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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 42)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Updating in whileWink

ArthunaAlive Senior Member

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 Wondabulous holi trailer VM .  Big smile You made my evening !!!!!!!!!MuahEmbarrassed  stay blessed.Smile
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so cute vm ria beautiful
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aria u too good lovely promo
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hey guys comments 4 the beautiful story pls ria update
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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Banner by Temptaions

Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 6


Precap~Kalpi closes her eyes "Ya Allah please let me meet my destiny,Please let me fulfill my goal"

Kalpi open her eyes and got flashes of Raghav


Morning rose,Kalpi was packing her bags excited to live with Neetu and Prem,Saibha and Rukhsar watched her.

Saibha-Mami and Mamu will be very happy seeing you there.

Kalpi focused on Packing.

Rukhsar-Lo...look at her,Soon she'll become Mrs Prem Kapoor.

Kalpi stoped in her tracks as her eyes glanced across Raghav's name.

Kalpi-Nahi! I can't do this yet.

Rukhsar and Sabhia looked at confused.

Sabiha-What do you mean??

Kalpi made her glance at Rukhsar and Saibha.

Kalpi-Meri Nikaah,Bhajii...Rukhsar,I can't marry him.

Rukhsar and Saibha watched her shocked.

Saibha-Why?? Kalpi..Tum...

Kalpi-I can't bhajji...Let stop talking about this,I'll meet you guys downstairs

Rukhsar and Saibha took their luggage and left,Kalpi took up the news Paper and watched Raghav's Name.


At Singhaina's Raghav waited for everyone to attend the Holi Party,He left with Soha,Gauri,Sammy,Suhana walked downstairs and watched a saw Paakhi.

Suhana-Good Morning Bhabhi.

Paakhi turned and watched her.

Suhana-Happy Holi!! Today is a wonderful say,Filled with Rang aur pyaar.

Paakhi-Happy Holi...

Suhana smiled and Hugged Paakhi.

Suhana-I wish today Sammy colours me first.

Suhana smirked at Paakhi then left,Paakhi watched her and thought"Nahi,Sammy is my husband,I'll have to follow him"


At Mr Methra's Holi Bash,Kalpi  stood at the entrance in a daze as flashes of her Past Flashed before her,she jumped out of her daze as Rukhsar and Saibha Nudged her.

Rukhsar-Oho Kalpi,has the beauty gotten to you??

Kalpi-It seems so Familiar.

Saihba watched Kalpi Curiously

Saihba-Kalpi what do you mean?? Do you remember something??

Kalpi-It's blurred...I.. can't see.

Rukhsar-Kalpi...It's holi enough,Lets enjoy.

Kalpi-You're right,Lets go.

Kalpi left Happily with Rukhsar,Saibha watches them and thinks"Kalpi is seeing something,But what is it?? What is Ammi and Abbu Hiding from us"

Rukhsar and Kalpi headed by Prem,Neetu and Sahil,They look on at kalpi who stood in a Daze.

Neetu-What's wrong kalpi?? you seem upset with us,Won't you colour your Ammi jaan?

Kalpi-Nahi Ammi Jaan,It's just This holi seems familair.

Neetu and Sahil made a glance at each other,Neetu decided to change the subject.

Neetu-Kalpi,I like your salwar,You look pretty.

Kalpi smiled at neetu and hugged her.

Kalpi- Shukria Ammi jaan,I'll go get some colours

Kalpi left with Rukhsar.

Neetu-What if she remembers??

Sahil-She won't! Juhi fed her those tablets for 3 years,there's no way kalpi would remember.

Neetu-You're right,Kalpi is our's so lets just enjoy holi with her.

By the Entrance Singhaina's Raizaada's and Jadhav's  walked in,stood stunned seeing The Kapoor's standing watching them.

Neetu,Sahil and Prem walked towards them.

Kamla-Meemsaab,Aap...You're here??

Neetu smiled at her.

Neetu-Kamla,Kaise Aap?? You look well.

Vithal watched on Annoyed,Prem and Raghav stood Face to Face watching each other in Hatred.

Vithal-Kamla,we don't need to speak to them,Lets go and enjoy holi.

Before they could walk in They stood Dumbstruck was Seeing Kalpi dancing in the crowd,Raghav stood there in a daze,Kamla stood in tears "Kalpi" Neetu and Sahil watched each other jumpy,They watch as kalpi took up a tray and walked up to them,Raghav watched her from head to toe in a daze,Kalpi looked up and Kamla and Vithal who watched her in tears,she smiled at them and Bowed

Kalpi-Assalam Alaikum,Holi Mubarak

Kamla watched her in tears


Neetu held Kalpi's hand tighty,Kamla and Everyone watched on.


Kalpi-Yes Ammi jaan?

Kamla watched Neetu shocked,Neetu smirked and watched Raghav

Neetu-Piya why don't you colour prem??

Kalpi turned and watched Prem,Raghav watched on.


Kalpi took some colour in her hand and gently wiped it on Prem's Face,Raghav stood shocked.

Kalpi-Happy holi.

Neetu watched Raghav and smiled.

Kalpi-Ammi jaan..Is this your guests??


Kalpi turned and looked up at Raghav who was watching her in a long Daze.

Kalpi-I...I know you,

Neetu and Everyone watched Kalpi shocked.

Neetu-You do?? 

Kalpi-You're...him the guy who saved me at BA...Thank you Again.

Raghav remembered saving the girl who fell he then looked away

Raghav-No Problem

Kalpi-Ammi jaan,I'm going to eat.

Like fate, I won't ever have anyone like you

Kalpi held prem's hand Raghav watches on sadly

Only you, only you

Kalpi-Prem do you want to come with me?? I'll feed you.

As much as my tears, I hope you are happy

Kalpi looked up at Prem happily while he Made his glance at Raghav.

Prem-Uh...Piya why don't you go and eat with Saibha.

Kalpi smiled at him,she turned at Raghav and smiled

Kalpi-It was nice seeing you again.

Good bye my love

Kalpi smiled at Raghav then left from there,Raghav stood there sadly,Kamla made a gaze at Neetu who was smirking at her.

Kamla-Kalpi zinda hai?? Me..meemsaab...she's my kalpi??

Neetu-Kamla,You're behaving to emotional now...That's Piya,My Piya!! Tumare Kalpi...she's dead.

Kamla grabed neetu's hand

Kamla-Meri Kalpi...she's alive and that's her!!

Neetu watched her.

Prem-Kamla Bai...

Kamla-Prem baba I told you before when,Adults are speaking children should'nt interupt

Neetu and Sahil Glared Kamla,Raghav came out of his trance and left to find Kalpi,Suhana and Sammy watched on.

Raghav looked around searching for Kalpi,He asked a few ladies and they pointed to the Garden,He walked through the garden and saw Kalpi taking Photo's by the Gazebo,he slowly walked up to her

Tu mujhe chhod jaaye yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya 

Kalpi paued feeling someone's gaze over her 

Meri baaton mein tera zikr sada         

Raghav stood there holding back his tears as kalpi looked up at him.

Meri yaad mein teri fikra sada

She got up and watched him confused as she wondered why her heart was racing

Main jo bhi hoon tum hi to ho

Kalpi kept stepping back as Raghav walked up to her she was pinned against the table

Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa

She watched him comming closer and her heart beating faster at the same time she was scared yet Fascinated by him

Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho

Raghav slowly touched Kalpi's face,finally letting out tears,Kalpi watched him confused.

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Kalpi quickly removed Raghav's hand breaking his trance.

Kalpi-Maaf kar Dain...I don't know you and this is really...

Raghav watched her shocked

Raghav-You don't know me??

Kalpi looked up at him confused.

Kalpi-Should I??

Raghav watched kalpi and  thought "I'll have to find out how Kalpi came with Mrs Kapoor"

Raghav-No...I'm sorry I'll be going

Raghav left from there while Kalpi watched him and smiled she put her hand together "Ya Allah It's him...But I don't even know his name."

Neetu pulled her hand back.

Neetu-Kamla Bai! You're competely mistaken,That's Piya my sister's daughter.

"It's my  Kalpi and I know it" Neetu,Sahil and Prem turned seeing Raghav watching them Angerily,Neetu sighed and thought "I'll have to find another way out of this"

Sahil-She isn't your Kalpi but Our Piya.

Khushi smiled getting an idea

Khushi-Fine...We understand.


Khushi-Nahi Aai I have an Idea,Since she's your Piya,We'll prove she's Kalpi by taking a DNA test.

Neetu,Sahil and Prem stood Dumbstuck

Neetu-DNA test..

Raghav-Yes A DNA test,We'll prove she's kalpi.

Mr Methra and His Wife walked towards Raghav Inviting them in,Leaving Prem,Neetu and Sahil shocked.

Prem-Mom,I'm going to find Kalpi.

Neetu held prem back

Neetu-Stay with her,Don't let he go anywhere.

Prem Noded then left,Neetu held her head in tension.

Neetu-Sahil!! what are we going to do!! DNA test,It will prove positive for That Bai and her husband!

Neetu began breathing heavily,Sahil comforted her

Sahil-Calm down,In these 3 years we protected kalpi and Kept her away,Noting's going to chance,We'll have to do something.

Everyone was was enjoying Holi,Kalpi mantained not getting Coloured by anyone,Raghav,Gauri,Soha,Kamla,Vithal,Pakiya,Khushi,Sammy and Suhana sat and watched Kalpi from afar who was giving Baang out,Neetu sat with Sahil and watched Kamla's and Raghav's every move,Everyone decided to dance and sing,Raghav remained seated and Watched Kalpi who was walking with a tray of Baang,she triped and the baang fell on Paakhi who has just arrived,Kalpi quickly cleaned her.

Kalpi-I'm so so sorry,Let me help you.


Paakhi looked up seeing Kalpi she stood shocked,Kalpi watched her and got blurred Flashes of Paakhi slapping her.

Kalpi-Maaf Ka dain...I didn't mean to...

Paakhi-It's okay

Kalpi smiled them left from there,Paakhi turned and watched her shocked "Am I dreaming! Kalpi?" Paakhi looked around for sammy "I hope suhana didn't colour him yet",Kalpi walked across to the table filled with snacks "Ya Allah I've never been in love like this" Kalpi took up the Cake filled with Jelly and smelled it "I'm going to eat all of you my love" On the right side of Kalpi, Raghav sat and watched her with his foot up,He smiled watching kalpi stuffing her face,Kalpi looked around eating messy watching everyone

I'm in love with you, I've never felt this way

Then her gaze fell at Raghav who was watching her.

Do you know about my love?

She held the cake up in her hand and ate it watching raghav she thinks "Ya Allah,This Man is so Handsome...And he's watching me,Is he...shayad meri Kismat??

Precap~ Kalpi's Eyes widens her heart beats faster as she fell back in Raghav's arms By the Fountain,when he coloured her in Red.

Raghav-Remember this day...The Day I coloured you first.

Kalpi looked up at him feeling Intrigued by him,Prem watched on From Afar in mixed emotions


 Finished sorry for the short update...Tomorrow I'll try updating longer Big smile hope you like..I think I should've made RagNa meeting better but guys I'm not wellCry so I hope this is good enoughSmile Gonna focus on this FF until my SS s2 comes outTongue Don't forget to comment and likeTongue Yes for songs if you don't know them go into my videos in indexTongue




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Wonderful update dear...
Kushi is brilliant but I think kapoor's make any problem on DNA
Hope kalpi get her memory soon

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