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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 58)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by premap

Awesome ! You have managed to raise our hopes with the DNA test and dashed it to pieces ! Even Rags believed that it is not 'his' Kalpi and had decided to turn into the 'inhuman' Rags . Its funny, when you are asked to do a DNA test , the patient has to be present personally and not send the specimen only ! It is not legal ! Anyway , hope Kalpi recovers from her memory loss ! Great update. Thanks.

I am so sorry deary Cry I didn't mean anything...This chapter is probably not the best But I could'nt let all the truth be out so soon,I'm sorry again

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 9:18am | IP Logged

Chapter 10

I apoligize to you all for dashing your hopes with the DNA...I didn't intend that,But I could'nt bring out the truth so soon and I understand if you're frustrated with this FF,I am so sorryCry

Recap~Kalpi watched Raghav in a long daze as he disappears into the wind.
She felt her heart pounding quickly and loudly "Ya Allah,Why Am I like this...?"

Morning came Kalpi rushed downstairs seeing everyone eating.
Neetu-Beta..where are you going so early??
Kalpi-Ammi jaan,I think I got a Job,I'm heading for my interview right now.
Everyone stared at Kalpi.
Kalpi-Kya?? why are you watching me like that?? I can work.
Everyone laughed at kalpi
Juhi-Piya...and work?? Never.
Kalpi-Ya Ammi,I'll work hard.
Kalpi tuned to  leave when Prem held her hand
Prem-Why don't you work with me?? You'll get a easy job.
Kalpi-Prem...I understand but,I don't want to be a burden on anyone,and I came here to be independant,so I will find a job myself and work hard to get my studio,I don't want your help or Money.
Prem smiled seeing kalpi like that,he caress her face gently
Prem-I understand,Do me proud,Get that job,You'll rock it.
Kalpi smiled,she hugged prem then left,Prem sat back down and sighed,Neetu watched him
Neetu-Are you really sure you're okay with her doing that??
Prem-It's her wish mom,and I understand.
Kalpi ran out by the parking lot,fixing her pink beaded skirt,she sat on her Bike,fixing her helmet heading to work singing "Aaye Haaye, Zubaan Bhi Phisalne Lagi" while riding to work she thought "I'm going to do good and get that job,Even if the boss is mean,I'll put up with it,Because I'm only going to work to earn 7000,to get that studio then I'll leave,that's my goal,get the money then leave"
Kalpi parked her Bike,by the bike rack and went upstair,while heading to the main office,she met Payal again,she greeted her.
Kalpi-Subha bakhair,Am I late??
Payal smiled seeing her.
Payal-Good morning,Nahi actually sir has been here since 5 am and He's quite...
Kalpi-Is he tired??
Payal-Nahi Sir's very,Mean and Rude,he'll make you cry.
Kalpi's eyes widen,she felt scared hearing about him like that.
Kalpi-What do you mean?? Is he that bad??
Payal-Piya why don't you wait your turn,and if he hired you,He'll have lunch together.
Kalpi smiled 'Okay"
Raghav went through the files in his office "Piya Haider,she has an interview today with me"
Kalpi Stood outside Ragahv's Cabin waiting her turn,she thenwalks in...Both Face to Face Dumbfounded seeing each other.
Kalpi-You're Raghav Singhaina??
Raghav-You're Piya Haider??
Both Looked at each other,Kalpi stood there Nervous and Intrigued while Raghav sat seeing his Kalpi's face before him,he sighed and Looked away,Kalpi bit the ends of her hair nervously.
Without looking at her,he asked her to sit,Kalpi did so biting her hair,Not once Raghav looked at her,he keep his glance on the file infront of him,while Kalpi bit her hair in nervousness.
Raghav-What should we hire you??
Raghav-Are confused!? are you unable to speak,It was a simple question!
Kalpi closed her eyes and sighned
Kalpi-I just want to work to be independant,This job seems like an amazing time to start my life with.
Raghav finally made his glance on a eye shut kalpi.
Kalpi-I don't want to take money from anyone,I want to earn myself.
Raghav-Fine,you're hired.
Kalpi opened her eyes and watched Raghav happily,he looked away uninterested by her.
Raghav-You can leave now!
Kalpi bowed,she turned to leave colliding with sammy Who watched her in saddness,shocked and Stunned.
Kalpi-Mujhe Maaf kar dain.
Raghav watched on annoyed.
Raghav-You can leave now Ms Haider.
Kalpi turned and watched Raghav "Yes,Sir." Kalpi  then left Sammy keep his Gaze on kalpi and smiled,he then sat and watched Raghav amused
Sammy-She's like Kalpana.
Raghav scoffs,Sammy smiles at her
Raghav-Yeah,right,She's noting like her.
Sammy-Why did you hire her then??
Raghav-For work,She only has Kalpi's face,Which I hate her already for,If she messes up,I will make her life hell here!!.
Sammy-Yaar come on,calm down,You don't know her yet,Relax she'll do well.
Raghav scoffs and got up.
Raghav-It's lunch,lets go and eat.
AT the Canteen,Kalpi sat and ate with Payal,who watched her amused and Gut-churning
Payal-Piya...you ate so much,and you eating again.
Kalpi looked up at her with a messy face,stuffing her face.
Kalpi-Ya! The food is awesome here,let's get more.
Payal smiled at her,she wiped kalpi's face
Payal-I've had enough,you too.
Kalpi-Payal...I didn't know Raghav Singhaina was our boss.
Payal watched her blushing face.
Payal-Hmmm,you like him right.
Kalpi's eyes widens
Kalpi-Ya what are you saying?? 
Payal-I think all the girls in the company has the Hots for sir,but He's really Snobbish,Rude,arrogrant,He's the Devil!
Kalpi smiles lovingly and sighs
Kalpi-Really? he looks nice to me.
Payal shakes her head and sighs.
Kalpi-Do you want some water??
Payal noded,Kalpi got up heading to get some water,she noticed her skirt had a thread that was loose,she tried ripping it out,until she and raghav collided into each other spilling his tea all over him,her eyes widen,Kalpi looked up at him shocked,she tried cleaning it off
Kalpi-Raghav sir...Mujhe maaf kar dain,I'm so so sor...
Kalpi looked up seeing Raghav glaring at her,she slowly back away,Raghav sighed Frustrated holding his neck,while kalpi watched him in fear.
Kalpi-Raghav sir...
Raghav-You!!!Just get out of my sight!!!
Kalpi jumped hearing him shouting at her,she walked away clumsily,He turned seeing sammy laughing at Kalpi's goofy ways.
Raghav-You find that girl funny!! Look what she has done!!
Sammy cleared his throat and watched an angry Raghav.
Sammy-She's bad,Really Bad!
Raghav walked away in anger,while he smiled at Raghav.
Kalpi took her seat and rested her head on the table.
Payal-Kya Hua?? no water??
Kalpi-Nahi,Raghav sir almost killed me with his red laser eyes.
Payal smiles.
Payal-So now you understand??
Kalpi jumped up looking at Payal happily
Kalpi-It means he's so cute when he's angry
Payal-Cute! that Devil...he's cute!!
Kalpi smiled in a daze
Kalpi-Haan...of course.
After Lunch everyone was working,Kalpi walked down to Raghav's cabin in the back and Peeped at him,while he was pacing back and forth
When then twinkling stars color in the dark night sky
"Oh...he seem's angry today,I wonder why" Kalpi blushed
My everything, my destiny
 "Ah...Ya allah he's so cute when he's angry" Kalpi smiled watching Raghav,he turned and saw her by the glass door,Kalpi jumped in fright,she then awkwardly smiled and walked away quickly,Raghav looked on annoyed and Confused,he cursed himself for hiring Kalpi.
Raghav headed out by employees desk and gathered everyone,He took up the file and slammed it on the desk,Kalpi,Payal,Sammy and Everyone stared on.
Raghav-Why can't I find the Files for Goa!! do I have children working here!!! are you all 4 years old!!
Payal-Sir,Manish ji...
Raghav glared at Payal
Raghav-Did I ask you to speak!!
Payal lowered her head,Kalpi looked at her sadly and Watched Raghav.
Raghav-You all are Illiterate!!! You all are stupid bunch Idiots who cannot handle doing this job!!
Kalpi finally called out to Raghav in a low and fearful voice
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I think if we check the files again we'll get it,Shayad it's mixed up with old files...
Kalpi lowered her head seeing Raghav glaring at her,he walked up to her and watched her.
Raghav-Maybe...Is that what you're saying Ms Haider!! Look at Me!!
Kalpi gulped and looked up at Raghav.
Raghav-You have the guts to talk back to me!!! what are you!!!
Payal,Sammy and Everyone stared on in nervousness.
Raghav raised his hands at Payal stoping her,Raghav grabed Kalpi tighlty by her arm,Both at Kissing Distance,He watched her,Kalpi looked up ay him sadly.
Raghav-I asked you!!! What are you!!!
Kalpi-Raghav sir...
He scoffs and watches her angerily,Kalpi looks down,He thens forcefully dragged kalpi to his Cabin "Raghav Sir let go" Kalpi turned Watching Payal to help her.
Raghav then flings her towards his desk,she turns and watches him shocked.
Raghav-Find it!! The Goa files!!
Raghav sat back on his couch raising his feet on the table and watched her looking for the files,he kept watching her face seeing his kalpi,he sighs in frustration and looks away distracting himself,Kalpi kept on looking though the files,she smiled seeing the word "GOA" She quietly galnce at Raghav and twisted her face and thought "He has laser eyes,no wonder he's blind,for a business man he's just stupid" Kalpi quietly walked up to Raghav and handed him the files,he looked up at her and saw the files in his face,he grabed it out from her hand and got up going through it,Kalpi looked at him
Kalpi-Is that it Raghav Sir??
He turned and watched her
Raghav-Are you happy now!!! you found it!!
Kalpi-Do you need anything else Raghav Sir??
Raghav glared at her,she stood in fright and left,Raghav scoffs"What is she"
Night came,Kalpi sat down by her desk eating a candystick She texted prem "Working late tonight" she got up and quietly tip toe to Raghav's cabin down the walls,she peeped and saw him sleeping,his head was tilted back on the chair
If only I can love again after time passe
Kalpi walked into the cabin and stared at Him in a loving long daze.
It would be so nice
She smiles seeing his face and how peaceful he looked.
Tears, my memories can't forget you
Kalpi walks up to Raghav pleading with her body to stop,her heart was pounding the closer she got.
Heart, my memories can't let you go
Kalpi then caress his face and smiled with tears of joy.
If only I can see you for just one day my love
She then passes her small fingers through his hairs "Why can't I stop why Am I moving,Body stop before you get caught,Please I beg you stop"
maahi aaja re maahi aaja re 
Kalpi then goes closer to Raghav's face making them at Kissing distance
dil roye aa elaahi tu aaja mere maahi
Raghav then slowly opens his eyes seeing kalpi infront of him.
mere maahi mere maahi, tu aaja mere maahi 
Both shared an long awkward Eyelock

Precap-Raghav Pinned Kalpi to the elevator wall hitting the wall angerily with his hand,Kalpi watched him with tears and fright "I don't like you and Once I don't like someone...I hate them forever" kalpi watched him "So does it mean,you don't like cats??" Raghav watched her confused "What!?"

I hope this chapter was alright any mistakes please forgive me and Don't forget to Comment and LikeWink

In these few chapters Raghav will be mean to Kalpi,as he's thinking she's Piya...Kalpi will start to like Raghav,I have made her weak in these chapter so don't kill meLOL

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Awesome update wow kalpi counter wiz lazer  eyes n how sweet kalpi find the file n the way she traces her fingers on rag face was damn cute waiting impatiently for more
Update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 10 February 2015 at 9:36am
lolor IF-Dazzler

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awesome...& u yup kalpi is weak in this chapy but under raghavs influence...so I don't mind her becoming weaker in love with raghav... Tongue
darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 9:52am | IP Logged
i love every colour of kalpi but i miss my fighter kalpi too
will u give us some ragna nok- jhok
like ragna use to fight in ema
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Another rocking update. Kalpi and her antics are getting to rags. I love how she talks back to him and is getting under his skin. Please update soon looking forward to elevator scene.
charvi3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Superb update dear... Rags don't liked kalpi because he think that she is not his kalpi...update next part soon 
ArthunaAlive Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2015 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Mean raghav  n sweet and v frightened Kalpi . Aria dear  interesting progression of story and different too . But Raghav shud start liking Piya as piya . Embarrassed

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