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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 53)

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Please update next part dear
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Please update soon Tongue
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Chapter 9

Recap~ Neetu and sahil turned around and watched the Cabin chair's back facing them.
Neetu-Doctor Gupta??
As the chair whirled around,Neetu and Sahil stood surprised and Shocked Seeing Juhi,They all smiled at each other.

Juhi smiled at both Sahil and Neetu.
Juhi-Kya hua neetu?? Why are you looking so pale and shocked?? aren't you happy to see your Bhajji??
Neetu watched sahil who smiled at her confused.
Neetu-Di... I am but...aap?? you're here?? and how?? I mean did you both do this??
Juhi-Why can't we?? We did well  right!?
Sahil-Neetu,We had to do something.
Neetu-And you both didn't tell me? Anyways I'm happy you're here and Kalpi is with me.
Juhi-Do you think ,neetu that I was going to let that Woman take our Kalpi away?? And that Khushi..she felt she could outsmart me I am a well known doctor,I can easily get her fired.
Sahil-We'll have to keep a look out on her,she can be dangerous.
Neetu smiled and sat on the desk.
Neetu-Kamla Bai won't even know her daughter is with us...she'll only think that's a lookalike.
The trio smiled evily
Khushi stood by the door Watching Kamla and Vithal holding Kalpi's belongings and crying she thinks "Bappa...I thought this would've worked,That she would've been Kalpi..Now Aai and Baba is heartbroken again...Bappa please give us some hope and bring back our Kalpi" Khushi kneeled by Vithal and Kamla and held their hands
Khushi-Aai,Baba..Please don't cry,If kalpi was here she would've wanted you happy and smiling..Please don't cry
Pakiya stood by the door in tears,He watched on as khushi tried comforting his parents
Khushi-Aai,Baba,Just have hope please,Kalpi will be back one day,But for now just please don't cry and try being happy.
Khushi hugged Kamla and Vithal attemping to comfort them.
At Singhaina Mansion,Decorations were Prepared for the Arrival of Kalpi,Raghav made sure everything was spotless and Flawless for her,Aarohi was seated with Nishi on the couch,both were annoyed at Kalpi's Arrival,Paakhi helped with the Food,Haley and Kanchi also helped her,Suhana made arrangements for Clothes for Kalpi,chosed by Raghav's choice while Sammy help calmed and Overly happy Raghav.
Sammy-Raghav calm down yaar,You're way too happy!! you'll frighten kalpi if she see's you like this.
Raghav hugged sammy in happiness.
Raghav-I don't care,I  missed her laugh,smile and stubborness in these 3 years,I missed her alot and we'll have our Happiness back.
Sammy hugged his friend in happiness,seeing his friend getting back his love gave him peace,Sammy then made his glance at Paakhi who was smiling and looking happy while dealing with the food,he then caught himself staring at her,he looked away.
Raghav-I want to thank you all for helping me with Kalpi's arrival,I am really thankful.
Aarohi got up and went by Raghav holding his hand.
Aarohi-Raghu..I am really happy for you,You're getting back your Kalpi...what more could i want for you.
Nishi smirked and Suhana watched Aarohi knowing her Fakeness towards Raghav and Kalpi's relationship,Aarohi faked Cried.
Aarohi-Raghu,I know when Kalpi comes back our Relationsh...
Raghav hugged Aarohi stopping her from speaking,she smirked and thought "Oho Raghu My sweetheart...This being fake is so boring,I just wish I could get your love and you forget that Kalpi...This is all i want,I just want to make you mine and Only mine" Aarohi smiled hugging Raghav tightly,Paakhi watched on suspiciously,she wlaked up to Raghav breaking his and Aarohi's hug,Both watched her in a daze.
Paakhi-Raghav...I think you should be prepared as kalpi will be here shortly as It will look really bad if Kalpi comes in seeing you Hugging Aarohi.
Raghav looked at Paakhi and sighed knowing what she said was right,he headed into the kitchen for a drink,Aarohi watched Paakhi with Hate.
Aarohi-Are seriously challenging me Paakhi!
Paakhi smirkes,Suhana watched on.
Paakhi-What are you going to do?? I'm not afraid of you and your Petty games
Paakhi smiles then left from there,Aarohi Glares at Paakhi.
Everyone then heard the Doorbell rang,Raghav smiled widely taking a deep breath,ready to start his life with Kalpi giving her all the right she had deserved,Seeing Gauri and Soha walking in Raghav rushed to them,Everyone stood behind and watched on.
Raghav smiled widely looking out for kalpi
Raghav-Mom..Di,You're back!! It was a long wait.
Suhana,Paakhi,Kanchi,Haley,Nishi,Aarohi,Sammy and Raghav kept Glancing at the door awaiting Kalpi's arrival.
Raghav-Where's Kalpi?? She's probably still in shock knowing her indentity,But it's alright.
Gauri and Soha watched each other in tears wondering how to break the news to Raghav.
Raghav-Mom!! Di!! Hello...Where's kalpi??
Gauri took a deep breath,Everyone watched on Confused.
Gauri-Raghav beta...Kalpi..
Raghav-What's wrong with Kalpi??
Soha-How can we say this nicely...without hurting you Raghav.
Raghav-What are you talking about Di?? what...
Gauri-We went to the Hospital today and the DNA report was...
Raghav-What about it??
Aarohi watched crossing her fingers hoping it was a negative.
Soha-The DNA was...a negative,she isn't kalpi but just a Lookalike.
Raghav stood there in a broken daze,Everyone watched on sadly except for Aarohi she smiled within and thought"Areey Bhagwan ji thank you!! My wish came true...she's just a lookalike now Raghav can move on with me" Aarohi smiled.
Sun rahaa hai naa tu,Ro rahaa hoon main
Rage and Anger build up inside of Raghav and Flashes of Kalpi's Face taken him over,He began destroying the decorations and throwing the food on the ground,Kicking down the glasses in anger,Everyone watched on shocked and sadly,Aarohi watched on calmly" GET OUT!! EVERYONE LEAVE!!" Raghav shouted,Everyone went to their respective rooms,Sammy looked on in tears as gauri signaled him she would've handle Raghav.
Sun raha hai naa tu,Kyun ro raha hoon main
Raghav droped down the the floor weeping "Why...why is this happening to me"
Sun rahaa hai naa tu,Ro rahaa hoon main
Gauri watched on sadly and hugged Raghav who was sobbing in her arms like a child "Mom,Once again my hopes and dreams are shattered, why is my happiness keep getting destroyed,why is this happening to me mom" Gauri caress Raghav's head as he kept on sobbing "Shhh...Beta,just let it all out,Beta I'm so so sorry"
Gauri hugged Raghav tighly  and Kissed his head as he sobbed.
Sun raha hai naa tu Kyun ro raha hoon main
In the Elevator,Prem and Kalpi stood quiet,Not a pin.
Kalpi-Thank you for picking me up.
Prem watched Kalpi sadly,both walked out and head into the Kapoor's Mansion,Kalpi walked in in awe,Her eyes widen while spining around watching how Pretty it looked "itni Khooosurt house" she turned seeing Juhi and Aamir watching her angerily,she hid her face with her bag,She closed her eyes in fear.
Juhi walked up to her,both watched each other,Juhi then gently slaped kalpi then hugged her,Kalpi's confused face turned into a smile.
Kalpi-Ammi,Maaf kar dain,Please
Juhi hugged kalpi tighter and thought "I almost lost you today because of those people,now I won't ever let you go"
Kalpi watched Juhi
Kalpi-Ammi are you okay??
Juhi smiled and caress Kalpi face
Juhi-Of course,I am...I just missed you.
Kalpi smiled and made her glance at aamir she walked up to him holding her ears
Kalpi-Abbu...I'm sorry
Aamir smiled and hugged Kalpi
Aamir-It's okay beta.
Neetu smiled
Neetu-Kalpi..Won't you hug your Ammi jaan??
Kalpi smiled,she ran and hugged neetu tighly,Sahil,Aamir,Juhi and Prem watched on happily.
Kalpi-I love you Ammi jaan.
Neetu watched Prem and thought "I'm sure both are still upset"
Neetu-Prem why don't you carry Kalpi to her room??
Prem noded Kalpi looked away,both walked upstairs,Prem showed her to her room.
Prem-This is it,You have your own room.
Kalpi smiled looking at it.
Kalpi-I have my own room,Ya allah!! Thank you!!
Zindagi se chura ke,Zindagi mein basa ke 
Prem was then leaving when Kalpi held his hand.
Kalpi-Kia tum muj se naraz ho? Are you still mad at me??
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe,Roothe rab ko mana ke.
Prem turned and watched her.
Kalpi-Please don't,Mohabbat tumse,I love you...Please don't be mad at me.
Aasmaan ko jhuka ke,Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe 
Prem removed kalpi's hand and held her wrist,she watched him confused.
Tu mila jis tarah saba mile ,Tu mila jis tarah sila mile 
Prem pulled Kalpi forward then hugged her,she smiled and hugged him back.
Prem-I'm sorry.
Neetu peeped and smiled "Thank you mata rani,Now my goal will be fullfilled" Neetu smiled seeing prem and Kalpi hugging "Haaye My Chocopie and My Kalpi looks so cute together" Neetu smiled admiring Kalpi and Prem
At Singhaina Mansion,Paakhi was in the kitchen making tea for Raghav and Sammy,Aarohi and Suhana came and watch her.
Aarohi-Wow the maid is making tea for her heads of the house.
Paakhi looked up at them annoyed,She took up the tray gently and was leaving when suhana held her hand,Paakhi watched her.
Suhana-Let me carry it for sammy,It would be better from me.
Paakhi-Would'nt it be better for his wife.
Suhana glared at her and took up the cup of tea and threw it on Paakhi,Both Aarohi and Suhana smiled seeing her cry in pain,Hearing her voice,sammy rushed downstairs,suhana and Aarohi changed their reactions to concerned,
Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Mann Se Mohe Baandhe
Sammy help paakhi by cooling her down,Paakhi watched on Lovinly,while stood suhana boiling in jealousy
Haan Mohe Baandhe Lo Nainon Ki Dor Se
Sammy-Are you alright?? how did you get burned??
Hai Yeh Pyaar Kaisa, Iska Raaz Hai Kya Bol De
Paakhi smiled seeing his concern behavior towards her,Sammy watched her
Sammy-How did you!!
Sammy-Nevermind,Just keep this here and relax,Just get out of the kitchen.
Paakhi-But Sammy...
Sammy-Get out!
Keh Bhi De...
Sammy then left from there,Sammy smiled lovingly seeing his concerns,Paakhi smirked at Aarohi and Suhana then left from there"I'm Losing him,I need to do something" Suhana said running upstairs.
In Raghav's Room he rested his head on gauri's Lap.
Raghav-I want to be strong now Mom,Can I be a Beast again to everyone?? Can I hurt them.
Gauri caress Raghav's head gently
Gauri-No Raghav,you're a great person,You don't need to be like that.
Gauri got up and watched Raghav.
Gauri-I'll make a quick snack for you,I'll be back.
Raghav watched his mother left "You're wrong Mom,I hate this feeling now,My hopes and dreams are shattered now,I will turned back into a beast to everyone,I'll be the cold hearted man again with no Emotions or feelings to anyone and I won't stop,Not for Mom,not for Kamla Maa" Raghav turned and watched Kalpi's Huge photo on his wall "Nor For you Kalpi"
Aarohi stood quietly by Raghav's door and smiled seeing his new behavior
When then twinkling stars color in the dark night sky
Night came,At the Kapoors Mansion,Kalpi sat crouch up on the bench,watching the stairs,
I draw out the one star in my heart, the hidden you
she smiled feeling the breeze hit across her cheeks.
I don't know why
She tuned to her side seeing Raghav sitting next to her watching her and smiling.
Kalpi-You're here too??
Raghav-I'm always by you when you think of me.
The more I erase you with tears
Kalpi-Really?? so it means I'm thinking of you right now?? But why??
The clearer you get
Raghav sat back watching the stars.
Don't go away
Raghav-That's a tricky question "Why"
Kalpi-Is it?? then you're not really here?? are you??
Raghav-Nope...I'm your Mind and in that little mind of your's there's me.
Kalpi-Really?? Oh...
Raghav-You've said it alot...Mohabbat! do you love him?? Prem
When the long night passes and sun shines
Kalpi watched Raghav in  a daze.
Kalpi-I guess so...yes
I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
Raghav smiled,Kalpi watched him confused,he knocked her on her head with his knuckle gently,she watched him
Raghav-Then may I ask,why are you thinking of me?? why do you think of another man when you're in love with Prem?? I am your Imagination,I am in your mind...Why??
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi watched Raghav in a long daze as he disappears into the wind.
My heart keeps going to you
She felt her heart pounding quickly and loudly "Ya Allah,Why Am I like this...?"

Precap~Kalpi Stood outside Ragahv's Cabin waiting her turn,she then walks in...Both Face to Face Dumbfounded seeing each other.
Kalpi-You're Raghav Singhaina??
Raghav-You're Piya Haider??
Both Looked at each other,Kalpi stood there Nervous and Intrigued while Raghav sat seeing his Kalpi's face before him.

Hope this Chapter was Great..Don't forget to Comment and LikeBig smile

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lovely update, it was good to see Sammy taking care of Paakhi, Sohana should get a life, looking forward to Raghav and Kalpi working together,

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Awesome update these kapoors feel like killing them
Poor rag so much in pain n love kalpi thinking about rag 
Waiting for their meeting in office
Update soon

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