my work done.
Raghav-Being a Kapoor I hate you!! but...Being Riley I really Like you.
Riley-Likewise Singhaina!...Rags I'll be going now,I have too see Mom and Dad today,Were having dinner tonight,I'll see you.
Riley got up and walked out the cabin,Kalpi's eyes widen seeing how beautiful Riley looked,She held her face "Ya allah she's so beauitful." she gasped "I hope she didn't make a move on Raghav sir"
Kalpi clumsily walked into Raghav's cabin,he turned and saw her,he sighed.
Raghav-Firstly...Don't you knock!! were you raised in a barn!!
Kalpi pouted and looked away.
Raghav-Secondly...Why are you late!!
Raghav watched her
Raghav- No...don't say anything.
Kalpi eyes widen as she saw a bee behind Raghav.
Kalpi-Raghav sir..there's a bee behind you.
Raghav gasped and hugged kalpi tightly,wrapping his hands around her waist "Kill it...it will sting me...Kill it fast"
Kalpi stood there in a daze,she snickered at him "Ragahv sir you're afraid of a Bee??"
He tightly his grip,kalpi's eyes widens,"Raghav sir...you're holding me too tightly now" 
"I'm not letting go until you kill it" Raghav said.
Riley barged into Raghav's cabin "Rags..." she stood stunned and shocked seeing Raghav and Kalpi in that Position,Both looked up at Riley awkwardly.

Precap-The Kapoors sat and  had a luxurious Dinner,Riley sat infront of kalpi and stared her,Kalpi hid her face and looked away.

Kalpi sat in the rain and Sobbed,while Raghav watched on From afar.

Finish...Wink Don't forget to comment and Like hope it was goodLOLLOL
as you all know I'm making kalpi oppisite of how she was...It will be like she got love from juhi and Happiness so she's and happy and clumsy personLOLLOL hope that's okayWink I'm making her Weak and a clutz she'll be a happy person,fill of life...but in comming chapters she'll speak her mindWink any objections please do tell me and yes I will update Symbol of Love tomorrow...maybeWink

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Funny update had me literally rolling on the floor. ROFL kalpi is so funny but maybe have her start dressing more glamorously now that she's in office and look like she works for singhania. But I love how u made her like a child. Techinucally without memories she is one. Tongue but am expecting rags to have a pull towards get and wondering when he will find out she doesn't have all her memories. Tongue

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