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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 33)

eishe10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Wonderful story so far including the character sketch Wink

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Nice CS
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SJ001 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
Nice update
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 5

Precap~Kalpi fell back into Raghav's Arms,she felt his hands on her waist She slowly looked up at him In a Daze. 
Raghav watched her Big Black eyes and both shared an eye lock
Raghav helped Kalpi up,he watched her,Kalpi bowed in respect
Kalpi then quickly left while Raghav watched her,At the BA Presentation Raghav scoffed at Neetu's speech,Kalpi walked infront if him and open her eyes widely seeing Neetu "Ammi Jaan,She's in Mumbai? I thought she was in Dubai with Prem,I'll have to leave" 
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi turned to leave when  her and Raghav's hands touched 
My heart keeps going to you
both Raghav and Kalpi looked at Each other,she then quickly left from there,Kalpi took off her stole and sighed "Ya Allah,Today is such a stressfull day" Kalpi looked up and saw Prem and Neetu watching her she looked down in nervousness,Kalpi walked up to them
Kalpi-Prem...Ammi Jaan,Kaise Aap??
Neetu watched her
Neetu-You're here?? Kalpi!
Kalpi looked up at Neetu in fright and sadly pouted
Kalpi-Ammi jaan mujhe maaf kar dain,Please.
Neetu watched her angerily and was about to scold her when she saw Raghav comming towards them.
Neetu-Prem...You carry Kalpi out for some fresh air.
Prem-Mom but...
Neetu-Just go...Quickly
Prem gently took kalpi by the hand and carried her out,Raghav saw Neetu who sighed in relief,
Raghav-Did you do something worth not forgiving,Mrs Kapoor??
Neetu widen her eyes and Looked up at him,she smirked
Neetu-Areey Raghav Beta, You're here?? what a surprise.
Raghav looked away annoyed and left,Neetu watched on as  he left and smirked "Raghav Singhaina,I have the most precious thing you loved,but now It's mine,You can't take kalpi away from prem or me"
By the fountain Kalpi and Prem at talking.
Prem-Does Mami know??
Kalpi-Nahi prem,I'm sure Ammi will kill me when she finds out.
Prem watches her
Prem-So it's only you?? I mean in mumbai??
Kalpi-Nope,It's Bhajji,Rukhsar and Rehan Bahi Jaan.
Prem-And I know Aisha's here.
Kalpi-Prem I'm sorry,I really am.
Prem-I know you're sorry, but lying is wrong Kalpi.
Kalpi gently rested her head on Prem's shoulders and smiled
Raghav headed to his car talking to Aarohi on the phone,he looked at the side of the car and  saw a Colourful scarf,He took took it up and watched it and carried to his car and threw it in the front seat.
Kalpi walked out with Neetu,Prem and Sahil.
Kalpi-Ammi jaan,Abba jaan,I'm really sorry.
Neetu caress Kalpi face and thinks "I wonder if Raghav left,If he sees Kalpi,He'll take her away"
Kalpi-Ammi Jaan what are you thinking??
Neetu-Noting,Kalpi lets go.
In the car Neeti sat next to Kalpi.
Neetu- when did you came??
Kalpi-A few hours ago,Ammi jaan in two days it's holi,Please let me stay with you.
Neetu smiled and watched Sahil through the rear view mirror
Neetu-Sure Kalpi after holi.
Kalpi-Really ammi jaan??
Kalpi hugged neetu,while neetu caress her head worried.
At Singhanina's Mansion
Paakhi held her hand and watched her Angerily,suhana watched her.
Paakhi-Suhana...I don't understand why or what you are doing with Sammy but Stop.
Suhana watched her stunned she smirked
Suhana-What do you mean??
Paakhi-Suhana! I saw you...I saw you in his arms i saw you smiling when he touches you,Suhana Sammy mera Pati hai,Mera
Suhana watches her shocked.
Suhana-So what if he's your husband! He doesn't want you,He hasn't touch you in 3 years.
Paakhi watches suhana in shock then slaps her,suhana held her face and watches her.
Suhana-Did I say something wrong Paakhi Bhabhi??
Suhana then hugged Paakhi tightly,Paakhi watched her confused She saw sammy watching them,Suhana smirked and quietly whispered in Paakhi's ear
Suhana-Don't take me for a fool Paakhi Bhabhi,You took away something from Raghav now Bear it with me,I'll take sammy away from you,Sammy sirf Mera hai Paakhi bhabhi
Paakhi stood shocked
Suhana-Don't forget you'll lose this game because Sammy won't choose you,He hates you.
Paakhi hugged suhana back tightly
Paakhi-Let me see how you take my husband away from me.
Paakhi and Suhana broke their hug and watched each other and thinks,Sammy watches them confused
Suhana-"Paakhi Bhabhi It's going to be hell for you,I'll make sammy hate you more till he kicks you out and he'll choose me as I love him"
Paakhi-Sammy may hate me but I'll win his love truthfully,Sammy is my husband and no one can take him away from me"
Sammy-Why are you both just staring at each other??
Suhana and Paakhi looked at Sammy.
Neetu droped Kalpi Off at the hotel.
Neetu-Stay here.
Kalpi smiled and went to her room,She walked in and saw Rukhsar and Saibha eating,Kalpi sat on her bed and took out the newspapers"Oh..I'll read it now"
When then twinkling stars color in the dark night sky
Kalpi went into the business section "Raghav Singhaina? What kind of person are you?"
I draw out the one star in my heart, the hidden you
She read the first question  Q"What is your Favorite colour" A"I Have none"
Kalpi-He has none,Wow he's werid...Hmmm next question
I don't know why
Second question Q-What do you think of SEX?"
The more I erase you with tears,The clearer you get
 Kalpi's eyes widen she closed her eyes and giggled A-"It's a stupid Question! why would you even ask me that!!
Don't go away
Kalpi twisted her face
Kalpi-Wow he's really werid...
Third Question Q-What makes you tick" Kalpi sighed  A-"Well my employees and these stupid questions"
When the long night passes and sun shines
Kalpi-Why can't this man answer one straight question
4th Q-If you weren't a rich man,why would you be?"
I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
 Kalpi  smiles "I wonder what he'll be" A-What are you kidding me!! Not rich?? I will always be a rich man nothing else,I work hard to get here I have no regrets.
Kalpi sighed in frustration 'He's really a snob"
5TH Q-What is love and who is love in your words"
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi's eyes widen "Ohhh Mohabbat?' A-Pyaar..Love in my words is Kalpana Jadhav and Only Kalpana Jadhav.
My heart keeps going to you
Kalpi smiles "Kalpana Jadhav??  Hmmm atleast he answered a question
Sweet melody
Kalpi took out her suitcase and gently rested the newspapers there she smiled at it.
Later that Evening everyone sat in the living room.
Gauri-Friday is Holi and we have been invited by a close friend,so we all are going.
Kanchi-Mom we can't come,Nishi,Haley and I are going with a friend to Pune.
Gauri-Pune?? On holi?? Anybody else??
Aarohi-I'm heading out with Myra for the weekend sorry Gauri aunty.
Suhana-I'm free,Mausi Maa will be coming right???
Paakhi rolled her eyes annoyed by Suhana.
Gauri-Okay I'm finish head back to you're work.
Gauri left with Soha,Raghav and Sammy sat on the couch Discussing work,Suhana walked up to Aarohi
Suhana-I guess another wonderful Holi with My mausi maa.
Suhana and Aarohi watched a teary eyed Paakhi and smirked as paakhi walked away in tears
Sammy-Raghav I sae you're Q&A's today,what was that??
Raghav watched him 
Raghav-That Journalist was annoying,What stupid questions...
Sammy-but you confidently answered the one with Kalpana's name.
Aarohi turned back and watched them
Raghav-Because Kalpi is my love,No one else can take her place.
Aarohi turned red with Jealously,Suhana watched her and carried her to the poolside.
Raghav-It's another holi without her.
Sammy-I have a little faith that this holi might be the best,I Feel something great will happen Friday,That Raghav Singhaina would smile again.
Raghav chuckled
Raghav-Yeah don't kid yourself sammy.
At the Poolside,Suhana calmed Aarohi down 
Suhana-Why are you so hyper??
Aarohi-It;s that Kalpi,It's always Kalpi!!
Suhana-You're back with this?? I'm going I don't want to hear mausi maa's daughter get cursed.
Aarohi stood there and griped the end of her dress tightly
"Curse?? Nahi suhana,I hate her I hate that woman!! Because Of her In these 3 years I never got Raghav's love!! I  wish she's dead!!"
At the chawl,Kamla prepared for holi
Kamla-Khushi Were heading with Raghav Baba for holi.
Khushi-Really??  That's nice
Kamla turned at watched Kalpi's photo "Kalpi,I hope this holi everything goes well"
I don't know why
kalpi layed on her bed with her feet up and closed her eyes remembering Raghav's Face     
The more I erase you with tears,The clearer you get
She opened her eyes and smiled "Who is he?? he seems really familiar"             
Don't go away
She giggles and hides her face "He's so handsome"  
When the long night passes and sun shines
She huggs her pillow tightly and wonders  "I wonder what's his name??" 
I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
Kalpi closes her eyes "Ya Allah please let me meet my destiny,Please let me fulfill my goal"
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi open her eyes and got flashes of Raghav

Precap-Holi was in Full swing,Singhaina's Raizaada's and Jadhav's stood stunned seeing The Kapoor's standing watching them,But what made them Dumbstruck was Seeing Kalpi dancing in the crowd,Raghav stood there in a daze.

Don't forget to comment and Like any mistakes forgive meTongue

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
beautiful CS dear... Sorry i kno m late but was L'll busy

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2015 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
suprb update aria... I hate Aarohi... Wish she get out of Raghav's life soon... Wish Ragna luv story starts again... Nd wish Neetu, sahil, Aarohi all go to hell... Angry dear plzz want kalpi to gain her memory back soon plzzz do this... Update nxt chappy soon plzzz waiting

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update. Rags missed kalpi this time. Can't wait until holi when he sees kalpi. Can't stand the witches wish they fall flat on their face.   Angry waiting for ragna meeting update soon Embarrassed

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