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Originally posted by rockstar29

Awesome beautiful post yet again Jyoti happy new year buddy .
I loved the way u explained sahir's feelings in precap wow well said .
Today shivya did a excellent job in first scene her encounter with sahir was master piece such scenes come easily to her .
I don't know her scenes with Hc are always bang on perfect .
Harshad we are lucky to have him on Hs so many shades he can portray with ease sahir faking lie to arzoo to hurt when she leaves his room and concerned lover to desiring arzoo as his hidden dream and disappointed to know she can't be his well hats off to Hc he is living the character of sac with ease I see sac not Hc .
Sahir did hurt arzoo to a point were there is no looking back for arzoo it was last nail to the coffin .
Arzoo will never trust him not even once not with anger or revenge but her broken heart she somewhere knows he is lying since she can read his eyes .
Jyoti u said it right till sahir don't reveal his past arzoo will not believe him .
Social message was perfect and this is turning point for sac he might even give up the promise for arzoo because this incident will wake his subconscious mind to do the right thing wise thing in life.

I agree this incident was indeed a wake up call for him .. no wonder we see a complete different Sahir in precap now .. he might hv realised that his way to push her away was wrong and it did hurt her a lot ... he is forced to do what he did being a married guy but mayb he realised that his way of doing it was wrong and so now he wants her to stay back so that he can redeem himself in her eyes  ...

And yes unless Aarzoo is told about his past in detail , she will never understand his pain ... Sahir understood Aarzoo's pain only after Alvira told him in detail about her childhood and what Sarfaraz did to her family .. similarly someone needs to tell his full story to Aarzoo as well or else I m afraid she will continue to hate Sahir Cry

I agree Shivya always gives her best with HC in same frame StarStarStarStar

He will let go the past too because of which he blames himself that an innocent girl aarzoo is being hurt and harmed because of his ruthlessness not only that his emotions will over flow in form of tears all the pain tears he hid in those dreadful 7 yrs will flow in force when he sees a indifferent arzoo who ignores him .
In the precap listening of arzoo leaving his den he went on his knees pleading his mom to stop her and stared crying .
Sac started crying for arzoo already further more to go in this process all his pain hidden will flow off and this will act as a medicine to him indirectly then he might open up to her freely about his past and for arzoo it will easy to know him better because at present she is in his shoes .
I loved the scene were she unknowingly dials sahir's no in a flow because she is so used to him and she not picking zaki no indicates that sahir holds a upper hand in her list and zaki will be a friend and in her heart it's only sahir no one else can take that place .
One more scene was epic to me is arzoo fainting while fainting she stops sahir not to come near but destiny will make her stay close to him for ever ( Jyoti do u remember in geet to when maan asks her to go away she faints backwards and maan holds her in the rain blue dress remember I don't know but today I got glimpses of that scene ).
Best scene for me was nausheen blessed sahir all his hidden arzoo in his heart will come true the look sahir gave was so adorable as if he wanted arzoo right away if given a choice he would marry her right away and take her to his room to take care of her the longing in his eyes was visible and alvira did observe that hope she will act quickly to do some magic and make saaz married only wishing .
But zaki and his big nose ( article says he is now parallel role )
Precap- Hc made me cry seriously this man is genius .
Loc video dekha zaki clear huwa deal kya hoga and arzoo ignoring sahir he was in pain seeing arzoo ignoring him .
Zaki is big headache in this story hope he is checked out by sahir .
Enjoy ur new year Jyoti see u next year Wink that is tomorrow .

I remember the geet scene .. it was right after he found out about pregnency truth .. yess the scene where Sahir holds unconscious Aarzoo in his arms , was similar to that scene in geet .. if u remember there Geet made all the efforts to tell him entire truth and only after she told him everything , he understood her pain fully ... similarly here too Sahir needs to tell Aarzoo what made him so ruthless and heartless in life ..

And yes Aarzoo is used to Sahir .. no wonder she dials his number and not Zaki's in such panicdriven state ... Zaki is just a friend and thats it but she shares a complete different bond with Sahir and so no wonder she remembers him only in such times of crisis  ...

Sahir crying in preca was needed actually to break those walls of his heart which has shielded his heart for 7 long yrs and made him almost heartless .. by crying his heart out , he might finally change for the better and then like u said he might b more free to share his past story with her ...

Happy new year to u too .. meet u in 2015 WinkHug

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Happy New Year to allParty
Am back for now with my two cents worthBig smile

Jyoti nice  analysis and Shweta nice collages. Shivya's black dress was nice and yes all of them did nice job todayClap

The past week show was like a roller coaster ride. Too much happened and could not discuss itEmbarrassed. But today it was a climax. She asked him alll the right questions to which he answered what his brain asked him to do but his heart was crying. The moment he said I did not love you there was a pause. I am so glad that he told her everything about his fareb. So now they can start a fresh. 

I loved the use of technology during the time of need. Presence of mind is what is required during sudden attack and then Alvira's two centsClap
Yes she failed with Zaki according to many but to me he has never molested any girl and have never forced any one. He has flirted and had live in relation which is way different from molestation.

I saw a change of montage so am wondering what next and the precap why Sahir? Why do you want her home?
Is it guilt or love?

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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awesome post as usal it was an emotional epi..kuddos to shivya and harshadClap
hatts off to shivya for really showing the suffering while a women faces it..ClapClap...and harshad ...*BRILLIANT**
my fav scene too where he holds her in his arms aftr she faints and hw he caresses her headEmbarrassed ..bechara felt really sad when she blamed him CryCryand precapCryCrymade me cryCry

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Wishes for the very best in 2015 Hug

Ok, how is SAC going to come out of this one?  "Mr. Blow Hot, Blow Cold in a moment" did it yet again.  He told Arzoo he loved her one day and the next, told her he hated her to the point of wanting her to leave his house.  It did not go amiss that he turned his back whilst stating this so that she could not see his expressions.  Now, it will take a lot of convincing on his part to make her understand his sincerity this time around and did he make a start with what we saw in the precap?  Is the king playing his hand to keep the queen in his vicinity.  High time, I say, to right the wrong he has done. 


Even though she was upset with SAC, glad Arzoo carried the phone presented by him Wink.  Horrible tragedy averted with the hero doing what the hero does best - saving heroine's honor that earned him much needed blessings from Nausheen (most apt choice of words spoken by her).  If SAC is not the asking kind, he needs to become one immediately LOL.  Coupled with a beautiful moment holding an unconscious heroine, the hero did well Thumbs Up.


KA & her paleolithic beliefs Angry earned her the put-down she always deserves from Alvira.  On the other hand, Alvira deliberately lied to Nausheen that nothing happened in her absence to disturb Arzoo Shocked.  But more telling today were Anam's expressions and concern which goes to show how serious a woman's honor should be considered and protected.

Dunno how the scenario will play out  - will Sahir stand up to Rehman without knowing the paternity results or put his head to the gun afterward?  Wish it were the former Wink.

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I am happy that for once, the screen attempted rape , is shown with a purpose to help and educate women and to articulate on how they can protect themselves. I mean how brilliant and what an awesome use of TV time! How brilliant is the idea to video call Sahir, because video calls keep dialing until it's connects. And even if the camera doesn't fall just right, the receiver would still hear what was going on! There are so many apps that can track your location to your loved ones, but how she messages him her location and the serial showing everyone on screen how simple it is to do, was wonderful! I really applaud the whole humsafars team for coming up with this track and demonstrating it for public good and women empowerment rather than the usual helpless female track where the female is just graphically shown being horrifically victimized. A family can watch this scene together and turn and have a discussion or plan out how to keep themselves or their family members safe in their own lives.

Smile Clap

Next, I really like Alvira sometimes. She is also a strong character. She doesn't waste her time fighting every argument, but when she does step in and speak up it is usually very effective and pro women. I have read a lot about how some people can't relate to her because she is not very motherly, but I think she almost has to be this tough when she is dealing with The likes of a Sahir. He obviously listens to her and her opinion is important to him. I think she is right to express her displeasure at him for how he treated Arzoo because she is being tough on him so he can clearly start taking some responsibility for hurting her, whatever his reasons were. I think she steps in when she can so he can change his behavior . She may have wanted them to be together from the beginning, but she never told them that...she was hoping that they would fall in love and she was just helping set the scene. Plus she had no idea Of the bet between Sahir and Zaki until it was all done. So she rightfully asked "Arzoo ka Kya?" Hence I agree with her for giving Sahir a little bit of a hard time...but I'm sure once she sees him break down as he is doing in the precap, she will soften and try to help him .

Harshad is just amazing as Sahir and one can't say enough good things...I am rooting for some happiness in the New Year. Happy new year to you all in this forum!!! May the New year bring lots of happiness and the "fulfillment of everyone's arzoos"to quote Nausheen. Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Jyoti as usual u did it again - echoed my thoughts and a bigg huggy to u for that Hug

Arzoo didnr really mean what she said to sahir. Also I don't think she blamed him for arranging the molestattion. It was the concern he was showing n him saving her that she said wa playacting. And during that confrontation I don't think.she was convinced by sahirs explanation. She said she will leavw the house onlt after he said he doesn't trust her.

I m really hopeful now that in d new year they will bring saaz close and in a good way Smile

Excuse d typos n A Very Happy New Year to all!

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Wonderful post jyoti and swetha great job with collages.
Today the last day of the year the c.v.'s gave message to the society and they did pull out in a decent yet very effective way. All the lovely ladies out there like jothi said its the use presence of mind and awareness is very important to face a situation like this. 
Now that we are all seeing what is happening around us rather than just considering it as a part of show please ! Please ! Spread awareness around you and warn the little angles around to keep them safe and be alert . No matter in which part of world we live the situation is safe.
Till recently I being in UAE always felt we are any time safer than the people in India but you never know what knocks your door .

At part from this what I really liked is alvira said its important for a mother toteach  boys how to respect woman and not blame the girl for eveything Clap this is where mind set needs to change.
Having said that Alvira ji when you that then why didn't you teach the same to your boys ...

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