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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 108)

sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 7:46am | IP Logged
waiting for update

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redpetal Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Waiting for your next update.  Hope  kalpi regain her memory.

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-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 24

Recap~ kalpi stood there feeling Raghav embracing her she then thought "You love this Kalpi...The why do you behave like this with me"

Kalpi pulled away from Raghav she turned and watched him "Raghav Sir...what's your problem??" Raghav scoffs at her "Just Don't go where I can't see you...Understand!" He then left saying that,Kalpi scoffs 'Ya allah is he that Important...telling me what to do"
In the Kitchen sammy watched on as Sophie Prepared Breakfast
Sammy-I'd like eggs as well.
Sophie who's back was faced at sammy scoffed"There's  egg in the fridge,get up and make for yourself" Sophie saying that Left from there quickly,Raghav came down and sat next to sammy.
Raghav-Why are they so edgy today??
Sammy-Did we do something wrong?? These girls and Their emotions.
After Breakfast Everyone gathered to leave for BA,Raghav and Sammy made their Glances at Sophie and Kalpi who's arms was folded and was sulking, "Uhh Piya,Soph why don't you both come with us??" Sammy asked Nervously,Kalpi and Sophie made their Glances at Raghav and Sammy. "No thanks..I'm leaving with Prem,Khuda Hafiz" Kalpi said as she left,'Sorry...I can go with Ayaan" Sophie said Glaring at Sammy then left with Ayaan.
Raghav and Sammy Both wondered what they Did.
While Prem was driving he made a glance at kalpi who's hands was folded and was Pouting "Such an Idiot...Raghav sir needs someone to beat him up,First he scolds me then he tells me what to do and When I'm angry the world is falling apart...It's stupid just like him,I'm not going to talk to him" Kalpi said mumbling,Prem looked at kalpi"I guess Raghav Singhaina Did something,Vaise I want these too to bond,I'm going to Enjoy these too" Prem thought and smiled "
As Kalpi entered BA her eyes met Raghav and Aarohi talking she scoffs and Passes them straight.
Raghav-What do you want??
Aarohi-Raghu...Please forgive me,I'll do anything you want.
An Annoyed Rgahav scoffed and Left from there "What is his problem??" Aarohi said frowing she then smiled and decided to follow Raghav.
Kalpi walked down the halls of BA heading to the Confernce room when she felt a pulled on her arm.
Raghav-You're Ignoring your boss??
Kalpi-Raghav sir...I was with Prem I don't need to answer your calls all the time.
Kalpi Jerked Raghav away and was leaving until he pulled her back again. "Spot..this attitude of yours is really starting to pissing me off...Behave yourself" Kalpi turned her head away and Pouted,Raghav looked at her and smiled "Look spot..I'm...I'm so...soo" Kalpi made her Glance at Raghav and scoffed "What are you doing?? are you trying to apologize?? Or spit on me?? Raghav watched her annoyed "Ha Ha...I'm sorry Okay...Now stop ignoring me" "I wasn't ignoring you Raghav sir" Kalpi said Happily,Kalpi ran after raghav as he walked away "Raghav sir Wait lets go together" Behind the Wall Aarohi's eyes widen "Bhagwan ji What did I just hear,He's a girl,I'm going to enjoy this,His Spot is here"
In the Conference Room,Sophie walked in seeing sammy looking at her she turned away and sat next to Payal and Ayaan which made sammy scoffed,Kalpi walked in behind Raghav trying to talk to him "Sir Raghav Sir...I'm talking to you,You're ignoring me now" And turned Quickly which made glance jerked back "Am I??"Kalpi scoffs and Pouts as Raghav walked away "Jerk" she mumbled,Kalpi walked passed him and sat next to Prem.
Sophie laid back on her seat yawning "Guys I'm super tired,What time is it??" Payal and Ayaan looked at her annoyed "Well if you weren't drunk last night,you would've been better today" Ayaan said while scrolling through his phone,Sophie watched him then her eyes made a glance at the Door she sighed frustrated seeing Aarohi "Oh My God...Did I do something so Bad that Witchy Bitchy Had to come here" She said hiding her face on the Desk.
Witchy Bitchy??" Ayaan and Payal said.
Raghav sat back looking at kalpi who's eyes was lock on Prem while he was on his phone "She needs alot of discipline now"
Aarohi slowly walked by Raghav keeping her gaze at Kalpi,she took a seat by Raghav and kissed him on his cheeks gently,Kalpi who saw everything looked away and wiped her tears Quickly.
In Mumbai Khushi walked to the labs with some files in her hands,she went through the Labs "Something is Really off here...Why is These Blood groups swapped" Khushi opened kalpi's Files she reads Kalpi's Files "Bappa Piya Haider's Blood group was swapped,It means Someone swapped Piya's Blood...What if Piya is really Kalpi?? What if Aai was right??" Khushi hid Kalpi's blood and Files "I'll have to get Aai ayr Baba's blood and test them again and Then for sure we'll know Piya is really Kalpi"
Kalpi walked to the Canteen sighing seeing Raghav and Sammy Talking "Raghav sir is such a Player first he says that Aarohi is his family and Future then I find out he loves a Girl  name kalpi and Now he has that Chudail kissing him" Kalpi the packs her plate with food and sat alone and ate "I don't care,I'm going to kill these feelings I feel,Raghav sir you're gone from my heart" Kalpi said shoving fruits down her throat,Raghav sits next to Kalpi quietly "Are you trying to Prove you're a glutton??" Starled by Raghav Kalpi turns and spits the food out on Raghav,"Raghav sir...Mujhe maaf..." Raghav closes his eyes and takes a deep breath "You spit on me" "Raghav sir...You scared me,I'm sorry" Kalpi said trying to clean the Food off.
Aarohi looked on from Afar and smiled "Raghu is keeping your secret,But I myself will make you expose yourself and that too You'll be fired from Raghav's company and Life...You're Out DJ aka Kalpi Haider"
Aarohi happily makes her way over to the Table where kalpi and Raghav were seated,She sidles over to Raghav's side,Sophie,Ayaan,Payal and Sammy came and took seats.
Aarohi-DJ Since you're in Business and You've grown to love it in these few says who is The best Businessman you've come across?? Here??
Asking the All the Guys makes their Glances at A Nervous Kalpi,She stammer a bit which makes Aarohi smile "Uh,since I'm a Guy and I like business,I would choose Ayaan ji" Kalpi said Lowering her head turning away From Raghav's Gaze,Aarohi smirks she then watches Raghav.
Aarohi-Raghu...Can we talk??
Raghav scoffs and looks up at Aarohi "NO" saying that he left and went to clean up himself,Kalpi looks up at A scoffing Aarohi she then Looks away.
Aarohi-DJ,You're so messy Kya Hua??
Kalpi-Its noting Aarohi ji.
Aarohi glares at Kalpi as Ayaan and Sammy took care of her "She's just a Kid,she has noting yet she has their attention' Aarohi thought,Kalpi then excused herself Quickly.
Frustrated at All the Attention Kalpi Gets,Aarohi follows her when Kalpi is heading to the washroom,Spotting Raghav comming up to Kalpi,She ducks around the corner to spy.
Raghav says"I never paid any attention to your tastes,But why do you always choose Ayaan over me??  it makes me feel pretty bad." Kalpi's eyes widen "Oh Really Raghav sir...Then Mujhe Maaf kar dain" She decided to leave when Raghav pulled her back infront of him "I am the Most Popular Businesman here so why are you denying it and keep Choosing Ayaan over me??" Raghav asks staring at her,Kalpi pouts as she was tired"I see" She then Raises her two thumbs up and says "Raghav Sir You're the Best" Kalpi smiles and was leaving when Raghav then stops her again "Wait spot"
Raghav watches her sternly and Insist. "Tell me the Truth...Answer Me Clearly spot...Which Businessman do you like best??" Kalpi nervously smiles and Pouts "Raghav sir...I told you before" she said in a low voice,Raghav scoffs and watches her "Answer me Spot!!That's just what you said trying to pretend to be a man. What do you like for real? Who do you like??" Tell me the truth" 
I don't know why
He says Leaning in close,Raghav Backs Kalpi  up against the wall,She looks away and tries not to blush "Tell me,who do you like Best?? You're a Girl" 
The more I erase you with tears
The clearer you get
Aarohi stood there in shock and Jealousy
Raghav leans in closer waiting for her answer,Kalpi watches him nervously "In Real I...I Like Sammy Sir. 
Don't go away
Raghav eyebrows raises he scoffs "you're good at evading answers" Raghav glares at Kalpi and heads off,
My everything, my destiny
Kalpi still stuck to the wall took a deep breath and sigh "Ya allah Raghav sir he's so demanding...Kalpi you need to let go of these feelings" Kalpi rubs her knuckles together and heads off to the washroom.
In Shock,Anger and Jealously Aarohi watches Raghav as he leaves,"Raghu You see That Kalpi as a Woman and Not a Kid...Raghu You love her don't you" She said that in a broken voice gripping the end of her dress.
In The washroom Kalpi finished washing her face,she looked in the Mirror seeing how red it was,she sighed then got startled hearing someone comming,she decided to hid in one of the toilets,Aarohi realising Kalpi was hiding looked around and followed her,she stands infront of the door and smirks "Are you in here" Aarohi asks Annoyed,"Pardon" Kalpi asks confused
Aarohi sighs "It looked like you came in to the wrong place, so I followed you in to take you out,DJ" Kalpi jumps and slowly opens the toilet door her eyes meets with Aarohi's."Aarohi ji" Kalpi says Shocked,Aarohi smiles "It looks like you're in the wrong place so I came to take you out" Kalpi watches her confused "Aarohi ji It's the Men's room here" Aarohi scoffs and smirks "That's Right This is the Men's Room...But why are you here?? you should be in the Ladies Room"Aarohi smirks saying that,Hearing that kalpi's eyes widens and she Gulps and Aarohi continues "DJ You're a Girl,I know everything Kalpi...I can't stand to watch you like this...Come out right now!!" Aarohi grabs Kalpi by the Wrist and Drags her out of the Washroom,Ingoring Kalpi's pleading,Aarohi drags her out by the Fountain and scorns her,Kalpi stood there breathing heavily "You just love hanging around them pretending to be a Man,Don't you!" Aarohi said making her glance at Raghav,Ayaan,Sammy and Prem who was on his phone,Kalpi stood speechless and Shaken,Aarohi smirked "Who do you like most?? Aarohi asked Happily watching Kalpi shivered in fright "Caring,Mature ,Snob Or Rakshas??' Aarohi asked smiling at Kalpi who was shivering "Aarohi ji" Kalpi said in fright,Aarohi  looked away annoyed and watched Kalpi "Don't call me by my name and tell me who you like" Aarhoi looked at a shaken Kalpi "Do you want me to tell you more??
aa tu mere khwaab sajaa ja re.
she said smirking "Is it Ayaan,Sammy,Prem or RAGHAV!
Hearing Raghav's name loudly from Aarohi's mouth Kalpi's eyes widen she stood there Shivering in shock and Fear.
maahi aaja re maahi aaja re
Hearing a loud shout out,The Guys make their way watching Aarohi and Kalpi,Their Eyes fall at a shaken and Shivering kalpi

Precap~ Kalpi stood outside on Raghav's Balcony Both talked.
He turned and watched her. "I can't see you very well. Not being able to see you is frustrating. So don't be somewhere I can't see you,Kalpi made her gaze at him in tears,he turned and watched her and hugged her "Don't go where I can't see you.. ...Kalpi"

Aarohi held Raghav by his Wrist he looked up and watched her "I have to Meet Spot...Let go!!" Aarohi started crying "Not fair Raghu you scold me over and Over about you loving Kalpana and never loving anyone else...But Look you're Obbsessiong over Piya...You love her and betraying Kalpi??
Raghav watched her stupefy while she smirked.

I hope this chapter was good...I'm sleepy nowSleepySleepy Tell me your thoughtsBig smile

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--Pixie- Groupbie

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Lovely update...This Aarohi is very stupid,I like that Raghav is possesive about Kalpi he has fallen for her,Is something going to happen?? I like what Raghav told her not to go where he can't see herClapClap so now Aarohi knows everything,Raghav cornering her and being jealous was amazingEmbarrassedLOL
In the Precap she looks like she's planning somethingShocked And raghav is reminding her not to go??what's going to happen??ShockedWacko

And Yes I am a silent reader...But I liked today's chapter so I commentedSmile

Edited by --Pixie- - 06 March 2015 at 12:02pm

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update.   Big smile so loved how kalpi ignored rags. But that damn arohi is a bitch Angry I hope she gets knocked out Angry

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
Oh ho so kalpi m Sophie angry on them n ignore them n that arohi is just annoying as usual 
Hope rag found his sweetheart too n Sammy a way t get t Sophie
Update soon

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Aria... I luv jealous Aarohi... Wish RagNa together soon... Dear update nxt chappy soon... Waiting...

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Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2015 at 10:15pm | IP Logged

Superb update. ...
  Loved kalpi n soph. ..ignore raghav n Sammy. ..LOL
Aroshi know DJ is kalpi. ...Confused hope khushboo soon find out truth. ...plzz soon keep Ragna together. ..
Update soon. ..

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