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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 135)

Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -AriaRai-

Will update this when I come Back Smile

Where r u dear...u r not in homeShocked

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Aria did u go to play with Shaad and prem? Ymthats not fair mads and my hands are itchy to Wink LOL

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It's Been so Long I haven't Update and I Missed Spot.I apologize for that.

Didn't read back any mistakes do forgive.

Chapter 27

Recap~  With Raghav saying that Aarohi hugged him and he too returned the Hug,Watching on Ayaan then Takes a Hurting Kalpi away.

By the Sea Side Ayaan Intently watches Kalpi who was twirling her spoon in the Ice cream.
Ayaan-Kalpi,Whatever Just Happen...It's...
Kalpi-It's Noting,Ayaan,Raghav sir and Aarohi ji are together.
Kalpi then rests her head on the table recalling Aarohi and Raghav crying inwardly,Ayaan Looks at her and sighs "I'll confront that man,Why is he Hellbent on hurting Piya" Ayaan Thought.
Sammy Sits in the Kitchen Looking at A Angry Sophie slamming the Dishes Arguing "That Witch who's Like Bitch! I Just Her!!"
Sophie  took up a knife stabbing a plastic cup Frighting Sammy"You Know I am a very Calm person Handsome Sam,But Witch Makes me Feel like a Murder,I'll kill!"
Sammy got up and took the Knife and smiled at her 
"Relax Soph,You are a calm person,Aarohi's Different..." Sammy said Looking at her Glaring eyes "Are you taking her side?? That Witch's Side?!" 
Sophie said walking towards sammy taking the Knife up "No..No sophie,Why would I??,I care about your Feeling alot,But May I ask who is the Married Guy you Love?" Sammy asked Curiously.
Sophie dropped the Knife and Stepped back Looking away "He's No One you Know,Just Forget that" She said making her way to the Stairs "Sophie,I a still in shock what you did" Sophie hearing a voice turned seeing Aarohi.
"What!" Sophie said annoyed,Aarohi chucked and Jerked her Back
"Do you think I'm letting a Freaking Guy Looking Girl Piss me Off?? Just for A Clutzy Freak named Piya" she said with a smirked across her Face,Sophie Looked at Sammy and Laughed"Sam,Did this Witch just pushed me??".
"What are you going to do??" Aarohi asked,With a big smile Sophie grabbed her by the Hair "I'm going to dump your head in the Toilet,Then I'm going to flush and Let you swirl around in Toilet Shit" Sophie said Laughing.
"Let Her Go!!!" Sophie Looked up At An Angry Raghav and Slowy releashed Aarohi.
"What are you doing!! Aarohi isn't your type of girls,I don't want to see you Rasing your voice at her,At My Future" Raghav said sternly "Or what Raghav,What will you do? Kick me out,Hate me?? Fine,I don't care??" Sophie said,she then walked up to Raghav staring at Him "That Witchy Bitchy!! She isn't anything but Trash,My type of girl?? You know what you want,You women Like Her Falling all over you,That's what you want Right,You want to rule and Say what you want! But you're forgetting something" Sophie said.
"What,What is it!!" Raghav asked. "Am I not Kalpi or Aarohi,You cannot stop me from doing what I want,I will not make or force myself to be uncomfortable because His Majesty doesn't Like My Attitude,I will do as I please,And I'll be open to you,I Hate Aarohi,And I'll do what I want,Your Future,Keep her with you,Try not to Rule me!!'
Sophie smirked at Raghav and Left from there.
After Roaming around together,kalpi and Ayaan returned to the Villa,Kalpi stood in tears seeing Raghav throwing her Belongings away,She rushed to Him confused at his behavior "Raghav Sir,What are you doing??" Raghav took Kalpi by the Arm and Carried her to Ayaan's Room,"You'll be sleeping here now,I don't want to see you,In my room our Around me."Raghav said Jerking her Back,He watches Kalpi in tears and Leaves from there.
Raghav walks into his room taking a deep breath Watching Aarohi  Unpacking her suite case.
"Raghu,I'm very happy you have thrown out Kalpi,she was annoying" She said.
"Listen,I don't want any relation with you,Only to Keep her away I'm using you,Just Remember that" Saying that raghav went out to the Balcony,"I'm alright with That raghu,I'm just happy I'll make your Spot Cry" Aarohi thought with a Smirk.
Ayaan decided to Share a room with Sammy giving Kalpi her space alone,She crouched up in the corner of the Room crying "Allah why is he always mean to me,I haven't done anything wrong,I just care for him and He just Pushes me away." Kalpi thought,Raghav who was passing by heard her Loud sobs,He stood by the Door Listening Intently,He brushes away his Worried feelings and Left from there Quickly,Aarohi watches on and smiles.
The Next day Raghav made sure he was Close to Aarohi making sure everyone believed he Loved her,Raghav Kept his Gaze on Kalpi who was eating slowly with her head lowered.
"Aarohi And I will be Planning our Engagement Soon" Raghav said staring at Kalpi,Ayaan Glared at Raghav and Wrapped his hands around Kalpi's Shoulder Looking at a Angry Raghav,Kalpi Looked up at Ayaan, startled "Is that amazing News,Raghav has found Love."
Kalpi smiled and Kept her gaze Lowered again Eating.
"Piya,why aren't you eating,Are you not well??Sammy asked
"Un,Nahi,Nahi sammy Sir,I'm just tired,May I be excused" Kalpi made her way up Making noise with the Chair Irritating Raghav"Spot!! what the hell! Can't you raise the chair!!!"
Kalpi kept her back at Raghav holding back her tears as he continued Scolding her,Kalpi Quickly Apologized and Left from there quickly,Ayaan Looked at Him dragging his chair getting up"Scold me Now!! You're A heartless Person!!" Ayaan said "So what! Are you going to Comfort that Klutz!! You Don't know her!!" Raghav said getting up and shouting.
"Raghav Relax" Sammy said rushing to his side.
"You don't Know Her Raghav!,It's you!" Ayaan and Raghav exchanged Glares then He Left.
Ayaan stood by the Door seeing Kalpi Laying on her side,He quietly Laid next to her,"Kalpi,Just ignore Raghav,He's having his Period." Kalpi snickered and wondered if Raghav was really having his period "I know you're smiling,Raghav is indeed having his Period" he said smiling,Kalpi turned on her back watching Ayaan "Did I cheer you Up??"  Kalpi nodded and continued Laughing,Raghav stood by the Door Fuming.
Kalpi planned with Ayaan to go for an Outing,she was only Missing her Clip,she decided to quietly go into Raghav's Room Looking for It,She Looked around at Aarohi's Belongings Seeing her Clip there,before she could touch it Raghav pulled her to Him holding her shoulders tightly Glaring at her "Why are you here!! Didn't I warned you!!!" Raghav shouted.
"Raghav sir,I just saw my clip,I Just came for that" She replied
Not listening to her any further Raghav Threw her Out of his Room smashing her Clip on the Floor shocking her.
"Did you get your Answer!!" Raghav said then slammed the Door in her Face.
Raghav took up the Clip kalpi thought was hers,Raghav knew it was Aarohi's he then Threw it in the Bin.
Later that Evening everyone was gathered By the Pool,Kalpi cuddle up under Ayaan and Watched him intently as he Played his Guitar,Making Raghav Fuming in Jealously.
Sammy Stared at Sophie as she Applied cream to her skin "So when are you telling me about your secret Love??" Sophie Frozed and Laughed it Off "Sam,I can't believe you had Believe That Witchy Bitchy"
"I didn't,But you do Love someone?? Sammy asked a nervous Sophie "What..,,Whaaat?? Sam,Me? In love,Please,Not in a Millions years," She got up laughing nervously and heads inside With sammy following behind her with Questions.
Kalpi decided to Leave,Aarohi smiled seeing comming towards her She Looked at raghav who was on his Phone,as soon as Kalpi Passed by her Aarohi threw herself in the Pool screaming for Help,Kalpi,Ayaan and Raghav Watched On in Horror as she Fell in the Deep side of the Pool,Raghav Jummped into the Pool clinging unto Aarohi.
As he took her out of the Pool Aarohi held Raghav tightly Looking at kalpi,Raghav wrapped a towel Around her while Ayaan and Kalpi gathered around them "Aarohi ji are you Okay??" Ayaan Asked,Aarohi nodded and shivered "Aarohi How did you Fall?? What Happen??" Raghav asked,Aarohi Looked at Kalpi and smirked "Kal...Kalpi Pushed me in" Kalpi and Ayaan stood there dumbfounded.
Raghav Looked up at kalpi and Carried her away,Aarohi smiled and thought "Very Good Aarohi,Raghav will Bash his Spot!"
Raghav dragged Kalpi to a corner holding her wrist tighlty ignoring her Pleading.
"What is your Problem are you trying to Kill my fiance now!!"
Kalpi Looks at raghav in tears "Nahi,Raghav Sir,I don't know who she Fell" Kalpi said in between her sobs
Raghav sighs hits the Wall by her head,frighting Kalpi "Listen Carefully! Stay out of my sight,If you don't I myself will buy your precious Land,Don't be where I can see you,Haider!!"
Saying that raghav left a Sobbing Kalpi,Ayaan stood Afar watching on with anger.
At BA Raghav Looks at Kalpi rushing into the Elevator Clusmily With Sophie,He slowly smiled seeing her Laughing.
"She's Happy Now" Ayaan said Noticing Raghav's Smile.
"So what!" Raghav said. "Kalpi hates you,Can you handle that?" Ayaan said Following An annoyed Raghav .
"So you don't care now? She hates you alot" Ayaan stressed out.
Raghav turns and watches him "I don't care,let her hate me"
"Really?? Are you happy with That?? Why are you treating her Like that!!" Ayaan shouted "It's my decision if I want to treat her Like that!! Raghav replied "Why!! then tell me why!!!,Can you see her with prem!! Loving him!! Can you!! WHY!!! Ayaan shouted "Because I Love her!!" Raghav said Looking at a shocked Ayaan "I Love her and I am...Brushing her away,I don't want to Love her" Raghav then walked up to Ayaan "Don't say anything,Not to her Not to anyone,I'll get everything under control and When we head back to Mumbai,Noting will be changed! Raghav said Leaving from there,Leaving a Stupefy Ayaan behind.

Precap- At the Fountain Kalpi stands Before Raghav as Kalpi and Not DJ,saying her Last good bye to Him,while Prem watches on waiting on her.

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Yay original stalker first Embarrassed Tongue. My heart goes out to kalpi. And totally ready to deck that bitch arohi Angry   Rags admitted he loves kalpi. So what will ayaan so and how will kalpi react? Waiting for next update. I want my bubbly spot Cry Hug Broken Heart big hug and muah for such a wonderful update

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First of all I want to know that why Raghav is holding back his feeling????? 
For what that piece of shit ...arohi...??? The way Raghav is handling this situation is not appropriate 
I feel so mad at this double standard man.
Ayan ..is such a gentleman. Taking care of Kalpi . 
Now we know Raghav is a peeping Tom too...If you want to avoid Kalpi then stay away from her
Bedroom door tooAngry Go and kiss Arohi already!!!!!
Sammy and Sophie ..cute fighting..
Is Sophie gonna tell Sammy that married man is him???
And somebody please fire a Bazooka up Arohi's  fanny...
There ...I feel better now.
What is this obnoxious Raghav do when he comes to know that spot is His Kalpi ????
And the precap...
What will happen now???...just last goodbye before he gets engaged to that witch bitchy ...
Mad cow diseased woman????? Or confess his love to Kalpi ????
Grrr!!!! Sorry Aria my sweets I felt like to vent...LOL
Brilliant update ...Aria...luv ya...
This Raghav has rebooted my ...Pms..ing..ShockedLOL

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Mein ayee thi mads ko aana hi tha. Hum saath saath hain Broken Heart

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Originally posted by sunyy

Mein ayee thi mads ko aana hi tha. Hum saath saath hain Broken Heart

Lala lala...lala

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aaja aaja tu hai friend meri
Wala Wala mads friend meri

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