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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 45)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 8

Yay I made 50 pagesLOL Thank you all for your beautiful commemtsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Precap~Kalpi made her glance and Prem
Kalpi-It was nice...I met a great person today...That I'll never forget him
Prem looked at her shocked,while she left from there "What's wrong with her?? Raghav she meant Raghav

It was night,Kalpi sat by the Cabana Rememerbering hearing Prem's call."Is he...is he cheating on me with another girl" Neetu,sahil and Prem came after a while,They all noticed Kalpi's quietness,she was leaving when they stoped her,Prem walked up to her.
Prem-Kalpi you have been quiet whole night,What's wrong???
Kalpi looked up at him feeling betrayed,Neetu and Sahil watched her.
Neetu-Kalpi...Beta what's wrong??
Kalpi-Prem's cheating on me.
Sahil,Neetu and Prem watched Kalpi dumbstruck.
Sahil-What?? Kalpi what are you saying.
Kalpi-Abba jaan,It's the truth...That woman called him.
Prem watched Kalpi and chuckled,she watched him confused.
Prem-Really kalpi?? 
Kalpi-I heard her prem,Do not lie to me!!
I should'nt have done that,I should've pretend I didn't know
Prem grabed kalpi by her arm and held her tightly,
As If you were invisible,As If I could'nt See.
Kalpi looked at him in pain,Neetu and Sahil got up quickly trying to stop him
I guess I should have never looked at you
Sahil-Prem...Let her go.
I should have ran away and pretented I could'nt hear
Prem made his glance at his Parents.
Prem-No...She needs to know,What kind of man I am!!
I shoud have Acted  like I could'nt hear as if i was deaf
He then Made his glance back at Kalpi.
Prem-I have took care of you for 3 years kalpi!! 3 years!! and this is what you say!!?? Yes That woman called my phone and Her name is Katrina,she was my Girlfriend,she cheated on me and I left her.
I should've never tried to listen to your love
Kalpi watched Prem shocked and Sadly
Prem-She wants to get back with me!! But I'm busy loving a girl who doesn't trust me!! I never cheated you!!
Without Words you made me know love
Prem jerked kalpi away,Neetu and Sahil watched on sadly
Without words you gave me love
Prem-Don't ever touch my phone!! Katrina is and always will  be my Past!! if you can't trust me...Then Go!
But it took you only a single breath to run away
Prem left from there angerily,Kalpi watched him in tears.
Neetu-Kalpi...look what happen,Why don't you trust him.
Without words, you left me,Without words love threw me away
Neetu left from there running after prem,Sahil walked up to kalpi and hugged her,comforting her
I could'nt even say a thing
Kalpi-Abba jaan,Mujhe Maaf kar dain please,I've never meant for this to happen.
Sahil kissed Kalpi,while she cried
I think My lips were startled on their own
Sahil-It's okay Kalpi...He'll calm down.
In the outhouse,Prem angerily spoke on the phone,while neetu quietly watched him.
Prem-How many time have I told you not to call me!
Katrina-What happen?? are you okay??
Prem-Don't ever call me,I'm not comming back.
Prem ended the call flinging his phone.
Neetu-Chocopie are you alright??
Prem sat back on the bed holding his head.
Prem-She won't stop calling and Kalpi she doesn't trust me,I've never hurt her in all these years now,I've spoken to her so rudely.
Neetu sat next to prem and hugged him
Prem-Is she crying Mom?? I don't want to see her cry!! Raghav Singhaina made her cry,I don't want to be like him...But I'm so angry at  her.
Prem cried silenty while neetu comforted him she thought "You're innocent Prem,Just like Kalpi,But my motive is going to be fullfilled soon,I promise you I'lll never let Raghav take Kalpi away from you Nor I'll let that Bai take her away from me...Kalpi will forever and Always be Ours" Neetu smirked while caressing Prem's head
At Singhaina's Raghav layed on the Lounge chair by the poolside Dangling Kalpi's Earrings and watching our it glitter in the dark. "Kalpi's Finally back,Nothing is impossible for me to lose her now...Like I took everything away from Kapoors I'll take back my Kalpi,I'm just broken she can't remember me,Not even once,But I'm sure she's missing her earrings alot now"
Raghav smiled Rememebering he coloured Kalpi,Aarohi stood watching him clueless "Raghav's not moody at all?? what's wrong with him?? He must have missed me alot"
At the Chawl,Kamla and Vithal made arrangements taking out Kalpi's clothes and belongings.
Kamla-Vithal,Bappa listened to us he brought back our Kalpi.
Kamla and Vithal hugged,Kamla's  smiled slowly faded recalling how Close kalpi was to Neetu.
Kalpi sat outside on the bench crouched up in tears,rememebering she had hurt prem,"Ya allah Mujhe maaf kar dain,I have hurted meri Mohabbat,he probably hates me now" Prem came out and saw her,he watched her sadly then went back inside,
When then twinkling stars color in the dark night sky
Kalpi looked up at the stars,She closed her eyes and thought of Raghav.
I draw out the one star in my heart, the hidden you
"Thank you...Sweet Stranger for colouring me" Kalpi open her eyes
I don't know why
Kalpi felt her heart beating faster,she looked up at the sky.
The more I erase you with tears,The clearer you get
"Why is my heart beating" Kalpi smiled and touched her heart.
I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
Kalpi open her eyes widely and took up her Camera and went through the Pictures.
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi stoped on Raghav's Picture and watched it warm-hearted.
My heart keeps going to you
Kalpi gently caress Raghav's photo and smiles with tears of joy
In Bhopal,Rukhsar was washing up the dishes,Saibha was drying them,Kalpi came in eating and Candycane,she sat on the counter.
Saibha-Madam ji are you here to help us??
Kalpi-Ya allah! Bhajji i can't,Ammi said i should'nt do anything.
Rukhsar-Hmmm Kalpi I feel sorry for your "Mohabbat" Poor guy he's stuck with a Glutton.
Kalpi-Ya! Are you calling me Fat!
Saibha-She said Glutton,Piya!
Kalpi-Really?? Rukhsar,Poor Rehan bhai ja...
Rukhsar-Kalpi...Don't you dare.
Saibha-Piya,go on leave us be lets clean up fast.
Kalpi-Ya Bhajji,you're no fun.
Rukhsar-Okay Madam ji since you're so in love,what will you tell your "Mohabbat" When you meet him?? Bol!
Kalpi smiled she jumped of the counter she posed and put her hand on her head "Tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye" Saibha and Rukhsar laughes while kalpi continued "tere ishq mein meri jaan..."
~Flashback Ends~
Kalpi looked at Raghav's photo " fanaa ho jaaye"
Morning came,Kalpi watched Prem,Neetu and sahil eating from upstairs,she walked down and greeted them
Kalpi-Good Morning Ammi jaan,Abba jaan,Prem.
Prem ignored Kalpi and continued eating,Neetu smiled.
Neetu-Good Morning.
Sahil-Kalpi,where are you going??
Kalpi-I'm just going to look around and see if I find a studio,My Munckin's would like that..
Kalpi watched prem who ignored her
Kalpi-Well I'll be going.
Kalpi then left,Neetu watched Prem
Neetu-Just talk to her,she'll be hurt,you want to see her cry??
Prem watched Neetu then left from there,Neetu got a call from which she left to go on recording both Sahil and Neetu Listen quietly "Hello Mr and Mrs Kapoor you are Kindly invited to bring Ms Kalpana Jadhav for a DNA test Today,If you don't bring her we will invole the Police"
Neetu and Sahil watched each other dumbstruck
Neetu-Sahil what are we going to do??
Sahil-Neetu...I have a Plan.
Kalpi walked around,looking at Mumbai and It's beauty,she stoped seeing a dance studio on sale,The owner saw her and walked up to her.
Kalpi-Saalam,I see that the place is for sale.
Mr Pandey-It is,do you like it???
Kalpi-I do...But how much is it??
Mr Pandey-Its about $7000.oo
Kalpi-7? That's alot,I'll have to get a job.
Mr Pandey-There's an Opening at Singhaina's Constructions,You should check there.
Kalpi-Okay if I get a job,I can get this place,Just keep it for me.
Mr Pandey-I will just don't delay
Mr Pandey left,Kalpi watched the studio and thought"Singhaina constructions"
At Singhaina's Rgahav sat and Ate Breakfast with his Family happily.
Aarohi-Everyone seems happy today?? why is that??
Suhana-Today is a happy day for Mausi Maa.
Paakhi watched suhana and scoffs.
Aarohi-Gauri Aunty??
Soha-It's an happy day because,Kalpi's comming back home.
Aarohi smiled slowly faded she sat in a Daze.
Aarohi-Ka...Kalpi?? she's alive??
Raghav touched Aarohi's hands with a thankful look.
Raghav-I am happy today because My kalpi is comming back and you've been a great surport...thank you.
Raghav got up he kissed his mother and left,Aarohi sat in a daze as Emotions of hatred,Pain and Anger ran through her,She lloked up at gauri and smiled,suhana watched her knowing her feelings.
Kalpi stood infront of Singhaina's Constructions and got flashes of her past,"Such a beautiful building,But was I here before?" she walked in and Looked around,she saw Payal picking up her papers,she quickly helped her.
Kalpi-Are you okay??
Payal-Thank you,It's been pretty busy these days since sir took the whole week Off.
Payal watched Kalpi with curiosity
Payal-Lekin...Why are you here?? are you meeting someone??
Kalpi-Nahi...I heard there was an opening so I decided to check it out.
Payal smiled happily
Payal-Really?? Okay so would you really try it out??
Kalpi-Sure,Why not,I really need a job now.
Payal-Just let me Take your name
Kalpi-Piya Haider
Payal wrote in Kalpi's name "Piya Haider"
Payal-Ummm...why don't you come in tomorrow for an interview with Mr Singhaina.
Kalpi-Okay thank you,I'll take your leave.
Kalpi left,she walked downstairs,Both Raghav and Kalpi passed next to each other without seeing each other,Both went their seperate ways.
Raghav walked into in cabin whistling,Payal watched him confused "What's wrong with Raghav sir??" Raghav took a seat by his desk and watched Kalpi's photo "Today we'll be together,no one will take you away"
Payal knocked and came in Raghav looked up at her happily
Raghav-What is it??
Payal-Sir, someone took the opening.
Raghav-Is that so?? who is it?
Payal-Piya Haider.
Raghav looked up at Payal "Piya haider?"
At the hospital,under the pretext of giving blood for donation kalpi willing gave her  blood.
Kalpi-Ammi jaan is this enough?? I'm tired now.
Neetu-It's enough now,go home..later we all will move into the Mansion.
Kalpi smiled then left,The Jadhav's Kamla,Vithal,Pakiya and The Singhaina's Gauri and Soha were present,Jaanvi and Khushi who were a Doctor and A Nurse stood with the Families surporting them,Sahil and Neetu walked Casually down the halls Meeting them,Kamla looked around for Kalpi but didn't see her.
Kamla-Where's Kalpi??
Neetu-You Mean Piya?? she couldn't make it but she gaved her blood...Lets get over with this,I need to go home.
Doctor Gupta came out with the DNA results,Kamla smiled knwoing her kalpi was comming home,Neetu smirked knowing her Plan was on track.
Gupta-The DNA of Piya and Kalpi Does not Match.
Everyone stood shellshocked,Neetu and Sahil smirked
Gupta-The DNA Matching of Piya and Kamla and Vitthal Jadhav was made Negative.
Kamla and Vithal stood in tears,Gauri,soha,Pakiya,Khushi and Jaanvi stood in stood while Neetu and sahil smirked.
Gupta-I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Jadhav but you were not a Match.
Doctor Gupta left with Jaanvi,Neetu walked up to Kamla
Neetu-Didn't I tell you,Piya is my sister's daughter.
Neetu smiled and Kamla's broken face.
Neetu-Tsk tsk,Kamla...I'm sorry about Kal...
Vithal-Don't take my daughter's name in your dirty mouth!!
Neetu watched Vithal and smiled,Sahil watched.
Vithal-Just because you rich you feel you can push people around!! we get it that girl is the Lookalike of our daughter.
Vithal put his hand together.
Vithal-Please leave us be!...Lets go Kamla.
A teary eyed Kamla walked up to neetu.
Kamla-Neetu Meemsaab,You'll never know the feeling of losing your child.
Neetu watched her Irked,Kamla took vitthal's hand and left in tears,Gauri headed outside with Soha worried.
Gauri-Soha...what are we going to do?? Raghav will ask us about Kalpi...what will we tell him that she's just a Lookalike??
Soha-Mom,I am worried,What if Raghav turns back into...
Gauri-Don't say that.
Gauri and Soha left.
Sahil and Neetu knocked on the Doctor's cabin,they walk in and saw no one,Both was leaving when there heard a voice "Why are you both going?" Neetu and sahil turned around and watched the Cabin chair's back facing them.
Neetu-Doctor Gupta??
As the chair whirled around,Neetu and Sahil stood surprised and Shocked Seeing Juhi,They all smiled at each other.

Precap~ The Singhaina Mansion was decorated,Raghav waited for Gauri and Soha to tell him the Happy news.
Raghav-Where's Kalpi.
Soha and Gauri watched each other in tears

Done hope you all likeBig smiledon't forget to comment and like,I didn't read back so i might have a few mistakes

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Kalpi is sad howprem talk t her n the way she thinks about rag was sweet lovely waiting for them t meet in office n poor rag awaiting for result which was falsified 
Update soon

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S0nalii IF-Rockerz

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As ususal superb update AruBig smile
So Prem seriously in love with kalpi and he hate Raghav for betraying her, wow, he seriously care for her, but what will he do when he will find out neetu's plan about kalpi and his relation

Raghav is all excited for kalpi's come back and Aarohi is again start her jealousy and curse section for Kalpi. Hope someday kalpi will win her heart as well with her precious smile and golden nature.

So kapoor plan something for DNA report and Juhi help them, but m sure it going to ruin soon.
Eager to see jealous kamla on Juhi and Kalpi's relation.Embarrassed
Lovely updateSmile

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eishe10 IF-Dazzler

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Terrific update!! Wondering what will Raghav do when he finds out the truth about DNA test? Continue soonBig smile

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by laavanya4u

Is Kalpi unknowingly getting the flashes of her past and that is prompting
her to know abt Raghav more??

I guess you can say that...She's attracted to him because she's Kalpi and both loved each other and she's getting flashes of him so yeah u can say thatWink
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update. So Neetu fudged the DNS test. How will rags and co. Find out.

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ArthunaAlive Senior Member

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Congo for 50 pages .  Sweet update . Keep them coming !!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

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laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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You are a cool and a casual writer.
You are writing the story like a well prepared student writing his exam without any fuss and mess.
What a khichid,jalebi,amriti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalpi is considering Prem as a sort of God,but unknowingly getting pulled towards Raghav.
The entire Kapoor clan is plotting,plotting and hell bent on keeping Kalpi with them.And they can forged the results of the DNA test too!!!!!!!!!!!!.So dirty,gutter minded clan.
Our hero has many enemies ih his house itself,To name it Suhana and Aarohi.And the new addition is Juhi??Who is she ???
In the midst of so many plottings and mysteries,how is our hero going to get his heroine??

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