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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 118)

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                                                   Banner Credit-desigirl_sydell

Chapter 23

                            Embarrassed   Happy Birthday to a Beauitful Person
                                                           Sunny Dancing

Recap~Kalpi clutched her chest and sobbed "My Raghav sir isn't mine,My edward already has a Bella,who am i infront of her...who is this Kalpi that he loves so much that he's breaking my heart" Kalpi said in a broken voice

Kalpi slowly walked out BA feeling Broken with her face lowered,she Raised her head seeing Sophie sitting by the Fountain alone looking Tensed,Kalpi walked over to her and took a seat next to her"Kya hua Sophie Ma'am??" Kalpi asked worriedly,Sophie glanced to her side seeing Kalpi.
Sophie-It's Noting Chulbuli...But what's wrong with you??
Kalpi lowered her head "Noting" she said sadly
Sophie-Since noting is wrong with us,Let's go out.
Kalpi-Yeah,I'm feeling hungry.
Sophie took kalpi by the Hand and both left.
Raghav looked away Annoyed By Aarohi he decided to leave but was stopped by Aarohi who held his hand.
Aarohi-Raghu,Please give me a Chance.
He turned and Watched her as she spoked
Aarohi-I know I messed up badly,I'm sorry.
Sophie smiled and tried hugged Raghav when he jerked her away.
Ragahv-No you're not,I do hate Spot,But what I hated the Most is that you lied and took advantage of a Innocent Person like her and for that I'll never forgive...Just go back to London or whatever I don't want to see you.
Raghav jerked his hands away and left from there leaving Aarohi in tears "Leave! I'll never leave you're mine Raghu,Only mine"
Raghav went into The conference Room mumbling over Aarohi and Kalpi,He looked up seeing Sammy sitting all alone,he sat next to him and sighed 
Raghav-Spot was right...you didn't have to behave like that,What's wrong?? Why are you scolding Sophie,You known her since childhood.
Sammy sat in a daze thinking while Raghav looked at him "Why are you upset if she talks about Paakhi?"
Sammy-I don't know?? I just don't like Paakhi, Sophie is...
Raghav-She's what??
Raghav looked at Sammy awaiting his answer.
It was Evening,A Drunk Sophie and Kalpi sat on the beach with their backs pressed against each other Laughing hysterically at their lives,Couples who passed by stared at them Akwardly
"I am so werid...Sammy scold me and I began crying like a girl" Sophie said Laughing out"Accha?? When Raghav sir scolds me I cry too" Kalpi began laughing.
Kalpi-Sophie you know...I love Raghav sir...but he loves someone else.
Sophie turned and Watched Kalpi as they stared at each other both started laughing.
Sophie-I've had feelings for Sammy since Childhood.
Saying that both started laughing again "Let's go out somewhere fun?" Sophie said happily,Kalpi nodded and left with Sophie
As night approached Raghav walking downstairs was busy on his phone seeing no calls from Kalpi "Sammy,what time is it??" Spot hasn't called" Raghav said walking over to Sammy in a worried tone.
Sammy looked up at Raghav he to was worried "No...and it's pretty late,Sophie hasn't responded to my call Either" Ayaan and Payal looked on worried.
Payal-Sir,Where can Kalpi be at this hour??
Raghav tried calling her again but No answer 'No answer? Is she ignoring me??"
Ayaan-Raghav did you scold Kalpi again?? Is That why she's missing.
Raghav made his glance at Ayaan and  scoffed"No!! I didn't,spot is careless and you don't need to be worried for her"
Raghav said shouting at A Irritated Ayaan
Ayaan-What?? I know Piya well..You're just her boss and noting else!!
Raghav and Ayaan glared at each other,then sammy pulls them apart "You too fighting over Piya  isn't going to find her,we need to find them both." Just then the door bell rang,Raghav rushed to the door thinking it's Kalpi he then scoffed seeing Prem entering the Villa.
Prem-Where's Kalpi? she hasn't called me.
Raghav looked away and took a seat.
Sammy-Mr Kapoor...Piya and Sophie are missing.
Prem stood there in a Daze,he then looked at Raghav "What do you mean Kalpi is missing?? You boasted she's your responsibility yet she's Missing??" Prem said angrily glaring at Raghav.
Raghav-Mr Kapoor..Relax we'll find them both.
Sammy answered his phone  hie eyes widen hearing what was on the other end,Everyone stared on "We found them"
At the Club kalpi took of her jacket feeling heat all over her,Sophie followed her,Both Girl squeeled and Ran to the dance floor dancing and Singing "Woo..!
Pehla Ta Kudi Ne Ludhiana Vi Ni Tappeya Si... Tappeya Si... Tappeya Si..."
Kalpi and Sophie both Twirled each other and Laughed,By the sitting area,Raghav and Sammy Stood afar watching them with their arm folded,Sophie twirled kalpi who was singing "Kudi Saturday Saturday Kardi Rendi Eh" Raghav scoffed watching Kalpi's attire,The guys walked over to Kalpi and Sophie.
"Let's Go" Kalpi and Sophie stopped dancing and stood Seeing The guys,both of them snickered seeing them,Kalpi pointed at raghav "Sophie Look...Raghav sir aur Sammy Sir'.
Raghav-Yes it's Me Raghav...Now let's go.
Raghav eyes widen as Kalpi pulled her hand away, "What are you doing,I am Divijay Tha...ukr how dare you touch Me..." Kalpi said hugging sophie tightly "Surya...Van...shiii...kalpi" Sophie laughed out "Ohhh Accha...Sury ...Van...shiii...Mera nam,Go away now..." Kalpi said dancing with Sophie.
Raghav-There Drunk...These women...Sammy take Soph,I'll take Spot.
Kalpi squinted seeing Raghav and Sammy Talking,"Sophie...Let's hid That werido will take us away","Be strong,I'll see you at the Entrance" Sophie Said,Sammy Nodded and Went after Sophie Who ran away from him,Kalpi Hid between the dancers and Ran to  the Rooftop,Sammy finally got a hold of Sophie and Throwed her over his shoulders,On the Rooftop,Kalpi stumbles walking over to the railing "Wo...ahhh...Such a Awesome View" Her eyes widens hearing Raghav's Voice,she quickly turned and watched him.
Raghav-What are you doing??
Kalpi looked at him "I'm having fun...I like being drunk.
Raghav-Well  if you come with me I can get more drinks for you.
Kalpi eyes widens "Really?? You're not lying??
Kalpi kept her glance at Raghav and to the door trying to run away,Raghav  held unto to her and threw her over his shoulders
At the Villa Prem,Ayaan and Payal looked on seeing a Drunk kalpi and Sophie over Raghav and Sammy's shoulders.
"Please take care of her and I'll come back tomorrow to check on her" Prem said walking up to Raghav,he then caress her face and kisses her,Raghav scoffed seeing it all,Prem then left,Sammy helped Sophie to her Room.
Raghav walked upstairs Breathing heavily "She eats like a Glutton no wonder she's so heavy" He opened his door and rested Kalpi on the bed "Kudi Saturday Saturday" She mumbles,Raghav sighed and Looked at her "Tomorrow,I'm punishing you for wearing such clothes,I warned you didn't I" Raghav said pacing back and Forth watching her as she fell deeper and Deeper into sleep. "You're so stubborn,Did you know How I felt knowing you were missing Kalpi!! No..you won't you're busy Dancing in a club" 
Suno naa kahe kya suno naa
He sighed seeing her sleeping realising her was scolding her and she was asleep,He helped her up and Covered her,
Be intehaan be intehaan,Be intehaan be intehaan
He Traced his fingers on her Innocent face and smiled"Don't ever go missing or stop talking to me...I care about you alot Spot...You're My spot and I need you always by my side...Don't go where I can't see you." 
Yun pyaar kare yun pyaar kare Be intehaan
Raghav laid her back and Covered her up he gently caress her face and removed her hair,he leans closer to her face heading to her lips,He then jerks back moving away from kalpi "What was I doing?" Raghav makes his glance at Kalpi and then leave the room Quickly.
Sammy gently lays Sophie Back on her bed and removes the hair that was on her face "I was really worried Soph...I'm sorry for yelling at you about Paakhi,I just don't like you calling That woman's name in your cute Mouth" Sammy touches Sophie's Mouth "I'm sorry".
As Morning came On the Rooftop Terrace of the Villa,Sophie and Kalpi lowered their heads seeing Angry eyes at them.
Prem-Kalpi this was the Limit...Dancing in a Night club!! That too without your Jacket!! what would Mami think??
Kalpi pouted sadly keeping her head lowered,Sophie looked up at Everyone "I'm Hungry I'll make Breakfast,I'm going now" Sophie got up and Left,Sammy watched her Confused and Followed her,It was now Prem and Raghav alone with kalpi who couldn't make eye contact with them.
"Mujhe Maaf Kar Dain...I shouldn't have done that,I'm sorry for Embarassing you both" Kalpi said in a low voice,Kalpi got up and met their Gaze,Prem hugged kalpi and caress her head While Raghav looked away
Prem-It's Alright,Just go and get Dress...I'll leave you with Mr Singhaina Today.
Kalpi and Prem Broke their Hug "Nahi Prem..I want to stay with you,I'll get dress and leave with you today" Prem and Raghav watched kalpi confused and shocked,He then touches kalpi's face and left.
Raghav stood confused at Kalpi he held her wrist before she left.
Raghav-Spot what's Wrong?? Are you alright??
Kalpi turned her face making Raghav worried.
Raghav-Spot...Did I do something?? Are you angry at me??Look I'm sorry but you're not Mature and...
Kalpi-Raghav sir..Me wanting to be with Prem is noting concerning you,I love prem and I don't need to tell you why I'm going with him...So please stop making this about you.
Raghav-Spot,You're living with me you leave with me.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I'm not discussing this anymore,I'm going with Prem and That's it,You also have someone else,Go to that Person.
Without a word You showed me what love is
As Kalpi jerked her hand away and was leaving Raghav pulled her and hugged her from behind,Kalpi stood there with mixed emotions 
Without a word You gave me your love
"Raghav sir...let me go" Kalpi said in a low Voice "No Not until you Talk to me
kalpi stood there feeling Raghav embracing her she then thought "You love this Kalpi...The why do you behave like this with me"
You even made me hold my breath ,Waiting for you

Precap~ Aarohi sat in the Canteen watching Raghav and Kalpi who were Talking ,she smiled at Kalpi "You're Out DJ aka Kalpi Haider.

Khushboo was in the Lab realising Someone's Blood was Swaped with another "It means Someone swapped Piya's Blood...What if Piya is really Kalpi?? What if Aai was right??"

Sorry for this Short update...Hope it was good..

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Awesome update. Big smile

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My favourite was the last scene where Prem and Raghyav reprimanded Kalpi.. It sport of reminded me of myself.. LOL So Arohi knows that Kalpi is DJ and Khushboo finds out the truth.. Superb... PM me the next chapter..

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Omg Shocked than you. Best update eve. Kalpi and Sophie getting drunk. Kalpi getting disciplined by prem and rags. Then kalpi agreeing to leave with prem and rags hugging her from behind was like the best awww moment Embarrassed and sammy worried for Sophie was sweet Embarrassed so in love with ragna and samphie.   Embarrassed can't wait for precap. But don't change kalpi I like her as spot. The quirky clumsy kalpi.   Embarrassed Big smile

PS:   Love the banner MWAH Hug

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Superb update. ...
 Kalpi n soph. .drunk. .n dance in club. ...WinkLOL loved it. ..
 Hope khushboo soon find out piya is kalpi. ..
 Update soon. .

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Lovely update.

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