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~Beintehaa Mohabbat (A RagNa FF) Thread 1 Ended :) (Page 103)

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by jiya007

Awesome update aria

Embarrassed thanks Jiya

Originally posted by Anjinie

lovely update, cannot wait for her to get her memory back,

Thanks! Everyone is waitingLOL

-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by premap

Much awaited updates. Prem is 'green' with jealousy, watching Kalpi comfortable with Rags! Good ! Of course, Rags has to show his 'cranky' side now and then ,though he is hopelessly in love with Kalpi, however much ,he can deny ! Fantastic update, but please give longer updates. Thanks.

I'm sorry for taking Long I like too take the weekends off of this FF My mind was on the other FF,Haha he is but He knows she likes Raghav,hAHAHA He is and He's Falling for Piya (Kalpi) I will sweetieEmbarrassedEmbarrassed And thanks HugEmbarrassed
ArthunaAlive Senior Member

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 Liked the caring raghav though he still has his khadoos attitude !!!!!  Aria wud defo like Sophie with Sammy Embarrassed  Kuch  karo aisa dear .Raghav shud fall for piya now . Loved the update Big smile 

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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suprb update Aria.. Update nxt chappy soon..

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laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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It's very difficult to control our curiosity to know the outcome of the love war.
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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updating in a whileEmbarrassed
-Ariaana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 22

Hey Girls,Back In the Mood for another update by me?? Will try to give a long updateBig smile

Recap~Kalpi sobbed and fell back into Ayaan's arms hiding her face in his chest,Raghav looked on sadly hearing her loud sobs

An Hour had Passed Raghav grew worried for Kalpi as she hadn't come downstairs to eat,As everyone knows she Devour's all the food as it was her first love.
Kalpi crouched up on the bed recalling Prem's words as quietly Sobbed "Ya Allah How can prem think of Raghav sir and I like that,Prem mujhe Jaanti Hai..Aur this is what he says"
Raghav quietly walked upstairs and headed to his Room,he stood by the door hearing Kalpi's little Sobs,He walked around in the room pretending he was doing something He then walked and Stood infront of her "Spot...Crying like this for a Man like Prem Kapoor is Pitiful" Kalpi raised her head from her knees and looked at Raghav "What!" She got off the bed in Pain and stood infront of Raghav who watched her calmly
Kalpi-What? Why Am I always Pitiful in your eyes?? Are you blind Raghav sir?? The man I love and Care about saw me in another Man's room and Bed,And You call me Pitiful!!
Raghav-Look Spot,Prem Kapoor is a Man you shouldn't love!! He's a player..I know him very well.
Kalpi turned her head and scoffed
Kalpi-Accha!! Well I know him too and He's right to be angry at me and Love!! who should I love you!! Should I love you!!
Raghav stared at kalpi and sighs
Kalpi-Bol Raghav sir?? mujhe batao...You can't right.
Kalpi-It's Piya Raghav sir,You're not Family so call me Piya!
Kalpi started feeling shaky again,She fell back and Raghav caught her.
Raghav-Kalpi...Are you alright.
Raghav gently Tapped her face afterwards he realised she was unconscious,she lifted her and carried her back to bed,Raghav covered her "You're a Pain Spot,Get well soon" He said in a low Voice and Left quietly.
Night came and Kalpi decided to Eat something she walked downstairs Quietly,she got startled seeing Raghav sitting alone by the Poolside,She walked by him and sat next to him eating a candystick.
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...Are you upset??
Raghav made a glance at her and scoffed
Raghav-You're eating again?? 
Kalpi-So..I feel hungry all the time,I have a healthy  Appetite.
Raghav-Well I'm happy You're Eating
I don't know why,The more I erase you with tears
Kalpi smiled and sat closer to Raghav who was Somewhat Happy,He looked at her as she wrapped her shawl around them both,She looked up at him  apologetic
The clearer you get,Don't go away
Kalpi-Raghav Sir...I'm sorry about yelling at you today,I get angry sometimes like that,I didn't mean to Say those things.
When the long night passes and sun shines I hope my warmth from my fingertips reaches you
Raghav nodded and looked away,Kalpi watched him lovinly and Thought "He's so handsome tonight,I am lucky, Aarohi ji isn't here otherwise she would've been jealous...That Ugly Chudail"
Another day At BA ,Kalpi walked slowly towards the Elevator her eyes sadden seeing Prem walking with a Model and Riley,she decided she won't make any eye contact,Prem watched kalpi as she walked into the Elevator and stood quietly infront of Him,Riley and Katrina Prem's Ex Girlfriend as the elevator opened Kalpi quickly walked out,Prem walked out of the Elevator and watched  her as she left.
Everyone was seated at the Conference room,Kalpi was annoyed by the Presentations decided to leave,She went up by the Rooftop and took some Air "Ya allah why is this so boring,I understand Why Divijay ji hates this,and I also understand why Raghav sir has no  personality" Kalpi pouted saying that "What?" A startled kalpi turned seeing Raghav watching her "Raghav sir...."
Raghav-I have No Personality??
Kalpi lowered her head and nodded
Kalpi-Yes Raghav sir...You're really Moody and Mean.
Raghav scoffed at her words,Raghav walked up to Kalpi and held her arm, He watched her "Is it still Paining??" Kalpi nodded in a trance seeing her Raghav sir so close to her "Ya allah is this real" Kalpi thought,"What are you too doing??' Prem said watching them,Raghav releashed Kalpi's hand while she looked away from prem.
Prem-Kalpi..what's going on with you too are you both...
Kalpi looked up at prem "Are you blind! You seem to be blind because of the Chudail who's busy on your Arm" both men made their Glance at Kalpi.
Raghav-Mr Kapoor..Run along,I'm speaking with Spot.
Prem-Run Along,Kalpi is leaving with me.
A Confused and Annoyed Kalpi stood between Raghav and Prem listening to their Argument.
Raghav-Why would she go  with you,I am her boss I always come first.
Prem-Well I am her Love I too come first,Kalpi lets go.
Raghav-No spot,stay with me.!!
Prem-Kalpi...lets go!!
Kalpi stood watching Raghav and Prem's mouth as their Argued she thought "Ya Allah,Is this like the movies where two guys fight over you??" Kalpi blushed and smiled "Are we like Bella,Edward and Jacob??" She watched Prem and Raghav "But who is Edward and Who's Jacob?" Kalpi watched Raghav "He's Edward because he's hot and I kinda Love him alot now...Ya allah my edward is so cute...Ohh I should call him Edward now" Kalpi then watched Prem "Well he's Jacob annoying and Mean and Has a six packs,But Do I love him to Allah?? Maybe allah" Kalpi took a long deep breath "STOP" Raghav and Prem watched Kalpi confused,She glared at Prem
Kalpi-Who do you think you are!! You're behaving as if Raghav sir and I did A Sin! 
Kalpi made her Glance Raghav "What is your problem,I can take care of myself,Why are you forcing me??
Kalpi-Am I something to be pulled at?? by you both? No!!
Raghav and Prem watched her and snickered and Continued Arguing.
"Are you not comming with me Spot!" Raghav said,Kalpi turned and watched him
"Kalpi what are you thinking tell him you're comming with me." Prem said,kalpi made her glance at him,she held her head and watched on as both continued to Argue,Raghav and Prem eyes widens after hearing Kalpi shrieking in pain,their turned and watched her holding her stomach and groaning in pain "What's wrong" Both asked worried and In fear "Kalpi...what's wrong??" Both asked again,Kalpi gasps ad held her stomach,she looked up at A Worried and Confused Prem and Raghav "Prem...Raghav sir...I'm." Kalpi said in a short break "You're what?? Raghav asked confused "I'm hungry" Kalpi said holding her stomach and pouting,Raghav and Prem sighed Frustrated their glared at kalpi "I'm really hungry,I'll head to the Canteen" Kalpi said happily running off,Raghav and Prem watched on "Don't frett,I bare it all,but I feel sorry for you Mr Kapoor she's your Love" Raghav said to prem then left,Prem smiled "But Raghav Singhaina she's your Kalpi,Your Kalpana" He said in a low Voice
At the Canteen,Raghav and Prem sat and Watched Kalpi Devour her Lunch "Ya allah..It's amazing!! I love food" Raghav made his Glance at prem and chuckled,Kalpi looked At raghav and Prem "Prem,Raghav Sir do you both want??" Raghav smiled at her "No you have it all" Kalpi's smile and Eyes Widen she began eating again,"Why are you smiling??" prem said making a his glance at Raghav "Because She's a Glutton it's rather amusing" Raghav sad smiling,Prem scoffs at him "You're calling her a Pig?? "Yep a klutz glutton" Raghav said looking at Kalpi.
Raghav and Prem turned alert seeing Ayaan sitting next to Kalpi wiping her face,Both men scoffed and got up going their different ways,Kalpi eyes followed both Prem and Raghav,she then looks at Ayaan "Did I gross them out that they left??" Kalpi asked confused and Sadly Ayaan smiled at her cuteness "Nope,Maybe someone else was annoying them" Ayaan said hinting himself to kalpi,but he smiled realising she was clueless.
Sophie came rushing to Raghav and Sammy who were talking in the hall,Kalpi walked slowly behind her.
Sophie-Sam...look Paakhi sent a message,Reply to her that you're well otherwise she'll be angry
Sammy's smiled slowly faded her glared angerily at Sophie and took the phone away,he shut it off
Sammy-Sophie!! didn't I tell you not to talk about that Woman!! You're just like her stubborn and Annoying.
Sophie,Raghav and Kalpi watched on in shock.
Sophie-Sam,I'm sorry I ju...
Sammy-You what!! You and That woman now have ruined my day!! Thanks!!
Sammy walked off hitting her with his shoulders,Sophie stood there in shock seeing herself cry she watched her wet fingers after wiping her face,She ran after Sammy.
Kalpi watched on she then made her gaze at raghav.
Kalpi-Raghav sir..why is Sammy sir so angry?? What did sophie Ma'am Do??
Raghav-Why aren't you sneaky...Vaise it's none of your business.
Kalpi lowered her head and nodded "Raghav sir did you get my chain?? did you like it?"
Raghav watched her and scoffed "No..It's in my draw in the cabin which you supposed to be at." Kalpi pouted and looked away
Kalpi-Raghav sir,I'm going now.
Raghav pulled her back and leaned closer to her "Where are you going?? Home?? Don't you dare change your clothes until I reach home...Otherwise I will kill you" Kalpi eyes widens "Raghav sir..what are you talking about,I gave you my word,I'll only wear it when you're there,Why are you so pushy??" Raghav scoffed "I'm not pushy,I'm your boss and what i say goes" Kalpi nodded and sighed "Okay...I'm going now","Spot" Kalpi stopped and watched Raghav "Haan Raghav sir", "Are you feeling better now??" Kalpi nodded and then left,Raghav sighed and looked at her 
Sophie Ran after sammy quickly into the Elevator 
Sophie-Sam,I'm sorry,I didn't mean anything.
Sammy watched her angerily
Sophie-I mean come on,Paakhi is your wife and she car...
Sammy-What?? did you say wife!! why are you even talking about her??
Sophie-Sam were Bestfriends...Try...
Sophie's eyes widen finding herself in Sammy's tight grip pinned against the Elevator Wall.
Sammy-I'm warning you,If you ever Bring her up again,I'll sever Ties with you...Understand!!
what i should i do?what should i do ?you're leaving
Sammy Jerked sophie Back and went out of the Elevator,
Finally lefting out her breath sophie stood shocked "
what i should i do?
what should i do
Why am I feeling so Bad...Sammy why are you so Angry at Paakhi" sophie thought.
you are leaving me
Kalpi was Happily walking down the stairs heading to meet Raghav,She stopped in her Tracks shocked seeing Aarohi next to Raghav.
Aarohi-Raghu I'm sorry About Hurting your Little spot,but she's noting compared to me.
Raghav watched her and listened
Aarohi-And she's with Prem Kapoor...Let's Get Married forget about Kalpana or Kalpi or whatever her name is.
Kalpi stood in tears hearing those words for Aarohi's mouth.
Raghav-I told you before and I'll tell you again,There's only one woman who i'll love and thats my Kalpi...no one could take her place.
Without a word You showed me what love is
Kalpi heart sank hearing that "Raghav sir loves someone name Kalpi..." Kalpi said in a low,shaky broken voice
Aarohi-Raghu please understand me...Kalpi has been missing for 3 years..she's gone.
Raghav-My Kalpi is alive,And I'm sure I'll find her soon.
Without a word You gave me your love
Kalpi clutched her chest and sobbed "My Raghav sir isn't mine,My edward already has a Bella,who am i infront of her...who is this Kalpi that he loves so much that he's breaking my heart" Kalpi said in a broken voice.
You even made me hold my breath ,Waiting for you

Precap~As Payal,Raghav,Sammy and Ayaan who were on the Phones,Pacing back and forth,Trying to find the whereabouts of Kalpi and Sophie,who were Missing since evening.
I have No idea how to Plan Sophie and Sammy's Love story so don't kill me for Angry sammy  Confused,Hope this Chapter was alright,any mistakes please do tell.Embarrassed

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its awesome kalpi crying because of prem words n rag smoothing her n yet she yell at him 
hungry doll went t eat n see rag n they spent the time 
rag n prem fighting n kalpi was hungry n aryaan help her 
sophie made sammy angry n kalpi came t know about rag love n feel sad
update soon

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