Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


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Betrayal is Universal for people with no Principles.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to fall apart and forever to repair.

It doesn't matter where you go or what you do or how much you have. It is who you have beside you. I am so glad you are there.

Three things cannot be hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth. Confucius.

The most damaging aspect of abuse is the trauma to our hearts and souls from being betrayed by the people we love and trust.

Betrayal is the only truth that sticks. - Arthur Miller

It was a nail biting, edge of the seat thriller the last two days. The CV's were saving up to dish out the best for completing 400 epi and counting. A great feat amidst all the bashing and no promotion of the show by the channel.

It was time for NA to know the truth, about what Varad had done, at the office and at home. After a couple of epi where we saw baba holding bachha's picture and caressing it, he was out in full gear and ready to do battle. His wits sharp as ever, his brains on full alert. He barged into the office, full steam ahead and stopped only when he saw a stranger's name outside Shlok's cabin. He goes to his cabin and sees that Varad has occupied the THRONE and  has his name outside. NA walks up to Varad and slaps him before tearing into him, reminding him that he has no business to be sitting in his chair, it is his office, he has no stature to sit in his chair and who on earth was that Indrajeet whose name had replaced Shlok. Varad was shocked to see his baba but he is a cool customer, took his time to set right his glasses and flick his hair back before speaking to baba VERY VERY SOFTLY THAT IT WAS HIS OFFICE AND HE DOESN'T LIKE IT IF ANYONE SPOKE TO HIM IN A LOUD VOICE. WOW...the softly delivered lines were more effective than if he had yelled...suave and sophisticated to his fingertips...reminds baba gently that he has become old, senile, he should go home and rest and leave the business to him, to run it...after all it is the law...of the world...where a son takes over the dad's business empire and becomes boss one day. Clap

NA quickly pieces it together, that he was always J of Shlok and has usurped the empire for power and money which he would have given him...eventually...He also figures out that he was keeping Shlok away from him...omg I am in awe 'of Manish Ji here. He just expressed his feelings so well, shedding tears but refusing to let it roll down his cheeks, the dawning realisation that his son had stabbed him in the back...every minute emotion was flashing across his face and hats off to you...Samir was also the quiet, mousy char...still was the same but let his actions speak for him, more than his words or histrionics. ClapClap

They were good, both toe to toe...matching word for word...with all the staff gawking at them. NA walks away not in defeat but promising revenge, promising to extract his pound of flesh for Varad's act...has not lost his ego and pride in himself. He may be broken but not defeated. HE goes home and sees SOYA shivering and cowering...wondering at his next steps. Does not take long for them to see a lawyer talking to NA...where he wants to draw up a new will and leave his wealth to Shlok and Jyothi or else to the Ashram...whoa...the ashram...the seniors would be thrilled...but before he can get on with it..Varad shows up and has the file...with the new will drawn up, signed and delivered. StarStar

Another jolt for NA..who masks his shock very well...he has been outsmarted and beaten at his own game...VArad says what does it matter if it was in his name? He lets loose his pent up emotions, that he was always sidelines, overlooked, none cared for him the way they did for it was only fitting that he TAKE WHAT WAS HIS BY RIGHT AS HE WAS FIRST BORN SON, THE ELDER HAS THE RIGHT TO INHERIT HIS FATHER' S PROPERTY.When NA says that he is shocked that his own blood DID this, it can't be...then Varad asks if he was brought home from the streets..coz he feels that way..always second class citizen...never given any importance or prominence even when he looked after baba, after his Shlok discarded everything and left, he was there to support him...and what did he get in return...more of Shlok bhajans. Ouch

The gloves are off, the fight just got down and dirty...tells baba to be happy that he has a roof over his head and food to eat...else he would be forced to take the next step...NA not backing down even with his back to the wall...has decided to go down fighting till the end...VArad tells him we will talk in your room...SOYA'S EYES AS BIG AS SAUCERS AS THEY WATCH THE UNFOLDING SPECTACLE...They go up to NA's room and then as soon as baba steps in, he gets a hard shove in the back...THE FIRST STUMBLE...FOR NA WHO IS SHAKEN..TO HIS CORE...DISBELIEF WARRING WITH APPREHENSION...Varad chuckles merely and shuts the door and BOLTS IT SECURELY...LOCKING BABA LIKE AN INSANE PERSON IN AN ASYLUM. ShockedShockedShocked

NA screams till he is hoarse but to no avail...and VArad tells Sojal strictly that the door is not to be opened in his absence and says to baba that water will be sent once he has calmed down. NA reels in shock, batters and pounds on the door helplessly...and then SINKS TO THE FLOOR...REALIZING WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED TO HIM...ANJALI'S WORDS ECHOING IN HIS HEAD...THAT IF HE DOES NOT CHANGE...HE WILL BE ALONE, TOTALLY ALONE...THAT WAS THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO HIS MIND. HOW FITTING IS THAT?

Sojal tries to reason with Varad but he snaps and she gets a glimpse of his darkness and turns silent...ebp...has some sense left...but let us see..what happens next.

Shlok feeling the blues ever since ayi mentioned baba's b;day which he has never missed in all his life, till now...the unpleasant thoughts, the betrayal, his devotion to his baba all come crowding back, making him wistful and pensive. He was shown standing before the window bars and there were bars behind him also...caged in his mind, unable to get baba out of his mind's cage where despite his attempts to throw baba out, he keeps sneaking back in...making the wounds fresh and bleed...allows himself to be cheered up by Aastha who senses his raw emotions. Only to see Sachin burning an old paper that had the pic of his baba...he can' stop himself...rushes to put it out and then tears it up he does not want to maintain any relation with him, HIS AYI IS BOTH BABA AND AYI TO HIM NOW. BABA IS AS GOOD AS DEAD TO HIM...THE WORDS HE SAID TO HIS AYI NOT LONG AGO...HURTING ANJALI WITH HIS HATEFUL WORDS THAT PIERCED HER HEART LIKE BURNING ARROWS.

Shlok confessing to Aastha that his baba's memories are haunting him and he does not ever want to hear his name mentioned the wounds are still raw ...HE GRASPS HER HAND IN HIS...HE NEEDS HER...EMOTIONALLY...TO HOLD AND COMFORT HIM...SNAP HIM OUT OF IT...ANJALI A SILENT WITNESS TO THIS. The 3 of them expressed so much w/o exchanging a word, by looks, their eyes speaking volumes...truly today Shlok looked tormented...Avinash you were brilliant. ClapClap

Shlok not only empathised with an old man who came to eat but also gave him money when he came to know that the was shown the door after his son usurped his property. He became meditative when the senior blessed him saying that his baba should be proud to have a son like him, to which Shlok says think of me as your son...Life has taught many harsh lessons to the brash, arrogant, rich SHLOK AGNIHOTRI. AS SHLOK...HE IS MORE HUMBLE, DOWN TO EARTH, CAN UNDERSTAND THE PAIN OF OTHERS, A BETTER PERSON AND A GOOD SAMARITAN. WHAT A GROWTH IN SHLOK'S CHARACTER...ClapStarStar

He is the first one to be up and at the temple praying for his baba's well being when a feeling of uneasiness swamps over him...questions himself as to why he is feeling that something is amiss...he has proved that ebp he is the good he keenly feels baba's anguish and pain though he is far away from him...refusing to speak to him despite Aastha making every effort to  make him give a call to NA on his b'day.

NA will be thrown out of the house, dragged kicking and screaming from his own house by his own son...KARMA IS BACK.


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dv19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy  new year nimmy..

I enjoyed each and every word in the review..

Lovwd the quotes...

When shlok was disturbed he held asthas hand and seeked for moral support... anjy watching both rheir pain and she too in pain
..vwry welll written..
Loved it...

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vj3072 IF-Dazzler

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Happy New Year so beautifully explain...awesome post...after NA it will be Sojal's turn...we going to see Manish walking in AM and kick Sojal part I don't understand what happen to Astha 50% ownership because you need her signature to transfer that property too?? Confused

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Dogan1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey nimmy
What a start to the new year ! Happy to see your post which we all love to read and used to wait eagerly for after every epi...Tongue
Tks so much Smile

Wish u and your family a very happy new year !

Superb explanation nimmy...nice post Hug
Indeed a good epi !
Loved manishji !superb acting Clap
We have a bunch of talented cast in ebp !Star

Coming to the epi
What goes around comes around ...NA deserves every bit of it and more ! Even if astha and Anjali takes him back home and slokh also will be ok with it after all he is his father ...
I don't want slokh to acknowledge him at all...nor forgive him for what he did to astha...she could have been killed...
Yes agreed he tortured Anjali but didn't try to kill her!

He is a murderer...slokh has to put him in place...being in front of him but treat him exactly the way he treated Anjali...then  he will realise what crime he has done !

I only hope cvs don't patch up slokh and NA so soon...and take this track properly...concentrating in forur pillars and not extras...

I also strongly feel mansi is behind all this and varad will dump Sojal as soon as his work is done...hope Sojal doesnot join them in the Mumbai.Unhappy Nahi I don't want to see Sojal there !

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Lovely reviee 

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BabyBearFanGirl IF-Dazzler

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What a finish to 2014! Awesome review and an FullOn episode! 
NA on realising Varad's betrayal is still not repenting his previous evil deeds. He is still only missing his achha bachha Shlok and how Shlok wouldn't have done the same. Even getting locked up in his own house and stripped off all his properties and business has not triggered any repentance in this evil man. He is lost, but his ego still intact. He doesn't have an iota of regret. Will getting kicked out of the house make him realise finally?
Shlok on the other hand contemplated speaking to his baba and is realising that something is wrong with baba and hence he cannot get rid of thoughts of baba last two days. He has moved on from being the arrogant young man who will not think twice before hurting whoever hurts his baba and has become this caring selfless man, who realises others pain and is ever ready to help anyone in need. 

In the precap, Varad is getting slapped once again, in the party in front of guests. Looks like Baba managed to get out of his room and walked into the party. 

We were once predicting that everyone will leave AM and Na will be left all alone. But this twist is far better where he gets thrown out of the house, he built by himself. 

Loving the speed at which the story is moving. Spoilers say that Varad will realise he has been cheated. Everything is moving on so quick for the entry of AC and his family or zoo characters! 

Happl New Year, Nimmy and all forum members!!

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Superb review and one could see the restlessness in shlok as his baba was suffering the two are so much bonded znd i loved astha so understanding wife lovely couple yaar eventhough baba getting back for what he did it is very sad to see hats off to manishji samir and avi for their performance hope our show be nailbiting this year and wish you all a happy newyear to the entire team of ipkkndebp and special wishes
to avi and shrenu and happy newyear for the forum members special mention of clarisa for posting superb pictures

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Originally posted by k.taddy1234

Lovely reviee 

Thanks Kusum,very much. HNY to you.Big smile

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