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Is pyar ko kya naam doon- A sandhir ss(link to thread 2 added) (Page 39)

Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ILuvParsh

Atlast ...sanyu is safe...Loving d way d story is progressing...Update soonish :)
Thank u so much
vl update asap

Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by carron1112

Oh my ggod !!! Thnx for pming me this , thnx soo much !!! I saw u have updated the 5th part n thought of giving it a try n read all the 5 parts in one go !!! It was truly amazing !!! Fantastic n brilliant !!! New fresh concept !!! I luv both ranDhir n Sanyukta in this fan fiction ...
pls update soon pls

Thank u so much
m glad that u liked it
vl update asap
Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2015 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anuja78

sorry for late reply dear...
but this part was very good

Thank u
dats okk
Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 1:47am | IP Logged

Edited by Angel__Tamanna - 31 January 2015 at 2:05am

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Angel__Tamanna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 2:03am | IP Logged

Part - 6

I took sanyu to my home ... i was feeling
nervous if she vl like my house or not ... it was clean but what if she will see my room ... its a mess there ... she was about to enter in house when i holded her hand ... she looked at me with a quitening look ... i just noded and took her inside the house ...

'Not bad randhir,kaafi saaf hai tumhara ghar randhir'- she said in a teasing way.

'Yoouuu'- i started running towards her,she started running forward ... she went
upstairs and opened door of a room and by bad luck,it was my room .. i entered in room, when i entered in room,she was standing with her plams on her mouth ... may be she was too shocked after seeing my room's condition ... when i enterd, my foot slipped, i fell on bed ... no no not on bed,on her ... and she was on bed with eyes closed ... i was looking at her ... she
was looking looking so innocent .. i so wanted to kiss her ... but i controlled my
emotions ...

'Utho randhir, jaan loge kya meri,kitne heavy ho tum'- she said opening her

'Not more than u,fatty'- i said standing up

'M not fat,you are fat,u dumble'- she said
and showed me toungle

'Tum dogy,pura din tounge dikhati rehti ho'- i said teasing

She rolled her eyes and looked around ... her face expresions changed ... i tried to go out of room slowly,so that she could not see,but my bad luck she noticed me

'Randhir'- she shouted

'What happened sanyu'- i said turning around,facing her

'Ye kya hallat bana rakhi h room ki,don't u
have sence,kisi animal ka room bhi itna ganda nhi hoga jitna tumne ganda kar rakha h'- she said angrily

'Mein saaf karwalunga kisi se,tum rest karo,mere sath wala room tumhara h plz'- i said in a pleeding way

'Randhir,u go aur khana lekar aao,mein kuch kari hoon tab tak'- she said taking a long breath

'Par tum kyun karogi' she

'Go randhir,m hungry'- she said putting
hand on her stomach.

I came out of room smilling ... i smilled at myself how i was following her orders, i went outside home and bring food for both of us ... i went back to home around after 30 minutes ...

When i entered my room,i noticed that she is not in my room ... my room was clean .. i smiled ...

Suddenly bathroom door opend and she came out of bathroom wearing my favourite white shirt and shorts ... that shirt seems so loose on her body her hairs were all wet... water was dripping from her hairs making whole shirt wet and transparent and she was holding
shorts with her one hand...

I laughed to get her attension... she made a helpless face and gave me a deadly look ... i understood that she doesn't have clothes thats why she is making a face ..

'Randhirrr '- she said in a crying voice

'Arey its okk na,koi nhi h yahan p,sirf mein
hi hoon'- i said asuring her

'Han wo to h,par phir bhi i need clothes na'- she said innocently

I smilled at her innocence ...

'Chalo shoping baad mein karlenge,tab tak wear my clothes na,ab khana khate hain chalo'- i said holding her hand and taking her outside the room

But later i noticed that she was holding shots with her hand ... and shots fell down exposing her milky white legs ... i looked at her face,her eyes were moist ... a tear fell from her eyes ... i quickly wiped her tear and hugged her ..

'Shh .. its okk ... don't cry plz, its me only,aur koi nhi hai yahan pe'- i said rubbing my hand on her hairs ..

'Par still randhir'

'Tumhein mujhse sharmane ki zarurat nhi h, samjhi'- i said to make her comfortable

She noded ...

'Chalo khana khate h'- i said to divert her mind...

'M too hungry,jaldi chalo na'- she said smilling just like a kid ..

We had dinner ...

'Acha sanyu,kaha kaisa laga'- i asked her

'It was yummm,itne din baad itna acha khana khaya h'- she said lyk a kid

'Par ek aur cheez h jo abhi bakki h,khana khane k bad kuch meetha ho jaye'- i said naughtily a smirking

She raised her eyebrow giving a confused look ..

'Arey meetha nhi pata tumhein kya hota h'- i said to irritate her ..

'Randhirrr kya bol rhe ho tum,have u gone mad'- she said lowering her gaze,avoiding eye contact with me ,and i was continously looking at my embaressed princess,my baby doll ...

'Arey choclate nhi khana tumhein'- i asked taking choclate out of my pocket ...

Her eyes shined just like a child .. she tried to snatch choclate from my hand,but i did not let her take the choclate ..

'Randhir,ye kya kar rhe ho do na mujhe choclate'- she said pleeding like a kid

'Aise nhi le sako to le lo'- i said standing up from my chair and ran towards my room .. she too ran behind me ... we entered in room .. i was running and she was running behind me ... i climbed on bed,ran around coutch but she failed to catch me ...

Suddenly she fell on floor and started

'Aaahhh randhir, mera pair, boht dard
ho raha h,plz help me'- she said loudly

I went near her,sat on floor and she snatched choclate from me and put her arm around my kneck tightly so that i could not run ...

'Randhir ab merko ye khana h,ab pakad lia na maine tumhein'- she said smiling in joy

'Bachi ho tum bilkul'- i said looking at her

Suddenly i noticed that my face was too close to hers ... and her smile .. ufff .. i can die hunderd times for her preety smile ... i came out of my terence due to her words

'Finally kha lia pura'- she said finishing her choclate

'Aur mere liye choda bhi nahi'- i said making a sad face ...

'Mujhe laga k tum apne liye lekar aye hoge,par ab to khatam hogya'- she said showing me empty pack

Then i noticed that there was choclate on her hand ... infact her hands were covered with choclate

'Bachon ki tarah khati ho tum,ye dekho
hath kaise karliye'- i said smilling and started licking choclate from her hands

'Tum bache se kam ho kya,aisi harkatein bache bhi nhi karte'- she said laughing ...

Her laughter was ringing in my ears like music ...

Day 1 ended like this smilling,laughing ... but may be its not ended yet. abhi raat to baki h na ...

We had our dinner and then choclate too ... its her favourite and now mines too ... but not the fresh one ... the one which covered her hands ... i smilled at my thought ...

She was in her room,just next to me and our rooms were attached with a door ...

I was sitting on my bed and reading about another case ... when she entered in my room .. she was wearing my white shirt,the same one which she was wearing
in the evening, arms of shirt were folded near her elbow ...

'Kya hua'- i asked looking confusingly at her

'Wo mujhe neend nhi aa rahi thi aur waise bhi akele mujhe acha nhi lag raha
tha, its a new place for me na'- she said looking frustated ..

'To u want k mein tunhein company doon'- i said adjusting my books on side table of my bed and smiling

'Not that way randhir,tum bht gande ho'- she said turning towards the common door of our rooms.

I got up from my bed& went near her

'Arey mein to mazak kar raha tha'- i said holding her wrist .

I turned her around me and i saw tears in her eyes ...

'M missing my maa randhir'- she said sobing

I hugged her tighty,but not crushing her bones and started rubbing my hands in her hairs

'Shhh ... everything is ok sanyu, mein milwayunga tumhein unse ... plz tum chup ho jao'- i said to confront her

'Randhir mein itne din unse door kabhi nhi rahi,hamesha mera sath deti thi meri maa,m so alone without her'- she said sobing

'U r not alone sanyu,m always by ur side ... mein tumhein tumhari mom se milne lekar jayunga'- i said wipping her tears

'Pakka na'- she said raising her index finger towards me

'Pakka promise'- i said pinching my neck She smiled

'Tumhein akele dar lag raha tha?'- i asked her in surprise

'Haan toh nyi jagah pe lagta h dar,mujhe dar lag raha h bas,mein akeli nhi soyungi'- she said like a kid is fighing for her toy

'Acha to mere room me sojao,ismein kaunsi badi baat h'- i said giving a its ok wali smile

She adjusted herself on bed ... i was doing some work sitting on coutch

'Randhir abhi sirf 9:30 huye h,mujhe neend nhi aa rahi,m getting bored'- she said in frustation

'Plz thodi der tv dekh lo,mera kaam bas 15 - 20 minute ka h,abhi khatam kar leta hoon'- i said not even looking at her,not even noticing her expression ..

'Okk,jaldi karlo kaam'- she said in a soft voice ..

I felt bad for her ... so i thought to work quickly ... i finished my work in 30 minutes ... as she was watching & listening
songs in tv,so it took me more tym to work ... bcz i can't concentrate in loud music ... its too difficult for me ...

I setteled my files on table and looked at tv ... she was watching banjara song ... the sane song which i liked alot when i
was missing her badly

'Hogya mera kaam' i said taking a long breath ..

'So u want to take rest??'- she asked with a quetioning look ..

'Arey itni jaldi kaun sota h,its only 10'- i said and i could see her smiling face

'Great,to lets talk'- she said excitedly

'Talk about what'- i said adjusting my self on coutch

'Arey wahan soge kya tum'- she asked

'To bed p to tum sogi na'- i said looking at her

'Then so what,pure bed p to nhi soyungi
na phail k'- she said in her signature stly .. just like a kid LOL

'U ok with that'- i asked surprisingly

'I trust u randhir'- she said giving me shock ... i mean i can't expect these matured thinkgs from her ...

I smiled at the fact that she trusts me ... i
went near bed and sat adjusting my back with bed's back ..

'Lets talk'- i said her hoping that she would start

'Kis bare mein'- she said

'Tum batao apni family friends and collage k bare mein'-

'Collage boht acha tha mera,friends bhi
the par papa aur sameer ne sab k sath contact karne ko mana kardia,par in sab mein maa myjhe bht support karti thi,hamesha mujhe samjhati thi k sab kuch theek ho jayega'- she said and her lips curved into smile ..

May be she was remembring her happy movements with her mother

'Jante ho randhir,wo hamesha mera sath
deti thi, jab bhi koi problem hoti thi unhein meri awaz se pata chal jata tha k mein tension mein hoon, jab bhi neend nhi aati thi mujhe to unki goad mein sar rakh kar soti thi aur wo mere hairs mein hath ghumati rehti thi,jaise mere hairs k sath khel rahi ho,aur batein karte karte mein kab so jati thi mujhe bhi pata nhi
chalta tha'- she was having a beautifull smile on her face

I pulled her head ,adjusted it on my lap
and started playing with her hairs ... she looked at my face with a confused expression

'Tumhari maa to h nhi yahan pe,to aaj mujhse hi kaam chala lo' i said and winked at her

'Tum bhi pagal ho randhir'- she said and tried to got up ..

But i put her head back on her lap ... she made a face and again tried to got up ... but at last she laid keeping her head on my lap and smiled

'Pagal ho tum ek number k'- she said and giggled

'Aur tum bachi ho ek number ki'- i said playing with her silky smooth hairs.

We talked for about on hour about some random topics and
slept in the same position ..

press like & leave your reviews..

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Heavenly_Dreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 2:25am | IP Logged
I donno why ...but I am really in love this ff ...
loved all ff but a little biased towards this particular ff de ...
again loved this update and sanyu and rd 's bonding is going more stronger ...gr8 ...
update asap ...plzzz ...
heemasomani IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome part
rd and sanyu's bond is growing 

asya_luver Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2015 at 2:29am | IP Logged
can't wait for next :D.
an jaldi - 2 ek aur part de do. 
this was awesome.!

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