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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 46)

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Originally posted by sweet1308

really awesome update 


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Originally posted by ArthunaAlive

Nice update Aria . Get well soon dear . Take care .

Aww thanks sweetie I'm getting betterBig smileSleepy
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Originally posted by niknish1980

amazing update

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Originally posted by premap

Gosh ! I was waiting for Rags/Kalpi meeting . Thanks. Quiet happy. At least now Rags will go any extent to get back Kalpi. ! Please update soon. Was very patient with your videos , so now you have to update soon !

Oh! I know I pissed you off with only Vids but now I'm updating often THanks for readingWink
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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

nice. Update dear... Angry kapoors.. Angry dear plzz update nxt chappy soon.. Wanna kno when kalpi will gain her memory back...

Thank youBig smile will update soon and Kalpi's memory won't be back so soonWink
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Banner by Temptations

Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 7

Precap~She held the cake up in her hand and ate it watching raghav she thinks "Ya Allah,This Man is so Handsome...And he's watching me,Is he...shayad meri Kismat??

Kalpi kept on eating she looked around still noticing Raghav watching her "Ya Allah,Is there something wrong with him?'
she Gave Raghav a quick yet Awkward smile who watched her "If I look away he'll stop watching me" As Kalpi continued to eat,Her eyes widen feeling hands around her small waist,she turned quickly in fright seeing Prem,Raghav got on his feet quickly...with the Feeling of being  Jealous
Kalpi-Prem?...What are you doing?? Let go,Were in public
Prem looked at Kalpi and smiled,knowing Raghav was there watching them.
Prem-Can I colour you now?? 
Kalpi-Nahi...No one will colour me yet.
Raghav looked on in Jealousy,As he saw how friendly kalpi was to Prem.
Kalpi-I'll be back...
Kalpi watched Prem Nervously then walked away quickly turning back,looking to see if prem was following her,Prem smiled making his glance at Raghav,Both Men stood there wanting to shoot each other.
Kalpi ran by the fountain taking a deep breath,wiping her face in nervousness "Ya allah,what's wrong with me" Kalpi habit took her over bitting the ends of her hair "Prem's behaving really different,Oh... what if it's a trick to send be back home...By Ammi and Abbu? Nahi..I can't go,Meri Kismat,I'm looking for it" 
Suno naa kahe kya suno naa,Dil mera suno naa, suno zara
Kalpi made a loud sigh,she turned to leave when she saw Raghav standing watching her, Her eyes widen as he just stood there watching her she thinks to herself looking away"Ya allah...why is he here?? Is he following me??"
Teri baahon main mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Raghav slowly walked up to kalpi, she watched him feeling awkward as she steped back.
Teri baahon main hogi subah
She kept walking back looking up at Raghav in nervousness when her foot touched a small puddle on the ground,Kalpi sliped back,Her Eyes widens, her heart beats faster as she fell back in Raghav's arms.
Be intehaan be intehaan
Raghav held Kalpi tightly,pulling her closer to him, He smeared red colour across her face,she looked up at him in a daze,when she got blurred flashbacks of him.
Be intehaan - hmmm
Raghav-Remember this day...The Day I coloured you first.
Kalpi watched Raghav Stupefied and Intrigued by him and his actions,Prem who decided to colour kalpi by the fountain stood there and watched on From Afar in mixed emotions,He looked away and Left.
Raghav Gently helped kalpi back on her feet,she steped back watching him not knowing what to say,she then in a clumsy way walked away,Raghav looked on at her "She's changed a lot in these 3 years,she's more goofy and loud than Quiet..." He looked down seeing a Pink and Gold  ear ring,He bent and took it up,he dangled it infront of him "She'll be back for this..But you can't get it,When we prove you're Kalpi then,I'll give it to you"
Alone by the Gazebo Paakhi sat Recalling her moments with Kamla and Kalpi, She rested her head down and cried, Sammy quietly sat next to her and watched her.
Sammy-You came...When??
Paakhi looked up in fright and watched Sammy sadly
Sammy-You're Crying...why?? is that for someone to feel pity towards you??
Sammy looked towards the gate not wanting to watch her
Sammy-No one will feel Pity for you! So stop this.
Paakhi wiped her tears.
Paakhi-Everyone hates me...and I feel hurt.
Sammy scoffs at her words
Sammy-Really?? you Paakhi kapoor..Hurt?
Paakhi looked down sadly,Sammy made his glance at her
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo... Re..,Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re...
Paakhi's eyes widen as Sammy took some colour and smeared it arcoss her face.
Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re...,Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re...
Paakhi looked up at him lovingly and shocked, He watched her annoyed he looked away
Sammy-Don't watch me looking all shocked and surprised
Sammy-It's Daadi, I care about her.
Ke Taaro Rang...
Sammy got up and watched Paakhi who smiled at him, Suhana who walked by looking for Sammy stood  Shocked.
Sammy-Don't take a taxi,you can leave with us.
Mann Ma Mara Taro Rang Hai...,Ke Rang Jo Lagyo Re...
Sammy then left from there,Paakhi held her cheeks and blushed,Paakhi looked up and saw Suhana she walked up to her and smiled happily
Paakhi-Didn't you boasted that My husband would've coloured you?? Look  Sammy came and Coloured me.
Paakhi smirked at Suhana then left from there,Suhana watched on as she left "Smile all you want Paakhi Bhabhi,I have more tricks up my sleeve"
By The Cabana's Prem sat and drink Recalling Raghav colouring kalpi,He then watched Kalpi dancing and Enjoying holi,Neetu and Sahil came frustrated, they sat down taking a drink,Neetu noticed her son watching Kalpi.
Neetu-What's wrong??
Prem sat back putting his foot up watching kalpi.
Prem-It's noting...That Raghav Singhaina, Coloured her and she didn't budge.
Neetu and Sahil watched Kalpi.
Neetu-Kalpi did??
Neetu sighed holdng her head in frustration
Neetu-Sahil...It's all going to be ruined!! Those people comes back after 3 years and wants to take Kalpi away!!
Sahil-Don't worry I have an Idea, good one,Raghav will never get her back.
Neetu,Sahil and Prem all watched Kalpi.
By the Table Kalpi forcefully carried neetu there to colour her,Kalpi smeared colour all over Neetu's face and hugged her.
Paakhi stood there and watched them In shock,Kalpi and Neetu turned and saw her.
Kalpi made her glance at Paakhi then Neetu
Kalpi-Oh...You know Meri Ammi Jaan???
Paakhi was in shocked hearing those words
Paakhi-Ma?? She's your Mother??
Kalpi smiled and hugged neetu.
Kalpi-Haan,Yeh hai meri Ammi jaan,she's lovely and sweet the best of the best!! She's the best person I know.
Neetu smiled as Kalpi kissed her
Kalpi-Ammi jaan you carry along with your friend, I'm going to see if prem needs me.
Neetu smiled as kalpi left,She looked up at Paakhi
Paakhi-Bhai  is here? And Kalpi??
Neetu looked away annoyed
Paakhi-Neetu..You have stooped so low!! I am ashamed to even be your daugh...
Neetu snickered
Neetu-Nahi...Paakhi,Nahi..Yes you're my Biological daughter, But Piya meri beti,I love her and you should go to your kamla maa.
Paakhi watched her sadly
Neetu-Go on...Run to your Kamla maa.
Neetu smirked and left from there
Kalpi bit her hair in nervousness going to meet Prem by the Cabana "What if he scolds me??No what if he doesn't speak to me"
Kalpi sat next to Prem who was plugged into in IPod with his eyes closed, she watched him and smiled "He's probably tired, I'll leave him" she turned to leave but turned back seeing prem's phone ringing,she leaned over prem being cautious and answered his phone without saying anything "Hello Baby?? Are you there, I'm sorry about behaving like a bitch,And I'm sorry about sleeping with your friend, But we can make things work, Baby I love you And I know you love me too, Just give it a thought please, I'm waiting for you to tonight, We can do whatever you want" Kalpi stood quiet and shattered on the other line in tears she watched Prem in disgust and ended the call, she then got up from there quickly running away in tears when she collided with Raghav,he watched her and smiled, he then noticed her tears.
Raghav-Are you okay?? Why are you crying??
Kalpi wiped her tears quickly and smiled.
Kalpi-Oho...It's a girl thing
Raghav watched her and realized she was lying
Raghav-Where's your other earring??
Kalpi touched her ears looking back on the ground,Raghav watched her and snickered
Kalpi-I lost it...Ya allah,Ammi jaan will kill me.
Raghav comforted by touching her shoulder, Kalpi looked up at him.
Raghav-Don't worry just keep looking, You'll find it.
Kalpi sadly smiles then left from there, Raghav turned and watched her dangling her earring "I'm sorry Kalpi,You can't get this back yet...""
Kalpi was walking biting the ends of her hair when she bounced into Gauri and Soha
Kalpi-Maaf kar Dain.
She looked up and saw them staring at her,Kalpi eyes widen,she screams and hugs Soha,Both Gauri and Soha looked on stunned and shocked
Kalpi-Aap...Aap so...Soha Ali Khan!!
Kalpi squealed and hugged Soha tightly,Gauri and Soha smiled
Kalpi-Soha Ma'am aap itni Khoobsoorat,Pinch me is this real??
Soha-It is,,,,
Kalpi-My Name is Kalpi...Please remember,Oh..Can I have a picture with you??
Soha and Gauri smiled.
Soha-Kalpi..Don't mind having my mother with us??
Kalpi watched Gauri and smiled she bowed and greeted her
Kalpi- Adaab Aunty ji
Kalpi stood between Soha and Gauri while someone took their Picture.
Kalpi-Bahut Bahut Shurkriyaa Soha ji and Aunty ji
Kalpi smiled happily then left from there.
Kamla was heading to washroom when she collided with Paakhi, Both watched each other one with Hatred the other with Regret.
Paakhi-Kamla Maa...
Kamla looked away,Kalpi passed by with Saibha she greeted them,Paakhi watched her in a daze.
Kalpi-We meet again.
Kamla-Ji Beta,So you finally got coloured.
Kalpi-Haan,It was a nice moment.
Saibha-What Moment Kalpi?
Kamla and Paakhi watched Kalpi shocked.
Kalpi-Yes,Mine name is Kalpi,Oh silly me i forget to introduce you,Yeh hai meri Bhajji Saibha.
Kalpi-Lekin..That's your Daughter??
Kamla gave Paakhi a stern stare.
Kamla-Nahi...she's a Meemsaab's daughter??
Paakhi looked down sadly,Kalpi smiled at both and coloured them
Kalpi-Happy Holi,I hope your lives will always be filled with colours of joy...Bye.
Kalpi then left with Saibha,Kamla watched Kalpi sadly as she left and hugged Neetu.
Paakhi-Kamla maa...
Kamla left in tears ignoring Paakhi        
Everyone continued dancing,singing and throwing colours in the air,
Jise Zindagi Dhoondh Rahi Hai,Kya Ye Woh Makaam Mera Hai
By the table Kalpi walked slowly sliding her finger arcoss the table watching Raghav from afar,
Yahaan Chain Se Bas Ruk Jaoon,Kyun Dil Ye Mujhe Kehta Hai
she smiled seeing him sitting alone and quiet on his phone.
azbaat Naye Se Mile Hain,Jaane Kya Asar Ye Hua Hai
She smiled Rememerbing he coloured her as she touched her face gently.
Ek Aas Mili Phir Mujhko,Jo Qubool Kisi Ne Kiya Hai
She took up her camera and Kneel down focusing the camera on Raghav.
Haan... Kisi Shaayar Ki Ghazal,Jo De Rooh Ko Sukoon Ke Pal
Kalpi zoomed up on his face and took Pictures of him and smiled"Ek Picture is good" 
Evening came,Kalpi carried out the remaining food for the leaving guest at the request from Mr Methra,Raghav watched her as she worked.
Raghav-Thank you Mr Methra
Methra-No Problem,Are you coming to Goa?? BA???
Raghav-Yes,Were all invited so I'll come.
Methra-Well I'll take my leave here and I can't wait until Goa.
Mr Methra left with his wife,Sammy stood next to raghav.
Sammy-You're happy again.
Raghav-Were going to do the DNA test,And we'll prove she's Kalpi.
Kalpi took out four bags of Food and carried to The Jadhav's Singhaina's and Raaizaada
Kalpi-Thank you for coming.
Kamla-Thank you beta.
Not controlling her emotions Kamla hugged Kalpi tightly,Kalpi smiled and hugged her back,Vithal and Pakiya watched on with tears.
You will think of me at least once
They all left,Raghav and Kalpi stood staring at each other.
That's all I need, until the day we meet again
Kalpi smiled rememebering Raghav colouring her,He smiled seeing his Kalpi.
I'll wait, it's only a momentary goodbye
Both bowed saying Goodbye
Raghav-Phir milenge
Kalpi bowed Raising her hands to her head
Kalpi-Khuda hafiz.
Good bye my love
Raghav then left,Driving away,Kalpi stood there confused at her own behavior "Why I'm I missing him already?? who is he?"
I shouldn't have done that,I should've ignored it
Prem stood next to kalpi and smiled.
Prem-Today was nice...
I shouldn't have done that,I should've ignored it
Kalpi stood there recalling the phone call,Prem watched her confused
I shouldn't have ever looked at you,I should've ran away
Prem-You're quiet...Kalpi...
I should've acted like I didn't hear,Like something I could not hear
Kalpi made her glance and Prem
Like something I cannot hear ah... Yeah...
Kalpi-It was nice...I met a great person today...That I'll never forget him
I shouldn't have listened to my heart at all
Prem looked at her shocked,while she left from there "What's wrong with her?? Raghav she meant Raghav"

Precap-Kalpi walked around looking at A Empty dance studio for sale,she greeted the owner Mr Pandey
Kalpi-Saalam,I see that the place is for sale.
Mr Pandey-It is,do you like it???
Kalpi-I do...But how much is it??
Mr Pandey-Its about $7000.oo
Kalpi-7? I'll have to get a job.
Mr Pandey-There's an Opening at Singhaina's Constructions,You should check there.
Kalpi watched the studio and thought"Singhaina constructions? 

I added two new Korean songs in the Video index
  • Goodbye my love
  • Without words

FinishedBig smile hope you all likeBig smile don't forget to comment and Like...sorry if its boring

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Wow lovely update ragna meeting n kalpi happy seeing rag
Update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 05 February 2015 at 10:19am

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Awesome update dearSmile

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