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I enjoyed the episode (Page 4)

Badtameez_Dil IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Updated my post pg 1
Thank U Gan for this post...much needed to let me out some thoughts over yest episode

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Originally posted by Eyes-Wide-Shut

I LOVED the epi but a different scene got to me, will be back to update :)
Enjoy the party! Big smile

I loved that scene too.'tum kyun Adi ke Maa nahin ho?' ...right? . But this post was made as a 'reply' post and in solid 10 mins from after the watching to committing the post.. So I focused on just Adi-raman part only ...
Waiting for your feels Embarrassed

P.S. It was not a party.. Just dinner out ..
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Originally posted by -Payal-

RES...cause Raman-Adi are my heart. You know that. 

Happy New Year, Ladies!! 

PS: Doc, I can guess what scene got to you. It got to me too. Heart


"A boy needs a father to show him how to be in the world. He needs to be given swagger, taught how to read a map so that he can recognize the roads that lead to life and the paths that lead to death, how to know what love requires, and where to find steel in the heart when life makes demands on us that are greater than we think we can endure.
Ian Morgan Cron


"My father nodded. His nod was for me. Different. But not different at all. My father understood. Maybe he had known. Maybe he hadn't. It didn't matter anymore. He understood. I knew he understood, just from his nod, just from his eyes on mine, making his eyes kind for me, and the wave of pain went away for a moment.
Adam Berlin Belmondo Style


"My son, there may be a time when I explain these things to you, because there may be a time when I understand them." 
Hanif Kureishi

"It's my responsibility to cultivate the man in my son. I can't be passive about that.
Randy Alcorn

"Father to teenage son: "My relationship with you is more important than anything I've got to say to you." 
Randy Alcorn


"Parenting has nothing to do with perfection. Perfection isn't even the goal, not for us, not for our children. Learning together to live well in an imperfect world, loving each other despite or even because of our imperfections, and growing as humans while we grow our little humans, those are the goals of gentle parenting. So don't ask yourself at the end of the day if you did everything right. Ask yourself what you learned and how well you loved, then grow from your answer. That is perfect parenting.
L.R. Knost


The Feels with Adi are just too much.

I don't quite understand why everyone seems to be in a tiff over the current direction of the story. I AM LOVING IT (yes, the Caps were required. You understand.) Yes, RKB's ex living in the house is bizarre, but it's an Indian daily soap, so why are we surprised? 

For me, this entire track is about Adi and the psychological consequences of this parents' divorce and years of misguidance. The issue needs attention, and I'm glad it's getting its due. I don't think Ishita is being too maahan this time and I'm not irked by the lack of IshRa romance (not that it's lacking. these two set the screen on fire regardless) because, what can be better than husband and wife working together to solve problems and better the lives of their children and family? 

Sorry for the snarky comments. Maybe I'm just irritated over the lack of love for Adi. This child needs some TLC. Who better than Raman Papa and Ishima? 

As you said, RKB is a natural father. I love him in Papa mode, whether he's scolding his children or coddling them or engaging in mischief, the man oozes love for the children - Shravu & Ananya included. 

You can see his need to reassure Adi in his body language when he's around the kid. He's so desperate for some faith and understanding from Adi, but it's such a delicate situation he can't fathom how to proceed...where to even begin when trying to explain the mess (especially since his son has been fed all kinds of misguided info about his 'lack of concern' all these years). But more importantly, he simply loves his son - despite his attitude, actions, demeanor...indifference, he loves his son, as he is supposed to - unconditionally. Like any father - parent, he simply wants to give his son the best of life - including the right guidance, confidence, faith - through circumstances and in himself, a chance at the best life possible...but perhaps most of all, the most crucial thing for any child: security. 

As for Adi. What can I say about this child? He's breaking my heart. I just want to hug him and tell him it will be ok. I want this kid to understand that while Shagun loves him, she doesn't know how to channel that love properly, hasn't been able to love him the way a mother should love her child - with zero ulterior motives. I want him to understand that contrary to the lies that he's been fed, My RKB loves him unconditionally, always has, always will. I want him to know that Ishima has his best interest at heart and loves him as her own. All in due time I guess. As for now, I'm thankful for the catch-22 that he seems to be in - battling with himself over whether to believe the words of his mother or the love he sees reflected in the eyes and actions of his family. Sooner or later, the truth will win out - as it always does. In the meantime, I'm happy he's in the Bhalla house surrounded by the love of his family. At last. 

Most of all, I am thankful for this track because I see it hopefully ending with My RKB finally making amends with his and my jigar ka tukda - Adi. Hopefully, it will end with the last bit of the guilt My RKB has been harboring for 7 years finally being washed away...and, perhaps more importantly, a troubled 12 year old child learning the true meaning of parental love, and family. 

I could go on and on about Adi-Raman, but, well, I think I've made my point. 

[Side Note]: The "Tum Uski Maa Kyoun Nahi Ho" KILLED me. Oh My RKB. My Heart. The Feels. I Can't. 



PS: Apologies (though I know I'm not supposed to) for the rant. 

P .. WONDERFUL post .. I wanted your post about yesterday's episode as  I know how much you connect to Adi.. And you did full justice to that and more. Clap

 ..and about your rant about the track... Same pinch here... I always say that I can put up with any ridiculous drama so long as the story is kept intact.. Kudos to the Cvs for touching upon a very sensitive subject of counselling in indian TV... (Raman's initial reaction to ishita 's suggestion about counseling .. Is a very honest one.. True to the the stigma people often relate too treatment for mental health .. Loved Ishita's reply to that . ) Adi needs help.. And finally looks like he's going to get I can't understand the forum reaction at all... This track is more about highlighting the parent child equation wrt Adi... They couldn't have showed that without forcing them under the same we get Shagun drama.. Well a soap will have its protagonist and antagonist to keep the drama quotient in... Otherwise just 6 days of sweet love will give us.. As RKB says...diabetes ..

I get people 's dislike ..each of us react to things based on our individual perception .. But this constant hatred for a 12 year old to the point people ask for his death.. That's just too much ..that pushed me to react as initially I ha d no plans of posting because I couldn't watch the episode yesterday at my usual time...  And the name calling that goes on in this forum of characters.. Especially of the leads.. Just amazes me... Khair chhodo.. To each of his/ her own

Great post re!! Loved your quotes

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by pomegranate

i skimmed through today's episode, will only say a few things. 
Yes adi has been a brat to everyone but that does not mean the bhalla's should abandon him. Nothing infuriates me more than hearing forum member say that he does not deserve kindness due to his past behaviour. like, really? show some compassion to the child. 

I want ishra to go on a honeymoon, they desperately need some alone time but adi's problems are more important right now. Now is not a good time to go on a honeymoon, I wonder writers showed that.

Exacrly my point Adi has been a hated  character since his introduction... They are showng in depth something that is much needed..its a character growth for me...but people seem to mind because of his past behaviour and Adi's 'constipated' face.. you said.. Where's the compassion for a child.. And about the latter don't blame the character for the actor's inability to emote properly. 

theres  a time for everything ..and in a daily soap nothing happens overnight.. If Ishra is just 'and they lived happily ever after' how long will the story hold our interest ? LOL

I just hope the cvs deliver a nice end to  the promise of this track
-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abha2701

Hi G ...I am abha...happy new year...collage is beautiful even I like the episode...people was annoyed for not going to honeymoon but leaving ur child in pain and going is so uncalled...this track is actually more about adi and love to see how it unfolds ...people were wishing this track I think but with not in shagun in same house but this is thing will make difficult for ishita and raman ..and create drama
And for success and trp drama is needed. ?...nayi soch shows with less drama dont they have to show drama ...
Loved your collage and take on episode...
But I love the scene where raman said why are u not his mother. Can anybody break them??.Did they really need to say the words?

Hi abha .. Welcome to the thread and happy new year! 
Agree with your comment. Yes that scene I loved it too.. But I had time constraint( hence the sloppy collage Embarrassed) and just posted this as a reply to a major vibe in this forum against the episode.. So limited myself to these scenes. 

serendipity. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eyes-Wide-Shut

I LOVED the epi but a different scene got to me, will be back to update :)
Enjoy the party! Big smile
I think I know which one, DOCESS! :$ ;)

and Gan, well done again, loved the scenes with tingu Blushing
and Adi were touching too... but i LOVEDDD where Raman told Ishita 'Tum Adi ki Maa kyu nai ho!?'
I mean it was such a sudden abrupt question, DIL SE, DIRECTLY, he didnt even think and threw that and aah, just touched my heart so deep.
Loved that and quite a few moments yday Embarrassed
IshRa scenes were pretty good.
-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Badtameez_Dil

Gan thank u for taking make this post...
much needed. .ws looking for ur post rant me out about the episode

I loved episode due many more reasons than only about Raman-Adi..

Raman to Ishu "Tum Kyu nahi ho Adi ki Maa"

Im adoring this scene  this is very special moment...It ws a beautiful had many underlying emotions found...
a bit of regret why Ishu wsnt there in his Life since start...shagun Listening is like a regret on she could see a regret of raman's that Shagun ws in his life...
Ishu is nt a mother is his children...maybe there life & there children would always got a happy & understanding family...
Raman convey wished Ishu ws always in his Life...
For Ishu she could wish they had there own children...tears in her eyes conveyed how she wished it ws Like that always...Adi-ruhi were her own children...but as wiping the tears her telling its his children..they r also her children...neither the less she is Mother...A Mother is mother not doesnt matter step or biological...the mother Love matters the most...

Raman as parent reaction ws is expected when a parent is told there child need psychologist...& How Ishu made him understand ws also interesting that moment nt mature mother but also a doctor in her making him understand the need of hour...about the well being of child mentally & physically..

they talk like husband-wife but as parents discuss about there children...
from that where it started they were always 1st as parents than they r couple...
so cancelling the trip is always will be there..they will be shown a sacrifice there personal moments for there children...
 last part it ws in very simple way Ishu made Raman realize he is not a alone...whether his past..she is part of  his life...
that what Raman wanted to leave so she doesnt leave her happiness due to his past burdens...
that what it makes him weak...while Ishu its both of us as wife...

As Adi-Raman 
 Raman ws always a father 1st to Adi as char shown...a weak father who wanted his son back in his life...its son...he Loves...
That ws since the beginning of the show..since a year we saw him ...Adi as his weakness...
Adi coming bk in his Life is one i found is important phase of this show..I see A Raman's need that happiness...he deserves to get his son bk in his life...
As viewer i could see always predicted Adi coming bk in raman's Life...
that is the execution of cv's that matters ...
I liked raman told dont listen to ur mother what she is saying actually that what he always did listening to shagun...
I Loved the smile Adi got...he wants some child artist i can say actor needs improvement but cant ignore the fact Adi is child...if Children commits some mistakes that need to rectified rather than pushed more into negativity...

Shagun is mature woman she is disgrace in name of motherhood.. what she heard Raman telling to Ishu ... she took frustration on Adi... started beating him...
She doesnt deserve to be a mother...
yest i hated her some more...

About the show---
Ishu-Raman as parents handling there children..Ishu-Raman as couple how they take there relationship of husband-wife...
Going by show im watching it ws well predicted Shagun would be coming bk in Bhalla house & Adi Entry in Raman's Life...his acceptance as Raman his Father how & when ws what Cv's had to take it ...on where as execution levels r nt interesting enough...while track & storyline is interesting...
 this Hm cancelled of Ishu-raman wsnt a surprise why so much bashing...
it would be coming As its SP & Ekta show..when let's c ...

apart from Separation of Ishu-raman i doubt on this if they will show separation...i would be a learning lesson for Ishu to nt trust Shagun's..Raman has learnt knows her well...
while Ishu needs some lesson... listen to her husband...Tongue

Lovely post.. You touched upon everything I I replied to others.. I dealt Adi part for my own personal reason... And didn't touch the other parts of the episode. 

I am one of those who like to react to what's shown .. Rather than speculate about what might be in the future.. So let's see where the cvs take this... And to tell you the truth .. Separation of a couple this much in love seems highly improbable but even if that happens  when Ishita's parents live next door that to me would be some awesome track .. Where both are pining for each other .. What's not to love? So long I have Ishra in the same frame.. I'm a happy customer.. .. So my reply to Shagun antics .. Bring it on.. 

Bashing in IF has become an IN thing to draw more likes and comments .. Ishita/ Raman gets more bashing here than a bahu In a saas bahu serialConfused ... And sometimes the content in some posts resemble the melodrama that they complain that the TRP aunties like LOL

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Veeann

Lovely collage G. I love Shravu almost as much as I love Puttar.

Absolutely agree that Ishra did the right thing by cancelling their trip. Really not the time for a honeymoon. I am finding it difficult to warm to this track because of the acting of one of the main protagonists -  but agree that opinions re the actor should not colour perceptions of the character AND vice versa. Unfortunately, many in the forum use character bashing as a proxy for actor bashing and as a result, the many posts about "JM" and "mahaanta" really have been making the forum an unpleasant experience.

As I have said before, your positivity is so very welcome and your thread a pleasure to read.

Thank you Clap

Shravu and Raman chemistry is one of my favorites.

I get your frustration as YHm other children actors are so fabulous in emoting.. And I agree  Gautam's acting is a big roadblock to enjoying the current track.. And what you said about the character bashing as proxy to actor bashing ..I concur fully .. I used to react ( you knw that LOL) .. But I have given up because you can't reason/ debate with premeditated judgement of others.

V you're sweet re! Hug

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