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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 26)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by usahingora

beautiful update story also waiting 4 it

Thank youEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunyy

Awesome promo and awesome update. Love prems caring for kalpi. Can't wait for ragna to come face to face then those witches will blown out of the water. LOL finding it hard to sympathise with pakhi can't stand her Angry

Thank alotEmbarrassed Prem loves her,RagNa will come face to face soonWink yeah about paakhi everyone feels the sameLOLWink
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ReezaFathi

waaa, very amazing...u ar talentd...Clap

tq tq tq..Crymiss ASHNA a lot

Thank you deary,I too really miss them hope someone takes them and but them in a showCryCryCry
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abxetz

Waw what a teaser darling   Clap Star

Thank you dearyEmbarrassed But I'm super duper happy you liked itBig smileBig smile
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2015 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by charvi3

lovely promo dear ...update next part soon

Thank you alotEmbarrassed
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 4

Precap~Kalpi looked up at the sky,and saw Raghav's blurred face flashed before her eyes "I'll find you" 
Raghav sat by the poolside and watched the sky and rememebered kalpi "I'll find you"
Morning came,In Bhopal Kalpi walked downstairs and saw how happy her family was she thinks "Ya Allah,Please take care of Ammi and Abbu,That I'm secretly going to Mumbai,But I need to get a Dance Studio there and to Find my destiny" She quickly wipes her tears and hugs Juhi.
Kalpi-Ammi,I'm up extra early this morning.
Juhi watched her and smiled.
Juhi-Why?? and you're Dressed up,where are you going??
Kalpi-Ya Allah! Ammi it's just a short jeans and My famous scarf.
Juhi Watched Kalpi Suspiciously,Kalpi looked away nervously
Juhi-Piya! where are you going??
Kalpi-Ammi don't get upset...But...Bhajji and I are going to the Ballet Academy.
Juhi watched Kalpi and sighed,Kalpi nervously smiled and hugged Juhi
Kalpi-Ammi,I'll Be back soon,I promise.
Juhi kissed kalpi and Caress her face.
Juhi-Okay,Promise..Promise me that you'll never leave me.
Kalpi-I Piya Haider Promise.
Kalpi then went and hugged Aamir
Kalpi-Abbu,I'll miss you too.
Aamir hugged Kalpi tightly and smiled,Kalpi hugged Zoya and Aliya.
Kalpi-Soya Zoya and Mami,I'll miss you also.
Zoya-Api...You're behaving as if you're not comming back!
Kalpi-YA! I'll be back soon,I promised Ammi,It's getting late,I'll be leaving now.
Before Kalpi left Juhi made her eat and took Her Vitamins.
Juhi-Here take these everyday,It's for your health,also call me when you reach.
Kalpi-Okay Ammi.
Zoya sat next to Kalpi and hugged her.
Zoya-Api don't go flirting with those guys,because I'll tell Prem Bhai Jaan.
Kalpi pinched Zoya's cheeks
Kalpi-I can't think of any other man than My prem,Understand
Kalpi hugged Juhi and Aamir again then went outside,she tuned and watched her house"Ya Allah,This house Is filled with memories,and I'm betraying the people who loved me alot"
"Piya,lets go" Kalpi turned and saw Rehan calling her kalpi ran and hugged him
Kalpi-Rehan Bhai Jaan,Kaise Aap.
Rehan-I'm alright,Piya I've already Packed your suitcases,Now lets go.
Kalpi turned and looked at her house again,With a heavy heart she left.
In Mumbai
Payal Raghav's new Secretary knocked and Entered,He watched her.
Payal-Good Morning Sir,Their is a meeting held today at The Business Associations at 1pm today,All Businessmen and Women are Invited there,You're name has been called,Would you...
Raghav-Thank you Miss Joshi,You can go.
Payal bowed with respect then left,Sammy watched him confused he then made his Glance at Payal who was leaving.
Sammy-Is there something different with you or Payal or Priya??
Raghav went through his files
Raghav-Priya was too annoying,Payal she's different and she handles my Work Professionally
Sammy smiled at him,he then saw Paakhi calling him rejected the call,Payal sat and went through the files,As Aarohi and Myra,Aarohi's Model Friend walked in Everyone stood in respect,All the ladies Envied their clothes and beauty,while the men watched on in Fascination,Aarohi and Myra smirked seeing and Knowing everyone's Reactions,She stoped and turned seeing Payal sitting and not standing to greet her,She walked up to her,Payal looked up at her.
Aarohi-I am the Future Mrs Singhaina,why can't this Woman greet me,Why are you so disrespectful!!
Payal watched her and scoffed she got up.
Payal-Maaf Karna Ma'am,Did you made an appointment to meet Mr Singhaina??
Aarohi and Myra scoffed and watched her.
Aarohi-Are blind or Deaf?I'm here to meet Raghav,My future husband...
Before she could say anything else sammy came out,Aarohi watched Payal
Sammy-Payal,It's okay..Aarohi, Raghav is waiting for you.
Payal-Yes Sammy Sir.
Sammy went back inside,Aarohi glared at Payal and fling the files on the ground,Payal watched her.
Aarohi-When I become Mrs Singhaina,I'll make your life hell,Payal!!
Aarohi left,Myra watched her and threw water on her "Bitch" she called her,Myra smirked then left,Everyone watched Payal,their turned away and went back to work,Payal sat down and quietly cried she thought"Soon,I wish you meet your Match Aarohi Khanna"
In Raghav's Cabin,Aarohi hugged Raghav tighly and Kissed him,Sammy watched on sadly ,he turned and felt awkward as Myra was checking him out,she came closer to him.
Myra-Are you married??
Sammy eyes widen.
Sammy-Yes I am,Please can you sit back.
Myra played with her hair and watched him.
Raghav-Aro...An important meeting came up and I need to go,I'm sorry to cancel our Lunch date today.
Aarohi smiled and Played with Raghav's Tie
Aarohi-It's okay,But you'll hate to make it up to me.
Raghav half Heartedly smiled,Aarohi and Myra then left from there.
Sammy-Who's her friend??
Raghav-Myra,Why??You like her?
Sammy-Like her??she's Freaky!!
Raghav smiled
Raghav-I'm going to the meeting now,Are you comming??
Sammy-Nah,I'll go home,I'm really tried these days,I'll take a long sleep.
Raghav-Well enjoy it,because soon,We have to head to Goa for the International Business Association.
Sammy and Raghav made their way out,he walked up to Payal.
Raghav-I'm taking the half day off for the meeting and Payal...
Payal looked up at him.
Raghav-I'm Sorry about Aarohi and Myra.
Payal-It's okay Sir.
Raghav smiled at her then he and Sammy left.
At The Airport
Rehan,Saibha,Rukhsar and Kalpi came out with their suitcases,
Rehan-I'm heading to a Important Meeting you girls can stay at the hotel,Until i find a suitable place.
Rukhsar-Okay Rehan Ji
Rehan Hugged Rukhsar then left,Kalpi smiled at this.
Saibha-Piya,Rukhsar lefts go.
Kalpi-Bhajji,I'm taking a tour around Mumbai today,So you too can go and yes I will call you.
Kalpi-Ya Allah!! Haan Bhajji.
Kalpi hugged Rukhsar and Saibha then left from there.
At Singhaina Mansion
Paakhi with her foot in her the pool she held her mangalsutra "What's wrong with suhana,Yesterday I saw her in sammy's arms and she smiled...Like she liked it" Paakhi closed her eyes and taped her head "Nahi Paakhi what kind of thinking it that,suhana is like a Little sister" She checked the time on her phone "Oh... Sammy must be back" Paakhi quickly got up and headed downstairs,Sammy walked in going to his room,Suhana walked downstairs on her phone collided and fell on top of sammy,Suhana watched Sammy in a daze.
Sammy-You're pretty heavy suhana.
She smiled,
Paakhi stood on the stairs in tears,
Thoda Thehar,Thoda Thehar
she watched as sammy's hands was on suhana's waist
Sun le zara,Sun le zara
she looked away and felt like her heart was shreding
Dil keh raha,Dil keh raha
Suhana looked up and saw Paakhi she smirked,Sammy helped suhana up,he smiled at her.
Aaja jao meri tamanna
he turned and saw Paakhi,Both Stared at each other.
Baahon mein aao
He watched her and walked passed her Straight,Suhana watched paakhi's reaction and smiled,She then was leaving when Paakhi held her hand and watched her Angerily,suhana watched her.
Kalpi took a Bus and took Pictures,She took in the fresh Air and smiled "Ya Allah is so fresh and Familiar,It's like i was here before" She watched the lady who sat next to her.
Kalpi-Maaf kar Dain,I don't mean to be loud.
Lady-It's okay,It seems it's like your first time in Mumbai.
Kalpi-It is.
Kalpi then saw the newspapers.
Kalpi-If you don't mind,can i see the newspapers???
Lady smiled and handed Kalpi the newspapers,Kalpi read the Papers and thought"Ya Allah so much is going on in mumbai"
Kalpi turned and saw that the lady was gone "She forget her papers" Kalpi turned the Page to Business ,she read the title " Quick Questions with Raghav Singhaina" Kalpi squinted"Raghav Singhaina" She watched the Journalist name "Ya Allah Aisha!! she did this,Haaaye she wrote it so well,,Oh...I should read his quick questions" Before Kalpi could read the bus stoped "Hmmm Maybe later',she gently put the newspaper in her bag and put on her ear plugs,she then realised that the bus wasn't moving,the driver said the it has too much traffic and anyone who wants to leave can go,Kalpi sighed and decided to leave,she came out of the bus,When she came out the bus Flashes of Raghav flashed infront of her,Her parents and family moments of them flashed before her eyes,Taunts of neetu she heard,Kalpi stood puzzled"What is this I'm seeing and hearing who are these people" She decided to ignored it all
Kalpi-Tu Saath Hai, O Din Raat Hai,Saaya Sa Hai, Maahi Ve... Maahi Ve...
Kalpi open her eyes widely
Kalpi-Maahi Veee
Kalpi stood and saw a long line of cars "Ya Allah,Yeh Traffic,Ohh"
Raghav sat in his car frustrated by the traffic he took up his phone and played on it.
When then twinkling stars color in the dark night sky
Kalpi walked through the Traffic and mumbled
I draw out the one star in my heart, the hidden you
She slowly walked Passed Raghav's car,Raghav kept focused on his phone.
I don't know why,The more I erase you with tears
Kalpi kept walking until her Scarf got hooked to the mirror
The clearer you get,Don't go away
Raghav was still focused on his phone,while kalpi kept on walking
When the long night passes and sun shines.I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
her eyes wided as She held the remaining piece that was on her neck.
My Everything, My Destiny
Kalpi turned and saw Her Scarfed hooked to the car,she tried watching in the car,
My heart keeps going to you
Kalpi saw the cars slowly moving she tried unhooking it,before the man in the car (Raghav) drove off,Kalpi in fright quickly removed herself form the scarf,while raghav drove off,she Fretted "Ya Allah I lost my Famous scarf"
At Business Association
Everyone watched on With Mixed Emotions As Mrs Neetu Kapoor With her Family Made her Entrance.
Neetu-Oh My,No one here seem's pleased to see me?? I am that Bad??
Everyone Greeted her and took their seats,Raghav Parked up and Talked on his phone,Kalpi quickly came out a ricksaw,she looked up and saw the place she thought"BA? This Place is where there work?Oh Ya Allah,Prem comes here" Kalpi took her newly brought  Stole and blocked her face only reveling her big eyes,She and Raghav walked in at the same without seeing each other,Kalpi made a funny walk while thinking she saw Prem and triped.
Be intehaan ,be intehaan
Kalpi fell back into Raghav's Arms,she felt his hands on her waist She slowly looked up at him In a Daze.
Be intehaan ,Be intehaan 
Raghav watched her Big Black eyes and both shared an eye lock
Yun pyaar kare yun pyaar kare Be intehaan

Precap-Kalpi quietly watched the BA Presentation,while raghav stood behind her she turned to leave when both hands touched both Raghav and Kalpi looked at Each other.

Sorry for such a late Comment,Please don't forget to comment and Like and any mistakes please forgive me.
And the song in i wrote in english is actually a Korean songEmbarrassedWink which I love,I'll put more songs like that here,I'm going to make it my new theme for this FFBig smile but if you want to hear it just to in my videos and trailer in my indexWink but i also played it in my promo Wink


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Awesome update. So finally rags and kalpi will meet. Am waiting for that. And hopefully kalpi will give back to that bitch arohi and suhana. Angry

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suprb update dear,... Clap update nxt chappy soon...

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