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waiting!!! Day Dreaming

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im eagerly waiting for ur both updates :((((

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oh dear my like button doesn't work ... facing this problem from a long time ... luckily sometimes it works ...
so count an extra like from my side please... & an advance like for the next

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waitingDay Dreaming

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Waiting for the update desperately jannat di

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Daddy Maansi whined seeing him laughing at her. Maansi hate you much Daddy. She said throwing the dress on him tat she did not like and I hate this drless.. Daddy bad.


Geet sat on the bed watching the two fight and cry like idiots. She had warned Maan tat Maansi would not wear green colored dress as she felt she looked like a tree and when Maan tried to dress Maansi she started to cry and upon asking reason Maansi had cutely answered saying Maansi baby no trlee plant.. she girl.. so no green dress ok and Maan just burst into laughter angering Maansi more.


I don't like daddy Maansi crawled into Geet's lap after she gave a sharp Khuranna look at Maan. I did tell you Maan Geet said taking Maansi in her arms and trying to calm her down. Her anger was really bad and it was hard to calm her down when she got angry just like her and Maan. She always found it hard tat Maansi was a combination of Maan and her genes and tat made it difficult for her at times but now she was happy tat she need not worry coz she had her Maan. She hates green and I don't know from where she got tat stupid idea. You won't believe she does not even let me wear green color saying I look fat big tree.


Seriously Maan asked trying hard to muffle his laughter but he could not as it was funny to hear his daughter's logic for not wearing Green. Just stop laughing you stupid monkey Geet gritted seeing him still laughing and having to end.


Yeah stupil monkey. Maansi peeped from Geet's arms and repeated her words. Stupli monkey.. no laugh... Maansi hate you. She glared at Maan again and Geet could feel the anger from her. She looked at Maan and eyed him to handle the situation while she go and get milk for Maansi.


Mumma no go.. Maansi too come with Mumma. Maansi held Geet's hand not wanting to stay with Maan but Maan grabbed her and asked Geet to move. Daddy  bad.


Haan Maansi daddy very bad but Daddy loved Maansi na. She scrunched her nose in anger and stepped away from him standing on the bed. Ok baba.. Daddy so sorry. Maa knelt on his knees and held his ears and said sorry. Daddy will never laugh and will never give you green dress ok but she ignored trying to climb down the bed from the other side. Maansi daddy sorry na baby please. He waited for some reply but seeing her trying hard to get down from the huge bed panicked him. She was still small and she could fall down so he instantly ran to hold her but she snapped his hand just like he does.


Baby.. aisa na karo na. He tried to lure her with his soft voice and words daddy's really sorry... see Daddy did not knew na.. so you can forgive daddy na baby.


You laugh.. so Maansi No forgive daddy. He closed his eyes slightly cursing himself for laughing. Baby... I did not laugh at you.

But daddy laughed na.. so Maansi angry ok. She hissed at him making Maan to jump with. Baby.. Daddy..


No baby Daddy she hissed again and sat on the bed just in her cute little underwear. And baby no talk ok. Maan nodded and sat next her imitating her. She slowly looked at him from the corner of her eyes and glared seeing him sit the same way like she did. No Copy Daddy.. Maansi angry.


Why no copy haan? He asked running his hand in her hair just like Maansi did. Daddy copy coz daddy big and big boy copy.


You no boy.. you man. His eyes widened at her words. He was seriously in big problem when he would be alone with his daughter coz she was so sharp tat he started to doubted himself now. Boy don't look like Daddy.. daddy look like big man.. see she moved a bit and poked his muscles big hands.. so you man no boy.


She's not dressed yet? Geet frowned the moment she entered and saw her husband and daughter sot on bed and chat but she very well knew tat there weren't chatting but fighting. Weren't we supposed to go out Maan?


She is not ready to hear me .. and did you hear wat she said? She raised her eyes in question. Maan sighed and sat with his elbows rested on his legs and his palms cupping his face. She says m not boy coz m daddy and daddy is big man.  He looked at Geet for few moments and then said Jaan is she really my daughter.


Combination of Khuranna and Handa blood.. so I hope you better be careful with your words near her. She moved inside and kept the glass of milk and stared at Maansi with her hands on her hips. Don't you want to go out Baby.. are you going to forgive Daddy and ask him to dress you up?


Maansi go out but no talking to Daddy.. Daddy bad ok Mumma. Geet nodded as right now she had to agree to her or else they ahd to cancel their plan. Maan sighed sadly and stood to dress her up. He walked towards the wardrobe and scanned for a beautiful dress and he suddenly smiled stopping at a cute pink spaghetti shirt and cool shorts. He pulled it out and then scanned through her shoes trying to find a matching pair of shoes for his baby and the moment his eyes landed on the pair he grinned.

  Maansi's dress      

                                                                  Maansi's shoes

See wat my baby will wear. He grinned turning holding the dress and shoes in his land and Maansi blinked with a big smile while Geet her jaw dropped seeing the shoes. Maan yeh shoes..


Abhi nahi Jaan.. I want my baby to get dressed... tum ab chup raho. She widened her eyes and Maan continued grinning and walked back to Maansi who was jumping in excitement seeing her Daddy's choice. Jaan get tat diamond clip for my  baby.. it will go with this dress.


Hum shaadi mein nahi jaa rahe hain.. and tats costly to wear for a simple outing. She said from behind but Maan disagreed with her words saying I know you are jealous Jaan but abhi  ke liye jealousy apni pocket mein rakho.. get tat diamond clip and the matching watch along with it.



       Maansi's clip  

                                                              Maansi's watch

Maan tats too much.. you are spoiling her. Geet tried to knock sense in him but he ignored saying she's a princess and this is nothing compared to wat Dad and Mom will do after we return. She sighed coz she knew wat she was saying. She loved the thought of her daughter being the princess but with tat she had worries coz Maansi would not be able to live a normal life and she would be surrounded with security. And please hurry up.. tum bahut slow ho and get ready too. She nodded but somewhere a fear was deep inside her for the changes tat will come with their life with the coronation of Maansi as princess of the Khuranna family which would be a big affair. She remembered how Naina had once told her about Maan's coronation.


Tats my princess Maan grinned seeing his baby all dressed and instantly pulled out his mobile and started to capture her in the camera while Geet she just stood watching the father daughter enjoy. She giggled at times seeing Maansi give poses to Maan as if she was a model. Get dressed Jaan aur haan... see the new packets tat I have placed for you.. wear one of the low waist jeans ok. She was surprised hearing  him as she had not known tat Maan had ordered new clothes for her and quickly left for change not wanting to be late.




Daddyyy Maansi squealed in happiness as her eyes saw the huge Mickey Mouse walking towards them. They had come to the amusement park and they were cartoon characters freely roaming and seeing them Maansi was so excited tat she started to jump and yell grabbing Maan's hand. See Mickey Mouse.. Maansi favlate.


Really Maan asked seeing the excitement of his lovely daughter and Geet just kept them watching. She was truly blessed to have Maan back after wat she did but tats his love and even if she leaves him again she knew he would keep loving her forever. Yes... Mumma did not tell.


Naaa Maan said and looked at Geet who smiled at their sweet cute talk. Mumma you did not tell Daddy.. Mickey Mouse favlate. Geet made a face and held her ears  saying Mumma so sorry baby... she totally forgot to tell Daddy.


Hmm she said and then looked at the Mickey who was playing with few kids. She smiled and dragged Maan wanting to reach the Mickey and play with him. Daddy.. Maansi and you play with Mickey ok. She said while she tried to cover the distance as fast she could while Geet kept watching them from her place. Walk fast Daddy Maan could not stop smiling and next moment he grabbed picked and ran to her favlate Mickey Mouse making her to scream in excitement. Yeah.. daddy fast.. Maansi daddy fast run run... and Maan kept running.


We reacled we reacled she screamed the moment Maan made her to stand on her legs and she did not even hear him say her name as she started to dance and play with Mickey mouse who was entertaining the kids in his unique ways. Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Maansi tried calling him but he did not hear and kept dancing and playing with the kids. Mickey Mouse.. see Maansi baby na.. see you my favlate.. see she called again trying to get his attention but he did. Mickey Mouse not hearing me she said to herself but Maan was very much concentrating on his darling daughter. He heard her call the cartoon and when he did not look at her , her sad face pinched him and without her noticing he quietly slipped behind the Mickey Mouse and said something in the ears.


Mickey Mouse Maansi's eyes turned wide as she saw the cartoon character kneel in front of her with his hand asking hers. She blinked her eyes not believing wat she was seeing but her hand on its own reached his and shook.  You be Maansi's friend she asked not wanting to waste time with his big hand still in his. Mickey Mouse Maansi too much favlate.. you see I see all cartoon of Mickey Mouse.. you look so cute na.


Geet joined Maan and smiled seeing the big smile on her baby's and hubby's face. She instantly pulled the camera tat Maan had put in her small bag and started to click Maansi's pictures along with the Mickey Mouse. She looked at Maan as she heard Maansi say to the mouse. You see I come with Mumma and daddy and you know Daddy promisled me tat he give me big Mickey Mouse doll to play.


Did you Geet asked coming closer to Maan and he nodded. When did you promise her tat now?


Just while running.. she kept asking questions and I just kept saying yes..


Don't you think you are spoiling her too much Maan?


Off course Jaan... ab nahi karunga tho kya uske old age mein karunga.. tum bhi na kitni jealous hoti ho.


I need to keep a check on your accounts now... I swear ek din aisa aayega ki aap...


MSK can never get bankrupt. He said with an attitude before she could express her words. And even if I get my daughter will have all the luxuries tat we got.. so ab jyada socho mat sirf pictures click karo. She just nodded coz now she was sure saying anything to this Daddy Khuranna was waste. She had to think about something but then pouted realizing tat none of the Khuranna members would listen to her. She had even stopped thinking wat will happen after they return. She had a talk with Yash and Naina last night and the way they were telling her things her eyes refused to blink while Maan he was grinning like a fool and later Vicky he had given her list of things tat he was getting ready for Maansi.


Mummm Geet was brought back from her thoughts by Maansi who was tugging at her shirt. Mumma say hi to Mickey mouse na... his my favlate na.. see his hugging daddy and the moment Geet raised her eyes at Maan she was shocked to see how Maan was hugging and dancing with the huge Mickey Mouse as if he was one of the kids. She noticed tat many had stopped and enjoyed Maan and Mickey Mouse dance while Maansi she was clapping and cheering her Daddy.

Chalo na Mumma you to dance.. Geet shook her. Mumma please na.. see daddy dance so nice.. Mickey mouse my favlate na please. Maansi kept pestering Geet and at last Geet joined Maan and the Mickey in their weird way while Maansi she kept jumping and dancing her her cute style along with the other kids.



Maan had taken Maansi and Geet to every corner of the park and enjoyed every silly activity tat meant of kids may it be dancing jumping or something else. Maan and Geet had simply turned into a kid and did everything wat they daughter asked for not wanting to make her sad while occasionally Geet kept capturing every moment in the camera and right now they sat in one of the McDonald's to  satisfy their hunger. 


Baby you need to eat Maan tried to feed her a piece of pizza but she refused as she wanted to have ice cream. Maansi baby want ice cream no pizza.. see tat ice cream. She said pointing at the picture tat was on the menu. Baby.. daddy give ice cream later but now you need to eat this pizza na.


Ice cream she pouted making a sad face and Maan could not see it. He raised his head at Geet who glared at him before he even ask her permission for the ice cream. You promised me to feed her so now do and then ice cream.


Jaan she's not eating... and I don't like to force her na. Maan cribbed like a kid but Geet was firm. She could listen anything but not every silly thing tat his princess demanded for and she knew tat his princess was sure tat her daddy would  never say no for anything. Jaan please..


Feed her before I forcibly do it. Maan nodded coz he knew tat his sherni would do as she says and seeing his daughter happy he would not take the risk of giving her to his wife. Baby. Maan placed Maansi on the table and smiled at her. See daddy promised ice cream na she shook her head but before tat you need to eat this.. see if you don't eat you will not like ice cream.


But Maansi baby love ice cream na. She cribbed asking for ice cream making cute little piggy faces. So Maansi only eat ice cream daddy.. daddy daddy daddy. Maan tried to muffle his giggle but then he gulped hard seeing Geet still glaring at him with her big eyes. But baby.. ice


No Daddy.. Maansi want ice cream.. only ice cream... yummy yummy ice cream. She licked her lips as if she was relishing her yummy ice cream while Maan he pouted seeing his daughter licking her lips. Jaan he raised his eyes please na.. khane do.. sirf aaj ek din please.. dekho na she is making faces. Please just once. He begged making cute faces please na Jaan.. sirf aaj ke liye.. please.. aisa na mat kaho na baba.


Just today Geet asked and Maan nodded not wanting to say anything else. But you will make sure tat she has her dinner later. He nodded not wanting to even say a word fearing tat his Jaan would change her mind and before she could say another word he grabbed Maansi and ran to the counter to get his baby whatever ice cream she needed.


Yummy yummy Maansi licked the cone she had while Maan he walked carefully so tat he does not drop the other ice creams tat he was carrying. Daddy you want ice cream  Maansi asked forwarding her ice cream to Maan who happily bend downs and takes a bit of it making similar sounds like Maansi. You too love ice cream Daddy.


Off course baby.. Daddy to love ice cream like you. Maansi giggled hearing her daddy. Mumma don't love ice cream... she na she only likes ... Maansi tried hard to think wat her Mumma liked.


Mumma only likes spicy food.. tikha tikha. Maansi grinned and she blinked her eyes repeating his words. Yeah Mumma like tinka tinka food. Maan blinked copying Maansi and they both started to  talk about Geet unknown tat they had reached their table and Geet was glaring at them.


Bahut maaza aata hain na meri baatein karte samay. Maansi simply nodded and said Mumma why you love tinka tinka food.




Tinka tinka food Mumma.


Wat is she saying..


She means why do you only love spicy food Jaan?


Does she have problem with my food now? Geet asked after few seconds coz if she does then I swear aaj ke baad ghar mein sirf spicy food banega and I will make sure you both eat it..


Jaan you know...


Cycleee suddenly Maansi screamed and started to run. Maansi Maansi.. wait.. baby wait. Maan ran after her throwing the ice creams and grabbed her before she could step the main road. Daddy.. leave Maansi.. Maansi want cycle.. see cycle daddy.


Baby you will


No.. Maansi want cycle.. leave  me.. Daddy Mumma cycle.. please she started to hit Maan wanting to get down but Maan held her tight. Maansi.


Mumma baby cycle na please.. see Maansi turned hearing Geet call her. See there cycle.. please Maansi baby cycle please.


Maansi we are not..

You want to ride cycle? Maan asked turning Maansi so tat she could face him. Yes.. Maansi baby love cycle so much.. you see I saw Chachu having cycle.. he took me in garden.


When did he take you? Geet asked not remembering when Vicky and she rode a cycle. You sleep Mumma.. and when I play with chachu na.. he take me in garden on cycle.. we go in tat park also. Geet as shocked. Staying in KM she hadn't known wat her daughter was doing. She looked at Maan and he too was clueless. So Maansi baby want cycle now.. come.. we get cycle like tat. She pointed at a father daughter who were seating on one cycle and another lady besides them on other and they enjoying it. Daddy please.. we go cycle like tat please.


Come on Jaan Maan grabbed Geet's hand and dragged her so tat he could fulfill his daughter's wish. Maan you don't need to do everything she says.. its not good Maan. Geet tried to knock some sense. He had been doing everything tat Maansi was telling and this was making Geet to worry. Maan please..


Jaan ab princess hain and you see Khuranna's cant deny any order from their princess... so ab smile and chalo he said still dragging her. Aap sach mein ishe...


Bighaad raha hoon na. She nodded behind his back. Daddy's are meant to spoil their daughter's Jaan just like mother's are meant to spoil their son's.. so when we have baby boy na you can do and I promise I won't interfere. Geet smiled t the thought of having baby boy just like Maan.


Cycleee Maansi started to jump the moment they neared the person who rented cycles for trips. Maan scanned every cycle and finally rented two, one with a baby seat so tat Maansi could sit and one for Geet and soon they were enjoying the cycle ride with Maansi yelling, cheering and teasing Geet coz she was behind. Maan was superb happy hearing his daughter so happy. He could feel his 4 years loneliness finally vanishing from his life having his Jaan and baby with him now.


Daddy fast fast.. Mumma coming close.. fast daddy Maansi screamed seating on her back seat asking Maan to ride faster. Fast daddy... see naughty Mumma coming closer... Maansi baby don't won naughty Mumma to win.


Naughty Mumma Maan smirked hearing his daughter call his Jaan naughty Mumma. You are right baby.. Mumma very naughty wife too..


Yeah very naughty na.. Maansi giggled closing her mouth as if Geet would hear. We na lock Mumma in room one day ok Daddy.. Daddy and baby punish naughty Mumma ok. Maan was dead now coz he knew if he says yes then his daughter would force him to do as she says and then his Jaan would kill him for sure. You and me lock naughty Mumma na daddy.


Baby see how close Mumma is. Maan tried to divert her and it worked Maansi and daddy win na.. so see where Mumma is. She slowly turned and saw Geet speeding up. She yelled and asked Maan to ride faster and he increased the speed while Maansi teased Geet and finally they won the so called race.


M tired Geet sat huffed the moment she stopped the cycle. Aap dono..


Daddy your phone ringing daddy. Maansi said tugging at Maan's pants hearing his phone ring. You don't hear kya. Geet rolled her eyes as it was just one ring and her daughter was pretending as if the phone had been ringing since long. See na who call.. haan if chachu na tell him Maansi baby ride big cycle ok. Maan simply nodded and pulled out his phone and frowned seeing his Dad calling him.


Dad he said feeling Geet's eyes on him. Dad he spoke into the phone and then his expression started to change as he continued to talk on the phone. Geet held Maansi by hand while Maan finished his talk and she could say tat it was important as Maan was very shocked to hear whatever was said on the other side.


Kya hua she asked the moment Maan cut the call. We need to fly back tomorrow Jaan. Sudden fear gripped her but Maan instantly reached and pulled her into his arms saying Jaan nothing to worry.


Phir ghar.. kya.


Jaan everyone back came to know about Maansi  and she is needed back immediately. Geet looked confused at him Dadima and Dadaji wants Maansi in palace Jaan and they have done all the arrangements for her crowing.


But she Maansi isn't ready.


Jaan Maan cut him. You know this was to come and we can't delay it anymore. She is the only girl who is born with the birth mark after ages and we are already late for the ceremonies Jaan. She nodded understanding his words. She knew about all the traditions tat Khuranna family followed. And with tat Dadima and Dadaji wants us to get remarried with all rituals in front of Raj purohit. She just nodded not knowing wat to say as after this she would truly be the queen of Khuranna family with Maan being crowned as King as he was now married.



Precap: The princely state meets their Princess Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna.



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