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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 18)

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Originally posted by Kiaraah

I apologise dear for not commenting . Read all the parts in one go  and it's fabulous  Aria!  You are too good!  Star   Brilliant concept and  awesome story. 
Loved the banners too Big smile.  Pakhi,  the evil woman caused ragna accident and separated them. Now her mother is destroying her memories too.  I thought initially that Juhi and Aamir  were good people but no, they are all evil.  They are helping Neetu in making Kalpi forget her existence , her parents, her Raghav.  

Prem seems nice in here.  He's also attracted to Kalpi as is she to him.  He's not aware of his mom's  evil plans.  Hope he  helps Kalpi once he comes to know the truth. 

Raghav  is heartbroken as Kalpi is missing.  To top it off a new nuisance in the name of Arohi has come to double his troubles Angry  Suhana  is feeling  something for Sammy.  Where does Aryan fit into this? 

Loved it all dear and is looking forward to reading how ragna is going to meet... Will she remember him or the medicine will stop her from doing so?  Well done Aria!  Really, hats off to you ClapHug

Thank you Kiaraah Hug thank you I thought everyone would've hate the storyLOL, Thank for liking my bannersBig smile Yep Their all evil,Neetu is taking revenge,Prem and Kalpi somethign gonna happen between themWink Aarohi want Raghav and hates kalpi becasue she can't get him,Suhana will fall for sammy even being married to Aryan,Aryan is always away on business that why he's barely in this FFWink It's all a super duper surpriseBig smile

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Rubz1234

Too good ya ...seems quiet interesting... When will rags n kalpi meet n kya hoga as she has lost her memory...I'm just wondering...it's like just wait n watch...

Thank youBig smileBig smile their meet soon and indeed it like wait and watchLOLLOL
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by charvi3

Lovely update dear

Thank youEmbarrassedBig smile
Chaahat0 Newbie

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Read all parts in one go,Aamazing FF Love the Freindship between Prem and Kalpi,Can't wait for RagNa meeting and can't wait to see what happens next

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Chaahat0

Read all parts in one go,Aamazing FF Love the Freindship between Prem and Kalpi,Can't wait for RagNa meeting and can't wait to see what happens next

Thank you so much,Glad you liked it,RagNa will meet soon
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 2 (Part 1)


Recap Kalpi took a deep breath and watched the Sky "Sometimes I feel this isn't me,Is there anyone out there that I miss so much,That I can die,I'm going to live my life beautifully" she smiled

Kalpi,Raghav,Vithal and Kamla sighed and Watched the sky Looking for answers.


3 Years Later

At Singhaina's Mansion

Upstairs By the Poolside Aarohi wearing A Pink Bikini laid taking a tan on the Pool Lounge Chair,Suhana then raised out of the water wearing a Floral Bikini having a Tattoo on her waist (SR)"You look really tanned up" Suhana said drying her hair.

Aarohi-I'm thinking of getting another Tattoo with Raghav's Name.

Suhana-I have enough,SR Do you know what it stands for??

Aarohi-Samar Raizaada??

Suhana blocked Aarohi's mouth Quickly.

Suhana-Kya kare ho tum Aarohi!! Someone will hear you!

Aarohi smiled

Aarohi-Sorry Sweetheart,But you know you can't hide it forever.

Suhana-Mera Nam Suhana Raizaada aur Sammy's Name is Samar Raizaada I can hide it saying It's my name SR.

Aarohi smiled


Suhana-I can't control it anymore Aro

Aarohi watched her.


Suhana-I like him,Sammy I Really like him and he married that Behenji.

Aarohi-Oho,Sweetheart I thought you loved your Bhabhi ji??

Suhana-Pyaar? Uski? Never she's just his stupid wife,Sammy will never choose her over me.

Aarohi-True and that Kalpi she's A bit...

Suhana-Aarohi!! Please Hum jaanti hai you don't know kalpi alright,I don't know her but she's Mausi Maa beti hai aur I don't want to be invovle with you hurting or cursing her name alright!!

Aarohi watched her and smiled

Aarohi-Alirght,I understand,You'll do anything for you Mausi Maa.

Paakhi walked up to the pool heard Suhana and Aarohi Laughing "Suhana and Aarohi"

Both Suhana and Aarohi watched Paakhi.

Paakhi-You're in Bikini's??

Suhana- tou kia Bhabhi??

Paakhi-Sammy aur Raghav has clients downstairs and their might come up here in a while.

Suhana-Oh,Accha?Sammy and Raghav are back?? Well we'll get going.

Aarohi-Haan,See ya Paakhi ji

Suhana and Aarohi took up their belonging's and walked on the stairs talking.

Aarohi-Are you going like that??

Suhana smiled

Suhana-Kya? sammy will die seeing me like this.

Aarohi and Suhana headed to Aarohi's room.


At the chawl,

Kamla prepared Breakfast for everyone,Vitthal watched her.

Vitthal-Kamla why are you in a hurry??

Kamla-Vitthal, suhana beta needs me to come over so...

Kalpi stoped in her tracks she turned and watched Vitthal.


Vitthal held Kamla's hands.

Vitthal-Go,Go and see her,I won't stop you,I understand your love for her,Just remember Kamla, suhana...kalpi nahi hai.

Kamla watched him sadly,he wiped her tears.

Kamla-Please don't bring her up vitthal,Everytime i yearn for her,I can't keep feeling like this.

Vitthal-Just have faith kamla,Hamari Rajkumari,Bappa will bring her back,Just wait.

Khushboo stood by the door and wiped her tear,she walked in by Vitthal and Kamla

Khushi-Oho Aai and Baba,you too are so emotional,Look i brought fruits and Laddo for you all,Won't you thank me??

Kamla and Vitthal smiled

Kamla-Khushi,Thank you beta.

Khushi hugged kamla and Vitthal

Khushi-Thank you Aai and Baba.

Pakiya came in and hugged everyone tightly,Khushi watched him and Glared at him.


In Bhopal Haider's Villa

Juhi and Aliya prepared Breakfast,all husbands and children were seated eating,Juhi had 2 Daughters Saibha and Zoya and their adoptive Daughter Piya (Kalpi),Aliya who lived with them also had daughters,Rukhsar,Aisha,Seher and Pooja the Youngest"These Girls" Juhi went by the stairs "Saibha,Zoya,Piya breakfast is ready" Saibha and Zoya came down and sat,everyone ate,Juhi looked around and didn't see kalpi.

Juhi-Zoya,where's Kalpi?

Zoya-Oh Ammi,Api is...

Zoya watched Saibha to help her out.

Saibha-Ammi she's upstairs dressing still,she got up late.

Juhi watched Aamir and sighed,On a empty rooftop by a poolside a girl with Long hair wearing a salwar Kameez danced and trained little children,Saibha stood from afar "Piya!" Kalpi turned and watched Saibha hiding her face "Ya Allah,Bajji,she'll kill me"

Saibha walked up to her and held her ears.

Saibha-What's this?? huh? didn't ammi told you not to dance this early!!

Kalpi-Oho Bajji,Ammi Mujhse Mohabbat Karte hoon so it's okay.

Saibha-Accha? Fine you'll take the taunt of the head and he'll never let you get Married

Kalpi eyes widen

Kalpi-Kya,Meri Nikaah,Ya! I'm getting Married.

Saibha-I'm going,Bye.

Saibha left from there.

"Were not going??" The group of children said looking at Kalpi sadly,Kalpi kneeled down by them.

Kalpi-You guys trust your Api? We'll definally go to Mumbai and dance and win.

The children screamed happily and left,Kalpi sighed and thought"I feel something besides dancing pulling me to Mumbai,I'll definally go mumbai and find out what's there That I need,I'll get a studio there" Kalpi closed her eyes and Prayed"Ya allah Mumbai has dreams and hopes for me,I'll find my missing answers,who is that man who's  face that i can't see is printed in my mind,That i'll get a life there" Kalpi opened her eyes and hoped for a new chapter,"A Little fat girl name Piya is sitting there all alone? Huh?" Kalpi turned and saw Ayaan,Ayaan is kalpi's best friend who has fallen for her which she doesn't know she got up and ran and hugged him both fell on the floor,Kalpi watched him

Kalpi-Oh? Fat you're calling me Fat!! Fine I'm not moving from on top of you.

Ayaan-The head will see us and their won't let you get Married

Kalpi-Ya allah why does everyone say that!!

Kalpi got up and help Ayaan up.

Kalpi-Oh...,Ayaan I'll have to go,Ammi will kill me if I'm not eating,I'll see you.

Kalpi left from there running crazily while Ayaan smiled at her "I missed your craziness Kalpi"


In Mumbai,At Singhaina's Mansion

Raghav sat with Jaanvi as she discussed his state.

Jaanvi-What the hell is wrong with you,Why can't you take care of yourself!!

Raghav-I'm sorry Jaanvi,I...

Jaanvi-You're a businessman it doesn't mean you have to over work.

Raghav-Jaanvi! You're my doctor not my  wife stop screaming at me!!

Jaanvi watched Raghav.

Jaanvi-I am not your wife but I'm a friend who cares!

Raghav-I know,But everything is so hetic with Haley,Nishi and Kanchi comming back.

Jaanvi-Your sisters??

Raghav-Yeah,Lets talk later through video chat.

Jaanvi-Okay,But Don't let me scold you again!

Jaanvi left from there,Aarohi came out overhearing everything,She sat next to raghav and held his hand,Paakhi walked downstairs and watched on.

Aarohi-Raghu it's okay,I'm here for you,If you need me just call.

Raghav smiled at Aarohi.

Raghav-Thanks Aro,It means alot.

Raghav got up and left from there,Paakhi turned when she saw Kamla standing there,Tears build up in Paakhi's eyes and Remembered all the times Kamla showered love on her she smiled but it slowly faded as Suhana hugged Kamla tighly.

Suhana-Mausi Maa!! Ahhh I  missed your warm hugs,where were you??

Kamla smiled

Kamla-Suhana beta,Vitthal Is okay now with us.

Suhana smiled happily

Suhana-Accha Mausi Maa?? Okay,lets go to my room.

Suhana took Kamla hands and left with her,Paakhi watched on sadly as kamla didn't even once looked at her,Aarohi smirked in the corner.


At Raghav's Constructions

Raghav paced up and down in his office everyone who passed peeped at him,Raghav's Secretary Priya walked in shaking "Sir...si..sir" Raghav turned and watched her "What!!"

Priya-Sir...A Journalist wants to interview you.

Raghav sat down frustrated.

Raghav-I don't want to! Get Out now!!

Priya jumped

Priya-Sir..Mujhe maaf Kar dejeeye but it would be best if you let the journalist interview you in the meeting tomorrow.

Ragha watched her and smiled he walked up to her and took away her files.

Raghav-Priya , your spunk it's quite disgusting!!

Priya watched Raghav shocked

Raghav-Get out!! and yeah you're fired!!!

Priya ran out in tears,Raghav sat playing on his phone.


In Bhopal,Haider's Villa

Kalpi ran downstairs quickly,she sat between Juhi and Aamir And held her ears

Kalpi-Ammi,Abbu mujhe maaf kar dain,You know how much I love dancing and My munchkins

Juhi smiled and hugged Kalpi tighly

Juhi-Haan,Haan,Hum tumari ammi hai,I know alot.

Kalpi smiled then Watched Aamir.

Kalpi-Abbu? are you still angry.

Aamir caress Kalpi's face and smiled

Aamir-Never,I can never get angry at My daughter.

Zoya ran in and hugged her father

Zoya-Abbu,do you only love Api and Bajji?? what about me??

Kalpi smiled and pinched Zoya's cheeks

Kalpi-Ya! Soya Zoya,Ammi aur abbu loves us all,their the best.

Zoya-Ji Api their the best.

Kalpi hugged Juhi "You're the best Ammi in the whole world no one can take your place in my heart"


In Mumbai at The chawl

Kamla burned her hand,she turned and watched Kalpi's photo,Khushi watched her.

Khushi-Aai? what's wrong??

Kamla-Khushi Beta,I feel as if kalpi is being taken away from me.

Khushi-Taken away?? Aai you're Kalpi's Ma,only you no one can take her away from you.

Kamla accepted khushi's words but felt a pain


Forgive my HindiWink

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Paakhi sat infront of the Mirror drying her Hair she thought"In these 3 years I've learned and regretted alot,Now All i pray is that kalpi is safe and she comes back home to Raghav"
Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Re Baandhe... Mann Se Mohe Baandhe
Paakhi smiled at Sammy's Photo 'I've fallen in love with you sammy"
  Haan Mohe Baandhe Lo Nainon Ki Dor Se
Paakhi smiled and Put on Her Sindoor Remebering Sammy colouring her she smiled
Hai Yeh Pyaar Kaisa, Iska Raaz Hai Kya Bol De
Outside Sammy came home,Suhana walked downstairs and saw him she smiled and fixed her hair,she walked up to him.
Suhana-Sammy,you're back so soon??
Sammy-Oh..Today was a tiring day,Tomorrow we have to meet a Journalist.
Suhana-Accha?? Ummm where's Raghav??
Sammy-He's gone for his sisters.
Suhana-And where's your sister?? isn't she comming??
Sammy-Soon,real soon,Hey I'm going to freshen up.
Suhana-Sammy...Should I make some tea for you??
Sammy-Yeah thanks alot suhana.
Sammy gently pushed Suhana's head back and went to his room,she smiled and closed her eyes,Sammy went to his room and Saw Paakhi fixing the bed she went to him.
Paakhi-Sammy,how was work should i make you some tea??
Paakhi was leaving to make tea when sammy held her right arm tightly and Pulled her close.
Sammy-Stop this now!! Didn't tell you not behave like my wife!! You're not!!
Paakhi-Sammy i...
Sammy-Paakhi! I've warned you!
   Thoda Thehar ,Thoda Thehar 
paakhi stood in tears,Sammy tighten his grip on Paakhi arm.
   Sun le zara,Sun le zara
Both at Kissing Distance,Sammy watched her with red angry eyes
   Dil keh raha,De na saza,Yun bewajah
Sammy-Don't let me say it Again! You're just a torn in my eyes!!
    Rooth kar mujhse na ja abhi
Sammy pushed Paakhi away then went to the washroom
    Bhool kar shikwa gila sabhi pyaar ka
Paakhi stood there in tear and held her arm in pain.
   Aaja jao meri tamanna
She looked up at Sammy's photo and held her Mangalsultra
  Baahon mein aao
At The Airport 
Raghav leaned on his car waiting on his sisters,He we then saw Haley,Nishi and Kanchi,Haley was the oldest in the girls she wore a jeans and a Jacket,Nishi wore a short floral dress and Kanchi wore a Shorts and a Vest,The girl Ran and hugged their brother.
Haley-Bhai kaise Aap? How's Soha di??
Kanchi-Wait hold on Soha is with you and you didn't ell me??
Nishi-Raghu Bhai did you buy me anything??
Raghav stood frustrated as he only heard his sisters talking
In Bhopal Haider's Villa
Juhi made Kalpi sit and feed her with her hand.
Kalpi-Ammi the food is tasting great.
Juhi watched her and smiled
Juhi-Just eat up Kalpi.
Juhi got up and went into her room,Kalpi sat with her foot up eating,she watched the Map on her Ipad about Mumbai,In Juhi's room she went into her cupboard and took out some tablets for Kalpi she smiled,Juhi stood by the table and saw Kalpi eating and Playing on her Ipad she thought"Allah thank you so much for giving me Kalpi as my own,her memory will never come back and she'll stay with me as I love her Allah,please don't take her away from us" Kalpi watched Juhi and Pouted.
Kalpi-Ammi!! Come and feed me.
Juhi smiled and continued feeding Kalpi,she handed kalpi the juice which she mixed the tablets with.
Juhi-Kalpi,drink this,you'll feel much better.
Kalpi smiled and drank the juice,Juhi caress her head and smiled.
In Mumbai Night came,At Singhaina's
Everyone sat and Had dinner,Haley looked around and noticed everyone was quiet.
Haley-Paakhi Bhabhi did you make dinner??
Paakhi looked up sadly
Paakhi-Ji,is there something wrong? I'll fix it.
Haley-Nope,It's nice.
Sammy watched her Pissed then looked away,Suhana watched his reation to Paakhi and smiled,Nishi watched Paakhi in disgust
Nishi-Suhana Bhabhi,how are you?? You look really beautiful.
Suhana smiled 
Suhana-I've been working out.
Raghav watched them
Raghav-Is this really the conversation were having at Dinner??
Everyone watched Raghav,Paakhi was getting up then her saree got stuck to the chair,sammy watched her Annoyed and removed it,Suhana sat there feeling jealous.
Paakhi-Thank you.
Paakhi then left from there,Soha,Gauri and Haley watched her.
At the chawl
Vittal,Kamla,Pakiya and Khushi were eating and laughing.
Vitthal-You met suhana today how is she??
Kamla-She misses the chawl
Vitthal-Well I miss her.
Pakiya-We all miss her Baba,Khushi get me some more food.
Khushi watched Pakiya
Khushi-I'm I your maid?? No! I'm your wife,So you get up and get your own food.
Pakiya-Khushi,I'm speaking to you!!
Kamla and Vitthal sat and watched Khushi and Pakiya fight,Kalma turned and looked at Kalpi's photo and thought"Look,Your bhabhi is really tough,just like you,come back soon Kalpi" Kamla quietly wiped her tears and continued to watched Khushi and Pakiya's Fight
In Bhopal Haider's Villa
Saibha,Zoya and Kalpi were in their room,Juhi tucked them in and kissed them.
Juhi-Tomorrow,Kalpi make sure and come early for breakfast.
Kalpi-Ji Ammi.
Juhi-Good night my Babies.
Their all said their good night,Kalpi quietly got up and sat by the window and watched the stars.
    Jab jab tere paas main aaya
Kalpi closed her eyes and remembered her moments with prem.
Ik sukoon mila 
She blushed at remembering his smile.
Morning Came and Kalpi rushed downstairs for breakfast and stood shock,seeing Prem Standing infront of her,Everyone watched On and smiled,Kalpi smiled seeing him,
Zindagi se chura ke 
she walked up to him and saw him Glaring at her,she took a deep breath.
Tu mila jis tarah saba mile

Precap-Kalpi was on the ground Praying"Ya Allah Give me stregth to head to Mumbai tomorrow,I'll meet with my Destiny" In Mumbai Kalpi's photo that hanged on Raghav's room wall fell,Raghav and Aarohi turned and watched on shocked,Suhana wore a short jeans and sat closely to Sammy,Paakhi watched on shocked.

I hope this chapter was good Big smile RagNa meeting on the wayWinkPlease do't forget to like and commentBig smile this update was short will be longer with next updateBig smile

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Really awesome update wish Sammy n suhana was a couple  oh kalpi waiting for her destiny
Update soon

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