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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 128)

sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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aira wanted sophie n sammy couple plz plz

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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I am not able to update anything right now,I'm sorry I'm too dizzy and tired I'll try later and update thisCrySleepy

sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -AriaRai-

I am not able to update anything right now,I'm sorry I'm too dizzy and tired I'll try later and update thisCrySleepy

take care dear then update
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 26

Hi Everyone,In these chappys I'm making Raghav very Mean because it is needed because Kalpi's truth will be out in Comming Chappy's I hope no one is hurt by this,also thank you so much for  your lovely comments
tHANK YOU FOR YOUR CONERNHug I'm feeling a little better so I'm still deciding what to updateWacko secret or tortureLOL any mistakes forgive meSmile


Recap Ayaan trades looks with Raghav, then Prem and Sammy, before he turns to the reporters to announce, "She's my girlfriend. She's the girlfriend I couldn't reveal before."
Leaving Raghav Tensed,Angry and Jealous.

Ayaan Glances back at Sammy and the others while Hiding Kalpi's face,He makes his glance Back at a furious Raghav and stares at him emotionless "This is My Girlfriend ,This is the woman I haven't been able to tell you about,I don't want to make her public,Please allow us to leave" Ayaan said to the Reporters holding unto Kalpi tightly,
Raghav Realises the reporters aren't about to back off from this story,He looks at Ayaan and takes off his jacket and pushes his way past the reporters ,Raghav and Ayaan stares at each other Emtionless and Tensed,he then hands it to Him,Ayaan covers Kalpi's Head,while Raghav signal's hims Quietly to leave,he nods  and leaves with her quickly.
In the Conference Room,Kalpi keeps her head lowered and Covered avoiding angry eyes.
"I'm Sorry,I just wanted to make everything easier" She said pulling the jacket off of her.
"Easier Kalpi? How?? Why would you do this??' Prem asked making his way to Kalpi. "I'm sorry" Kalpi said keeping her head lowered Prem watches her and sighs he then hugs her.
After answering all those questions Raghav sneaked out quickly trying to meet Kalpi when Aarohi held Raghav by his Wrist he looked up and watched her"I have to Meet Spot...Let go!!" Aarohi started crying "Not fair Raghu you scold me over and Over about you loving Kalpana and never loving anyone else...But Look you're Obbsessing over Piya...You love her and betraying Kalpi!!
Raghav watched her stupefy while she smirked.
Raghav-What did you just say??
Aarohi-Raghu I didn't stutter,I said You're Obbsessing over Piya,Do you love her?? Then what about Kalpi??
Raghav stood speechless while Aarohi smirked and thought "My Plan will work,Raghav will hate Piya"
In the Conference Room Kalpi held unto Raghav's Jacket tightly "Ya Allah,I hope Raghav sir isn't in any trouble because of me"

As Kalpi dressed Back onto a Man everyone made their way downstairs,Kalpi smiled seeing Raghav standing there,it slowly faded seeing Aarohi by his side.
"Raghav,Is everything Alright?? No one noticed??" Sammy asked
Raghav made his glance at Kalpi then at Sammy "Everything's Alright,you all go" 
Sophie held unto Payal and Kalpi and left with them.
Raghav and Ayaan  pause to trade intense looks,but Ayaan breaks the tension by saying, "It's a good thing everything worked out."Raghav looks on Angrily "Thanks to you, it did."
Ayaan smiles then leaves from there with Sammy.
Aarohi-See Raghav,You need to be away from your spot,she's doing this magic on you.
Raghav made his glance at Aarohi "What are you a kid or something?? Magic? She maybe a klutz but Magic?? Come on"
Kalpi was in a daze wondering how to speak to Raghav,she wanted to Apologize and tell him about Aarohi,she made her way slowly downstairs and saw Raghav walking in,she walks up to him "Raghav sir." Kalpi stood shock seeing Raghav passing her straight without saying a word "Raghav sir." He stopped,Kalpi watched him in tears feeling gulity "Raghav Sir I'm very sorry,I Didn't mean to hurt you or anyone,please forgive me" Standing there hearing kalpi apologizing Raghav clenches his fist,Kalpi Then stands there in tears watching Raghav walking away. "Allah,what did I do that Raghav sir is angry at me??"
The Next day Everyone quietly ate Breakfast,Kalpi kept staring at Raghav wondering why he hadn't spoke to her,She walked in seeing him on the phone "Good Morning Raghav Sir." Raghav turns and watches her then leaves,Kalpi stood there heartbroken"Did I do something wrong??" She thought.
At Work Kalpi was very Agitated,she kept wondering why Raghav would'nt Look or speak to her,she decided to confront him.
Kalpi made her way to the Conference  Room seeing Raghav all alone,she gupled then took a deep breath walking up to him"Raghav Sir,Please,Please look at me,Please talk to me,scold me,Please,I'm sorry...' Kalpi's eyes widen as Raghav cut her off "Leave' He said without looking at her "What?? leave,Raghav sir...Please I'm sorry,I..." Kalpi kept quiet seeing Raghav looking at her,He got up and held her by the Arm Carrying her to the door ignoring her protest. "I'll say this once and Only Once,Stay away from me,Thats it! If I catch you I won't spare you" He said annoyed by her,Kalpi stood there Shocked and confused at his behavior,Raghav then opened the door and shoved her out,Kalpi turned seeing the door slamming in her face.
Another Day Passed And Kalpi was broken Raghav kept ignoring her,she watched on as Everyone Presented their Presentations,she kept her eyes on Raghav who was busy in his phone.
"These are the Last few day here in GOA,So I would like to thank you all,for taking part in it" Alex said
It was lunch Kalpi waited for Raghav,She took her lunch and walked towards his table "Good Evening Raghav sir,Sammy sir" Sammy smiled at her while Raghav kept on eating,Aarohi decided to make Kalpi jealous by Siting Closely to Raghav who started choking,Kalpi ran behind him and rubbed his back and fed him water "Raghav sir are you alright?? Are you feeling better?" He looked at her in a Daze and Remembered Aarohi's Words,He then watched Aarohi "Raghav sir are you better now??" Raghav turned Irritated he grabbed Kalpi by the wrist and dragged her out.
Sophie Made her glance at A smirking Aarohi "Kalpi aways does something to Hurt raghav' Aarohi said smiling "Really?? While he's always pulling kalpi to him,he's pushing a Witch like a Bitch away" Sophie said taking a sip of her juice,Aarohi and Sammy watched her shocked. 
Aarohi-Did you just call me a Bitch??
Sophie-Yeah,Didn't I made it clear? I didn't stutter.
Sophie was leaving,she then stopped hearing Aarohi "Atleast I have someone,Unlike you who's secretly is in love with a Married man,Who's the Bitch Now!"
Sophie chuckled and walked back to Aarohi,she pressed she leaned over closer to Aarohi "Let me tell you something,Throwing taunts at me Fine,I accept,But making me feel bad,you can't,Do you think I'm one of those girls that you can say whatever you like and go free?? Hell No! And who do you have?? Raghav?? My Bestfriend Raghav?? He doesn't want you and He has made it clear,But you're running after a man who is in love with someone else, and The Bitch is still you,A freaking Witchy Bitchy!!" Saying that Sophie took up her juice and threw it on Aarohi "Go and Freshen Up you're a mess" Sammy looked up at Sophie, he couldn't help it but smile at her.
 As Ayaan steps out of his meeting with Alex,He sees raghav dragging Kalpi up the stairs  pleading for him to listen to her.
He the jerks her away "Didn't I warned you! Didn't I forbid you!! Why can't you listen! why cant't you just listen'
Kalpi-Raghav sir,You were choking and I need to say you W...
Raghav-Then let me Die!!! I don't need your Help, I don't need you!!!!
Kalpi watched him in tears "Please Raghav sir, whatever I did I'm sorry,Please don't push me away ,Please I'm sorry" Kalpi said begging him and holds his arm and pleads for him to listen,He turns his head and He throws her arm aside, snapping "This is My last warning Piya Haider! Stay away from me!! "Don't be where I can see you. I don't want to see you."
Sunn raha hai na tu ,Ro rahi hoon main
Raghav  storms off, leaving Kalpi to crumple to the ground in sobs.
Sun raha hai na tu,Kyun ro rahi hoon main
But he doesn't get far, and wipes at his own tears as he listens to Kalpi crying a level below,Then leaves ,Ayaan stands by the Lobby watching on "Raghav,you're heartless why would you say such things to a Innocent person like Piya? I'll have to find out why you hate her"
Kalpi gathers herself and runs after raghav not accepting his anger at her.
Tears, my memories can't forget you
As she bends the corner She stands there feeling swords being stabbed into her heart as she watches  Raghav and Aarohi kissing.
Heart, my memories can't let you go
Kalpi  stands stricken, watching Raghav and Aarohi kissing in front of eyes thinking, "I don't want to see this, I should turn around, but my body won't obey. What do I do?" Ayaan stands next to Kalpi and holds her hand watching on.
Raghav holds Aarohi's head keeping their faces inches apart,He watches her "Do you really think I'll kiss you Aarohi? This is just to keep Spot away" Aarohi watches him annoyed "Really Raghu,You have passed all limits",Raghav held her head tightly"Really?? Don't worry, I won't ever do it for real,I just need your help." With Raghav saying that Aarohi hugged him and he too returned the Hug,Watching on Ayaan then Takes a Hurting Kalpi away.

Precap~Kalpi was crouched up in Her new Room,she sat there sobbing loudly,Raghav quietly stood by the Door listening


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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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god did aruhi really did that she just  a witchy bitchy like sophie says n lovee sophie reaction t wat she said
feel bad both for raghav n kalpi they are in immense pain
update soon

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Stalker here yay update Tongue I felt so bad for kalpi. But rags is doing this because he feels he is betraying kalpi. Cry my heart broke for both of them.

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Rest Aria. Update when you feel better.

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awesome update!!! Sad for Kalpi!! Hope Raghav realize his mistake, soon.

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