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Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

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Drashtilove IF-Stunnerz

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Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

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Geet snapped her eyes getting wild in the bed. Her hands and legs mercilessly started to hit and kick something as if someone was holding them. She wanted to be free reaching for her daughter but she could not and her vocal cords only had one word forcing out Maansiii...


Jaannn Maan dumped his phone and ran as fast as he could see his Jaan hurting and yelling like tat. His mind had almost stopped but his heart did not let him to get numb coz his Jaan was in pain. Geet he grabbed her and hugged tight not even thinking tat she would hurt as right now his only concern was his Jaan who was in some deep bad dream with her eyes open.


Jaan.. Jaan.. he pulled her on his lap and pinned her with his hands. Jaan.. yaha dekho.. see me.. Maan hoon tumara Maan Jaan but she was lost. She was fighting some unknown force who was taking her Maansi her baby away from her.


Maansi.. Maansiii don't.. don't take her.. chodo ushee... Maannn Maannn humari Maansi.. ushe.. he will take..


Shushhh he grabbed her face in one while his other hand held her tight no one's' taking Maansi away.. she is safe Jaan.. she is with us.. she is safe..


Maansiii... don't don't take her.. please..chodo ushe.. don't.. and Maan smacked his lips seeing her not reacting to his words. She was lost in fear and he knew nothing would have helped her and then he smacked his lips on hers pulling her into a kiss tat held more of assurance tat her Maansi was safe and slowly she started to relax in his arms as he continued kissing him taking away all her fear.


Maansiii  she whispered into the kiss; Maan smiled kissing her back until she was totally assured tat Maansi was safe. She is with us Jaan.. sleeping... No. One. Will. Harm. Her. He. Cant. Harm. Her. Jaan. He said each word with a stop coz he wanted his Jaan to realize and understand tat their Maansi was safe when he was there. They were safe coz they belonged to MSK.


Safe. He nodded as she spoke out the word. Very safe with her Daddy and Mumma. She smiled but Maan could see tat her smile wasn't reaching her eyes. He slowly cupped her face brushing away her tears. MSK ki beti hain woh Jaan, she is the princess to Khuranna family and trust me no one can reach her... he waited to see some emotions in her eyes and he could see the change you trust your Maan to keep our Maansi safe na.


You keep her safe. It was more of a question then a statement. Her heart knew her Maan would keep their daughter safe but her mind wasn't ready to accept it. I keep her safe even after my death Jaan. She smiled truly with tears rolling down her eyes. He.. would not come na Maan.. he take Maansi once.. he gave her pain Maan...


Wattt he almost yelled in anger but then controlled seeing her flinch with his voice. I'm sorry he kissed her forehead but he did not keep quite as he wanted to know it. When did he take Maansi Jaan... where were you?


Woh.. I. was. At work. she said gulping down the pain of tat horrendous day. She wiped her tears as she wanted to tell him everything so tat there are no secrets between them. I started getting calls after 4 months of his death Maan.


He isn't dead.. tat bloody bas**** is alive. Maan gritted his teeth. He wanted to shred him into pieces and he would do it once his lay his hands on him. I did not know it was serious... He started to tell me everything about my past slowly and then one day he asked me money... He asked me 50 thousands.. I did not know anything.. I started to yell saying tat I wasn't Geet Handa and I did not know any Khuranna but then one day he told tat he knew Maansi was your daughter. Maan's clenched his fist tighter thinking of ways he would kill him thousands of times. I kept refusing and then one day Nani bua called me saying Maansi was missing.. I got scared and I just ran from work and she was missing Maan... Maansi my baby was missing. Geet fist his shirt tight feeling the same fear and pain tat she had gone through tat day.


And then I got the same call.. I could hear Maansi crying while the man laughed.. he said if I wanted Maansi alive I should give money.. I did not know anything.. and then I asked the owner of the factory... I begged him for money Maan and he was kind and he gave me but asked me to work in the manufacturing unit so tat I could repay it.. and I did.. pata hain Maansi she was all hurt... she was tied.. her hair was cut Maan.. she had small cuts on her hands.. my baby was suffering Maan.. he can do anything.. he can..


He can't do anything Jaan. He pulled her into his arms again and hid her in his chest. His whole body was burning with anger wanting blood for giving pain to his Jaan and daughter but right now he had to tame himself coz his Jaan wasn't fine. No one can touch Maansi or you Jaan... you both are mine and no one dares to touch wats mine.


How did you know? She asked still hiding in his chest and Maan knew wat she was asking. He sighed caressing her hair and answered. You told me tat he was misguiding my men's to find you.. Every time a wrong move and a wrong place but then suddenly I found you Jaan.. I remember tat day.. I got a call from my agent saying tat they found you and I was angry and happy but when they told me you were married and had a baby I was angry.. they gave me all details about you and Rajveer but when you said tat I could not find you earlier coz I was misguided then suddenly how come without much efforts I got you.. and tat was enough for me to know tat the b****** was not dead Jaan.. he wasn't dead and when you said the police did not find his body I knew or say I was confirmed tat Rajveer was behind everything coz it was only him who knew so much about you and me.. and I was right... tat b****** is alive but not much longer.


She tightened her arms fearing his voice coz she knew this Maan wasn't the same Maan anymore. He was a wild beast now and he would definitely kill the one who hurt his love and daughter but she was scared. She could not say she was scared coz she knew tat he would not listen and somewhere she wanted him to punish Rajveer coz he had destroyed her life. He forced her to keep him away from his love and daughter.


You sleep now... Doctor said you need rest Jaan. He parted wanting her to rest but she did moved more into his lap. Jaan I need to see Maansi baba.. she is sleeping na.. woh darr jaayegi akeli.


She won't get up soon.. Vicky ki tarah kumbkaran hain aapki beti... unless someone disturbs her she won't open her eyes. He smiled at her reply and you have given her more time.. now you need to concentrate on your wifey Jaan... she also needs love na. She pouted like a kid while complaining in her own sweet voice.


Acha and how do I need to concentrate on my wifey Jaan? He smirked as he encircled his hands around her tiny curvy waist pulling her closer giving her direct contact of his hardness. Maannn


Jaannn he smirked seeing her expressions and not at all hiding her blush feeling his hardness poking her through his jeans tat was covered inside with his boxer's. Bola na how should hubby darling concentrate on wifey Jaan?


Why don't you get naked and then get me and you make love to me? His eyes almost popped out as he had never heard his Jaan talking like tat. Yeah she was naughty but not like this and it was a big shock for him to hear her say those words. Samjhe nahi kya she asked seeing him staring at her and he nodded for a no in a trance as he was still trying to get out of the shock.  Aap buddhu tho hain nahi but I will repeat my words ok. He just shook her head and she smiled pushing herself more even if it was not possible I asked you to get naked and then get me naked and then make me love for the whole night.


You ok he asked touching her forehead and then scanning her whole head. Did you hurt your head while you fainted.. bolo na do you need  a doctor.


Kyu... Mujhe kya hua hain. she asked slapping his hand tat was holding her head and looking out for injuries. Maan mujhe kuch nahi hua hain..


Hua hain na Jaan. Her eyes wide as he said those words. Here she was shamelessly asking him to make love to her and he was making fun of her. Kya hua hain.. haan wats wrong with me.


You have lost your mind..she glared I mean meri Jaan tho ek kiss ke naam se sharama jaathi thi. She would never initiate anything and here she is asking me to get naked, then get her naked and make love to her... so I think you have hurt your head as you are speaking about making love.


Kyu cant I talk.. main kya choti bachi hoon aur aap hi hamesha kehte the na tat Jaan you need to speak openly... you are a modern girl of the 21st century and you should speak about sex and all.. ab kya hua.. aisa shock kyu ho gaye haan. She asked frowning and Maan smiled at her sweet little innocent talks. Acha so now you have become bold.


Will you make love to me or not? She asked not replying to his question. She badly wanted him to make love to her. She wanted to feel him touching her, making her his once again and here he was joking. Bolo will you make love or not. She asked gripping his collar and shaking him while her eyes staring at him in challenge. You will or not.


Itna gussa kyu ho rahi ho. She glared almost pulling his face near her and their lips inches away. Will you or and her words died in her throat as Maan grabbed her head and angled for a deep kiss answering her how wild love he would  make to her now. His other hand ripped the kurta she was wearing leaving her only in her panty and bra tat she was wearing tat he had hidden before Maansi wet all her clothes so tat she would not feel uncomfortable without them.




Don't his husky voice made her gulp down. His eyes intense and filled with passion and desire for her. Don't you utter a word now.. you have woken up the beast tat was sleeping Jaan and now it wouldn't retreat again.. so he did not continue his words as he demonstrated it by kissing her hard once again with his one hand squeezing her b***** above her bra. He was expert and even after years he did not forget her weak points and how to get the best out of her. He pinched her hard getting an yelp of pain and pleasure and next moment the bra was thrown away leaving her all bare covered only in her tiny panty tat covered the most beautiful part of her body tat was his.


I need she was thrown on the bed before she could complete her words on her back. She gulped seeing the wild tiger tearing away his shirt as if it was his enemy and next instant his jeans were shred out of his body leaving him in his boxer's. She gulped down seeing his huge member almost ready to get out and get where it  belonged to him but before she cold fasten her thoughts he was all over her and pressing her into the bed as if she would escape.


Aaahhh she squirmed feeling his teeth biting her n***** and sucking soon after. Her fingers grabbed at his hair wanting to hold something while he tortured her. Maannn she bit into her lower lip while her legs wound around his waist but he pulled them away tearing into her tiny panty and then forcing a finger inside her wetness. Maaannn she could only moan as he was taking her away from sanity. Aahhh Maannn I she pulled at his face not able to bear anymore and smacked her lips wanting to have something in control. Maan smiled seeing his innocent Jaan getting wild and he truly enjoyed this new side of hers. She sucked, licked and tasted every corner of his mouth while he pleasured her down. His fingers expert and soon he brought her into a wild orgasm but did not let her rest and he freed himself from his last piece of cloth and entered without any warning.


Maaannn her head fell with her eyes wide as he widen her insides walls with his hardness. His moves were hard while his hands playing their own game with her curves tat enjoyed his touches. She wriggled struggled to her control but he pulled her up on his knees and increased his pace thrusting deeper into her not wanting to even stop for a moment. I.. faster she was unable to say a word as her eyes met his and she stilled a moment seeing the longing and pain tat he had suffered.

I love you Maan.. always you and she grabbed his face taking his lips into hers while he thrust deeper with her each lick of his tongue pressing her more into him. I can't get slower Jaan.. I need to mark you getting wild..I have waited for long but not anymore. He confessed as he only kept going deeper making sure tat everything tat made her remembers who she belonged. You are mine just mine and he bit her neck harder feeling him release himself into her body. She shuddered with the wild hot climax as he emptied himself into her.


I love you Jaan.. never ever leave me and go he said being inside her not wanting to part away while she rested her sweaty body on his panting with the after math of their first love making after years.


I can't stop Jaan he said as he laid her back after 30 minutes or so. They just sat like tat feeling each other's beats and closeness after years but he could not hold himself as he lowered her back on the bed. I need you all night and just need you . She smiled herself not wanting to stop and their explored each other the whole time with love passion and desire showing how much they yearned for this and their love.




Maansiii Maan snapped his eyes hearing the soft voice calling for him. Maansi he tried to move out but felt a soft body gripping him tight with the sheet just covering their lower body and he smiled remembering their whole night where they made for nth times and sleeping only at the wee hours of the morning.


Jaan.. Maansi he softly caressed her face and she just smiled feeling her fingers. Jaan Maansi utt juki hain and she is calling... get up please.


Letmee sleep...she won't come here. Geet murmured in her sleep but Maan frowned as he heard Maansi call them again. Jaan she is almost near.. please get up.. we need..


Naa.. she gripped him tighter making him to smile but he was worried as they were naked and their clothes torn on the floor. He tried to wake her up but she refused and slept. He smiled and slowly untangled himself and started to collect the clothes and throw them inside the cupboard. He pulled a track pant and a vest and threw it over him and tucked Geet's naked body safely under the duvet as he did not have much time to get her dressed  as he could hear Maansi near the door.


Daddy Maan smiled the moment Maansi opened the door and walked inside with her teddy in one hand. You here why.. you leave Maansi alone na. She sucked her lower lip and then pouted seeing him staring at her. You and Mumma leave Maansi alone.. I don't love you.


Baby he walked towards her and then picked her into his arms. You were sleeping na baby and Mumma not well.. so Daddy sleep with Mumma na. She looked over Maan's shoulder and saw Geet still sleeping and then at Maan who looked sad. Mumma fervel kya.


Hmm Mumma too much fervel. He spoke just like her and seeing him sad she placed her hand on his cheek. No sad Daddy.. Mumma good.. she big girl super girl ok. He wanted to laugh as he knew this big girl super girl concept was his Jaan's idea but he did not laugh coz Maansi was a devil and would say something tat he would not be able to answer.


Yeah Mumma super..


Maan he was cut with the soft voice and hearing it he turned only to see Geet trying to pull the sheet away. Jaannn donttt




Don't pull tat away.. you are na..


Oh shit she instantly pulled the sheet wanting to cover her more seeing Maansi in Maan's arm but she was late as her daughter got a glimpse of something and she started to jump in Maan's arms. Mumma.. Maansi dudu.. Mumma Maansi dudu.


For a moment Maan was clueless as to wat she was saying but then seeing Geet's wide eyes and holding the sheet tight around her blossom he realized wat she was saying. Daddy.. leave Maansi baby... Maansi baby Mumma dudu.. leave Maansi.. Mumma dudu Maansi.


Yeh abhi bhi dudu Jaan. He could not frame a word and how did he miss such a big thing. He cursed himself. Jaan.. Maansi..


Hmm abhi bhi. Geet said with a pout dudu nahi milta but she loves to suck me.. pata nahi kya maaza aata hain ishe and tats why I cover myself properly..ek baar dekh liya tho hoga start aapke beti ka.. Mumma Maansi dudu Maansi dudu. Geet complained but her eyes on Maansi as she was struggling to get down and have her dudu. Get her here coz now she won't stop unless she feels satisfied...


He slowly walked towards the bed and Geet settled herself properly so tat Maansi could not see her naked. Maan placed his daughter carefully who was so excited to have her Mumma now and the moment she was laid next to Geet she pulled the sheet exposing her curves and latched on one while placed her one hand on the other as if covering it from her daddy.


Jaannn Maan's low whisper forced Geet to turn her head and wat she was saw in his eyes hit her like a sword tat cut through her heart. She gulped while tears rolled down as she saw how he was looking with pain letting her know tat he missed this beautiful moment of his life. I'm sorry Maan.. I did not..


Shush  he placed his finger on her lips don't disturb me... I'm busy in the most beautiful divine moment of my life..  Geet just stared at him while he was lost seeing his daughter who was happy and playing with her mother's curves. I love you Maan Geet said and tried to raise herself to kiss him but Maansi slapped her face saying Maansi dudu... no Daddy now and she wrapped her hands around Geet's neck pulling her closer.


Dekha.. yeh hain aapki princess.. ab bola na ishe Maan.. aise mein kya maaza hain..


Dard ho raha hain kya. He asked but she nodded no saying nahi.. but I can't have both father - daughter torture me like this na.. puri raat aap aur ab yeh..and you know she won't let me free until she feels satisfied.. sachi mein aapar gayi hain aapki yeh shaitan.


Haan Mom used to tease me when I was small tat even if I was filled I loved to stay liked tat. He said pointing at Maansi and you know I was breast feeded until I was 4 years.. and then Dad forced Mom to get me out of the habit as she was pregnant with Vicky.. pata hain Dad used to tease me saying tat I used to cry seeing Mom feed Vicky.


Aur ab aapki beti.. pata nahi wat she will do when we have another baby.. main keh rahi hoon Maan ask her to stop this habit.. aapki sab burai usmein aayi hain. She glared as if she was angry but then Maan simply shrugged off and laid next to her wrapping his hand over her waist and throwing his leg over her. Abhi baby ke liye time hain... so let my first baby enjoy you na. She smiled as she pulled Maansi closer and Maan covered her hand with his and lying down just like a family.


Precap: A day out...


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cute family, sweet family...
Loved it...

Geet has suffered so much...

maansi is real devil, bilcul daddy jaisaWink

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Wow..suoer hot update Blushing
Geet was so scared...Rajveer Angry Isne Maansi ko bhi nahi choda..Maan chun chun ke badla lena ise Evil Smile Approve
Me loving this bold geet..Maan was shocked after seeing this bold side of geet Wink Hehehe
Love there passionate night Embarrassed so hot yaar..they made love after so long...aww..totally like it
Maansi is so cute n her so much
Continue soon Day Dreaming eagerly waiting for next part
Me second.. Tongue

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finally after so long maaneet one
maansi to bilkul apne daddy par gayi hai wants her mumma for ger self haha
geet fas gayi maansi wants duddu

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Superb update...

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awesome update
maaneet became oneWink
maansi was good

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