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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 22)

usahingora Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 4:17am | IP Logged
oh ria love u read second tym all update pls update next part

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sh0Nali

sory for late cment aria Ouch
amazing update
love to see that kalpi is getting so much mothery love frm juhi which she was craving frm kamla and nw kamla is craving for her daughater's love, though suhana is there bt she craving for kalpi.

Raghav is pretending to be happy with aarohi, bt in deep he just want kalpi with him. Hope ragna wil reunite soon.

Suhana is in love with sammy, bt what abt sammy, is he going to fall for pakhi?
Kalpi is coming mumbai, t love from wow thats great. She wil definitely find her answer. Kalpi is falling for premShocked its shocking, bt is prem to like kalpi?
Superb update dear.

P.s. Thanks for the messege, bt want to ask one thing, is there is other love trangle also- raghav kalpi prem?

It's alirght dearyBig smile That's wwhat I'm planning she'll get love from Juhi a nd Kamla will hate it,RagNa will unite soon suprise for you allWinkPrem does love Kalpi,Yes there is Raghav-Kalpi-PremWink well as u kknwo prem isn't a villan in that triangleBig smile

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Aria thanks for this note Wink ye vali action mai ab bi kuch confusion hai LOL ROFL

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 7:41am | IP Logged

Edited by ariarai - 22 January 2015 at 8:13am

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:07am | IP Logged

Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 3


Precap~ Morning Came and Kalpi rushed downstairs for breakfast and stood shock,seeing Prem Standing infront of her,Everyone watched On and smiled,Kalpi smiled seeing him,

she walked up to him and saw him Glaring at her,she took a deep breath.


Kalpi looked away nervously not knowing what prem might do.

Kalpi-Prem...Kaise Aap?? 

Prem took kalpi by the wrist and carried her outside,Kalpi watched him confused

Kalpi-Prem,What's wrong?? Is everything

Prem-Why aren't you eating?!

Kalpi watched him sadly

Kalpi-I don't feel like it

Prem looked at her angerily

Prem-You don't feel like it! Are you a kid?? where is your brain?

    Tu mila jis tarah saba mile  

Kalpi watched him sadly and hugged him

Kalpi-I missed you alot prem.

       Tu mila jis tarah sila mile  

Prem moved Kalpi away and watched her

Prem-Do you think doing this I'll forgive you??

Prem left from there Angerily,Kalpi watched him sadly.


In Mumbai,At Singhaina's

Paakhi was making Breakfast Happily,Paakhi took up the hot pot by accident and burnt her hand she cried in pain,Sammy who walked downstairs heard her and rushed to her,

    Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Mann Se MoheBaandhe   

He watched her cried and took her and and put it under the water.

       Haan Mohe Baandhe Lo Nainon Ki Dor Se   

Paakhi watched Sammy lovingly as he rubbed her hand gently

       Hai Yeh Pyaar Kaisa, Iska Raaz Hai Kya Bol De   

Sammy Looked up at her,she smiled at him

Sammy-Tum teek ho??


       Keh Bhi De...  

Sammy watched her then left from there,Paakhi smiled and held her heart,Suhana who stood on the stair griped the staircase angerily and watched Paakhi.


In Bhopal,Haider's Villa

Everyone sat and ate,Kalpi walked in with Ayaan,Prem watched them.

Juhi-Kalpi,Ayaan why are you both late??


Prem-Don't ask her Mami,she's probably not hungry.

Kalpi watched Prem and twisted her face.

Kalpi-Ji Ammi,Prem knows everything,I'm going upstairs.

Kalpi left from there annoyed,Juhi watched Prem

Juhi-Prem,She's always happy to see you,Don't be angry with her.

Prem watched Juhi and smiled,Kalpi walked up by the rooftop"I thought he would be happy to see me,Lekin nahi he just scolds me like a idiot" Kalpi rolled her map out and covered her head she kneeled and Pray.


In Mumbai,Singhaina's Mansion

Raghav got dressed he turned and saw Aarohi watching him,she walked up to him.

Aarohi-You look Pretty handsome today,what's the special occasion?

Raghav-I have a Interview today.

Aarohi smiled and hugged Raghav,he watched her.


In Bhopal,Haider's Villa

Kalpi prayed"Ya Allah Give me strength to head to Mumbai tomorrow,That I can reach there safely I'll meet with my Destiny" Kalpi opened her eyes and saw Prem standing watching her.


In Mumbai,Singhaina's Mansion

Aarohi looked up and Raghav,who was confused by her behavior

Aarohi-It's Time now Raghu,To forget everything about your past.


Aarohi gently put her finger on Raghav's lips

Aarohi-Shhh Raghu

Raghav watched her as she leaned in to Kiss him when Kalpi's photo fell on the ground stopping her,Both Raghav and Aarohi heard the noise  watched on shocked.

Aarohi-Raghu isn't that photo made of glass?? It didn't break.

Raghav smiled and watched kalpi's face

Raghav-It didn't,she's always there

Raghav took up kalpi's photo and rested gently back on the wall he stood there  and watched it and smiled,Aarohi watched on and thought"Even through Pictures,she's tearing us apart,her picture didn"t even shatter and It's made of glass,God I hope she's really dead itherwise Raghav will leave me" Aarohi watched Kalpi's photo nevously


In Bhopal,Haider's Villa

Kalpi's watched Prem,as he helped her up and made her sit.

Prem-I'm sorry.

Kalpi watched him and smiled happily

Kalpi-Really? Haaaye meri Prem said I'm sorry.


Prem watched her and smiled

Prem-I like to see you smile Kalpi.

Ab Yeh Deewana Dil Bin Tere, Kaise Jiye    

Kalpi watched him and held his hands

Kalpi-I too like to see you smile.


Prem hugged Kalpi tighlty she watched him and thought" Mujhe Maaf Kar Dain prem,I'm heading to mumbai without telling you,Ammi,Abbu,Ammi Jaan and Abba Jaan,But soemthing is pulling me there dancing and My destiny,I feel Mohabbat everything i remember that person's blank face,alaein that's how I feel,Mujhe Maaf kar dain prem please,Main tumse Mohabbat karte hoon."

    Saansein Bhi Chalti Hain Ab To Bas, Tere Liye 

Kalpi hugged prem tighter.

Prem-I'm leaving in a while,I came for business and to meet you

Kalpi looked at him sadly both got up.

Prem-I brought this for you,Just think of it like I'm always with you.

Kalpi opened the box and saw a Payal.

Kalpi-Payal,bahut Khoobsurat Prem, Bahut Bahut Shukria 

  Tu mila jis tarah saba mile 

Prem took the payal's and put them on Kalpi's feet,He then hugged her and kissed her forehead

   Tu mila jis tarah sila mile   

Prem-I'll be back soon,Don't worry

   Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile bakhuda 

Prem left from there as kalpi watched on in tears"You said that 3 months ago" Prem walked downstairs and went by Aamir and Juhi.

Prem-Mami,Watch Kalpi carefully and don't let her leave home.

Juhi-Yes,But what's wrong??

Prem-Noting Just keep her happy.

Prem then left from there  juhi watched him and thought "If kalpi goes anywhere Especially mumbai,it will be trouble"


In Mumbai,Singhaina Mansion

Sammy sat by the couch waiting for Raghav,Suhana came and sat next to him.

Sammy-I thought you have a modeling job today??

Suhana-Nope,I'm on a break this week,well both Aarohi and I.

Paakhi walked downstairs heading to the Market when she saw Suhana sitting closely to sammy that to wearing Mimi jeans,Raghav walked out talking on his phone.

Raghav-Sammy lets go

Raghav walked out,Sammy watched suhana and pushed her head gently.

Sammy-Take care.

    Aaja jao meri tamanna 

He looked up and saw paakhi

  Baahon mein aao  

she watched him sadly as he left,Suhana looked at her and smirked,suhana got up and stoped paakhing Frm leaving

Suhana-Bhabhi where are you going??

Paakhi-I'm going to the market

Paakhi left from there,suhana stood there and smiled.


Raghav's Constructions            

Raghav and Sammy came out of a meeting and saw someone sitting in his cabin,Both walked in and watched the person they sat.

Raghav-With whose permission,that you entered my Cabin?

Aisha sat and watched Raghav she greeted him

Aisha-Saalam,I'm Aisha Ali Khan,I'm the journalist you were supossed to meet.             

Sammy-Raghav,She came to interview you so enjoy.

Aisha-Maaf kijiye,But I'll be interviewing you both.

Sammy and Raghav watched her in frustration,Aisha smiled at them.


In the Market

Paakhi shoped whole day,"I'll buy some good fruits and make some juice for Sammy,he'll definally like it"she kept walking around she saw Kamla and Khushi,Kamla turned and saw her.

Paakhi-Kamla Maa.

Kamla watched her with no emotions.

Kamla-Khushi beta lets go.

Kamla left and went to buy something,Khushi greeted Paakhi

Paakhi-How's Kamla maa??

Khushi-She still misses Kalpi,But she's getting there,I hope you're happy Paakhi ji.

Khushi left from there with Kamla,Paakhi turned and watched them sadly. 


Night came,Paakhi came home late after shopping and spending time with friends,she walked in and saw Suhana in Sammy's Arms,she stood there broken.

Sammy-Are you alirght??

Suhana-I am,Thank you

Sammy left and went upstairs,suhana watched Paakhi and smiled.

Paakhi-Suhana what are you doing??

Suhana smiled and left from there,Paakhi watched her and thought"What is doing with sammy?"


In Raghav's room,he angerily sorted his clothes while Soha and Gauri laughed.

Soha-That Journalist go you really angry,what did she asked??

Raghav-Asked!! the woman asked me about my love life.

Gauri-What did you say?

Raghav-What could I say,I wanted to pelt something at her,My love life isn't for any newspaper to know.

Raghav pointed at Kalpi's photo.

Raghav-That is my love life.

Gauri and Soha Watched him sadly,Aarohi who stood by the dooe watched on in jealousy


Sammy was on his bed doing work on his laptop,Paakhi sat on the couch and tried rubbing cream on her burnt hand,Sammy glanced at her irritaed by her little moans,she got up and took the cream out of her hand and gently rubbed it on her hand.

  Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Mann Se Mohe Baandhe   

Paakhi looked  up at him with love she smiled,even though it pained her

     Haan Mohe Baandhe Lo Nainon Ki Dor Se  

Sammy watched her irritated and Confused 

Sammy-why are you smiling?!! Aren't you in Pain.

   Hai Yeh Pyaar Kaisa, Iska Raaz Hai Kya Bol De  

Paakhi shooked her head and smiled,Sammy watched her and went back to his work

Keh Bhi De...

Paakhi smiled and held her mangalsutra tightly And looked up at sammy "Thank you" she said in a low voice

At the chawl khushi sat next to kamla
Khushi-Paakhi ji really misses you.
Kamla-Well I don't I'll never forgive her,Forgive her! I only have 3 daughters,Meri Kalpi ,suhana and meri pyara bahu Khushboo.
Khusi hugged kamla and smiled,Vitthal watched on sadly "Bappa please bring back kalpi,That's all we want"
In Bhopal,Haider's villa
Kalpi sat on the roof top with Saibha and Rukhsar.
Kalpi-Bajji,Rukhsar,I'm feeling really nervous to leave,what if Ammi and Abbu finds out.
Rukhsar-Rehan ji is comming with us,He has a meeting with some businessman in Mumbai,so it's alright to go with us.
Saibha-which Businessman??
Rukhsar-Umm,I think Mr Singhaina,I think he said Singhaina
Kalpi looked at her
Saibha-Kalpi we all are going and it;s your chance to be with your destiny right,Don't fight it,your destiny will find you.
Kalpi smiled,the girls  prayed 
Rukhsar-Allah please,help us go safetly to mumbai tomorrow,please help Kalpi find her destiny,Please let my nikaah to Rehan ji be alright.
Saibha- Allah help us with our task,And help me firgue out who is really kalpi? I feel there is more to the story something is missing,what is the secret behind Kalpi,please help her find her true destiny"
Kalpi- Ya Allah,please carry us  safety to mumbai,please help me find the person I can't see,Ya allah who is he? why do I feel love when i see flashes of him"
The girls sat and laughed after praying,Seher,Zoya and Pooja came,their made a circle and enjoyed each others  company and talked,
Kalpi looked up at the sky
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte   
and saw Raghav's blurred face flashed before her eyes "I'll find you
 Tere bina kya wajood mera  
Raghav sat by the poolside and watched the sky and rememebered kalpi "I'll find you"

Precap-Kalpi got off the bus and saw traffic"Ya Allah mujhe maaf kar dain,I'm wearing these short pants,I'll quickly buy something new,lekin this traffic" Kalpi walked through the traffic,Raghav sat in the traffic on his phone,Kalpi passed by his car when her stole got hooked to the mirror,she turned and tried unhooking it,before the man in the car (Raghav) drove off

I didn't read it back to see any mistakes so if you see any forgive me please,also RagNa will not meet so soonEvil Smile Raghav will only see her eyes he won't recognise,their offical meeting will be at Holi  My famous   holi Wink Singhaina's Jadhav,Kapoors will come face to face At holiBig smileBig smile don't forget to comment and likeBig smileBig smile

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S0nalii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:14am | IP Logged
love to see premana bond, prem also start liking kalpi n he want to see kalpi smiling. He is caring for kalpi.

Aarohi and suhana r getting into my nervous. What both wanted.
Pakhi is hoping and craving for sammy's and kamla's love, bt her own deed's took away all dis frm her.

What is it now wid dat journalist? Who is she? Y she want to knw abt rags love lyf?Confused
kalpi is all set to go mumbai, hope she wil nt got into trouble.
Superb update

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Awesome update they trying hard not t let kalpi go t Mumbai n that girl litteraly throwing herself on rag
Thank kalpi photo save that from happening
Update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 22 January 2015 at 8:34am

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darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2015 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Plz bring them face to face soon
awsome update
update soon

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