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MG OS#26: Tu Hi Tu (Happy New Year)

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Tu Hi Tu
OS | 26

(Dedicated to Farwa and Mahua...Sorry for not sending anything for your birthday girls...hugs)

Happy New Year Everyone... hugs...may this year brings lots of happiness and success in your life...Stay Blessed...Hug

Sifarish hai ye dil ki
Tujh ko chahun har janam
Tera chehra zindagi bhar
Mein Banaon har janam

Maan Singh Khurrana was sitting in the conference room with few of his business associates, he was currently in a deal with. The updated files were placed infront of them but anyone hardly take a look at it. All eyes were fixed on the girl delivering presentation through the projector in the most efficient manner, keeping everyone involved in her words.

Her blue dress, as always was a plain churidar with a duppata hanging in her delicate neck. Her hairs were tied in a clear braid which was placed on her one shoulder, giving a sweet view to her neck. Small tops were struck to her earlobes and one of her wrists, was adored with a simple bracelet. Her beautiful almond eyes were looking big due to the kohl.

There was hardly anything seemed professional through her attire but when she spoke, she made sure nothing was out of order. The usual stutter of her tone was amiss.

Maan was in a trance. His eyes were more focused to notice her features rather than the numbers, shown on the board.

Piyaar ki boondain teri
Mere daman pe giri
Hai khiyalon mein chupi
Tu hi tu..

The loud voice of claps made him get out as he looked around, a little bewildered. He shook his head in silent curse and looked at his fellows, trying to judge if they had noticed his RATHER INTERESTED STATE but all fellows gave him a wide smile in response.

"That's a great presentation...We surly loved the plans you all have about this project. And we hope, like our earlier ventures together, this one is going to be an awesome one too"

And that made Maan take a sigh of relief and smiled.

"I am glad that you liked our ideas...And I am sure...My team will make these ideas a reality for you all"

All got up and shook Maan's hand. Few went to the DISTRACTION GIRL and applauded her, making her smile but something was amiss. He caught her eyes, which were falling upon him from time to time, as if looking for his praise but he ignored her for the moment.

"Papers will be ready by the morning...Let's sign the deal at 10am"

Maan nodded and left the room following others while Geet took a sigh and pouted while cleaning up the things with the help of Adi.

"Geet..You...You were fab...fabulous" Adi praised while stuttering in his natural tone and correcting his specs.

Geet gave a small smile and left.

All praised her hardwork but from whom she expected to hear, just a mere word of encouragement, kept quiet.

So typical of him.

"Why Geet? Why do you expect so much from your fate?" She mumbled to herself as she got out from the Conference Room and moved towards her cabin but then her heart stopped for a moment, as she heard him calling her.


Her ears seemed to have filled with honey and her eyes shined up with hope as she turned to look at him.

"Come to my cabin now" He said with a straight face, keeping his hands crossed on his chest.

His expressions hardly gave her any expectations as he ordered and went back to his room, leaving her to raise her lips up in sadness.

Why you love him so much? She questioned herself before going back to her office to put away the bundle of files.


After 10 Mins,

Geet was standing in his office, holding her hands in the front. Her eyes were focused on the paper stone placed on his table.

It was just so hard to look at him, EYE TO EYE.

"As you know our clients are happy with your presentation, I want you to be present here at 8 in the morning tomorrow. I want you to go through the details once again before we sign the final deal"

Maan ordered and that left Geet fuming. She looked up at him with narrow eyes.

"Sorry Sir...But I can't come tomorrow..."

She retorted that took him with surprise. Few lines appeared on his forehead as he raised up his brow and questioned.

"May I know the reason?"

Geet tried to keep her anger away from her tone but nonetheless, it was quiet evident.

"Sir, If you remember well, a week before I have given you an application for leave which you rejected at instance, promising that I can only get leave if I am done with this presentation. I believe I did well today so it means, I am done with my part of bargain. And as promised and agreed, My leave starts from tomorrow."

Maan was stunned with her tone. She hardly reply back to him, leave retorting. But then, this girl could always take him with surprise.

He cleared his throat and replied.

"Ok...Sorry I forgot...But can't you work three hours in the morning. You can leave as soon as we are done with the signing...I will pay you extra for the day"

This time, his tone was requesting.

Geet heart melted seeing his desperate eyes, pleading her to say YES but darn, she can't.

"Sorry sir...But I already have plans with someone that I can't change for anything"

Her reply irked Maan to no extend.


His mind shouted as he got up next instance with with frown.

"May I inquire who that someone special is?"

 He seemed interested in her personal life for the first time. She was taken a back with his words and the name was almost on her lips, when she stopped herself.

Isn''t he the one who is messing with her from a long time? Isn't he the one who show interest in her one time and ignored her many other times?

This was a perfect chance to get back at him for all his crudity.

Geet bit her lower lip in amusement as she thought all this while Maan's frown deepened.

Is she lost in someone's thought? Who this Specially Special person is?

"Geet" He called, not able to handle her expressions anymore.

"Sorry Sir...But I can't tell you the name...It's my personal life" And Maan couldn't force her beyond that. It surly was her Personal Life and he was a man of rules.

"Ok then...I guess I have to handle all that myself...Take care and have a HAPPY VACATION" He said the last two words while clenching his jaw.

Geet gave a big happy smile in reply before saying "Thank You" and leaving the premises of his cabin.

As soon as the door closed behind her, Maan felt like punching someone's face. His blood was boiling on just thinking that their is someone too SPECIAL in Geet's life. But when that happened.

She was working in his construction company from the last two years and her schedule hardly allow her to make relationships. She has to report in the office at 9am and then leaving time has to depend on the burden on work, Maan profusely put on her to keep her infront of his eyes. Beside, office grapevine was so strong that if she would have been seeing someone, he would have known from someone or the other. He always keep his eyes and ears open in his office.

"But then from where the hell this someone SPECIAL entered her life?" He wondered, feeling his body burning with JEALOUSY FIRE and threw that paper holder away in anger, making it banging to the stiff wall and leaving a prominent dent.

Tujh ko dhoondo tujh ko soochon
Jee na paon tere bin
Tujh ko dhoondo tujh ko soochon
Jee na paon tere bin

Getting back to his home, he opened up the four buttons of his vest in hurry. His jaw was clenching and his eyes were burning with fire.

The next moment the vest was thrown carelessly on the neatly made bed while he loosened up his tie and unbuttoned his cuffs.

His fingers ran into his thick hairs as he started to pace in the big space of his room and wondered.

"Who that someone special is?" His heart seems to beat fast with a fear.

"What if she is in love with someone else? What will I do than?"

Suddenly, feeling too weak, he sat down on his bed.

The moments that he had spent with Geet started to flow infront of his eyes.

The first day, she came into his office for an interview as her PA. He was already briefed about her qualifications but when she entered his cabin, in a baby pink churidar kurta. Her hairs were made into the same loose ponytail he hated at that moment but later started to adore cause it gave him chance to have a good look of her neck. Especially that 2 small moles out there. Her duppata hanging on a shoulder and a file in her delicate hands.

She was not at all looking professional at that time too but their was something in her big eyes, determination may be and the confidence in her voice that made him hired her.

He was attracted right from the start but tried to ignore it. The office ethics totally forbid him to get involve with his employees.

One of his own made rules.

He used to shout at her, ignore her, curse her for taking over his mind but was unaware to the strength and power of that attraction till she took off for two days as she was ill.

And then a thought strike him.

"What if she is not well this time too and just lied to push him off?" He frowned at the thought.

When last week, she asked for a 3 days leave, he rejected it making a excuse of the project. He couldn't dare to stay away from her.

But this time, he had to give in.

"Who will take care of her? she lives alone in the apartment provided by his company? Who will see to her medicines?"

As worry took over his anger and the next moment, holding the car keys, he rushed out from his small but elegant house to check on the girl, who now seems to be the center of gravity of his life.

Door mujh se tu na jaye
Hai tamanna raat din
Teri chahat jo mile
Meri aahat hai bani
Meri soochon mein basi
Tu hi tu...

"Here is the cake" Geet squealed happily, holding a tray as she came out from the small kitchen of her one bedroom apartment.

The old punjabi man who was sitting on the sofa, looked up at her excited face with soft eyes.

Carefully, she put the tray on the small table and hunched down on her knees with a sweet smile on her lips.

The tray contained a small one pound almond cake, a plate filled with biscuits, a bowl having nimko and chips along with two hot cup of tea.

"Now come on Dada g, hurry up and cut the cake...God knows, we are already too late with the celebrations."

Kartar Handa chuckled while Geet lit up a candle on the cake and made him blow it as she sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" song with claps.

"Puttar G...How many time I told you...It's not my age to celebrate birthdays" Ignoring his all to well repeated line, Geet made rhe pieces of the cake and served him.

"Dada g...How many times should I repeat the same words back that when you had the age, I wasn't even born then and later had not much resources to celebrate...But now, when I am earning on my own ...I want us yo make up for all those past moments..."

Kartar looked at her with love and ran an affectionate hand over her head.

"This time though we got late due to my Saru Boss..." And her nose flared with anger.

"No problem beta g...Even If you wanted, I couldn't have come here last week...or if you had visitied me back in the village, I wouldn't have been able to give you any time...With harvest season, I have to keep strict eyes on my workers"

Kartar tried to lessen up her guilt.

"Hmmm...Ok...But now as I am off for next three days, I will make sure you have all the time for me aa I am planning to make you see the whole of Delhi"

"Baba G...Save me from this chuhiya" Kartar prayed loudly, making Geet mouth opened in a O and then laughed out loud.

Geet settled beside him on the sofa as they both started to watch the TV.

Geet was the only Grand-daughter of Mr. Kartar Handa who was a Zimmedar of Hushyarpur. After the sad demise of Geet's Mother Amrit when Geet was only 6, Mr Handa and his son, Geet's father Raghuvir Handa left no stone unturned to bring her up superbly. She was a good natured and well mannered girl but wanted to pursue her career in the city as she grew up and was finished with her Studies.

Both father an son were against sending the apple of their eyes away from themselves, but after her emotional blackmailing and Bhook hartal that even couldn't enter in the second day, both bow down indront of her dteams.

And now, they do visit her from time to time.

And that's why Geet loved them immensely and vowed to never hurt them ever.


Maan has took the rounds of her building road about 4 times in his car but each time, he couldn't muster up the courage to approach her.

It seems like they have got a role reversal.

Where Geet is always hesitated in facing him alone in his cabin and now he was afraid to approach her in her house.

Finally he stopped the car on the other side of the road, opposite her building.

His eyes tose up to look at her's apartment window and found a shadow of a man and a woman.

Frowning, he go out from the car.

"Geet" He could clearly make out from the shadow that the woman was Geet but who was that MAN?? He wondered.

And as if the scene has to take place right then, Maan watched the shadow of the man bending and kissing Geet on her forehead.

Something Burned inside him.

His body was literally on fire.

"Who the hell is he? And how dare he kissed his Geet?"

All rational thinking went out from his mind as taking quick angry steps, he went into the building.


"Good night Dada G" Geet wished while yawning as his Dada moved towards the bedroom after giving her a good night kiss.

She took out the spare pillows, bed spread and quilt from the cupboard and was about to be settled down in the sofa cum bed in the living room when the door knocked. The bell was broken.

Surprised, she looked at the clock which was striking 11pm and then ruffled her open hairs.

"Who is it at this time?" And before she could put down her feet to wear her slippers, the door was knocked again and this time a bit loudly that made her hurry up, cursing the intruder.

Opening the door made her shocked.

Maan Singh Khurrana was looking at her with furiously heated eyes.

"Sir...Youu...Here...At this time?" She questioned after some initial moments.

"If you had clearly told me why you needed the leave...I wouldn't have been standing here and you wouldn't have to ask Why I am here, at this time?"

He said clattering his teeth.

Her brows frowned at his tone as she looked at him with narrow eyes and replied in a taunting tone taunting tone.

"Is it a crime that I asked for a leave?"

"No...I am not bothered about your leave...till I know with whom you are going to spend the leave period?"

He couldn't stop from shocking her again and again.

"And how may that concern you?"

"Geet...Don't push me beyond limits" He groaned in a low volume.

"Who is that man?" He held her arms and asked her straight away. Anger was passing from his fingers to her skin.

"Which man?" Confusion written all over her face. Man pushed her aside and walked into her apartment, looking around.

"The one who dared kiss you just few minutes ago" He replied a bit loudly as he went near the same window from which their shadow was visible.

In between, Geet took a sigh of relief. Though she wanted to irritate him a bit when she mentioned "Someone Special" in the office but that one statement will pull him to her apartment was just so unthinkable for her.

"Can you please keep you voice low as That's my Dada...and he just went off to sleep" She replied and her words made Maan stop in his tracks.

As her words sink in, he looked back at her with astonishment.

"Your Dada?"

"Yes...and if you don't believe can just check on him in my room" Folding her hands on her chest, she replied irritatingly this time.

And indeed, peeping in from the door when Maan checked, it was a grey haired old man sleeping in her bed.

Relived, Maan closed the door of the room, saying silent thank you to the above Lord.

"Can I please be excused now Sir? I am really tired after the whole day" Geet asked curtly. He kept on blowing hot and cold on her all through that really pushed her beyond limits.

"Yes...I...I am sorry" Maan pursed his lips and scratching him temple went towards the exit door.

Geet followed him quietly before asking.

"Between Sir, why were you so bothered about me...Whomever I am with or stay with is my personal decision" She knew she was challenging him but first time, meeting him gaze to gaze, in HER apartment's territory, outside HIS office premises was too good of a chance to miss.

He stopped to only turn and that sudden turn made her push behind. She was unstable on her toes and his hands move forward to grab her by the waist in concern.

The touch, the contact sent fires in their bodies.

As Geet tried to withdraw back, he kept her at the place as his thumb caressed the back of her slowly, invoking wires of passion to burn up.

While her eyes were widened with his step forwardness, his was taking in the beauty of her face for the few moments before he spoke up.

"I am always bothered when something is about you Geet...I am always concerned about your personal decisions...And no one...Simply No one is going to come into your life except..." Her heart pumped the blood with the double speed than usual...Just to hear that name...Just to hear him confess but he stopped and moved up his other hand to push her thick hairs behind, letting his fingers feel the softness of the plush cover.

"I like you hairs this way Geet" This time, his tone was husky, that seem to melt her but the question of the earlier statement was still so evident in her eyes and when it didn't seem that he will get back to his earlier statement and will complete it, she put words to her thought in a rasped voice.

"Except whom?..."

And he tried to put all the love, he has always felt for this beautiful, sweet, caring yet childlike woman on his face before uttering.


One simple world that seem to turn her life upside down.

He cupped her face in his hands seeing the uncertainty on her face.

"I love you Geet...I have always loved you Geet" He murmured, caressing her face with his hot breath.

"" She stuttered as he nodded his head.

"Yes...I love you Geet...Right from the first day, my eyes caught your face, they would look for you where ever I go...Right from the first time, my hand brushed against yours while passing a file, my fingers were itching to touch you and feel the softness on your skin...Right from the first day, my heart heard this has been beating for you"

Maan opened up his heart. His voice, his eyes, his looks, his caresses, all were screaming the love he holds for her. Geet was still struck to those 3 words, he uttered, the words, she was just so dying to hear that the next moment she took him by surprise by hugging him.

Her hands were pressed at his back while her fingers clutched his shirt. She breathed in the intoxicating smell of his body along with the now died-down mild smell of his ever so same perfume.

Maan was happily surprised by her response but nonetheless, hugged her back, keeping her firmly in the place as his face crooned in her neck.

"Won't you say it...Won't you reply" He whispered against her skin, making it tingle as she took a deep breath.

"I longed to hear that from you" Her voice teared up as she uttered the words.

Worried, he backed off and raised up her chin to make her look at himself.

"I am sorry...But won't you say that you love me too now when I have said it" He requested and straightly looking into his eyes, she replied in a sincere tone.

"I love you"

Maan smiled and brought her once again near his heart in a bone crushing hug as she repeated "I love you".

Teri chahat jo mile
Meri aahat hai bani
Meri soochon mein hai basi
Tu hi tu...

One year and three months later.

Maan was laying on his bed with a relaxed and blissful smile. He turned his face to the left only to see the most beautiful view.

His hands were holding the most precious possession of his being, his life...His woman, His wife...His Geet sleeping peacefully as the after effects of the shared intimacy.

He sighed and turned his body only to pull her more close to his being.

After that confession night, Geet and he dated secretly for the next 8 months. They kept their emotions in check infront of their colleagues but the few captured moments, few dinners, the eye-locks and teasing built up their love more stronger.

Maan confessed about his love to his dadi, who was his only family and right the next day, she was on the mission to make Geet her official Daughter-in-law by going Hoshyarpur and asking her hand for Maan from Geet's father and Grand-father who after initial hesitation and after getting Geet's consent, give in and accepted and right after 4 months, they got married under the blessings if their loved one.

It still seems unbelievable as how quickly life take turns in their life.

Maan caressed her soft rash red cheek with the back of his fingers remembering how his beard must have scratched it. But his moments on her cheek, only brought a smile on her sleepy pink lips that quickly raised up the curtains of guilt that were just drooping on his face and made him smile in response.

"Geet...meri zindagi ke har subah tum se shuru hogi aur har raat tum se khatam" He promsied her sleeping figure before he pulled her over himself and covered them up with a quilt as he let his eyes droop only to create beautiful dreams of their coming future. With Only Him and His Geet.

(Few of you must have read it earlier...but those who haven't...this is for them :)) yaEmbarrassed

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Lovely os
Happy New year
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Happy New Year! splendid OS! superbly written! loved it!
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Ab hum logo ne already padli tho 
hamari new year giftEmbarrassed

Beautiful os by the way. .. I liked it in the competition tooBig smile
simple and sweet. ..

I actually liked maans restlessness moreLOL

Happy New year once again!
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happy new year.. beautiful os
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simply amazing'
loved it
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Happy new year n congo 4 new os
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Awesme os
lovd it alot

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