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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 124)

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Originally posted by veeranu

Plz do me a favour.. Make Prem a good guy such tht he brings RagNa together.. And make him call a serial killer to finish off Arohi once and for all.. And plz do make sure tht the serial killer is me... Plz do this... 
Kalpi likes Sammy Sir.. Sigh.. Another one likes my husband too LOL And tht guy blames me for eating his head when he is busy working at office.. Hw mean can he ever get Ermm Anyways he broke my heart by not spending time with me Tongue

Do update the next part soon..

hAHAHAHAROFL i WILLLOL Kalpi likes him as when it comes to businessLOL he's all yours sweetsWink hahahah that's your PATI rightWink aww..scold him and let him make it up to youEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by premap

Loved both the updates, esp the drunk Kalpi/Sophie team ! They were hilarious! Hope Kalpi will teach Aroshi a well deserved lesson. She is horrible like Pooki in EMA ! What specimens !

Hahahah me tooLOLshe will hahahaLOLLOL I think aarohi is a better villan than paakhi,Paakhi was godzilla aarohi's notLOLLOL and thanks darlingEmbarrassed

Originally posted by ArthunaAlive

 Me like this jealous raghav !!!!!!!Big smile Piya is a cutie pie  Embarrassed Aria dear wat about  tapkaoing this witchy bitchy aarohi somewhere in hell ASAP ?? Wink 

Hi BabesBig smile Me too EmbarrassedLOL Hahah she's everyone's cutie PieEmbarrassed she's clumsyLOL hahah soonLOLConfused

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Originally posted by funnyhingora

awesome update


Originally posted by ReezaFathi

lovely update....Big smile

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Originally posted by rani214

Superb updates n banner is lovelyBig smile
Drunken kalpi n Sofia were hilariousLOL
Lik dat Kalpi n Sofia were ignoring rags n Sammy 
Raghav hugging kalpi frnd behind n asking her to always b sumwhr he can see her was lovelyEmbarrassed
So aroohi found out abt kalpi is dg n rags feelings for her n is now hurting kalpi n exposing her lie ...hope kalpi b able to fight back n teach her a lesson 
Lik washroom scene...jealous raghav is always fun to readWinkLOL
Loved dat khushi got to knw abt blood samples swapping n nw she will find out truth soon...Wish b4 DNA test results raghav find out dat piye is his kalpi
So aroohi now is reminding raghav his love for kalpana n trying to keep away frm piya/kalpi
Eager to read wat raghav does next he goes to piya or not...cont soonTongue

Hi RaniBlushinghahaaha their wereLOL they deserved itEmbarrassed Yes that line is important,she did and she's going to use it against her,Rags has feeling for herSmilehahah he's fun to writeEmbarrassed ahahha thinking,Khushi knowsWink you got it all rightClap We'll seeWink

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Chapter 25
Any mistakes forgive Big smile

Recap~Hearing a loud shout out,The Guys make their way watching Aarohi and Kalpi,Their Eyes fall at a shaken and Shivering kalpi

Kalpi stood Shivering Hearing Raghav's Name comming out of Aarohi's Mouth "You Like Raghav,Don't you!" Aarohi said glaring at a shivering Speechless Kalpi. "I..' Kalpi looked at aarohi stammering "You don't even Deny it...Then, I can tell them" Aarohi said smirking at Kalpi,She grabs Kalpi hand to head over to Raghav when Kalpi drops to her knees and shakes her head frantically holding unto Aarohi,As the guys start to approach. Seeing her in panic,Aarohi smirks and Drops down next to Kalpi staring at her "You don't want me to??" Kalpi shakes her head Shivering "Then Do as I tell you" Aarohi said coldly, She turns to the guys and says with fake worry "Raghav,Hurry and Come here" The guys stand there watching a shivering Kalpi "DJ isn't looking that well" Aarohi caress Kalpi hair while she looks up at her "Are you Okay? DJ,He's Sweating" Aarohi say looking right at Kalpi "DJ are you okay??" Ayaan asked Worriedly "DJ Did you caught a Cold??" Sammy then asks, Kalpi shivers  hearing everyone "DJ,Can you get up??" Raghav said Taking Kalpi by the Arm helping her up,Kalpi looks On seeing Aarohi standing close to Raghav and Mouths "Talk and you're gone" Kalpi looks away Holding back her tears,Prem takes Kalpi by the Wrist and Raghav looks 
Prem-Are you alright?? Does anywhere hurt??
Kalpi lowers her head "No...I'm just feeling tired","Guys Alex Is calling,let's go quickly,DJ stay out and Take some fresh Air." Ayaan said leaving with the guys.
Aarohi stares at Kalpi "Oho...what's wrong?? you should feel happy Everyone cares for you...But when their find out you're A fake They'll hate you' Kalpi's tears finally rushes down her cheeks,Aarohi walks up to her and wipes them.
Aarohi-Especially My Raghav...
Kalpi looks up at Aarohi sadly  as she caress her face "Don't tell anyone about our secret,Okay?,If you say something,I will not keep this secret" Kalpi watches her sadly "Now Go Home,I don't want to see you around My raghav...Understand!"Aarohi said leaving from there Happily,Kalpi stands there broken,Upstairs by the Balcony Ayaan watches on "What was that?? Why is Kalpi so Quiet?? She seems different" Ayaan thought.
In the Conference Room Raghav looks on seeing Only Aarohi.
Raghav-Where's DJ??
Aarohi faked Concen and sat next to Raghav "Actually Raghav,DJ Wasn't feeling that well,So he decided to leave,I hope that's Alright" Aarohi sad sadly,Sophie scoffs and thinks "Yeh Witchy Bitchy is so desperate,Like if Raghav likes her,She needs to know Rags only Likes Kalpi."
Raghav Looks at Kalpi's empty seat "Why Am I so worried for her,I hope she's alright" Raghav thought
I shouldn't have done that
In the safety of The washroom,Kalpi drops down sobbing on the ground.
I shouldn't have heard your love in the first place
She crouches up and Weeps Over her dilemma.
Without a word, you made me know what love is
She  feels that she's the burden of responsibility and is Broken by Aarohi's Blackmailing
In Traffic Raghav grows worried for Kalpi which is Noticed by everyone in the car "Don't Worry about DJ..he's a Guys he can take good care of himself" Aarohi said smirking,she then touches Raghav's hand "Raghu Drop me to my hotel please,I'd like that"
Hearing that Sammy Made his Glance at Sophie through the rear view Mirror,he chuckled at her reaction.
Kalpi's Looks At  Juhi's Photo In Raghav's room and say "Ammi,I'm so scared,What if he get's in trouble because of someone Like me?" Kalpi then Looks over at Raghav's Photo that was on the wall in tears,she sighs and cries"He's someone who shouldn't be loved by a thing like me. I can't ruin him,I can't let that Happen" Kalpi says in tears
Kalpi slowly walked down the stairs watching everyone ate,She then makes her glance at Raghav who was being fed forcefully by Aarohi,Without Making any noise or Being noticed she took her jacket and left the Villa,But she was noticed by a pair of eyes that followed her quietly.
"Aarohi It's enough now..I am a grown man,Let it be" Raghav said jerking aarohi's hand away,'Oh come on Raghu,Were family'
Raghav watched her and left from there annoyed.
Aarohi-Can you believe him,he's so stuck up.
Sophie-Well that's how is he Wit...Aarohi.
Aarohi made her glance at Sammy then sophie "So both are awfully quiet,what's wrong?" Sophie and Sammy looked at Aarohi "It's noting...We can be quiet and Eat" Sophie said annoyed "You might choke and Die if you Talk to much Aarohi"Sophie said happily she then thinks "Why doesn't this Witchy Bitchy Choke and Die,I'll be happy,Raghav will be happy,Everyone will be Happy","Did you say something??"Aarohi asked "Oh..No not at all",Aarohi then left heading to meet Raghav outside.
"You're still angry at Me? Don't be" Sammy said staring at sophie
Sophie-Why..Am I too Boy like to have a girl's feelings??
Sammy-No,It's just you're Sophie you don't care what other people think,You don't care what I think..You're Tough!
Sophie made her glance at Sammy and thinks "I do care what you think Sammy,I do
Sophie-I have an Idea,I'll be Okay with you If...You wash the Dirty Plates While I watch and Eat.
Sammy looks at Her and sighs "Find,Your Wish is my command,Begum Saibha"
Outside Raghav was glued to his phone,messaging Kalpi who wasn't responding,he didn't know she left her phone in his room"Spot,What the Hell!! It's Frustrating,Answer me Dammit!!"Raghav said leaving his 10th Voicemail,Aarohi smiling hearing his frustration walking up to him "Oho Raghu...Kya Hua...You're stupid Spot isn't answering,How sad.." She thinks smirking sitting next to him.
By the Lakeside Kalpi rests her head on Ayaan's Shoulder and cries "Why is it like this Ayaan,My feelings,My life"
Ayaan caress her head and looks at her confused "What?? Kalpi why are you crying over these things...Noting's going to happen,But did someone tell you something...Did Raghav say something,Did he do something" Ayaan asked worriedly,Kalpi nodded and sighed "Ji ayaan,He did do something,He made me fall in love with him,Crazily,Madly,Hopelessly In love with him!!"
Because I'm so stupid and such a fool 
Ayaan frozed hearing Kalpi's confession he watched her in a shocked daze,"What Do I do??" Kalpi asked a Broken hearted Ayaan.
My eyes don't see nobody but you 
Ayaan feeling Kalpi on his shoulder,silently Cried "You...You love Him...Raghav."Ayaan said  in a Broken Voice
Even though I know you love someone else 
"Haan,I do...But I Don't want to hurt him,Ayaan,You don't hurt the People you love"Kalpi said in a low voice,Ayaan hugged her and cried.
 You could never know the pain that I felt       
Ayaan and Kalpi decided to return back to the Villa,Seeing them together Raghav got Jealous,Aarohi watched on.
"Aarohi ji,Raghav you both are out here together?? Isn't cold out?? Ayaan asked,Kalpi made her glance up at Raghav who stared at her,Aarohi looked away and scoffed,Ayaan took kalpi by the hands watching Raghav's reaction he then left with her,Raghav watched on and Thought "What the hell,Who is he to touch her,Spot is going to Pay" Raghav then left Aarohi who stared on "Hmmm there's a story behind these Two,Kalpi,You're gone now"
Kalpi sat in the Living room With Payal,Ragahv and Ayaan,Kalpi looks at her phone that was ringing,seeing Aarohi's Number,she makes a glance at everyone and answers. "Yes","You Don't say anything!" Aarohi said coldly "You dont' say anything to Raghav,he shoudn't know your Side Attraction for him,Lekin I want you to confess everything,I want to see confess you're in girl with more people around and be responsible for it,You don't want everyone to get hurt...Right,Especially Raghav."
Kalpi sighs while everyone watched on "No,I don't"
"Great!! You're really a spot,We're having A Grand Ball at BA,That's Good,Do it there."Aarohi said smirking,Kalpi listens on sadly "Yes,I will" Then Both ended calls,Kalpi then excused herself and left,Raghav and Ayaan stared on.
Sophie Happily Stared on watching Sammy cleaning the dishes"Sam,You are great at this,I should Hire you to wash mines"Sophie said laughing,"Really?? Very funny".Sophie got off her seat and watched the dishes "Sam,very bad I still see mess  on it" 
Sammy smiled at her and smeared soap all over her face "Ya! sam,You're dead for doing that" saying that Sophie took soap and smeared it all over Sammy both plunged into a soap fight.
"How sweet,Sophie you're actually behaving like a girl for a change,Instead of a sweaty man" Aarohi said,Sophie and sammy looked on "Oh Hell No! witchy Bitchy" Sophie said going after Aarohi,but Sammy grabbed her from the back "Run Aarohi Run!!" Sammy said holding back a furious Sophie "Sam...Let me go,I'm gonna kill this Bitch!!" Sophie stopped struggling and realised sammy was holing unto her waist her eyes widens and she jerks him away "Ya..what are you doing,are trying to get close to me?"
'What??" Sammy asked confused "Don't deny it,I know what you're doing" She said resting her hands on her hips,Sammy walked over to her and leaned in "If I wanted to touch you like that Soph...I would've,But I'm married.So you I can consider yourself Lucky" Sammy said then left,Sophie frozed and blushed "What?? What just happen,why is my face burning up like this,Am I Blushing??" Sophie questioned herself touching her cheeks
Kalpi stands outside on Raghav's balcony Gazing out to the sky,she takes a long sigh"Ya allah,where are the stars??  it's to dark","It's because it's too bright" Raghav said walking up to her,she makes a glance at him "Raghav sir" Kalpi then looks up at the sky again "Oh look Raghav sir...The stars are out" she said pointing at them,Raghav looks at her and smiles "I can't see because it's dark  spot",Kalpi looks at him "I Can see it All Raghav sir,It's beauitful" Raghav looks at her "Anyways why are you out here this time,Are you scared to attend the Ball?" Kalpi sadly smiles "I can do well as DJ","Yeah,Yeah" Raghav said annoyed.
Kalpi-I will make you all proud with my speech,Raghav sir
"Just be yourself...Not the Klutz,Vaise...I see you're quite happy with Ayaan" Raghav said staring at Kalpi "I'm sorry Raghav sir"Kalpi said watching the stars,Raghav squints to look at Kalpi's Face,Blurry in the Dark,He then reminds her.
Suno naa kahe kya suno naa
"I can't see you very well. Not being able to see you is frustrating. So don't be somewhere I can't see you"
Dil mera suno naa, suno zara
Kalpi made her gaze at him in tears,he turned and watched her and hugged her "Don't tell anyone I did this,But do brag it to Ayaan" He then Moves Kalpi's Bangs from her face "Don't go where I can't see you.. ...Kalpi"
Be intehaan be intehaan
 Kalpi frozed then looked up at Raghav getting Flashes of him "You can't see me well,even though I'm here...Right" Kalpi said holding back her tears,She waves a hand in front of his face, but he grabs it.
Be intehaan - hmmm
Raghav-I can see. I can see you enough to know you're there.
Kalpi-Do you really see me?
Raghav-Yes. I can see you. So when it's dark, stay in this distance so I can always see you.
Kalpi-I understand. But I have a request. When I quit being Divijay ji  and return to being a girl, even if you see me well, please act like you don't see me. I'll pretend not to see you, too.
Raghav looks at her confused "What??"
Raghav-You want us to act like we don't know each other??
Kalpi-Yes. Please promise me that you won't act like you know me as a girl.
Raghav is surprised at her request, and he looks at her in confusion,He then Scoffs,but His Ego forces him to say "Of course, that's how it should be. I'll promise. Let's not act like we know each other,After all you're just a Clumsy Klutz"
She thanks him with tears in her eyes and heads back to her room,Raghav scoffs and sulks in the dark "You want us to act like we don't know each other after this,She's such a Dangerous
dil roye aa elaahi tu aaja mere maahi
Raghav's eyes then saddens he looks out to the stars "Do you really want that Spot...Me not you look at you??"
Kalpi goes into her comforter and silently cries and thinks "Raghav sir...I love you,I must do this so I can't ruin you,I'm Sorry" Raghav stands by his bed watching kalpi And sulks "Klutz"
mere maahi mere maahi, tu aaja mere maahi
The Next day,The day of The Ball,Kalpi stood in The Toilet watching herself in the mirror undressed only in her Binder and Shorts "Ya Allah,You're with me,Please let me take the blame,Let Raghav sir go free"
At the Main Hall Alex Realises Kalpi was missing,Aarohi sat crossing her legs waiting on the show that was going to Take Place,Alex nervously and frustrated rushed over to Sammy,Ayaan,Prem and Raghav "DJ...where is he? He's supossed to make his toast,where is he??
Raghav and Prem exchanged Glances and rushed out together.
Prem-Did something happen Last night with Kalpi??
Raghav-No..we were just talking abou..
Then it hit him  hard "That klutz...she's going to sell herself out,Mr Kapoor,We need to find her."," I'll go check outside" Prem said leaving Raghav there,Raghav then go frantic Looking for Kalpi.
Sammy watched his phone receving a message From Raghav "We have to handle everything here,Piya's Missing" Ayaan,Sophie and Payal.
Kalpi turns her head watching her phone vibrating,she closed her eyes and sighs "Not today raghav Sir.."
My tears remember It fills up your seat again
Kalpi unbinds her chest and wears a Bra,she then Put on her Green and Black Lace Anarkali
I try erasing but I can't erase you 
You've become my everything
Raghav  runs short of breath looking frantic for Kalpi "Not today spot...Don't leave me like this"
You, I can't see you, I can't hear you
Kalpi takes off her wig and Ties her hair in a updo showing off her entire Face,she watches herself in the Mirror as she Applied Her Make up.
But I'm okay Goodbyes are sad, my heart aches
She then Put on her pearls and Bangles not forgetting to Spray her Perfume,she batted her eyelashes after applying Mascara
But if you are happy, if you can smile, then I...
She then slips into her her black strap pumps,she stands with confident and leaves the Room,Kalpi walks down the stairs, Mustering her courage, she tells herself, "have to take responsibility. I can't push it off to other people"
I will miss you the more I erase you
The three guys cause a stir, but their worries are focused on Kalpi  who is still missing by the time they arrive at the Hall,Raghav  heads back outside to the lit lobby to continue the search For Kalpi,Aarohi smirks watching the time "Where is that Bitch"
Kalpi walks through the Lobby passing everyone trying to hid her face,Raghav eye's widens spotting her from Far,He follows her Quickly
With Confidence Kalpi stands infront of The Hall's Entrance Looking Ravishing,she takes a a deep breath and enters the Dark hall seeing everyone watching clips,she stands there quietly and makes her way slowly down the aisle with her legs shaking nervously in her heels walking toward the front.
Raghav Runs in and is standing behind her, but everything appears blurry.Fighting his desperation, he tries to make out her form in the dark as he mutters, "I can't see anything. I can't see Kalpi"
Frustrated by everything Raghav yells out into the quiet room, "I told you not to be where I can't see you!!!"
Kalpi eyes widens she then stops in her tracks, Recongnizing Raghav's Voice "Raghav Sir" Kalpi whispered
That causes a stir, as everyone looks around for the source of the outburst,Kalpi turns back around to face him. Knowing he can't see her, she thinks, "Please don't see me here. It's no good if you see me.
Just then, As the lights turn on,Everyone Cheers as they recognize
I shouldn't have done that, I should've acted like I didn't know,
 Raghav,but his eyes land on Kalpi and focus sharply on her,who was in finally in tears
I shouldn't have looked at you in the first place
The crowd is starting to stir, sensing a big moment, but they haven't recognized Kalpi yet
Raghav and Kalpi stares at each other 
I should have pretended I wasn't listening like I didn't hear it, like I couldn't hear it
And at just that moment, Ayaan whirls her around  to hide her face and holds her to him by the waist
I shouldn't have heard your love in the first place
Aarohi eyes widen in shock,Everyone stares on.
Without a word, you made me know what love is
Raghav's eyes was fixs on Ayaan's hands that were on Kalpi's waist,
Without a word, you gave me your love
Ayaan trades looks with Raghav, then Prem and Sammy, before he turns to the reporters to announce, "She's my girlfriend. She's the girlfriend I couldn't reveal before."
Made me fill myself with your every breath Then you ran away
Leaving Raghav Tensed,Angry and Jealous.

Aarohi held Raghav by his Wrist he looked up and watched her "I have to Meet Spot...Let go!!" Aarohi started crying "Not fair Raghu you scold me over and Over about you loving Kalpana and never loving anyone else...But Look you're Obbsessiong over Piya...You love her and betraying Kalpi??
Raghav watched her stupefy while she smirked.

Finished I hope this chapter was LongSleepyEmbarrassed

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Aki EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Superb update. ...
 AroshiAngry heat her...poor kalpi. .she is crying. .Cry N not see this. ..
Plzz jaldi se aroshi ka bhanda fod do. ...hope every one soon know piya is kalpi. ...
Update soon next part. ..

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