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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 12)

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Originally posted by Jaymaa


Thank youSmile

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Originally posted by priya_remix

Oho Kalpi crossed borders!!!! And how did she reach there? And how did Neetu find her? 
Hmm Prem-Kalpi track sounds interesting!

I am liking this story!

Thats all a secret Priya Wink Prem and Kalpi wlll like each other Big smile thanks you for liking and reading
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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

lovely update aria dear i don't want kalpi to fall 4 prem plzzz...

Thank you,Oh deary I'm so sorry How I planned My FF Kalpi will love Prem,She'll fall back in love with Raghav
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Originally posted by premap

Just read for 1st time. Very interesting and keeps you wondering ' what is happening and when Kalpi will meet Rags' ! Waiting for future updates.

Really LOLWinkThank you,Kalpi will meet Rags soonWink
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Banner by-Temptations


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O ye neethu ki Bachi   Angry ek taraf prem with kalpi Shocked dusri taraf raghav keliye arohi or doctor aha main tension ke mare mare javungi Ouch ragna kab milenge Cry Cry

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Originally posted by abxetz

O ye neethu ki Bachi   Angry ek taraf prem with kalpi Shocked dusri taraf raghav keliye arohi or doctor aha main tension ke mare mare javungi Ouch ragna kab milenge Cry Cry

RagNa will meet soon Deary just a few more chaptersWink
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 1 (Part D )

Recap~ Prem smiles and watches Kalpi as she fell asleep
He gently removed her hair from her face,he watched her scar and touched it.
He looked down and saw that Kalpi was holding his hand,he watched her.            
At the Chawl Everyone sat down as the ceremony was about to Begin,Kamla walked up on stage and took the award for Kalpi,Vitthal watched on Annoyed,Raghav watched on happily.
Kamla-I would like to say something,This Cafe belongs to my kalpi and i wish to continue Running it in honor of her,Kalpi May not be here right now,Lekin she will be back,I trust Bappa will bring meri Kalpi back.
Everyone watched on happily,Aarohi sat with her hands folded and thought "Another Annoying speech about this Kalpi,It's like she's more popular than me
Kamla-And Vitthal,All the Chawl members and I have decided to Rename our Cafe to "Kalpana's" We'll make all her Favorite Dishes,Thank you all for surporting us in this,dhanyavaad.
Everyone Applauded Kamla and Went on to eating,Sammy stood by Raghav who was watching Kalpi's Photo.
Sammy-She made Us Proud,Raghav,Kalpana is...
Sammy saw Aarohi comming.
Sammy-Look,Aarohi's comming,Talk with her.
Sammy then left from there,Aarohi watched Raghav and hugged him,He moved her away and watched her.
Raghav-You can't keep doing this.
Aarohi-What?? Hugging you? It's my right.
Raghav-It's Only kalpi's right.
Aarohi-Kalpi? What??
Raghav-Aarohi,I love Kalpi and she's missing,I'm going to find her,she'll come back to me.
Aarohi watched Raghav shocked.
Aarhoi stoped and thought"Aarohi Keep your cool" She took a deep breath then faked smiled,Khushboo stood eating by The table,Paakiya came and saw her.
Paakiya-Oh Moti,You're here again.
Khushboo turned and watched him.
Khushi-I live here,you're really stupid..
Paakiya watched her annoyed,Kamla came and saw them both.
Kamla-Khushi Beta,How's the food tasting?
Khushi-Theek hai Tai.
Paakiya And Khushi glared at each other,Music Began Playing and couples Danced the night away,Sammy walked over to suhana who was sitting all alone.
Sammy-Would you like to Dance??
Suhana looked up at Him and smiled "Sure" she said,Sammy and Suhana,Aarohi and Raghav danced with each other,Kamla forcefully made Paakiya dance with Khushi,Sammy watched suhana "You're missing Aryan?" Suhana watched him and smiled,Suhana watched him in a daze as his hands were on her waist she thought"Everything He touches me,It feels nice,I love this feeling and this moment,I wish it never ends" Suhana rested her head on sammy's chest and smiled he looked at her and smiled,Aarohi watched Raghav annoyed she thought"While were dancing he's busy watching Kalpi's photo,I need to get his attention" Aarohi screamed in pain while raghav watched her confused,"What's wrong?" Raghav asked "You mashed me"Aarohi said,He watched her while their were dancing "But It is nice to see you after so long" Aarohi smiled and watched Raghav she thought'I'll make you forget Kalpi Raghu,It's only me that deserves your love" Kamla smiled at Khushi and Paakiya as both were fighting while dancing,Gauri walked up to Kamla.
Kamla turned and watched Gauri.
Gauri-How are you??
Kamla-Tai? You're here? 
Gauri-I'm so sorry about Kalpi.
Kamla-You're not.
Kamla watched Gauri then left from there,Guest was leaving and Raghav greeted Kamla before he left.
Raghav-Kamla Maa this was beautiful,Kalpi would've Loved it.
Aarohi-Thank you so Much for a wonderful Evening Aunty Ji.
Kamla smiled as Raghav took blessings from her,he then left with Aarohi,Gauri and Soha,Suhana hugged Kamla,Sammy waited by the car for her.
Suhana-Mausi Maa,Tonight was beauitful.
Kamla-Thank you Suhana beta.
Paakiya hugged Suhana.
Suhana-Dada,Kaise aap?
Paakiya-I'm good,But Aai misses you alot
The trio Hugged before Suhana left,Upstairs Vitthal watched on
At the Singhaina's,Gauri sat with Daadi and Raghav,suhana and Sammy walked in.
Sammy-I'm heading to Bed early,Good night.
Suhana watched Sammy and smiled.
Sammy went to his room and saw Paakhi sitting by the window,he watched her.
Sammy-Why are you here? Don't you have a room?
Paakhi turned and watched him.
Paakhi-Well,Daadi's Back and she thinks I stay here with you,as where married.
Sammy-No Not at all Paakhi.
Paakhi watched Sammy confused.
Sammy-To the world were husband and wife,But in this room in this house we don't share that relationship,I don't accept you as my wife and I never will.
Paakhi stood shocked,Sammy grabed her arm and pulled her close.
Sammy-Our Marriage was just a deal! so you won't go to Jail,I only married you for the sake of Raghav and Daadi.
Paakhi cried in tears and Sammy held her tightly
Sammy-You will never get your husbands love Nor rights of a wife!! Because Paakhi Main tumse nafrat karta hoon.
"Thoda Thehar, Thoda Thehar 
Sammy watched her angrily,he then pushed her back
Sun le zara,Sun le zara 
Sammy-And I always will,I'm going to bed,Sleep on the bed I'll take the couch.
Dil keh raha,Dil keh raha 
Sammy glared at a crying Paakhi then went to the Washroom.
Aa jao meri tamanna ,Baahon mein aao 
Paakhi droped on the fall sobbing Remembering Sammy's words
"Our Marriage was just a deal!I only married you for the sake of Raghav and Daadi,You will never get your husbands love Nor rights of a wife!! Because Paakhi Main tumse nafrat karta hoon."
Aa jao meri tamanna ,Baahon mein aao 
Paakhi held her heart and cried
At the poolside Raghav sat watching the stars remembering Kalpi,Aarohi sat next to him.
Raghav-You're wearing Sleeveless it's cold out here.
Aarohi watched him and smiled.
Aarohi-Mom and Gauri Aunty was talking about our Marriage,Gauri aunty seems like she doesn't want to be invole in it.
Raghav sighed,Aarohi watched him.
Raghav-Marriage,Aarohi if we get Married I can never love you.
Aarohi-I know...
Raghav hugged Aarohi.
Raghav-But we always have our Friendship,I really do love you as my best friend,You And Sophie,My two special girls.
Aarohi smiled and thought'I always wanted to be your wife,But I'll try hard so you'll love me and let go of that Kalpi"
 Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Suhana sat infront if her dressing table in her room combing her long hair remembering how Sammy Saved her and Danced with her.
Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
"Why Am i feeling this Way" she said hiding her face
Idhar nahin udhar nahin,Teri ore chale
At the Chawl,Kamla sat by the Temple "I'm sorry" she heard a voice and saw vitthal he sat next to her and hugged her.
Kamla-It's okay Vitthal,We miss her.
Vitthal wiped his Tears and smiled
Vitthal-Kamla trust me,I'm sure Hamari Kalpi,She'll come back soon,I can feel it.
Kamla smiled "It too vitthal she's definally come back for her Aai and Baba"
Kamla and Vitthal sat by the temple and Prayed
In Lahore Pakistan,Kalpi slowly opened her eyes and saw prem laying on her stomach.
 Hey... Aye Khuda, Bata Zara Mujhe Kya Hua
She watched him and smiled,she then touched his head.
  Pehli Baar Aise Gumshuda Dil Mera Ho Gaya
Kalpi-Are you waking up? 
Prem Slowly woke up and saw that what was happening.
 Darbadar, Dhundhe Use Ab Yeh Nazar
Kalpi smiled at Prem,He looked and saw that she was still holding his hand.
  Main Bhi Na Jaanoon Ke Kis Kadar Dil Mera, Kho Gaya
Doctor Khan came in and saw the both he smiled,
Prem watched Kalpi and thought"I only came here because Mom is forcing me to check on her,but now I can't believe that the girl i hated in childhood is a Pretty nice Person"
 Jabse Hai Dekha Tujhe Yeh Armaan Sabhi Roshan Hue
Kalpi watched Prem and thought" I don't even know him but,I feel like i know him,I'm happy that he comes so I won't be bored,I enjoy spending time with him"
 Ek Waari Aaja, Tu Dil Mila Ja Zara Khuda Ke Liye 
Both stared at each other in a daze and smiled
Doctor Khan watched Kalpi and watched her chart.
Doctor Khan-Piya have you taken your Vitamins??
Kalpi-Ji doctor,I feel better.
Doctor Khan-Alright,Do you remember anything?? 
Kalpi-Nope,should I??
Prem and Doctor Khan watched kalpi,He then left,Kalpi watched Prem and held his hand.
Kalpi-Can you do me a favor??
Prem watched her annoyed
Kalpi-I Want to go outside,By the Balcony.
Prem looked away he then helped kalpi to the Balcony,She went outside and felt the breeze hitting her cheeks she smiled,Prem stood behind her and watched through the Glass,Kalpi took a deep breath and watched the Sky "Sometimes I feel this isn't me,Is there anyone out there that I miss so much,That I can die,I'm going to live my life beautifully" she smiled
Kalpi,Raghav,Vithal and Kamla sighed and Watched the sky Looking for answers. 
Hope you all enjoy this Chapter any mistakes do tell me and don't forget to Like and CommentBig smileEmbarrassed

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