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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 4)

Appuu_AshLover Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Nice start...would lv to read continue dear Smile

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Kiaraah Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Awesome prologue Aria!   I loved it! Need to say more? Of course I'm there to read. Do pm me dear! 
Awesome new year gift you gave us Wink

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usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 9:45am | IP Logged
yeah update soon very nice concept

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usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 4:16am | IP Logged
hey pls update
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
Note-Hi Everyone,though I'm extremely Excited to Update my FF,As you know I lost all my Videos,So My Trailers are gone,So I'm making It over,so I think I won't update until I'm finish with my Trailers.Hope you all Understand


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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
Hey, take your time
I understand :)

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2015 at 8:23pm | IP Logged

Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 1 (Part A )
Chapter 1 has about 3 Parts,Any Mistakes please tell meBig smile

As Morning's,Night's and day's goes Vitthal felt alot Pain in his heart Knowing his Daughter is still Missing,He sat and read the newspaper and caress it as Kalpi's photo about her missing was in it,He silently wiped his tears so Pakiya wouldn't notice,but he did,Kamla quickly packed Lunch for Vithal and Pakiya as both got Jobs,She headed out and saw Suhana walking upstairs,She hugged Kamla tightly
Suhana-Mausi Maa,Kaise Aap? Are you alright?
Kamla smiled 
Kamla-Haan Haan,I'm Okay,Parantu suhana beta why are you here so early??
Suhana-Omg Mausi Maa,Today were attending a Wedding.
Kamla was clueless
Kamla-Shaadi? who's?
Suhana-Paakhi Bhabhi's
Kamla's smile slowly faded.
Kamla-Accha? Well enjoy.
Suhana hugged kamla and was leaving
Suhana-Ji Mausi Maa.
Kamla caress Suhana's face
Kamla-Beta why are you wearing such short and tight dresses??
Suhana-Omg Mausi Maa,It's style and It's a wedding,Anyways I'm running Late,see you.
Kamla smiled seeing Suhana she thinks to herself"Meri suhana is just like you Kalpi,Oh Bappa how I miss Kalpi,Lekin Paakhi I'll never forgive her for what she's done"
Vitthal came out.
Vitthal-Kamla were you talking to??
Kamla watched Vitthal nervously as Vitthal hated the thought of suhana being there.
Vitthal Glared at Her and held his face
Vitthal-Do whatever you want Kamla! I'm Leaving.
Vitthal left,Pakiya came out and hugged his mother.
Pakiya-Aai don't worry,Baba will eventually Like suhana again.
Pakiya left,Kamla watches downstairs and remembers how each and every Morning kalpi would leave that time for work she sighed.
At City Hospital,Raghav laid in his bed and Glanced at his mother who was speaking with the doctor,Sammy and Aryan watched him.
Aryan-How are you feeling now??
Suhana came in and saw on the couch she quietly listened,Raghav made his glanced at Sammy.
Raghav-Mujhe maaf Kar dejeeye Sammy,I'm forcing you into this,But I cannot bear to see that woman's face.
Sammy Smiles
Sammy-Yaar No sorries,I'm only doing this for you,I'll have to live with it.
Sammy held Raghav's hand.
Sammy-There isn't news Yet Raghav,Their Haven't found Kalpana as yet.
Raghav closed his eyes in pain,Gauri came in and sat next to him.
Gauri-Beta how are you now? Are you still feeling any Pain??
Raghav-How is Kamla Maa?
Gauri looked at Him sadly
Gauri-She's getting through it she's Happy.
Raghav watched Gauri annoyed,he then Glanced at Suhana.
Raghav-Suhana how is Kamla Maa??
Suhana watched him,she got up and stood by his foot.
Suhana-Raghav she's still gloomy but she's slowly moving on.
Raghav-Thank you.
"You didn't have the Decency to call and tell me you're in the Hospital" An Angry but worried voice Said,Everyone turned and watched Soha standing by the door with her arms folded,She walked up to Raghav.
Soha-Mom Please,I'm speaking to this Idiot,Are you okay?
Raghav-Di Kaise Aap?
Soha-Hey don't be like "Di Kaise Aap" I'm worried about you,How did this Happen??
Everyone watched Raghav sadly,Raghav turned his head.
Raghav-I don't want to talk about this.
Aryan-Soha Di,We'll be going we have a wedding to Attend.
Sammy-Mine's Soha Di,Suhana,Aryan lets go.
Sammy left with Suhana and Aryan,Soha sat next to Raghav.
Soha-Mom,Can I please talk to Raghav alone??
Gauri-Sure but please take your time with him.
Gauri Left,Soha watched Raghav and caress his face.
Soha-Is she always so Over smothering??
Raghav smiles
Soha-Aur where's Kalpi??
Raghav closes his eyes and begin sobbing,Soha watches him sadly and huggs him,Gauri stands by the door and cries as she thinks" Mujhe maaf Kar dejeeye  Beta,Because of my selfish reasons tum aur kalpi never became one Mujhe maaf Kar dejeeye"
At The court,Sammy sat with Suhana and Aryan and waited,Paakhi came in with Her Daadi waring a red Saree,She walked up to Sammy,.
Paakhi-Maafee chaatee hoon,I'm late.
Sammy looked away annoyed,Both sighed Their Marriage Paper and Put Garlends on each other,Suhana watched Sammy and how sad he looked,Sammy then took a Pinch of sindoor and Put on Paakhi's Maang,
"Lafzon se jo tha pare"
she closed her eyes as sindoor fell on her noise.
"Khaalipan ko jo bhare"
Sammy watched her sternly,Took blessings from her Daadi then left with Suhana and Aryan,Paakhi watched on sadly Daadi came up to her.
Daadi-Paaku,Mera bachcha,Please be careful and safe.
Paakhi-Daadi stay with me.
Daadi smiled and hugged Paakhi.
At The Singhaina's Mansion,Paakhi and Sammy stood outside,Suhana,Aryan,Gauri watched them.
Gauri-Suhana Beta take Daadi into her room.
Suhana-Ji Mausi.
Suhana Gently carried Daadi to her room,Gauri Stood and watched Paakhi,Sammy watched Paakhi with No feeling and went upstairs,Paakhi watched on Shocked.
Gauri-Aryan see if Sammy needs anything.
Aryan left from there,Gauri walked up to Paakhi
Gauri-Where you expecting a Bahu's welcome??Tsk Tsk Nahi Paakhi you will not be getting any of that,As you're not welcome here.
Paakhi stood in tears,Gauri smiled Then left from there,Paakhi looked around and saw noting as no one prepared her arrival.
At City Hospital,Soha watches Raghav as he slept,The doctor Came and greeted her.
Doctor Singh-Hi I'm Doctor Jaanvi Singh I'm taking over Mr Raghav's Case ,Who are you??
Soha-I'm Soha Khan I'm Raghav Elder sister,I came from UK Last Night.
Doctor Singh-Okay It's nice to meet you,Well He's doing well,He just needs to be careful and Less work,He also needs to see me Daily.
Soha-Why don't you come to our home when you're free??it'll be better if you come than him comming everyday.
Doctor Singh-Okay,It's ok I can be His Personal Doctor,I'll take your leave.
Soha sat next to Raghav and caress his face"Raghav,Doctor Jaanvi is Quite Beautiful,she's Sweet'
Kamla sat on the ground and went through Kalpi's things,Crying."Please Kalpi come back to me,To your Aai" Kamla caress Kalpi's Photo."Kamla Tai,Why are you crying so much?"
Kamla looked up and saw Manda standing by the door playing with the end of her braid,Kamla got up and watched Manda
Kamla-Manda,Mera Kalpi will come back to me,vo ...
Manda watched her
Manda-Kab?? when will she Kamla Tai?? It's been 2 weeks
Kamla watched her and think"Whether anyone believes me or not Meri Kalpi Zinda Hai.
Lahore ke us pehle jile ke do pargana mein pahunche
In Lahore Pakistan,A couple walks holding hands as a strong wind blows.
Resham gali ke duje kuche ke chauthe makaan mein pahunche
The couple stands infront one of the most Riches and Well known hospital.
Aur kehte hain jisko dooja mulk us Pakistan mein pahunche
The couple Enters and walks the halls of the hospital,both signed their names and entered a Room.
Likhta hoon khat main hindustan se pehloo-e-husna mein pahunche
The couple watches the girl who laid on the bed Unconsious It was Kalpana Jadhav who Laid on  that Bed,Then the doctor Came.
Doctor Khan-Salaam Vaalaikum,Who are you? Begum Sahiba had called,May I ask your Name and who are you to the Paient??
Juhi Smiled.
Juhi-assalam alaykum Doctor Saab,Mera Nam Juhi Haider and This is My Husband Aamir.
Doctor-And your Relationship with the Paient?
Juhi Glanced At Aamir then watched the doctor.
Juhi-She's Meri Beti, Piya, Piya Haider.
Doctor Khan-Okay,I'll give you time
The doctor Left as Juhi sat next to Kalpi,she watched Kalpi and Caress her Face.
Juhi-Hmmm,She's Bahut khoobsoorat Aamir.
Aamir walked up to an Unconsious Kalpi he watched her.
Aamir-She is,Juhi are we really doing this??
Juhi watched Aamir sadly
Juhi-Aamir she's My Bhajji and She has always kept our Secrets,We can atleast do this for her,Can we??
Aamir-Okay only for her.
Juhi then glances back at Kalpi and caress her face.
Juhi-Hello Meri Beti Hello Piya.
Kalpi Laid Unconsious,while Raghav laid awake still hoping Kalpi is alive.

Hope You all like forgive me for my Mistakes,I don't know hindi so I probably got alot of wrong spellings here,so you guys can help me you know tell me basic words and stuff and Don't forget to Comment and Hit Like
And Thank you Charu "Chaahat4u" for helping me with some of the words

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2015 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Awesome. Aria u don't know Hindi? Shocked but u write it so well. Then what language do u kniw besides English Tongue

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