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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 104)

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 Updating later EmbarrassedEmbarrassed chapter 19 in progress

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Chapter 19

Guys didn't get time to respond but that you so much for you lovely comment and making reach 100 pages SillyDancing

Recap~ Her eyes widen as she saw a shirtless Raghav standing infront of her,Glaring at her she thinks in Fear "Ya Allah...Please protect me from Him...What should I do

Raghav-Why are you here?? Didn't Tell you not to enter my room!
Kalpi stammers and quickly got off the bed.
Kalpi-Raghav si...I mean Mr Singhaina,I'm sorry...I just came for a towel.
Raghav walked up to kalpi's face and watched her closely,she gulped and looked away.
Raghav-Do you usually come into someone's room when their showering??
Kalpi-No...I just..
Raghav-Get out!!!
kalpi nodded and Hurries off,Kalpi stood outside the room door and took a deep breath "Ya Allah...He's always Grumpy"
Ayaan who was walking down the hall saw her.
Ayaan-Are you Okay??
Kalpi Nodded and left from there quickly,He watched her,then made his glance at Raghav's Room "Why was she was in there"
Everyone got dressed for the first day of work,Kalpi walked slowly behind Raghav who was heading to the Elevator,She walked in Quietly and watched Raghav who was on his phone,Raghav noticed Kalpi looking at him so he kept his distance,Kalpi started to feel sleepy so she streched but she Accidently smack Raghav in his face she slowly turned and watched his Glaring and Face.
Kalpi-Mr Singhaina...I..I didn't mean to hit...
Raghav-Shut it!!
Raghav Sighed and Glared at Kalpi.
Raghav-You're just like that woman!! Stay away please..otherwise,I'll kill you.
Kalpi pouted 
Kalpi-Why would you kill me?? I didn't hit your head that Hard.
Raghav watched her,she lowered her head and looked away
Raghav-Didn't Hit me Hard!! I still have brusies because of that Klutz
Raghav walked up to Kalpi  who stepped back.
Raghav-You're both  Familiar...Are you maybe Related to that Klutz, Piya Haider??
Kalpi smiled and Touched Raghav on his shoulder and smirked,she thought "Shall I make play a game" He watched her annoyed
Kalpi-Maybe...,She's pretty beautiful...I like her fig...
Raghav Jerked Kalpi's hand away.
Raghav-That's my spot!!! why are you speaking about her like that!!
Raghav then Tapped Kalpi on her head,She watched him
Raghav-Don't you Dare watch her Figure...It's my...
Kalpi chuckled and Raghav  stood stuepfy
Kalpi-Helloo...I am DJ Suryavanshi and If I like that Girl,so what...and what's yours?? Piya?? Never She's my type hot and...
Raghav-What did I just Say!! Don't Utter my Spot's name in your dirty mouth!!! and I told you not to touch me!! 
Raghav jerked kalpi away then left,Kalpi spined around in the Elevator "Yes Finally Mr Laser Eyes stood up for me...Lekin Shall I make him more jealous"
Kalpi cooly walked into the meeting.
Kalpi-Good Morning Everyone,You may be seated.
Kalpi walked to her seat at the head of the Desk,she texted Raghav and smiled evily,"About Piya...Why didn't you Bring her...I might Have Fallen More for her" Raghav read the text and Looked up at Kalpi angerily,he texted back "What did you say,Fallen for her,Leave my spot alone" Kalpi snickered and wrote back "If she was Here I would've confessed and took her in my Arms and Kissed her Passionately" Raghav's Eyes Widens seeing that,he looked up at Kalpi angerily and wrote back "Well you can't...I Kissed her First,I held her in my Arms and I will  make sure she never meets you,So stop thinking about her,Not even in your dreams you'll get My Spot!!" 
I shouldn't have ever looked at you
Kalpi froze in her seat,she looked up Raghav tearful she wrote back "Do you perhaps Love your Spot" 
I should've ran away I should've acted like I didn't hear
Kalpi looked up at Raghav waiting for his reply,Raghav watched his phone for a minute,he sighed then turned it off,
Without a word You showed me what love is
Kalpi looked up at him sadly.,she thought "You could've just texted back Maybe or I don't know...Why do you hurt my heart like this Raghav sir...Why can't you see My love As kalpi...You only care about Aarohi ji."
Without a word You gave me your love
Kalpi ignored all the files she was handed,she got up slowly and left battling Tears,she ran to a corner and cried her heart out.
She dropped down sobbing,blocking her face,Payal who saw kalpi left ran after her and crouched up next to her,trying to comfort her.
You even made me hold my breath Waiting for you
Payal-Kalpi..Kya hua?? What's wrong??
Kalpi looked up at her teary eyed
Kalpi-I can't work with Raghav Sir...My feelings will sell me out.
Payal wiped her face and caress it.
Payal-Isn't Our kalpi a fighter,It's okay to cry but not always...You're a Fighter!! Don't let your feelings overtake you.
Kalpi-Everytime I see him,Those Feelings try to come out.
Payal-I have An Idea,Everytime those feelings try to come out distract yourself with something...Okay.
Kalpi Nodded,Alex who came out looking for Kalpi saw her with Payal,He saw Payal helping Kalpi up and Hugging her,"Something is going on with these two...When did DJ started to like Simple girls"
Kalpi went back into the Conference Room with her head Held high,she Ignore Raghav distracting herself,Her hands and eyes Pass through all the Files but one caught her eyes,her Studio was Being Sold.
Kalpi-Mr Malothra...This Land,Why is it being Sold??
Alex-DJ...Actually,The Land was just being there,no one was using it.
Kalpi-Isn't A studio built on it??
Raghav got up annoyed,he watched Kalpi and Everyone.
Raghav-This Meeting Is Useless..That Land and It's discussion wasn't meant for today.
Kalpi-Mr Singhaina This...
Raghav-DJ...I have no interest in this or that Land,This discussion was held for the End of the Month,I will only discuss Then...Now I'll take your leave.
Kalpi watched Raghav in shocked as he left she thought 'He has no interest in it...then  why did he told me he wanted to Demolish it??
At the Outdoor Canteen,Kalpi eyes Widen seeing all the colourful food and Goodies "Ya allah...Is this real" Kalpi took out everything she wanted,Ayaan stood next to her taking out his Food,He watched her and smiled,He thought "As expected Kalpi cannot resist food,I'm sure she's going to enjoy herself here"
Ayaan-You eat alot DJ...
Kalpi looked up at Ayaan,she smiled happily
Kalpi-Isn't it nice?? It's like Food heaven...
Ayaan-It is...But Don't eat alot,we have another meeting today.
Kalpi pouted and sigh,Ayaan smiled at her
Kalpi-Another...Why?? I'm tired.
Ayaan smiled.
Ayaan-Why don't you eat with Me and Payal??
Kalpi nodded and followed Ayaan,Raghav who sat with Sammy and Sophie,Looked across at Ayaan and Kalpi's Table and Sulks.
Sohpie who was feeding sammy looked at Raghav.
Sophie-Yo..Yo..Yo.. Grumpyuncle...why are you so grumpy??
Raghav ate angerily and watched Kalpi who was stuffing her face.
Sophie-Rags...if you eat like that you might end up in the toilet.
Sophie then glared at sammy and smacked him
Sophie-Ya!! Why did you bite me?? Do you want me to call you Uglysam!!
Sammy-Really!! why would you tell Raghav that! you might end up in the toilet
Sophie Glared at Sammy
Sophie-What did you say!!
Sophie took up cake and smeared it across his face
Sophie-Revenge is sweet...Just like this cake
Sammy smiled and Licked the cake off his face,while sophie watched raghav intently,Tapping her fingers on her face
Sophie-Rags..Whenever I look at you I see a troubled man.
Raghav and Sammy watched her annoyed.
Sophie-Very Troubled..
Sammy-Soph!! Be quiet..
Sophie-Oh come on sam...Rags is a...
Sophie kept quiet seeing Raghav watching her.
Raghav-What is this...Spot isn't here,are you filling in for her??? Would you shut it!
Sophie Glared at him and ate,she said in a low voice
Sophie-Don't get Mad at me because you didn't bring Chulbuli
Raghav and Sammy watched her.
Sophie-Noting...I'm going over by HottyD...He isn't Grumpy and He likes Chulbuli...I think those two make a perfect pair.
Sophie then got up and went over to Payal,Kalpi and Ayaan.
Kalpi who was eating looked at sophie who sat next to Ayaan.
Sophie-Hi HottyD,Peaches and Ayaan.
Kalpi-Sophie ji...what bring you here??
Sophie-That Jerk Raghav is to grumpy he's spoiling my mood.
Kalpi lowered her head sadly,Ayaan watched her and was curious.
Sophie-Don't worry I like you HottyD...
Sophie leaned over and Watched Raghav,she spoked loudly
Sophie-He's Just jealous!!
Raghav scoffed and looked away Sammy noticed Raghav's Gaze on DJ (Kalpi)
Sammy-Do you like DJ or something??
Raghav glared at sammy
Raghav-Are you mad!! He's a idiot!!
Sammy smiled at him and shaked his head.
After Lunch Everyone headed back to the Conference Room,Kalpi and Payal walked in quickly heading into a Empty cabin,But unknown to them their left the door Slightly open.
Kalpi-Payal...It's comming out again,Help me.
Payal-What..The Wig??
Kalpi nodded
Kalpi-And I need to Bind my chest again.
Payal-Don't worry I'll help you.
Raghav was was passing by on his phone heard a noise,he stopped and listened Queitly.
Payal-Is this better.
Kalpi nodded,Raghav listened "That sounds like Payal"
Payal then Prods chest to check that the bindings are tight
Payal-You're now DJ...Don't let If fall off again... But still, you're a girl
Raghav eyes Widens,He stood there Incredulously of what he heard "He Was a Girl" Raghav said in a low voice Stupefy,he then left from there quickly.
After the Meeting,Kalpi shaked hands with everyone,Alex watched on as Kalpi was smiling at Payal he thought "Something is Definally going on with these two,Are they Dating??"
Raghav storms to the Conference Room to confirm what he heard,and walks in on the End of the meeting,Kalpi and  Everyone watches curiously as he walks straight up to Kalpi and he stares at her intently.
Kalpi-Mr Singhaina is something wrong??"
Quickly and unexpectedly,Raghav grabs her in a hug,And Feels her,His Eyes Widens as He finally see's her face,He stands there incredulously Dazed and Dumbfounded,Ayaan and Payal looks on Confused and Worried.
Before Raghav could continue,Alex walked up to him.
Alex-You're all friends Now? That's amazing!
Kalpi smiled Nervously,Raghav stood quiet trying to process everything.
Alex-Since the Meeting is Over,you call can go celebrate.
Everyone left,Ayaan Wraped his hands around Kalpi,Raghav watched him.
Ayaan-Raghav...We all will see you later,DJ and I will leave first.
Kalpi nodded at Raghav and Left with Ayaan,Raghav then Made his Glance at Payal,She nervously smiled and left quickly,Raghav sat back and sighed.
All the Businessmen and Women were heading to the Lounge,Kalpi stops herself from going in,Ayaan,Sammy,Sophie and Payal watched her confused
Ayaan-What's wrong??
Kalpi-Ayaan...I'm not in the mood,I was thinking for going for some fresh Air.
Ayaan-You remember Last Night??
Kalpi-Yeah...You Guys go and have a fun time.
Sophie-HottyD Are you sure??
Kalpi-Haan...Have fun.
Sophie,Sammy and Ayaan left,Kalpi pulled Payal back.
Kalpi-I'm going to take a break as DJ...Tell everyone I went home.
Payal-Okay..but be careful.
Kalpi then left,Payal watched on "Bhagwan,Please protect Kalpi"
Kalpi took of her wig,letting her long hair flow,she took of her face Hair,She just kept on her Suit,Kalpi walked down the Empty hall and watched the three big Glass windows that showed the Sky and Moon,Kalpi smiled as the wind breaks on her soft cheeks,Kalpi's turned hearing footsteps,she turned thinking it was Payal,"Payal...I haven't Been found out"her eyes Widens in shock as she saw Raghav standing before her.
Raghav-You Have been Found out...By Me.
Kalpi steps back in shock
Raghav-Mr Divijay  Suryavanshi...Is this the real you??
Kalpi lowered her head as Raghav walked towards her.
Raghav-Piya Haider..How low can you go!! Didn't I Tell you not to come GOA??
Kalpi looked up at Raghav nervously
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...Please under...
Before Kalpi could Continued Raghav Pulled Kalpi towards him Holding unto her Arm tightly.
Raghav-What do you want me to Understand!!! You went behind my Back and Came to GOA!! Do you think I'm going to Spare you!!
Kalpi watched Raghav In Tears
Kalpi-please hear me out...Please.
He Jerked her away and Was leaving,Kalpi ran infront of him,blocking his Path,She burst into Tears,Raghav watches her
Kalpi-Raghav Sir..Please Understand me...I'm so so sorry I didn't listen to you but That studio is for My munchkins,I left Home and Lied to My Ammi-Abbu And Prem about comming to Mumbai,I...I Lied to My Ammijaan and Abbajaan about Everything,I wanted to Be independant and Buy that land for Myself,So my Munchkins can dance her as I promised them,so i can fullfill my goal as a Proper Dancer and Teacher...That Land I'm working Day and Night in your Office Taking all your Insults and Taunts and  physical Abuse only for that Land.
Raghav watches her as She wipes her tears.
Kalpi-And For that Land I can do anything!! And I will not let You or your Colleuages take it away from me!!! You have No right!!! None!!!
Raghav Scoffs,Kalpi watched him hopeful.
Raghav-Do you think saying all this will change My mind?? You are Pitiful as that Land.
I shouldn't have ever looked at you
Raghav pushed her away and began leaving again,Kalpi chases after him,she tries holding his hand to stop him,Kalpi then hold unto him and Fall at his Feet,
I should've ran away 
I should've acted like I didn't hear
Raghav stopped shocked,Kalpi looked up at him as his back was face at her,she sobbed,Raghav stood and listen as she weeped.
Like something I could not hear
Like something I cannot hear ah... yeah... 
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I'm at your Feet,I told you once before That I'll beg and Grovel at your feet,
Raghav closed his eyes rememebering
Tears welled up in Kalpi's eyes
Kalpi-I will beg and Grovel at your feet,But please let me go to GOA with you I don't want them to Buy my studio land.
Flashback Ends
Kalpi-Please don't take my land away,Please don't sell me out,Raghav Sir I beg of you Please...Please.
Raghav stood in a daze as he felt her clinged his feet groveling,He turned and watched her as she sobbed.
Without a word 
You showed me what love is
Raghav removed Kalpi from his feet and Helped her up,he watches annoyed and wipes her tears "I don't like Weak women"
Kalpi watches him confused "But Raghav Sir I thought you didn't Like Any  Women"
Raghav watched her irritated,Kalpi looked away
Raghav-I don't like you...Anyways,You're only here to gain your Land??
Kalpi Nodded,Raghav scoffed.
Raghav-Fine...I'll keep it a secret But I will  not help you.
I'm in love with you, I've never felt this way
kalp Frowned Raghav scoffed,She then watched Raghav Happily grabs him in a bear hug with tears of joy.
Do you know about my love?
Kalpi-Shukriya Raghav Sir..Thank you so much.
My everything, my destiny
Completely thrown off-guard, he tries to push her off, but she holds on tight. Stunned and Uncomfortably, he endures the hug,Kalpi then Breaks the hug and watches an Annoyed Raghav
Raghav-Is this DJ real Or Not??
Kalpi blushed and Turned away,Raghav looked at her.
Kalpi-He's Handsome and Hott,He can make any girl fall weak.
Raghav scoffed as watched her in Jealousy.
Raghav-So He's Like me...I get That alot.
Kalpi scoffed,Raghav stared at her.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir..I said he makes girls fall weak,I never said to make them Beg and Grovel...I guess that's What you make girls do.
Raghav Glared at kalpi who jumped back
Kalpi-I'm Sorry.
Raghav watched her and smiled
Raghav-You make a Handsome Boy.
Kalpi smiled at Raghav and held his hand happily.
Raghav watched her and Glanced at her hands
Raghav-No...Move It.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir I'll head Home before someone see's me
dil roye aa elaahi tu aaja mere maahi
She then holds His hands again and smiled at him."You are amazing Raghav Sir" She then Pecks his hand and Runs Off Clumsily bounching into wall,she watches Raghav Awkwardly,she smiles  and hurries away,Raghav Scoffs "Klutz"
mere maahi mere maahi, tu aaja mere maahi 
He then watches his hands and smiles "My Klutz" he then looks away Irritated "Why did I just Say that"

Precap- Kalpi Walks out of Raghav's Washroom only in a towel,she frettes that her hair was messing up Raghav's Carpet,She quickly takes Napkins and tries Drying it up,Raghav walked in the Room seeing her like that His eyes widens,Kalpi looked up seeing him..

I Hope this Chapter was well Wink Don't' forget to Comment and LikeBig smile

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WOW!!! Amazing update!!! Kalpi plan's is out in the open in front of Raghav LOL

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What an awesome update. My God aria have u been abducted by aliens and replaced LOL the sweet demure aria has suddenly turned into the sexy machine LOL first symbol of love, then secret affair and now you have started here. We always talked about rags boxers now it will be about kalpis towel. Doesn't kalpi have room of her own that she is always in rags room. So rags knows it's kalpi and what will happen in room when he catches ger in towel. LOL Wink

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Beautiful update,So now ayaan and Rags know Kalpi is DJLOL

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