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A new ally perhaps? 31..12.2014 (Page 4)

ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:00am | IP Logged
awesome thread and comments hereHeart

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Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KhatamKahani

The thing is, one cannot compare Rehan and Aahil here.
Why? Because Rehan has the advantage of seeing his mother's scheming ways and nature. That alone makes it an unequal juxtaposition.

None of them tell Aahil because they know the number Tanveer has done on him and that he would never believe it unless he sees it. I can understand. But still, that doesn't mean Rehan can be pointed at and say--see how he is much more willing and quick to believe about his mother. Well, because she has gladly revealed much of herself to him.

Aahil is wrong for treating her like a servant, and also wrong for believing that of Sanam--that she could do poison. Rehan believed this too. Then the shock of seeing Sunheri got to him, and then he has the advantage that she explains the situation to him, added on to the other advantage that he knows enough about Tanveer to make it more believable.

But again, look at what caused Aahil to reach this state. Seher's impersonation of Sanam, and then the fact that she ran from the wedding. Now one of this is Sanam's fault. But then we have the three Khan women who didn't even bother to go to him and explain or salvage the situation of the missing bride.

And then how does Aahil see Sanam again? Not her coming back to see him (which yes, she did, but he wasn't there). But rather he runs into her by the side of the road. He sees the bride who left him and ran out by the road. He didn't see her with her coming back to him and trying to explain. It was only after he ran into her that she tries to explain.

All of this said, again. I will say--Aahil has been butchered nevertheless. But however, he is nothing like Abhi. And neither is he the only one to be blamed here. The person who should also apologize never will. Will never acknowledge her role in the matter.

And now once again Aahil is left in the dark like a fool, and the lack of information or any real explanation contributes to the situation right now. Rehan on the other hand, had much more info and insight, and now has pretty much the full story.

So yeah, Aahil is a jerk and a jackass. And Sanam should leave him. But others are contributing to this, another led to this and should also be blamed (Seher), and even Sanam is contributing to it a bit.

QH, though I still don't watch, still is not showing a son who will not repent for believing his mother over his wife. Because she is the evil step mother and not his actual mother. So unlike other shows, where the saas is *supposed* to be respected no matter what...here Aahil does put his Ammi over everything (though, while he was with Sanam he did support her over his mother many times--but Seher as Sanam damaged SaHil relationship from Aahil's side), but his putting his Ammi is shown as the result of her evil plotting, the damage she's done on him, and how she has held him indebted to her.

Now comes another point which I know will get people pissed at me. Arnav and Anjali was brought up. The person who actually can be used as a similar example is Sanam. Not Aahil. Aahil can be used for the fact that he is now treating Sanam with disrespect, etc. But it is Sanam who is putting her family above her husband, and it is Sanam's actions that have never been questioned and will never be questioned.

Sanam went to Sunheri at Haya's wedding when she could've easily just gone to Aahil. It was her initial plan, to try to get Aahil's attention. But then she saw Sunheri be playful with a boy and decided to talk with Sunheri.

Sanam instead of going dealing with the situation of the missing bride, stood with Badi Ammi even though Seher said she would be with her, and Dilshad said she would be fine. 

Then she goes to visit AsYa grave.

Sanam still doesn't reveal Seher situation to Aahil. Yes, it makes them lose their ace against Tanveer. But what is more important, dealing with Aahil and getting him to understand (she could convince him to forgive Seher and let it go) and then teaming up and still coming up with a way to expose Tanveer to Aahil? Or this, where Aahil is still being played and tricked?

KK whoa you are totally fabClap bang on

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SheAish Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged
After seeing some undeserved (as per me) fawning over Rehan and Seher in this forum from last night onwards, I'm enjoying this bout of some home truths delivered by my dear Minnie and the one and only KK...SmileClap
Love this man...keep going guys! I'm gonner sit back and enjoy this LOL

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KhatamKahani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:13am | IP Logged
I agree with you Minnie. I remember you were one of the ones who never swayed in agreeing with me regarding that on Haya's wedding.
I agree his behavior right now is disgusting. And how he keeps on demeaning her, disrespecting her, etc etc... is not in the least acceptable.

I'm just saying, it's not just him that deserves the criticisms here. 

I still say Sanam should leave.

In the end, Aahil will feel bad and beat himself up over everything. Even if Sanam doesn't leave (because it is easier for them to keep shooting her @IM). Aahil deserves much of the criticism, but I still don't think he is as bad as Abhi. That is not saying his behavior is acceptable, but I don't think it's as bad as Abhi is all.

But certain others will not ever feel anything. 

But yes. Aahil now has shown an abusive streak/tendencies. He should rather just demand or ask for an explanation now. Fine at first he is angry, but now he should ask for one. He still shouldn't have believed that of Sanam that she would do such a thing. He should've said that there should be another explanation, etc etc. Seher weakened it, yes. And she won't ever be blamed or feel any ounce of regret. But still, that doesn't excuse him from his lack of trust on Sanam and his willingness to believe such a thing of her.

But... But... the reason I make all those points is not to say Aahil has not been turned into a jerk/jackass. No, the reason is simply to say, the juxtaposition of Rehan with Aahil in the matter of 'trust' and acceptance/belief of Tanveer's truth is faulty.

Oh, and also because Seher gets away scot-free, which we will always complain about but it will never change. :yawn:

P.S. (not directed at Minnie) Some of the harshest critics of Aahil have been SheAish and JShukla who have called him abusive. So, the ones who point at Seher's, Rehan's and even Sanam's actions at the same time are no doubt making many points about the abusive pattern.

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SheAish Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KhatamKahani

P.S. (not directed at Minnie) Some of the harshest critics of Aahil have been SheAish and JShukla who have called him abusive. So, the ones who point at Seher's, Rehan's and even Sanam's actions at the same time are no doubt making all many points about the abusive pattern.

Yup KK guilty as charged. And I would still stand by my comments on those occasions because I still do belive he has been abusive since KVB returned after dengue...
I have also consistently been quite harsh towards Sunehri and Rehan for quite sometime now.
But at the same time I am not blind to Ahil's plight and I try to take into account his background as a character...

Which is why I have at the same time defended Ahil on many occasions and I'm sure many would have seen that from me when some of those who champion Sunehri and Rehan bash Ahil..

Edit: BTW even though Jshukla is not here I just wanted to add that I have seen her defend Ahil from Sunheri and Rehan fans many times in the forum...Yes we bashed Ahil for being abusive but we are still aware of the circumstances to keep things in perspective when it comes to comparisons. Just a couple of day ago we were harping about the unfair comparison between Ahil and Abhi from KKB in one of the articles posted here on the forum.

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 12:35am | IP Logged
A thread I am SO GONNA read on the whole and all the points out here. I was so ugh last night when people have started comparing Aahil and Rehan after just one preview of his "defense" for Sanam! Yeah right! *eye roll*
Also, So glad to see all those fans back on this forum "clubbing" over here defending Aahil, yayy!! LOL

One thing irks me about Rehan that he once said "he hates lies" to Sunehri despite his whole life seems a lie to me. He is living a lie himself, still hates lies?!

About comparison? Aahil was always kept in dark, ALWAYS! Atleast Rehan was in light, he knew she is his mother, he knew what was she doing, still kept mum all the time?

I am gonna read all other posts first!

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KaanKeNiche IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 1:12am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 2:19am | IP Logged

First of all can I just Say ... KhatamKahani you have been missed !! Thank you so much for gracing my thread with your awesome presence...

And all the fabulous comments by all my friends... Clap

   OK , now that the discussion has progressed in such an interesting angle, I'm tempted to see each character separately. Frankly, I think the writers are challenged with keeping each character intact and needing to inject melodrama in between.

1.Our resident heartthrob Aahil, a neglected man-child.

 He craved for love so much that Tanveer saw him as a useful patsy for her to gain foothold in the Nawab house. He was the heir to everything after all. Towards the end, the arguments between Nawab Sr. And Tanveer were about their boys. Nawab Sr. wanted his son Aahil to have everything after discovering she had another son. It wasn't clear if the Nawab was always abusive or was it after he discovered Tanveer's lies he turned to drink and abuse.

    After killing the Nawab and blaming Aahil for it, she used him to keep her place secured as the Begum Sahiba of Bhopal. He was kept perpetually in a guilty and submissive state, that it became the pillar of his existence: Ammi sacrificed everything for me, I owe her everything.

In a mother's POV, Aahil is a very steadfast and loyal son, despite the lack of affection he received. Any decent  mother would be proud to have such a son. Even now, in the current situation, where his mother is having an ugly war with his wife, what was he supposed to do? Realistically?

Take care of Mum first, then deal with the issue, right? Find out what poison it was she put and help Ammi. He and Rehan weren't accusing Sanam at that point, they were zeroing on the person who brought the milk to Tanveer...

It was only later after Tanveer woke up and started her melodrama, when Aahil started looking accusingly at Sanam. His folly is, quietly accepting his mother's judgement of his wife WITHOUT investigation. He was thinking of casting out the woman he claims to love a lot WITHOUT listening or even arguing with her first. Now that is unforgivable by me. He was not fair to her as a husband, even if she DID do something wrong.

     He is casting her out of his house, and he himself is going to suffer the price soon enough. Sanam, for the sake of her self respect, should not stay where she isn't valued at all.

2.Khuddari Sanam

     She has forgotten her intrinsic values that she was known for. Why? Because she thought she was losing her husband. The proud independent YOUNG girl has fallen hard in love with the older more experienced Aahil.  She may have strong family values, but she has ventured into a romantic relationship where she is not very experienced.

     She foolishly thought she could make Aahil wait for her return. She placed Badi Ammi above him, in a time of extreme turmoil, so can she blame him for putting HIS Ammi first? She didn't try hard enough to get a hold of him when she came back. Phone? Office?

No. She waited by the roadside for him to find her. He didn't know she had come back to him. The look of shock and confusion in her face when he refused her proximity and explanations, belied her over confidence of her authority over Aahil.

   So she accepted his punishment, stayed put to wear out his anger. Tried some small gestures to remind him of their relationship, breaking down his defense. But she is ALSO tricking him?! She doesn't trust him with the absolute truth. (Unlike Sunehri, who blurted out everything to Rehan very quickly). She is hiding and deceiving him, trying to countermanipulate him.

   Why? Because she wants to Tanveer to admit her own follies? When has that EVER happened in for real? She should have confronted him with the truth, convincingly and not allowed him to cut her off. Laid out everything before him, and let him decide what to do with his own life. And waited for him to decide who was telling the truth.

  Maybe he would investigate and find out things for himself?

What is the revenge plan anyway? To be a nuisance to Tanveer until she outs herself and is kicked out by Aahil?

Both Aahil and Sanam are responsible for the current situation in their relationship. Aahil for NOT being man enough to think and find out things for himself and reacting calmly. Sanam for allowing herself to be victimized and vulnerable without defending herself. She could have written a letter and left it for him. Instead of crying and hiding behind her twin sister (who herself is frustrated at her victimized act).

Tanveer's big bad secret is known to 3 other people and they are keeping the secret for her !! What sort of a revenge plan is that??

Will continue with Rehan and Sunehri little later...

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