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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 108)

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Chapter 20

Firstly I would like to Apologize to you all,I shouldn't had put Kalpi groveling,Guys I am so so sorry,As A women I sould'nt have done that,Please forgive me

Recap-He then watches his hands and smiles "My Klutz" he then looks away Irritated "Why did I just Say that"


Kalpi sat on the couch with her head lowered as Raghav told Everyone Kalpi was DJ,Sophie's angry Face turned into a smiled,she hugged Kalpi tightly,Raghav scoffed and looked away
Sophie-Chulbuli!! I missed you alot.
Sophie then made an anger glance at Raghav,He watched her annoyed as she cursed him with her eyes.
Sophie-Chulbuli you're HottyD!! ahhh!! I'm so happy,Let's celebrate,I'll make Dinner.
Kalpi's eyes widens
Kalpi-Are you?? Can I watch??
Sammy-You're DJ.
Kalpi looked up at Sammy sadly and nodded,she smiled as he pat her head.
Raghav eyes widen's he scoffed,Ayaan watched Kalpi and hugged her tightly
Ayaan-My Fat Piya..I missed you.
Kalpi smiled and looked up at Ayaan.
Kalpi-You knew??
Ayaan-How can I not know Piya??
Kalpi hugged Ayaan Back tightly,Raghav turned Jealous and pulled Ayaan away,Kalpi pouted, Ayaan watched him.
Raghav-You All are okay with this!!
Sophie-Rags...We are,so get over it.
Sophie makes kalpi sit back,Everyone watches on.
Sophie-Chulbuli,you can't keep sleeping on the couch...so you need to bunk with someone.
Sophie nudged sammy.
Sammy-So,Piya where do you want to sleep??
Everyone looks at her tensed and happily as they await her answer
and when she looks at up at Raghav shyly,he mouths, "You're dead." she looks away.
Sophie-I know...I'll make it easy,Kalpi will stay in the Biggest room,Mine and Payal's are really Occupied,Sammy and Ayaan's are too small,so Kalpi will stay in Raghav's Room.
Kalpi and Everyone Made their Glance At Raghav who Glared at Them.
Raghav-Why My Room!! and I'm not Letting this Klutz sleep in my room.
Kalpi pouted and looked away,Sophie took Raghav by the Arm and carried him aside.
Raghav-What are you doing!! I can't stand her,its suicide being with her,It''s death If I share with her.
Sophie-Really?? You will share with her otherwise,I'll torment you.
Sophie then pointed him at Ayaan who sat next to kalpi,who made her laugh.
Sophie-Fine...Ayaan could share with her,He seems to like her.
Raghav eyes widens,he stood there in jealousy,He walked up to Kalpi and took her by the wrist.
Raghav-Spot...Let's go.
Kalpi watched him confused"Raghav sir...where are we going"Raghav watched Ayaan angerily and took kalpi away,Sophie Smiled at her work,Sammy took her by the Arm and carried her outside.
Sammy-What are you doing!! You put them together.
Sophie removed Sammy's hands and watched him.
Sophie-First I understand Men have a Tendency of dragging women,Please don't drag me, and Second,If Raghav and Piya stays together in one room...Romance...Duh!! Do I always have to be the smart one??
Sammy-Fine...But If it doesn't work,I'm not going down with you.
Raghav walks down the hall dragging Kalpi behind him,he then pins her to the wall,Kalpi looks up at him
Kalpi-Raghav Sir you look really mad.
Raghav-Mad!! I'm Furious!!
Kalpi-Why?? Did something Happen??
Raghav sighs and watched a clueless Kalpi.
Raghav-Just go,It makes no sense talking to you.
Kalpi watches on a Raghav went into his room "What is he talking about"
Kalpi walks slowly down the stairs in her Black tracks,White lace vest,With her her in Updo,She touched her stomach and pouted"Sophie Ma'am said she was cooking,Yet I'm dying without my love" She finally made it off the stairs,Her eyes widens seeing the Place decorated and everyone staring at her happily,she pouted seeing Raghav sulking in a corner,They all Gatthered around the table Eating,Raghav fretts as to how well the others are treating her,He looks away with jealousy written all over his face,He then scoffs seeing Ayaan feeding kalpi,He watches how kalpi was showing her skin he thinks "This is what she wears infront of this guy,She need some Discipline"
Kalpi smiles as Ayaan wipes her mouth
Sophie-Chulbuli,How did you like the surprise and Dinner??
Kalpi-It's amazing and I love the food.
Sophie-Sam..Rags didn't I say Chulbuli would've loved it.
Kalpi looked around,she didn't see Payal.
Sophie-Payal hasn't been feeling well these days.
Kalpi wonders "I hope Payal didn't get sick because of me"
After Dinner Kalpi sat with her foot in the pool,Ayaan sat next to her.
Ayaan-What's wrong??
Raghav came out of his room and went to the balcony,he look downstairs seeing Ayaan and Kalpi talking.
Ayaan-What is it.
Kalpi-I'm afraid...Prem might hate me if he finds out I'm DJ.
Ayaan hugged kalpi  tightly and caress her head,Raghav's eyes widen.
Ayaan-Just be careful,There will be a time to tell him,be strong.
Kalpi smiled and Nodded,Raghav graped the edge of the railing angerily and looked on.    
Sammy walked outside seeing Sophie Crouch up on the bench,he took a blanket and wrapped it around her,she looked at him as he sat next to her
Sammy-You too have feelings soph..
Sophie-I know
Sammy-You behave like a boy,but inside,you're  just a girl who wants to be loved...right.
Sophie-Yes..I've never met the right guy...I don't let being single dwell in my mind,Of course,I love being single and being awesome...But I forget sometimes that I am a girl who has feeling and who wants to be loved.
Sammy hugged Sophie and pinched her
Sammy-I understand.
Sophie-HandsomeSam...Why didn't you marry me,We would've been the best couple ever.
Sammy smiled at Sophie
Sammy-We would've.
Sophie-That girl..Paakhi she's really lucky to have you,I'm sure you both will always be happy.
Sammy listened and remained Quiet.
Sophie-I am jealous Of Paakhi she's so lucky...
Sammy-Soph...Let's be quiet.
Sammy blocked sophie's mouth "Quiet" Sophie watched him "What do we call our Relationship??" Sammy knocked sophie on her forehead with his finger "Inseparable BestFriends"
She nodded and both snuggled under the blanked watching the stars.
Kalpi Stood infront of Raghav's room Door Nervously "What if laser eyes kisses me again" She knocked on Raghav's door three  times,He opened it and looked at her annoyed,Kalpi walks into Raghav's room and he hands her a blue and white Comforter,He heads to the washroom,Kalpi sighed "He could at least given me the bed...But wait it's his...So How can I take it" Raghav came out of the washroom,he stood and watched kalpi who was lying in the comforter on the ground,next to his side of the bed.
Raghav-You're too close..
Kalpi-Raghav sir..I'm already here...and I don't want to move.
Raghav looked away and went into his bed,Kalpi happily watched him,Raghav turned to his side away from kalpi,She looked up at him and smiled "Good Night Sir,Sweet dreams" Raghav turned on his back remembering Ayaan with Kalpi,she turned back to his side thinking "Why Am I feeling so uneasy...When I see him with spot I feel Angry"
Morning came,Raghav woke up screaming,Kalpi who was sleeping next to him on the bed jump up,with her hair Messy.
Kalpi-Kya Hua,Kya hua...Raghav sir is it a bee again!! No Roach!! I'll kill it.
Raghav sat back breathing heavily,Kalpi watched him and yawned
Kalpi-Raghav Sir Kya hua??
Raghav-Why are you in my Bed!!
Kalpi Rubbed her eyes and scratch her head watching Raghav.
Kalpi-Huh? Ohhh...The ground was really hard so I came up here last night.
Raghav-You...You slept on the same bed with me??
Raghav watched kalpi as laid back in the bed
Kalpi-Raghav sir...your bed is so soft...I slept like a baby.
Raghav-Get Off! You...You're dangerous.
Kalpi sat back up and watched Raghav and Yawned again
Kalpi-Dangerous?? Me?? how?? Anyways raghav Sir..why were you screaming??
Raghav-Because I woke up and found a Clusmy girl in my bed.
Kalpi pouted and looked away "Atleast you had a girl in your bed" She mumbled in a low voice,Raghav watched her
Raghav-What did you say!!
Kalpi-Noting Raghav Sir,I'll leave you so you can get dress.
Kalpi got off the bed,she stopped she turned and watched Raghav who was comming off the bed,she smirked"Raghav Sir!! Bee!!!"Raghav shrieks and jumps back on the bed,Kalpi burst into loud laughter "Haha Crybaby...Which brute is afraid of a Bee." Raghav watched kalpi in terror,she walks up to him "It should sting you"Kalpi show Raghav her tonuge then left jumping happily out the room,Raghav takes a deep breath and sighs "She's More dangerous than I thought"
Downstairs Kalpi sat eating happily,Everyone stared at her.
Sophie-Chulbuli,why are you so happy today.
Sophie sat next to her and smiled evily.
Sophie-Did you Kill Grumpyuncle??
Kalpi sighed and watched her
Kalpi-I wish...
Kalpi made her glance at payal who was heading to the poolside.
Kalpi-Excuse me Sophie Ma'am.
Kalpi left passing Raghav straight who came for Breakfast,He looked t Kalpi annoyed and sat by Sammy.
Raghav-Soph,I want some Eggs,What's wrong with Spot??
Sammy-She's going by the Pool.
Ayaan came downstairs looking for Kalpi.
Ayaan-Where's Piya??
Raghav watched him and stabbed his eggs,Sammy and Sophie smiled at Raghav
Sophie-She's by the poolside.
Ayaan-Thank You.
Ayaan then left,Kalpi sat by Payal and pinched her.
Kalpi-Ya...I missed you,are you still feeling sick?
Payal looked at her and smiled,Ayaan stood by the door and watched them.
Payal-A little,I was just feeling upset.
Kalpi-Payal...did your period came??
Payal-No..Why would you ask that??
Kalpi- No reasons,You should go and eat some breakfast.
Payal left,Kalpi walked over to Ayaan.
Kalpi-Are you spying on us??
Ayaan-Nope,are you feeling better??
Kalpi-Yes...I'll see you later,I'm going to change
both went back inside,Kalpi saw Raghav,she quickly went over to him,he watched her.
Kalpi whispered in his ears.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I'm going to change,Don't come in the Room
He watched her annoyed as she left,he scoffs "Yeah right...Like if I want to see anything"
Kalpi sat in the bathtub playing with the bubbles,she puts them by her mouth and giggles "To admit,I have alot of Fun With Raghav Sir more than prem...Raghav sir is so funny and cute but mean"
Kalpi rinses herself then wraps the towel around her,and walks out to Raghav's room,She looks at the Ground seeing that her hair has dripped on Raghav's Carpet "If Raghav sir see's this..He'll behave like a Jerk" Kalpi takes some napkins by Raghav's bed side and tries drying it up,Raghav walks into his Room looking for his phone,Raghav Eyes widen seeing Kalpi in a towel "Spot",she looked up seeing Raghav,she jumped up nervously in fright stammering "Raghav sir..."  Raghav stood there Eyeing her
Tujh mein hai kuch aisi subah sa  jiski khaatir main tha jaga sa
Kalpi tried To run away from being embarassed by her boss she twisted her foot falling in Raghav's arms.
Aa tu mere khwaab sajaa ja re... 
He held her with a tight grip,Kalpi looked up at him lovingly and smiled she thought "Ya allah...Another moment again,My Raghav Sir is always here with me"
Dil roye aa elaahi tu aaja mere maahi
Raghav then looked at Kalpi's forehead seeing a mark,He raises his Hands and caress it,squinting watching it,Kalpi looked at him confused but smiled.
mere maahi mere maahi, tu aaja mere maahi
Kalpi's heart began pounding,Raghav watches her and smirks
Raghav-Are you Really Naked??
Kalpi's eyes widens,she gasps and pulls herself away from Raghav,Raghav smirked at her.
kalpi-Chiii Raghav sir...Your thinking is nasty!! And No I am not,I figured I'm sharing a Room with a Brute so I made sure to put on my shorts and I binded my chest as were going to BA.
Raghav watched her Amused,he turned watching her in terror,Kalpi looked away and pouted "Spot...Is..is that a Bee???"Kalpi watched him "So...It should sting you in your mouth"Raghav pointed at the bee "Spot I'm not lying..It's behind you"
Kalpi turned her eyes widen seeing a huge bee Behind her,she squealed and run behind Raghav who pushed her infront of him using her as a human shield,kalpi stammers Watching raghav confused "Yeh...Aren't you the Man, Why are you pushing me first" Raghav swayed kalpi side to side shielding himself,Kalpi took off her towel,Raghav watched her in her Shorts and Gynecomastia Binder (It's to bind your chest) She looked at Raghav seeing him eyeing her,he looked away quickly,Kalpi tried hitting the bee away with her towel,after a while the Bee left,Raghav sat back and sighed,Kalpi quickly wrapped her towel around herself,
Raghav-Spot...You saved my life,Thanks
Raghav said out of breath,Kalpi blushed and smiled "Do you really mean that??
Raghav-Yes...I mean you're Dangerous,But that bee almost kill us both so Thanks.
Kalpi-Really Raghav Sir?? 
Kalpi then felt her feeling comming up she distracted herself "I'm going to change"
Raghav-yeah you do that.
Kalpi was leaving when Raghav Held her Arm.
Raghav-One more thing...Since I am your Boss,I forbid you to wear such clothes infront of Mr Siddiqui or any guy!!
Kalpi Watched Raghav confused and Clueless
Raghav-Those,Sleeveless vests,Dress Like a boy around him.
Klapi-But Raghav Sir I'm a girl.
Raghav-Then Don't wear such clothes infront of him...If I see you like that,I won't spare you.
Kalpi pouted and watched Raghav,she fretted
Kalpi-But Raghav Sir Can I wear it around you??...Like when I'm in the Room,I don't like sleeping in long clothes and I like my Vests.
Raghav folded his hands and watched her,he then looked away "Of Course!!,Only around me you can dress like that!! and Wear your vests...Understand!"
Kalpi smiled happily
Raghav-And as your Boss,I don't like anyone touching My spot on her shoulders,waist or Anywhere.
Kalpi sighed and fretted,her eyes widens
Kalpi-Okay...But Sir are you too not allowed to touch me??
Raghav watches her,Kalpi rubs her knuckles together
Raghav-Like the clothes,I am allowed to touch you,as I am your Boss and you're my Spot!! And if you break the Rules I'll Sell you out
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar... O...
Kalpi pouted and looked away "Ya allah What... is he drunk...Is he my husband telling me what to wear and who to touch" Kalpi mumbled off going into the Bathroom.,
Poochhoongi tujhko kabhi na
Raghav smirked "She is one Kid! Thank God she's clueless and she doesn't catch on Quickly,By the way I caught myself looking at her twice...She did look...Beauitful" Raghav cursed himself then left the Room.
Chahun main yaa na,Tere khwaabon mein ab jeena
In the Bathroom,Kalpi stood infront of the Mirror In Pain and Tears,She looked at her waist and Arm seeing that It was red That she got Stinged twice Being Raghav's Shield 
Chahun main kyun na
"I'm alright...I'll do anything to Protect My raghav Sir from being hurt"
Kalpi walked down the stairs hiding her Pain,Sophie Smiled
Sophie-Oho Chulbuli...you look like a handsome dude...HottyD
Kalpi smiled,Ayaan walked up to her and touched her shoulders,Raghav watched on,Kalpi noticed Raghav and gently pulled away.
Kalpi-Ayaan...How do I look?
Ayaan hugs Kalpi,She looks at Raghav who mouth "You're Dead"She pouted and looked away,Sammy walked in eating chocolate,Sophie Smacked him.
Sophie-Yo...Yo...Yo.. why do you always mess up yourself!!
Sammy smiled "Sorry" Sophie took her finger and wiped the chocolate off his mouth,she then tasted it "Hmmm Dark chocolate" Sammy walked outside,Sophie followed behind him.
Ayaan-Are you comming??
Kalpi-Nahi..you go I'm waiting on Payal
Ayaan nodded then left,Kalpi stood by the stairs Watching Payal who also hid her Pain.
Kalpi-Payal...You looks so pretty
Payal-Thank you,Let's go.
Payal left,Kalpi was walking out when Raghav cornered her,she looked at him.
Raghav-Why did you take so long in my Room.?? And what did I say about People touching you!! Spot!!
Kalpi looked away "Raghav Sir...Bee!!!" Raghav turned in terror "Where,where" Raghav turned back seeing kalpi running away and laughing "Spot!! You're Definally Dead!'

Precap~Kalpi looked up at Prem In Tears "The Kalpi I know and Love would've told me!!" Kalpi stood there shaky and Light-headed "How could you do this,How could you keep me in the Dark" Kalpi looked at prem seeing everywhere in a blur

DoneEmbarrassed I hope this chapter was alright,Tell me how it was  Don't forget to comment and Like...Embarrassed
Let me tell you something...To be honest I So want to Pair Sammy & Sophie together Embarrassed   Let Him Ditch paakhi and I'll pair her with someone Else LOL Any votes on that??  EmbarrassedLOLWink  It's a thoughtEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
awesome update kalpi truth is out nrag feel bad everyone happy kalpi is dj n sophie threatened rag so that kalpi stay in his room n kalpi wearing vest rag hate it wen aryaaan touch her 
love that scene rag n kalpi in bed n kalpi n rag in room oh ho kalpi will be willing t hurt herself t protect rag n wat happen t payal
update soon sammy n sophie best as couple

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darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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awsome update love it
rags is jeleous from ayaan
but what happen to payal??
and i love to see sammy & sopiea together
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Of course I love Sophie n Sammy coupleplz do it
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Another awesome update. Rags afraid of a bee. LOL mr scary himself afraid of a little bee LOL gawd he's dictator telling her what she can wear who can touch her. So judging from precap kalpi tells prem. But I hope he forgives her. Big smile
OmkaraKiParvati IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Raghav is scared of a BEE !!!!! ROFL I mean seriously !!!! ROFL And Ayaan is cute. Sammy-Sophie scene was cute...

I have the perfect idea Big smile
Pair Pakhi and Ayaan. Then Sophie with the real DJ, Payal with Prem, RagNa ofcourse and Sammy with me Embarrassed Am pakks sure u can never find a replacement for Sammy that is as perfect as me Blushing

And BTW,

I'm thinking of Breaking him and Paakhi up and Putting my sweet sophie with him,Hahaha you must feel jealous sophie is sweet and beautiful WinkLOL hahahaha you're jealous againLOLLOL

Am not that much jealous.. Just a little bit.. Sophie is sweet and beautiful bt as I said, u can never find a perfect replacement other than me.. So do think over my offer again Wink

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sampa79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Fantastic update Smile

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