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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 11)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by swaralohakare

lovely part
hope RagNa meet soon

Thank you Big smileBig smile RagNa will meet really soonEmbarrassed

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome updateEmbarrassed

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Beintehaa Mohabbat Chapter 1 (Part C )

Recap-Neetu folded her hands
Neetu-Namaste Doctor How is Kalpi?
Doctor Khan-She's perfect,she can be discharged by the end of the week.
Juhi greeted Her Younger sister,both hugged,Neetu watched Kalpi who was watching her in a Daze,Neetu smirked.
Sammy Carried Suhana to her room,He made her sit and Wiped her tears.
Sammy-Tum Teek Ho?Don't cry.
Suhana-Thank you Sammy for saving me.
Sammy smiled and Gently pushed her head then left,Suhana watched him as he left In a Daze,Paakhi stood by the door she knocked,Suhana looked away quickly.
Paakhi-Suhana are you okay?
Suhana-Yeah,I'm gonna get dress,Can you leave.
Paakhi watched her sadly
Paakhi left from there,while suhana was Irritated by her.
At the poolside Gauri and Aarohi sat and catched up.
Aarohi-Is Raghu better now?
Gauri-He is,But he has to meet Jaanvi today.
Aarohi-Jaanvi?? kaun Jaanvi?
Gauri-She's his doctor.
"Oh" Aarohi said in relief she thinks "Jaanvi... is she pretty that Raghav can fall for her? Nahi I'm the most beautiful Woman here,Raghav only likes me,No other woman can ever get his love"
Gauri watched her.
Gauri-Aarohi beta,What are you thinking??
Aarohi-Oh..Kuch Nahi,Gauri Aunty.
At the chawl,Kamla was cutting vegetables and Talking to Kalpi's photo,"Kalpi,you know today is a special day,were having a Party as your Cafe has grown,Everyone loves our food.
Vitthal walked in by the door and watched her Quietly,Kamla watched Kalpi's photo and smiled "You better come home Quickly,Aai misses you alot and you have to recieve an award for best Cafe" Kamla kissed Kalpi's photo and smiled "Kya kare ho tum?' Vitthal said startling Kamla,she turned and saw Vitthal
Vitthal-What are you doing?
Kamla-Vithal mei...
Vitthal-Tum Suhana aur Paakhi bahut Pyaar Karte hain,Aur You never loved Kalpi,so I'm asking Kya kare ho tum??
Kamla watched Vitthal sadly.
Kamla-Vitthal What are you saying,I loved Kalpi and I miss her alot.
Vitthal scoffs,Kamla watched him teary eyed.
Vitthal-Your tears aren't going to break me Kamla,From childhood I saw You treat Paakhi better than Kalpi,And now where is my daughter!! where is Paakhi!!all that love you were supossed to give my daughter you gave it to a Meemsaab ki Beti aur that Meemsaab ki beti, Broke your trust and Love! I'll never forgive you for this Kamla,Never!
Vitthal Stormed out as Kamla broke down she folded her hands "Bappa,Please bring back meri Kalpi" Kamla sobbed on the ground
In Lahore Pakistan,Neetu sat next to Kalpi and Caress her hair.
Neetu-Kalpi...Beta how are you feeling now??
Kalpi watched her and smiled
Kalpi-I'm better now.
Neetu-Oh My you have a scar,It will fade with time.
Kalpi smiled at her
Neetu-Do you remember anything about the Accident?
Neetu watched her to see if she had remembered her Past.
Kalpi-Nahi,I don't remember,All i can remember is a hill and a crash that's all.
Neetu watched her,she then got up and went outside with the Doctor Khan,Aamir and Juhi,Kalpi quietly got off the bed and stood feeling the ground she smiled at the coldness of it,Still a bit Shaky she tried walking to the window,she kept glancing at door as she's not allowed to get up,she kept walking until she sliped.
'Zindagi se chura ke,"Zindagi mein basa ke"
Kalpi closed her eyes and felt a pair of hands around her waist.
"Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe,Roothe rab ko mana ke"
She slowly opened her eyes to see how had caught her.
'Aasmaan ko jhuka ke,Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe"
Kalpi opened her eyes and saw a man holding unto her,Not knowing he was Prem Kapoor.
"Tu mila jis tarah saba mile,Tu mila jis tarah sila mile"
He held her up while she watched him in a Daze.
"Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile bakhuda"
Prem Gently carried Kalpi back to her bed,she watched him in a daze again.
"Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya ,Tu mila, mukammal main ho gaya"
Prem-Why are you out of bed?? 
Kalpi watched him.
Kalpi-Oh...I wanted to see outside.
Prem watched her.
Prem-Don't get up,you're not well.
Prem walked out Kalpi watches him as he go she frowns and thinks"He just left like that and I didn't even thank him,But who is he?" Kalpi wondered,In Doctor Khan's Office,Neetu,Sahil,Juhi and Aamir sat with him.
Neetu-You did your work,Thank you,When can I discharge her??
Doctor Khan-Begum Saibha,Later in the week.
Neetu took the money from sahil,Juhi and Aamir watched her,Neetu handed the money.
Neetu-Here as you wished,1 Million dollars,You kept your Promise and I've kept Mine.
Juhi-How bad is her memory Loss??
Doctor Khan-Well I suppose she knows you Begum Saibha,did she ask you anything about yourself? did she reconginse you Begum Saibha??
Neetu-No she didn't.
Doctor Khan-Well her memory is bad,But to be on the safe side,Give her these Tablets daily,One in the Morning one in the Night.
Aamir-She'll forget her Past??
Doctor Khan smiled.
Doctor-Slowly everyday Her memories of her past will fade and the Memories she'll make now will be the only thing she'll  know.
Neetu smiled.
Neetu-Doctor Khan,you have indeed made me proud,I want to Move her to Bhopal,she'll live with Juhi and Aamir.
Juhi-You should burn kalpi's record,We  Adopted her now.
Sahil-Don't worry All that will be done.
Juhi,Aamir,Neetu and Sahil all smiled happily at their work,their headed back by Kalpi,In her Hospital room,Kalpi saw Prem comming back with the nurse with Food,He set up the table and sat next to her.
Prem-Are you Hungry??
"Zindagi se chura ke,Zindagi mein basa ke"
Kalpi nodded and smiled,
"Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe,Mehfoos tu mehsoos kar"
Prem fed her while she watched him in a daze.
Tere paas hoon main sada,Tujhse nahi ho sakta main"
He watched her his hand stoped midway while feeling her,her mouth was open she watched him.
Kalpi-I'm starving why aren't you feeding me??
Kalpi watched him
Kalpi-Kya? wait you know my name??
Prem-Why are you watching me like that??
Kalpi-Like what??
Prem-I'm feeding you stop watching me like that,You never seen a guy before??
Kalpi looked down.
Kalpi-I've been here for so long around,Doctor Khan and Nurses so I'm happy to see someone who's Around my age and Who's a guy.
"Tu mila jis tarah saba mile"
Prem watches her stunned and shocked.
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile,Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile bakhuda"
Kalpi signaled him to feed her and he did so,Outside Neetu,Sahil,Juhi and Aamir stood and watched them.
Juhi-She looks nice with prem.
Neetu smirked.
Neetu-They do,I want that Bai and Raghav Singhaina to see that Their Precious Kalpana has Fallen for my Son.
Aamir-Does Prem know your Plan??
Neetu-Prem is clueless, for my plan to work,Kalpi has to fall for prem Likewise prem as well,he only thinks that we saved her from dying but I have a different motive.
Juhi smiled.
Juhi-This ride it's gonna be fun.
Sahil-It is.
Neetu-Juhi,Aamir as of today,Kalpana Jadhav is Dead,And Piya Haider is alive,As of today Kamla,Vitthal and Raghav Singhaina is dead for Kalpi,Kamla and Vitthal are no longer Proud Parents because as of Today You both are Kalpi's Ammi and Abbu.
Juhi,Neetu,Sahil and Aamir smiled evilly and watched Kalpi and Prem through the window.
In Mumbai Night came,Paakhi was making dinner in the Kitchen for everyone,She decorated the place with few roses and made it candlelight,She saw Suhana walking down in a Light Pink maxi dress and Aarohi in a fitted Green dress,Both had cluches and were wearing Pumps,Paakhi was confused,she saw Gauri in a floral saree and Soha in a Black Pantsuit,Raghav and sammy wore Their Casul yet dressy clothes as well,She quickly walked up to them.
Paakhi-You are are going out?? Where?? I made din...
Gauri-Don't waste your voice,Raghav Sammy go and wait for us.
Raghav and Sammy left from there,"Mom I'm going to" Soha Left as well.
Paakhi-Gauri Aunty,you all are going out?? Can I come?
Gauri smiled.
Gauri-Tonight Were heading to the Chawl Kamla is expecting us tonight,she's having a big party.
Paakhi watched her "Kamla Maa" paakhi said,Suhana and Aarohi watched her.
Gauri-Kamla is dedicating an award today for her daughter.
Paakhi Watched her.
Gauri-Uski beti Kalpi,Well Kalpi can't accept  well because of someone.
Paakhi stood sadly with  tears in her eyes,Gauri was walked out after glaring at Paakhi,Aarohi and Suhana was walking out,Aarohi Purposely spoke loudly so paakhi could hear "Yeh Behenji feels she can come with us,Uski Kamla Maa didn't even invite her"Aarohi laughed loudly and left with suhana,Paakhi fell back on the chair and sat on the ground in tears,she sobbed.
At the chawl,Raghav,Soha,Gauri,Sammy,Suhana and Aarohi Arrived,The chawl was beautifully decorated,Raghav looked by upstairs and remembered the night he came to see kalpi after he confessed his love for her,Aarohi held his hand and he watched her "Are you okay" She said,Raghav turned to his side and saw a huge Photo of kalpi the banner said "Kalpana Vitthal Jadhav,The Princess that Lives in our hearts' Sammy,Gauri,soha and suhana watched the picture sadly,Raghav then went closer to the Picture and watched it with tears,Aarohi watched him confused"Kalpana Jadhav,who is she to everyone"
"Sun rahaa hai naa tu,Ro rahaa hoon main"
Raghav stood and thinks"Kalpi Main tumse Bahut pyaar karte hain,I miss you alot,Please come back to me to your parents.'
"Sun raha hai naa tu,Kyun ro raha hoon main"
Raghav closed his eyes and relived his memories he had with kalpi.
Kalpi opened her eyes from sleep and saw Prem watching her,she smiled
Kalpi-You're here? Isn't late??
Prem-It is.
Kalpi watched him and open her eyes widely.
Kalpi-Did you miss me that's why you're here??
Prem watched her annoyed
Prem-Nahi,Mom told me to check on you.
Kalpi-Mom? Do I know your Mom??
Prem-Yes ...Begum Saibha.
Kalpi jumped up.
Kalpi-Oh...that nice lady is your Ammi??
Prem watched her and smiled
Kalpi-She's nice...
Kalpi started falling asleep as the Doctor Khan Pumped Liquids for Memory Loss,Unknown to Prem.
"Oooh ho..."
Prem smiles and watches Kalpi as she fell asleep
Tum ho
He gently removed her hair from her face,he watched her scar and touched it.
Saath mere ho
He looked down and saw that Kalpi was holding his hand,he watched her.
Tum yun,Jitna mehsoos karoon,

Hope you all likeBig smile Please forgive me and my hindi,Don't forget to comment and likeBig smile


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amazing update...hehe, hope RagNa meet soon..emm after this amazing chpterBig smile

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Awesome update but prem

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Awesome update 

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Damn Neetu is bribing Dr to give memory loss drugs. What a witch please continue

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