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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 111)


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Aria. when are you updating..
Missing jealous Raghav n Klutz Kalpi Embarrassed Embarrassed
Update Soon.
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When are you chappy 21??
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Update soon please girly
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Update chappy 21 soon dear.
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woow am speechless.rly love ur work.Smile
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Chapter 21

Thank you for the lovley commentsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed sorry i couldn't reply

Recap~ Kalpi looked away "Raghav Sir...Bee!!!" Raghav turned in terror "Where,where" Raghav turned back seeing kalpi running away and laughing "Spot!! You're Definally Dead!'

Kalpi walked quietly into the Elevator with many things on her mind,she wondered how she was going to tell Prem she was DJ,She made her way into the Conference Room,she looked around nervously and made her way to her seat,Raghav made a glance at her and messaged her "Spot why are you so tensed??"
Kalpi seeing her phone lit up she watched Raghav message and sighed "I am wondering Raghav sir...how do I tell prem who I really am,He'll be really angry at me" Raghav looked at her and sulked after reading her text,he wrote back "Didn't I tell you about other guys" Kalpi took a deep breathe and wrote back "Prem isn't a other guy,he's my future and My Mohabbat" Seeing the Words "Prem and  "Mohabbat" Raghav switched off his Phone and looked away sulking,Kalpi seeing no response from Raghav looked up at him,After a few Minutes of watching the Businessmen Boring Conversation,Kalpi saw Prem,Riley and A Tall Beautiful woman Clinged unto his Arm,Raghav watched on seeing a Kalpi watching on full with Jealousy "Ya allah,Meri Prem With some Ugly chudail" she said in a low voice,Prem took his seat right next to Kalpi who looked away fixing her hair, "Good Day" Prem said to her,Kalpi just nodded and looked away,By Accident Kalpi and Prem's Hand touched,He watched her for a while then went into his files,Raghav watched on and scoffed,Prem began his Presentation and was Applaud by everyone expect Raghav for his good work,Kalpi got up slightly in Pain and Shaky,Raghav got up and pulled her aside,While Prem made his glance at them.
Raghav-What's wrong??
Kalpi-Ragahv sir...I'm not feeling to well.
Raghav looked at her and scoffs
Raghav-You're always not well,Don't blow your cover otherwise,You'll lose it all,Go and wash you face and come back.
Kalpi nodded and left quickly,Raghav turned seeing Prem's Glance at Him.
Kalpi slowly walked to the washroom feeling shaky after she washed her face she headed out,her eyes widen Hearing someone calling her out "Ms Haider" She turned and Her Eyes fall on prem who stood before her looking at her with an Angry Gaze "Prem" Kalpi sad in a low shaky voice,Prem grasped on to her arm,she gasped in Pain seeing Prem holding the arm she was stung with.
Kalpi-It hurts alot.
Prem scoffs and watches her.
Prem-It does,Doesn't it.
Prem looked at her seeing tears rolling down her cheeks,he looked away and gently let her free.
Prem-Why are you here!! Why are you Walking around as a boy!!
Kalpi-I'm heading to my Goal.
Prem-Goal!! Couldn't I help you?? Am I that Bad??
Kalpi-Nahi...Prem please don't take it that way...I will always need you,But I wanted this for myself.
Prem-Yourself!! Then why do you have Raghav Singhaina Pulling you Around!!
Kalpi lowered her head "I'm Sorry" she said in a shaky voice.
Kalpi looked up at Prem shivering and In Tears
Prem-The Kalpi I know and Love would've told me!
Slowly Kalpi stood there shaky and Light-headed 
Prem-How could you do this,How could you keep me in the Dark
Kalpi looked at prem seeing everywhere in a blur,As Prem kept on scolding her,her eyes and body completely froze and shut down,Prem eyes widen seeing kalpi falling,he caught her in his arms,He looked at an unconscious kalpi in his Arm worried,He shook her head trying to awake her,Raghav  came out of the conference room looking for Kalpi,
Because I'm dangerous, my love
He bend the corner seeing her in Prem's Arms's,He walked up to Prem and he held unto Kalpi's arm,Prem then held him back from Taking kalpi,Both Men Stared on Angerily at each other.
The more you love me The more you
Prem-What are you doing??
Raghav-That's none of your business.
Prem-If it concerns Kalpi then It's my business
might get hurt in the end
Prem shooked kalpi again,she felt her and saw her burning up,Raghav looked at her face worried,without holding back any more Raghav pulled kalpi out of Prem's Arm and held her gently in his,Prem Glared at him.
Prem-What are you really doing now!!
Don't test me, my love
Raghav scoffs and held kalpi tigher,Prem looked at kalpi then Raghav.
Raghav-She's My Responsibility, lives in my house and eats my food,She will stay with me.
Prem Looked at him and scoffs,Kalpi hugged Raghav tightly grabbing unto his shirt.
Kalpi-Raghav..Raghav...Raghav Please...Please don't leave me"
Raghav and Prem Looked at each other stupefy,then there made then glances at Kalpi 
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I'm sorry.
Raghav smiled at kalpi and caress her face infront of Prem "It's alirght Spot...let's Go home" Raghav smirked at Prem and left with kalpi in his arms,Prem turned and watched on "Did she remember him?? she called out to him"
Raghav droved to the Villa quickly and Rested Kalpi in bed,Her temperture was burning her faster by the Minute,he took of her shirt and Jacket leaving her in her vest,he took of her pants leaving her in her shorts,he covered her up and sat on the sofa and watched her from afar.
At BA,by the Canteen Sammy sat alone speaking on the Phone with Raghav.
Sammy-She's still burning up??
Raghav-Yeah,But she looks so peaceful and not annoying
Sammy-Raghav take good care of her and don't scold her took much.
Raghav and Sammy ended their calls,Sophie came out to the canteen and watched Sammy from afar,she walked up to sammy and took a seat,she watched him.
Sophie-Was it Paakhi?? Is she okay??
Sammy looked up at her 
Sammy-No,She hasn't call and I'm not calling and Soph please don't bring her up again.
Sophei-But Samm...
Sammy got up and left she watched him and sighed "Is he a Grumpyuncle now"
Raghav got up and sat next to kalpi,he watched her and caress her face "Did you say my name,are you really My Kalpi?? Raghav watched her and rememember her clusmy ways "No...No you can't be my Kalpi" Raghav watched her annoyed and Left.
Night came,Raghav went back to his Room and saw the cover off of Kalpi he walked up to her and sat on the bed,Raghav made his glance at kalpi and saw a red Mark on her waist,He watched her first then touched her gently on her waist,Raghav scoffs and looked at her "You got stung and remained quiet" Raghav got up quickly and got some cream and rubbed it gently on her waist,he looked again and saw a mark on her Arm he glared at her and gently rubbed it on her Arm,He laid next to her and watched her "Spot...I wonder what goes on in that colourful brain of yours,Why are you like this...Joyful and Happy,You asked me why I hate you?? It's because of your face,your beautiful face...Kalpi" Kalpi turned to her side and held unto Raghav hand "Raghav...Don't go" Raghav looked at her and smiled,he caress her face.
Morning Came,Raghav walked downstairs seeing Prem standing before him.
Raghav-Why are you here??
Prem-I came to see Kalpi..How is she??
Raghav-Come with me,I'll show you to her room.
Raghav and Prem walked down the halls quietly.
Prem-Thanks,Thanks for taking care of her.
Raghav-She's mine.
Prem looked at Raghav amused,As Raghav opened the door Kalpi's eyes brighten she smiled widely,Then it all slowly faded seeing Prem standing next to him,she pouted,Prem walked in the Room and sat on the bed watching Kalpi who lowered her head,Raghav watched on with mixed emotions
Prem-I won't bite.
Kalpi-I know,I'm sorry Prem.
Prem raised her head and smiled at her.
Prem-It's okay...you're my Kalpi.
Kalpi smiled and blushed,Raghav watched on annoyed
Kalpi-Are we okay now?? 
Prem-Yeah...But why is your room so..
Raghav-It's my room.
Prem turned and watched Raghav "What??" Prem made an anger glance at Kalpi who looked away.
Prem-You both are sharing a Room!
Prem got up and Stormed out of the room,Raghav looked on amused,Kalpi got off the bed and followed him limping down the stairs.
Kalpi-Prem...Please wait.
Prem stopped he turned and watched kalpi.
Prem-You and That Raghav Singhaina are sharing a room,Am I supposed to be okay with that??
Raghav stood next to kalpi and watched on Amused.
Kalpi-No...I'm sorry..Please don't be upset about this...Raghav sir is a really good person
Prem stood and his brain clicked he thought and looked away "Probably has Kalpi fallen for him...She's so comfortable around him...I'll have to do something
Prem-Have you both...you know slept...
Kalpi stepped back in shock hearing those words tears began running down her feverish Face,Raghav walked up to prem and Punched him.
Raghav-She supposed to be the woman you so called love right!!
Prem held his face and watched Kalpi sadly he looked away "I have noting to say" saying that prem hurried away,Kalpi sobbed and fell back into Ayaan's arms hiding her face in his chest,Raghav looked on sadly hearing her loud sobs

Precap~ Kalpi stood between Raghav and Kalpi by the Rooftop,she watched them both as their argued who will take her. She watched Prem "WHo do you think you are!! You're behaving as if Raghav sir and I did A Sin" Kalpi made her glane at raghav "What is your problem,I can take care of myself" Both watched her as she Scold them
Okay this update is a rushed update...My mind is stuck on My SS so I couln't make this longer or focus on it...will give a longer update tomorrow and be focusWink
Any mistakes please do tell.

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Oh I just love this kalpi too much she loves rag too much n love how rag take care of her n kalpi n prem hmm so prem doubt her
Can't wait till she get her memory n love n stay wiz rag
Update soon

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