Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Hi all!Embarrassed

Since it's New Year Time so I somehow managed to write something today for you all!!Tongue

Here goes the One Shot... Little bit lengthy!Embarrassed




"Where is he?" A girl, donned in navy blue denims; black jacket with a red stole around her neck, gate crashed the police station, shouting. "Where the hell is your officer?" She stopped one policeman and asked him the same. Seeing her enraged attitude, he readily signalled him towards the table- better not to mess with the fire. She stomped in the direction and banged on the table. The inspector, who was busy in playing some game in his tablet and few constables being his desperate audience, looked up in her direction keenly and asked, "What happened Madamji? This is a wooden table... not any drum!! What do you want hunn..?" And he went back to his game again. Hearing him, the girl smashed on the pen holder lying nearby on the table, scattering its stuff and gritted, "Why do people come to a Police Station hunnn?? For party?!!" "It depends Madamji... If they want, we won't mind it though..." And the entire police lot burst out in laughter, giving high five to each other. "Shut up!!" She exclaimed in chafe. "I haven't come here for jokes!" The inspector became serious, "Same to you Madam!! Now blurt out your problem and leave!" And he went back to his gaming again. For some good minutes, she glared sharply at him and then uttered, "I want to file an FIR!!!" "For what?" "And it should be non- bail able!" she demanded. The cop looked up at her sternly and spoke, "We will decide that Madamji... Don't dictate us! Tell the problem straight away!" "Fine!!" She sighed deeply and then... suddenly... the station shook with a loud cry... Everybody froze at his place and the eyes were just stuck at that crying feminine figure. The sudden outcry shocked the inspector and his buttering lot- he straightened on his chair. "O... O Madamji... What happened?" She screamed louder- hiding her face in her stole and muttering, "Main barbaad ho gayi...!!! Sab barbaad ho gaya!!!" The cop immediately offered her the water glass, "Relax Madam... Relax!! Take it!" She gulped it down in one go while the policemen started gathering around her chair. After a few minutes of screaming cry, she settled down a bit. "Are you OK Madam?" She nodded in consent, wiping off her eyes. "Tell me what exactly happened?" He was quite concerned now. "I... I am Madhubala Malik... And I... I want to file a fraudulence case!!" She stuttered in sob. "He... He is a trickster!! He is a cheater!! He deceived me!!" "Arre Madam... But what did he do?" "Can't you hear me Inspector? I told you na... he ditched me!!" The inspector hissed in vex and gritted, "Arre Madam. That's what I am asking to you!! What did he do?" "He played with my feelings, Inspector..." She suddenly stood up a little to read the name batch on his uniform. "...Milind Pandey! Inspector Pandey, he ditched me... he ditched my love!! He rejected me... my love... and went away! He destroyed my dreams!! Main to barbaad ho gayi..." And she again burst out in cry. One policeman sat near her on the adjacent chair and offered her his personal handkerchief in deep concern. Pandey immediately threw one pen at him in irritation. The inspector looked at her bewildered for some moments and then he uttered in vex, "And you came here to file a non- bail able' FIR for this matter??!!!" Madhu nodded in affirmation innocently. "Arre Aap Pagal ho kya??" he called out in irritation while his subordinates chuckled aloud. "Oye inspector... watch on your tongue!" warned Madhu. "Then what should we call you hunn?? Both of you loved each other and he ditched you at the last minute... He didn't want to be with you anymore... Simple!! It's your personal matter and you came here, did all that drama for an FIR??!!! What are we supposed to do in this matter?? To please your boyfriend for your so called love??!! We have much better works to do!! Are you mad or what Malik ji??" The moment he finished his blabbering, Madhu quickly threw that hanky on the same policeman in rage and dashed up from her chair, "Did I ask you to do anything?? And what better work you people have... to play Subway Surfers on tablet?!" Though they felt embarrassed, Pandey still tried to keep his head high, "Whatever it is... I can't write any FIR for such nonsense!!" He declared arrogantly. "Go and solve this nonsense by yourself!!" And he took out one file and started doing something needlessly. "Fine!! By the way Mr Pandey... Please look up at me for a second!!" He curiously looked up at her soft request and the next second, his face shone with the camera flash. "And the image is the saved!" Madhu clicked with an evil smirk. "Arre... What... What are you doing Madam?? Give me the phone!" He was about to snatch the cell phone in astonishment when she jumped aside to save it. "Now this image will go to the Woman's Right Commission!!" The entire police lot stared at her baffled. "But... But why? What did I do?" asked inspector Pandey befuddled. "For making fun of a lady and her tears publically... And you... you even supported my boyfriend too... Now get ready to face my ire Mr Milind Pandey Sahab!! I will sue all of you along with HIM in the Commission!!! And you already know, how decently those people treat the culprits!!" She grinned evilly. "But I didn't support your boyfriend Madamji!!! You are accusing me falsely!!" "Really?? And who is going to prove me wrong!!??" Madhu winked wickedly. "Don't forget you inspector... It's a girl power everywhere!!" Hey Bhagwaan!! What sin did I commit in the morning that you trapped me so badly!! All he could do was to just curse his bad stars today! "Ok Ok! Sit here. I will write your FIR!" Madhu grabbed her chair excitedly with a winning simper on her face. She rested in there authoritatively and dictated her complaint. "What's his name, Madamji?" By now, his voice was completely off in fear, still he managed to mouth out. "RK!" spoke Madhu with a hidden pride. "Rishabh... Kundra!!" Pandey immediately looked up at her in shock and so did other policemen. "Rish... Rishabh... Kundra!!? You mean... the owner of Kundra Textiles... the famous businessman... Rishabh Kundra??!!" "Correct!" replied Madhu uninterested while checking out her nails. "Sir ji!!" One constable whispered in his ear, "This lady is completely mad, I am sure!! Pagal ho gayi hai ye... I am telling you, just send her away!!" Pandey shooed him off and turned to the dismissive Madhubala. "O Madam! Look... I understand, it's a New Year Eve today and we police people easily get befooled on this day... But this... Madam this is too much for a joke!! Go and celebrate your New Year in some other way, please!" he pleaded gently to her. Madhu quickly stood up, thumping the table and bent forward a little, "O hello!! I am not that mad to celebrate my New Year in your police station!! Here I am asking you for help and you people are making fun of me!! Immediately, file my complaint and arrest that Kundra... Right now!!!" She was ordering as if they were her personal assistance! "Arre Madhubalaji... Do you even know whom you are accusing? He is a powerful personality of our society... Don't try to defame him!" "Look Mr Pandey... I am not lying and you just do as I say else... I won't mind in going to the Commission!! Now you decide and tell me!" And she sat back on the chair, twiddling her cell phone in tease. Where am I stuck? This lady will get me terminated today!! Pandey kept on staring at her helplessly for few minutes and finally decided to give up. "OK! Do you have his contact number?" "Why? What you have to do with it? Just go and arrest him... Simple!!" "See Madam... Now don't interrupt in our process. We are helping you no... Just give me the number!" Madhu took out one chewing gum from her pocket and shoot it in her mouth. Pandey and his lot was so surprised to see her sudden carefree attitude overpowering them so easily! Madhu scrolled down a little and then showed him her phone screen. Deep down, the inspector was dying in fear but again, he had no choice. He dialled the number defeated. "Hello!" "Ammm... He... Hello! Can I talk to Mr Rishabh Kundra? I am inspector Milind Pandey." "Sorry inspector, Chief is going for a meeting. He will talk later. Tell me if anything is urgent. I am his Secretary, Bittu Sharma." Pandey immediately moved aside and spoke bleakly, "Sir, it's important. Ask him to come on the line now. Someone has complained against him..." "What? Who? And for what?" "Oho Sirji... Why don't you give your phone to RK Sir?" After few moments, one virile reply came from other end, "Hello." "Hello! Good... Good evening RK Sir. I am inspector Milind Pandey from Bandra police station. Sir, it's urgent. One girl has filed an FIR against you." "What?? What rubbish it is!! For what?? And who's that girl??" exclaimed RK. "Her name is Madhubala Malik and she has accused you of fraudulence. Sir, she is just out of control. I didn't come at your place because of your prestige. Please come here Sir!" Madhubala Malik... Oh God! She went there... What the hell?!! She is just too much!! "Hello Sir? Are you there?" "Hunnn... Amm... Yeah! I am not gonna come there! Just shut this case off... Rubbish!" replied RK in rage and disgust. "Arre Sir ji... it's already too complicated! She is blackmailing to go to Women's Right Commission. She is trapping me also! Please Sir ji!! My job is at stake and so is your honour! Please come here and solve this problem." Pandey started begging to him literally. What the hell have you done Madhubala?!! Idiot!! "Fine!! I am coming there!" And he disconnected the call in fury.

"Wow Pandey Ji! You have scored so many coins hunnn..!" praised Madhu while playing Subway Surfers on his tablet while he was just pacing back and forth in tension and his subordinates were staring at him. Tables turned... Right?! Of course, they did... A while ago, he was the one acting like a fearless lion but now... Well... This is what we call as bad luck! "Pandey Ji! Can I resume your game?" asked Madhu casually. Her words were churning him up more. "Do whatever you want Madam but be quiet till RK Sir comes." "O yes! When is he coming here hunn? It's too late no..." Pandey simply glared at her in reply.

Few minutes later, a tall, handsome muscular figure, in a black business suit with matching black shades, hastened inside the station followed by a male short, fatty figure- probably his secretary. "Ahaannn... So finally... The devil is here hunnn...!!" smirked Madhu. RK dashed to the table removing his shades, while constantly glaring at her. For some good minutes, both of them kept on louring at each other through daggering eyes- Madhu's eyes been filled with gamey smirks. "What's the matter, inspector?" asked RK. "She is the matter, Sir ji! I mean... she is Madhubala Malik and she has filed an FIR in charge of fraudulence... forcibly!!" uttered Pandey offended. "She is saying, you've cheated on her in the name of love!" RK glowered at her more now. "Oho Pandey ji! Why are you introducing me to him hunn?" Madhu stood up and walked next to RK, entangling her arm in his with a wicked smile, "He knows me very well... He knows everything! Right RK?" "You..." before RK could say anything, Bittuji interrupted, "Inspector, show me the FIR. I need its copy. Bull shit!!" Pandey nodded and started searching for the document. "What's all this drama, Madhu?" hissed RK in whisper, pulling her arm tightly in rage. "As if you don't know anything! Had you agreed to my wish, all this won't have happened! Now... face the drama Sweetheart!!" she whispered in evil wink. "What? Madhu, I already told you I don't like all that still you..." Madhu simply shrugged him off and held him more tightly in simper. "Fine!!" RK turned towards Pandey and declared, "Inspector, I don't know this all!!" He freed his arm off and fleered at her evilly. "Are you sure Sir?" asked Pandey while Madhu kept on staring at him shocked. "Of course I am, Mr Pandey! I just... don't know this lady!! So... this case shuts down here only!!" RK was about to leave when Madhu pulled him through his collar, "What did you say? You don't know me!!? Rishabh Kundra... don't you know me!!? You liar!!! Cheater!!" Some constables tried to interrupt but RK stopped them to do so. He gently freed himself and smirked, "I told it before too Madam... I don't know you! So, better, you go back to your home and take a tight sleep!! You seriously need it Miss!!" He was about to turn again but she pulled him back and held his hand very tightly. "Now I won't leave you Rishabh Kundra!!" exclaimed Madhu irately. "Until you don't accept our relation, I won't let you go anywhere!! Bas!!!" She dragged him to the nearby bench and made him sit along with- still holding him as tightly as she could. "O Madam ji! You can't pressurize him like this!!" Pandey tried to break in. "He already denied your accusation and he is a respected personality. Stop this drama and leave the police station!!" RK tried to free his arm but the hold grew tighter. "Look Madhubala! Just leave my hand and go back to your home!!" "Shut up both of you!!" she shouted. "Neither I would go nor would I let him go... Did you get that Inspector Pandey!!? And if you both tried to kick me out from here, I will sue all of you in the Women's Commission... Then... let the so called reputation go to hell..!!!" RK frowned at her stubbornness. "Leave my hand Madhubala!!" "NO!!! I won't let you go!!" Madhu pulled him near and whispered wickedly, "One more time you struggled RK, I will disclose all our pictures here... Now decide it by yourself!!" RK looked at her stunned, "This is sheer blackmailing Madhubala!!" "Whatever you say Mr Kundra!! Now you HAVE TO do it today!!" "Chief, I am calling our lawyer now. It's heights!!" spoke Bittu. "Bittuji come here first." He went near and RK told him something in bleakness. "You go and personally bring that lawyer here. Ask him to just pack off this FIR and all... That's it! No complaints in return..." "But Chief, I can call him..." "Do as I said Bittuji!" he ordered in irritation. "Dad and Maa must not get to know anything about it... this complaint... Me and Madhu here... Anything!! You got that!? It won't go well with them so suddenly!" "That means Chief... You and Madhubala..." "YES!! They know about us though Bittuji... Only they!" "And you didn't tell me Chief." Bittuji questioned him sadly. "Shut up Bittuji. It's not the time to talk about it. Now go and just shut this case off. Till then, I will try to convince her!! Go now!!" Though the news was a shock for Bittuji, still he maintained his composure in front of the cops and went out. "Sir, if you want we can get her jailed!" asked Pandey. "No No!" RK immediately blurted. "I mean... I have called my lawyer. He will handle this case. It's about girl too... You know, reputation and all... Till then... it's OK! I'll manage!" Pandey agreed to him and went back to his normal work while few constables kept on roaming around them in curiosity. Madhu crossed her legs on the bench and rested her head on his shoulder- still holding him tight. "I am not going anywhere... leave my hand yaar!!" he glowered in discomfort. Madhu didn't reply anything and snuggled more. RK rested his head on the back wall defeated.


In the cafe, "What is this? You are 20 minutes late, RK!" Madhu frowned in chafe. "I am really sorry darling!! So sorry!" Rk quickly grabbed the chair near to her. "What sorry RK? Rarely do we go for outings and then also, you don't come on time!!" RK lovingly held her palm, "It's not like that Madhu! You know my schedule na... It's too hectic and then our meetings... you know, I don't want to publicize my personal life so..." "I seriously don't get this point RK!" Madhu pulled out her palm. "We are getting married soon still you..." "Only when your parents agree to it baby!!" replied RK calmly. "They don't even know about our relation... Thanks to you! You didn't even bother to tell your parents anything unlike me!" "So what RK! Don't you love me?" she asked offended. "Of course I do Madhu!" "Then confess it in front of everybody... NOW!!!" she demanded. "What?? Here?? Stop being childish Madhu!" He tried to dismiss her demand. "I AM being childish and I want you to confess your love here only... C'mon say it aloud RK!! It's enough of your secrecy!!" "Madhu, you know it very well, I don't like doing all this... You ask me to confess as many times as you want in private... I will do it for you but here... in public!! No Madhu!" "No RK!! Tomorrow is New Year Eve and I am asking you for my gift... Confess your Love Rishabh Kundra!!" Madhu was reacting obstinately. "Getting stubborn hunn... Ahaannn... I like it Madhubala!!" smirked RK. "I am as stubborn as you darling!! I won't! Ask me something else for gift, Madhu!!" "So, you won't say it!" "NO!" "Beware Mr Kundra!! You don't know me yet!!" "I so know you sweetheart! You are one mad case!" He chuckled. "Really? Then you will soon see the demonstration... I will make you confess it, RK!! Very soon!!" "Try your luck darling!"


Oh God! Why didn't I realize, she can actually do it!! That too... like this!! What a blunder I am stuck within!! What if Dad gets to know about it? Oh God! He will immediately cancel our marriage!! That Bittuji is another bull headed person in my life after her... He will surely blurt it out. Everyone outside is busy in partying for the Eve and here I am... stuck in this botch!! How heartily I planned our date for today but you... You completely ruined it Madhu!! Idiot you!! Damn! RK opened his eyes and looked at Madhu needlessly. She was soundly napping on his shoulder with a fragile smile. Unlike every day, this smile was frowning him a lot today. He immediately yanked his shoulder in annoyance, waking her up in jerk. "What the hell?! You spoiled my sleep RK!" She scowled drowsily. "You snatched my peace and now desiring for a sound sleep!!? I am not that big hearted Madhubala Malik!!" gritted RK. "Then fulfil my wish and finish it off... It's all because of you!!" Madhu replied while whisking off her eyes. "Just stop all this drama, Madhu! Please yaar! You know I hate doing all that!" he whispered in glumness- he was so tired of it now. "Take back your complaint and go back..." "Ohooo... Why don't you say it clearly Mr Kundra!! You are so scared!! When I am not afraid, then why are you?" "If this is the thing... then good enough!! I am not going to do that!! Do whatever you can do!!" "Done Deal, Kundra!" RK gave her a deadly glare and turned his face aside in rage. One constable was watching them for some time. He slowly came near RK and sat nearby him and susurrated playfully, "Sahab, you know this Madam na? I can see that..." RK glared at him and warned before he could swoop on him, "Mind your own business! Else it will take a minute for me to get you fired!! Go away!!" The cop quickly stood up and sat nearby Madhu's side- twirling his control stick. Suddenly, RK's phone buzzed. "Bittuji, where are you hunnn? How much will it take to come back?... He is busy in partying then tell him to resume it later... I have to..." An outcry interrupted his talk. He quickly turned to see Madhu beating the same constable with his own stick. "You Mon***l!! How dare you touch me hunnn..??? You ba****d!!!" Rk immediately rushed to stop her and so did the other policemen. "I didn't do anything Madam!! I didn't!!" The cop kept on vindicating but her smacks were louder than him. "Madhu stop it! Don't do this!!" RK tried to control the situation but all went in vain. "Sunita! Take this lady inside the jail... Enough of her drama now!!" shouted Pandey. The female constable pulled her inside the lock up while Madhu kept on struggling to free herself and cursing the constable. "What the hell inspector!! Instead of this cheap constable, you are arresting her! Set her free now!" demanded RK in rage. He was about to punch that cop when Pandey interrupted. "No Sir ji!! Since evening, she has created a mess here... Enough now!! Earlier too, she tried to manipulate!! I don't trust her!! Now I will definitely file a complaint against this Madam!!" Before RK could reason further with the inspector, he saw Madhu fainting. "Oh no!! Madhu!!" Sunita quickly opened the cell and he dashed inside. "Madhu!! Madhu open your eyes!!" He took her head on his knees, tapping her cheeks to get back her consciousness. This sudden event thrust him from within. "Somebody call the doctor!! Madhu... get up Madhu!!" Well... It's a must to say... The police station became a huge mess today... all thanks to this unconscious lady!! The cops were on their heels to do any immediate measure. With each passing second, RK's heart was sinking in fear. Suddenly, a bleak voice struck his ear drums. "Just say it RK... And I will be fine!!" He looked at her stunned- Madhu slightly opened her eyes and gave him a wicked smirk. "Madhu!! You..." He pulled her hair in annoyance. "OUCH!!" "You almost killed me Idiot!!" And he embraced her tightly. Madhu started chuckling in awe. "Just say it now RK! Please no!! Even the movies don't have this much drama... Say it no!!" RK stood up in chafe, "You are just too much Madhu!! Too much!!" She got up too in giggle and circled her arms around his neck, "I know right!! Now speak up no... Please!! Else I have one last trick left and then you will definitely get trapped!!" Both chuckled at her words. "Ok Fine!!! I Love You Madhubala!! I love you a lot!!!" Finally, she got to hear those words and so did the audience there- in the police station! Madhu quickly hugged him tightly in ecstasy, "Oh God! Finally... Finally, you said it!!" She kissed his cheeks and spoke it aloud, "I Love you too RK!! I love you so much!!" All RK could do was just smile at her blissful smile. Suddenly, he pulled her closer. "RK! What... What are you doing?" asked Madhu in surprise. "Time for your punishment Madhubala Malik!!" he replied huskily, tightening his grip around her waist. "You troubled me a lot today... You spoiled my New Year plan... So... time for your pay back!!" "Rk... You are..." before she could complete, he slammed her lips. And the very instant, she gave into his osculation, leaving behind the stunned silent audience outside the lock up!! Finally... the culprit surrendered!



I know it's completely crazy and illogical thing I have written!! LOL I have somewhat lost interest in writing so whatever came in my mind, I just penned it down...Embarrassed

Hope you guys won't mind... It's New Year after all!!!Wink

If you guys feel then...

Do like and Comment!! Embarrassed

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The IF- People!!! Heart

May this year become the milestone of achievements, success, good health and wealth in your lives ahead!!

God Bless You all!! Hug

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Yo! Yo! honey SinghaaaLOL i came firstLOL

Well di when you and sudha akka where having conversation I saw that you told her "Gunchakkarbala" when she asked what name should she keep for this Bala. I'm deciding to keep Gunchakkarbala itself for this bala...ROFL

OMG! OMG! Di you made me laugh like helll!LOL The starting when that Gunhakkarbala came inside the station and told the police I'm mean Poor Pandey to file an complaint . I was like why would she need to file a complaint and when she told she was barbaad I was like hell shocked and when she told 'He ditched me!' I was laughing like hell!ROFL I knew that he was rk himself  and infact I was really proud on him that he ditched her...LOL but what to do I was in an imaginary world and all My hopes just got crushed ROFL thinking that this Rk and Gunchakkarbala wouldn't be togetherLOL
Gunchakkarbala ji asked a good question to  Poor Pandey 'Pandey ji can I resume the game which you where playing'LOL If I was in his place I would have told her 'Nahi ji because I WORKED SO HARD IN COLLECTING ALL THE COINS AND DON'T YOU DARE WASTE THEM ALL BY USING POWERUPS...' ROFL and she will reply 'What the hell Pandey! Just wait and watch I'm just going to sue you for scolding me now and don't forget that I have already so many things to tell about you to the Women's right commission! I even have your picture did you forget that hun?'*Evilly smiling*ROFL

Then next comes Rk's entry actually my heroes entry...Day Dreaming
I was like laughing when that Gunchakkarbala was holding him tightly when they were asked to sitting on the bench as if he was her personal teddy bear! *I was a lil bit jealous when she was holding him* ROFL

Then I got to know that this all was done just for a confession and this drama queen Gunchakkarbala is to much di!LOL She once got all my lovely hopes of them getting separated crushed...LOL

My poor Jaan Rk! I pity on him to get such a Girlfriend...LOL
Well I was jumping from inside when they were taking that Gunchakkarbala inside the lock upLOL but once again this Ganchakkarbala just crushed my hopes into pieces...*Awww...Poor me...ROFL* This Drama queen Gunchakkarbala made  My Rk  confess his feelings to the whole world!LOL  *Oh Why?Why my hopes get crushed...*ROFL

And at last Rk kissed Madhu...LOL
Tfs for pm di! Though I didn't need it at all!LOL


Di I know I suck in commenting so please excuse meLOL.
You have written such a wonderfull OS di! Loved it from starting till the endClapClapClap


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Aww dii finally u r here after so long
i m so happy to see u here

but wat was that
fir for hearing i love u
i fell off my bed reading this lol
Mr. rishabh kundra ab kkyun idiot bol rahe u shd have thought before falling in love with talli. ab bewdi se pyaar kiya hai to bhugto idiot
n this talli god
is she for real
i love u ke liye fir to if he actually leaves her then to she will kill him only
but the most hillarious thing was police constables getting bbed by her lol
poor ppl had to bear with paagal lovers lol
had hai rk yaa to i love u nahi bol rahe they
n chance milte hi direct kiss
huh despos kahin ke dono
bade waale paagal hai seriously lol
giving free entertainment

loved the os di u wrote it beautifullly
happy new year

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Oh Killer..."Iss bala ko kya naam doon??"ROFL u itself name her like u name my bala's bcos i'm no good in naming...ROFL
"Mein barbad hogaya" LOL...barbad to nahi...bechara Rk...hogaya barbadROFL
I like this crazy like my talli gundi lalchi bala's...ROFL
when u started as "Where is he?" i guessed the girl was madhu & thought Rk was the inspector & she is here to give a complain on him as he forgot some special day but nah...the police is some pandey busy playing subway surf ROFL
"Pandey sir, can i resume ur game?" - baby, already u r playing so much games & on top of that u want to play in his tablet too ah...ROFL
i loved the flash back..very funny..."kaho naa pyaar hai", bhaai...ur demanding bala is demanding u her new year gift just give herROFL if u cant say that in public at least give a tight slap & give break up to her as gift...she is pagal so better stay away from her...ROFL
poor bittuji feeling bad that his chief didn't say anything to him but what he will say? will he proudly say i have fallen for Shaitaan who always eat my brainROFL
when she fainted i thought sach mein she got barbadROFL but nah...nautanki bala practicing for future & checking whether Rk will come on time & catch her or notROFL 
uff...finally she made him confess in public but still i felt Rk won it as he got the culprit surrenderedROFL i loved the end line so was like "message delivered"ROFL
hallelujah!! i got a kiss...ROFL man khush kardiya tu ne killer...ROFL
this is craziest story u have ever written i guess & i loved it so much...please do write more killer & make me rolf!! ROFL 
thank u so much for this wonderful new year gift!! enjoyed it!!DancingDancing
Happy new year!!Party
God bless u!!Big smileBig smile
love u, sweetheart!!Hug

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Wow di awesome os 
Happy new year 

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Crazy_Arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Mind blowing
Loved it
FIR for not saying I love you
Madhubala ne poora police station hila dala
Aur culprit rishab kundra se I Love you bula hi diya
Aww i love this crazy rishbala

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_Misaki_ Senior Member

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VERY NICE OS DEAR...Big smileBig smileWISH U A VERY HAPPY NEW YEARBig smileBig smile

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