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Da..ddy Maansi cried but Geet glared at Maansi showing her big eyes. Maan tried to open his mouth but was but  shut by Geet. You say a word and I swear you will regret Mr. Khuranna and you she pointed her finger at Maansi don't even complain of tummy pain. Kaha tha maine chocolate nahi khana per nahi Mumma Daddy gave me.. he is so nice na.. he loves Maansi baby so much.. and all tat. She imitated Maansi's talks but seeing her Maansi cried more pouting at her.


I hate you. Maansi scowled at Geet only to get another dangerous glare from her mother. Don't.. don't you show me tat anger. jaisa daddy waise beti.. I swear ek din.. I will lock you both in a dark room and will throw the key away.


Daddy.. Maansi cried stretching her hands asking Maan to take her away but he was helplessness. He was warned by his sherni wife and suddenly he realized tat this wasn't his Jaan whom he loved but someone who had turned into a Hitler but poor Daddy how could he see his baby cry for him so he tried another futile attempt to save his daughter.


Jaan.. main.


Chup Geet threw the brush scaring the hell out of Maan and warned him again I said not a word aur haan she looked at Maansi and then at him and ordered she has been given shower so dress her up aur yeh she picked the syrup and handed it to him make sure she has it warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga Khuranna.


Maansi no syrup.. its yuck Geet glared hearing it and seeing her mother  turning into a monster Maansi crawled back on the bed. Tats good and now you she turned back at Maan make sure she has it and then get her to sleep.. bahut pyar hua aap dono ka.. ab aur nahi.


You are jealous of us. Maan clipped out finally understanding why his wifey had turned into a monster. Yeah I' m.. do you have problem haan.. jab dekhu baby baby aur biwi.. he narrowed his eyes at her as she continued biwi gayi tel lene na.


You bad Mumma. Maansi commented from behind making Maan to giggle at Geet's weird expression. You jealout.. I know.. you na very bad.


Haan jealout. I mean jealous she corrected herself before she would get targeted by Maan and now I'm warning you sleep and Daddy-Mumma spend time.. ab daddy will love Mumma not you. She turned to walk into the bathroom but stopped seeing Maan smirking at Maansi. She glared at her husband warning him with his eyes and walked into the washroom to have a shower.


I hate Mumma Maansi pouted again the moment Geet walked inside. Maan smirked as he walked towards the bed and grabbed Maansi in his arms. Mumma no love Maansi.. she only shout.. you see.


Baby you have tummy pain na.. so Mumma angry. Maan tried to make her understand but then he was still underestimating his daughter who was a real devil. You give chocolate and ice cream.. Maansi did not ask.. so why Mumma angry on me haan.. she angry on you. She scowled again and Maan realized tat it was her favorite expression when she was angry at someone just like his Geet. Mumma angry on you not me ok.


Haan meri Maa.. Yaar Maan tu bachke reh ishe.. teri bandh bajayegi teri beti. He said to himself and seeing him lost Maansi patted his cheeks almost slapping him with her small hands. You talk to babaji.. like Mumma.


Naaa he almost yelled and Maansi glared. No shout ok.. Maansi no like shout. Maan nodded and then suddenly he was tensed seeing Maansi smiling like a cute little devil. Daddy..


You need to take this syrup he said keeping her on bed and trying to divert her mind but she was his daughter and knew her way. You love Maansi baby na..


Haan tho



You stay with Maansi Mumma love and we na.. haan we na hide Mumma clothes ok. His eyes wide and saying tat he was shocked would be little as his devil was turning into the little monster who knew how to take revenge.  Baby Maan cupped her face and said you small na and Mumma big so no doing naughty.. Mumma will punish na.


You save Maansi ok. She winked and Maan was really getting scared. He knew by now tat his angels wanted him for all themselves and he had a hard time to decide wat to do but right he needed to give her the syrup and dress her up. Maansi baby you have this.


No you say we hide Mumma dress and Maansi baby drink. Maan was speechless. He was dead but if he would not get her to have the syrup then Geet would kill him so he nodded and Maansi happily had a spoon of her syrup. Now dress Maansi baby fast.. Mumma will come. She said the moment she had the syrup and Maan jumped on her order and dressed her up with one of the dresses he had bought for her while Maansi giggled smirking at her daddy who was running from one corner to another.




Tu bhi na Geet she smacked herself pagal ki tarah behave karti hain. Koi bina kapde ke washroom shower ke liye jaatha hain kya. She chided herself and walked to get a dress out of the wardrobe tat Maan had set for her last night. He had neatly placed her clothes along with his and Maansi's and had already ordered for new. She blushed at the thought of wat he had ordered coz without his knowledge she had heard him.


Kapde she looked here and there the moment she opened the wardrobe but there was none. She scanned through Maan's and Maansi but hers were not there. She opened the drawers where Maan had kept her inners but even those were not there. She frowned glancing around the room and she was sure tat her clothes were missing.


Maan she called but there was no reply. Maan.. aap kaha ho.. m not able to find any of my clothes.. Maan she called but neither did Maan nor did their daughter answer her. Rosy.. Rosy she tried calling the nanny but then she suddenly remembered tat Maan had asked her not to come today. She pouted stumping her foot and walked out wanting to see Maan and ask him to search her clothes.


Maan she stopped the moment she heard some voices coming. She smiled hearing the voices as she knew it belonged to her Maan and their Maansi unknown tat she would be left shocked the moment she would stepped inside the spare room. Maan aap ne mere kapde dekhe hain kya she questioned Maan as she stepped inside the room tat wasn't locked. Maan did you see my ...


Geet tum yaha? Maan almost jumped hearing her voice and turned before she could see wat they were doing blocking her view and pulling Maansi to stand next to him. Wat are you doing here?


Wat do you mean? She retorted back sensing something different.  Aap dono ish khalli room mein kya kar rahe ho and wat are you trying to hide from me? She took steps to get closer but Maan moved ahead trying to stop her. Kuch nahi.. did you finish your shower.


Haan tho.. just a second.. yeh mera duppatta hain na. She asked seeing Maansi holding one end of her duppata while the other end was behind her. Wat is she doing with it.. aur mere kapde kaha hain Maan.. I..


Here Mumma.. see Maansi baby made all wet.. see na. Maansi  slightly moved showing Geet her hard work and shocking Geet whose eyes were wide seeing all her clothes being dipped in some soapy water as if they were about to get washed. You know... Maansi baby see they all dirty so I tell Daddy to clean all.. see now they will all be clean.. hain na daddy. Maan was once again speechless. He was nothing in front of his daughter who knew how to play with words. He looked from Maansi to Geet who was burning with anger and clenching her fist wanting to murder someone right tat moment.


Maansiii Geet screamed forcing Maan and Maansi to close their ears. How dare you wet all my clothes.. you little mouse. Geet almost pounced on Maansi but Maan was fast to grab her and run downstairs seeing the rudra avatar of his innocent wife. Maan get her here... I swear Maan get here or else.. she threatened Maan running after him just covered in towel tat hardly reached her thighs. Maannn get her here right now.


Nahiii tum maardongi meri phool jaisi beti ko. Maan ran faster seeing Geet chasing him and was very close. Maan get her..get her here right now Maan.. how dare she wet my clothes.. ab main kya pehanungi..get her here Maan. Geet screamed on top of her voice almost shaking the walls of the cottage. Get her here Maan... I will.. I will.. aaj nahi chodungi ushe main.. get her here right now.


Mumma don't shout. Maansi yelled hearing Geet scream once again. You will break mine and daddy's ears...


Wat Geet stopped the moment she heard her daughter say those words. Wat will I break?


Our ears. Maansi replied with a big grin as if she answered the most difficult question of her life. I will break your ears.. wat the..


Oye women... she means you will get us deaf..simple basha nahi samajh sakthi kya? Maan asked inhaling as much as possible as he stopped to clarify her. Geet widened her eyes putting her hands on her hips. Wat did she just say.. I will break her ears..


Right..if you scream like tat you definitely will get us deaf today. Geet snarled growling at Maan who stood fee steps away from her holding Maansi tight. Haan.. you don't scream Mumma... you break our ears today.


I definitely will break your legs today Maansi. Geet glared at Maansi who instantly pouted frowning at Geet making a cry face. Daddy.. Mumma say she break my legs.. how will I walk and play.. she break my legs..


Shush baby.. Mumma no break legs ok... she just say.. Shush. Maan glared at Geet seeing Maansi all cry hiding her face into her chest. You stupid.. how could you say it haan.. dekho meri bachi ko rula diya na.


Don't get tat pity Maan.. she is a devil aur ushe main aaj theek karke hi chodungi.. how dare she wet my clothes...shaitan hoti jaa rahi hain.. get her here right now.. I will she stepped closer but Maan pulled himself behind glaring at Geet. Haath na lagana Geet.. I swear you will stay like this clothes for you.


You threatening me.. you khuranna threatening me for this daughter of yours. She narrowed her eyes but before he could answer she widened them realizing wat Maansi was wearing. Wat the hell is she wearing haan?




I asked wat is she wearing?


Dress.. princess dress.. princess hain na woh .. it looks nice na Jaan.. dekho Maansi kitni cute lag rahi hain.


Maansi's dress

Are you crazy Khuranna? Geet asked raising her brows is this wat she needs to wear while at home.. pagal ho kya..dekho woh dress.. she will mess it within minutes.. lao yaha I need to change her..aap na sach mein pagal ho.. kuch bhi pehante ho ushe. Geet tried taking Maansi but she refused holding Maan tighter by his neck. Maansi.


I hate you. She scowled at Geet. Jaan its looks nice na rehne do please.


Maan its not about looking nice. Geet tried to make him understand. She needs to know wat to wear at wat times and I know MSK tat she is princess but right this is an appropriate dress for her.. maine uska dress nika ke rakha tha na. Maan pouted hearing his wife. He so much loved this dress and now she would change Maansi. Maan aap aise muh mat banaye...aap kya office ke kapde ghar mein pehante hain kya.


Naa she smiled at his innocent answer totally forgetting tat she was angry on him and Maansi. So let me change her.. she needs to understand how to dress when.. abhi nahi seekhegi tho baad mein main zimmedaari nahi lungi.


Main hoon na Jaan.. I will



No.. not you...she said grabbing Maansi but in tat process her towel loosened and she had to grip it from falling and tat also reminded her wat they had done. You both.. how dare..


Ab chod do.. Maansi aur maine kar diya na ab gussa karne se kuch nahi hoga. Maan smiled grabbing her by his one arms and kissing her cheek making Maansi angry. Daddy no kissy Mumma..


Mumma kiss daddy see Geet teased Maansi and she pushed her away from her daddy. No you don't kiss.. only Maansi kiss and she kissed him and so they started to fight all over again for Maan who just stood not saying a word unless they were tired.





Maan Geet walked inside once again but frowned seeing their daughter busy with him. Maan she called again but neither did her husband nor her daughter paid attention to her voice. Maan this is the last time m telling you stop giving her more attention or else main..


Bekaar ki dhamki mat do Geet. Maansi giggled slowly titling her head haan Mumma betaar ki dhami mat do Daddy ko and its my time to have daddy.. go you go and cook for us. Geet was shocked hearing her daughter changing sides so easily and trying to send her away. She glared at Maan and poor fellow was a sandwiched between his wife and daughter. Neither his little angle nor his big angel wanted to stay away.



Last warning Maan and trust me if you don't come to me I will make you and her sleep outside in the garden. She warned him and Maan pouted hearing her warning. Maansi .. Mumma..


No Daddy.. Mumma don't do it... she na.. haaan she na simply say ok.. you come we play this. She said grabbing his head and forcing him to concentrate on snake and ladder game where she was only cheating him.


Maannn I..


Don't talk disturb us.. see we play very big game now so go away. Maan raised her head and glared at Geet trying to send her away by threatening her with her eyes.


Maan I swear you come or else sach mein aaj raat aap aur aapki beti... she tried to warn Maan again but poor fellow his daughter held his head not letting him to even raise and turn to see his fuming wife who was cut by their daughter.


Shoo.. shoo go away Mumma. .. shoo sho no disturb.. very busy Maansi and Daddy.. shoo.. go away. Geet got furious seeing Maan paying all attention to Maansi and with this she marched towards the bed only to get shock seeing him losing and their daughter cheating him while counting.


Maan yeh tho..


Wahi main becharaa.. dekho na Geet yeh Maansi kabse cheating kar rahi hain.. she made me lose about 5 games till now. Geet started to laugh seeing his cute puppy face while Maansi she looked at Maan and Geet and then tricked him into another winning game by  by changing the points on the dice into 1 when she had got 6.


Maansi win.. see Dadda Maansi win again. She yelled bringing Maan and Geet into senses.  See Maansi win again.. see maansi win again.



Dekha.. m sure she is cheating... Jaan yeh tho chote Maan se bhi badi cheater hain. Geet ruffled his hair seeing him complaining about Maansi. Aapki beti hain.. tho jhel lo but this isn't good Maan.. aap mujhe time hi nahi de rahe ho.. jab dekhu Maansi baby Maansi baby.  Geet complained making a cute face tat Maan loved to see on her.


Acha he pulled her on his lap forgetting tat his daughter was growling in anger seeing her parent's romance. Let she sleep and I will show how much I concentrate on you.


Kya karne wale ho she asked playing with his shirt buttons while he  pulled one of his hands in the front and touched her breast making her gasp with his seductive soft touch. Abhi batana zaruri hain kya. He smirked seeing her breathing heavily bolo do I need to give a demo. He asked with an evil smile with his hands pinching her hard bud above the kurta tat she was wearing tat belonged to Maan.


Maan she moaned feeling his fingers create havoc in her body. She had not been exposed to such touches for years and feeling him touch her was creating a deep need inside her body. I... want...But their moment was broken when Maansi jumped in between pushing Geet on the bed getting Geet out of her passionate lost state.


Maansi sit on daddy no Mumma.


Maan Geet cried making Maan to giggle at her. She is bad and I hate her ok. She pouted seeing Maan hug Maansi and not even helping her to sit properly. I hate you Maan I hate you very much.


Daddy to hate you Mumma. Maansi teased Geet who glared at her but before they could start again Maan grabbed Geet and made her sit on his lap and placed Maansi into her lap. See both Mumma and Maansi sit with Daddy na.  Maan winked at Geet and  started to play his own game as his hands reached under the kurta tat Geet was wearing and tickled her skin making her to squirm while Maansi  jumped having both closer.


Yippeee Maansi kissed Maan and then hugged him while Geet smiled seeing her daughter finally getting the real love of her father. She felt tears pricking her eyes but she did not let them roll down. She wanted no tears coz now she was with her Maan and she knew everything would be good but who knew tat one ring of her phone would bring back the pain.


Geet get the phone. Maan sensed Geet's fear hearing her ringtone. Geet I said get it hear. She did not move and seeing her numb Maan slowly placed Maansi on the bed and then Geet and grabbed the phone and walked out with it.




Maan smirked hearing the voice but did not say a word. He wanted to hear more and then he would drop the bomb on the caller.


Ab chup kyu hain Geet.. haalat karab hain kya..waise woh sab chod do... how about my 10 crores tomorrow.


Why just 10 crores Rajveer Chopra puri property kyu nahi maangte Maan Singh Khuranna se?



Maan hearing the soft voice Maan turned and saw Geet trembling with fear and also having many questions in her eyes. Rajveer... zinda hain.


Rajveer Chopra kabhi marra hi nahi tha Geet he answered and then spoke into the phone run Rajveer run as fast as you can coz its time for your death.. Maan Singh Khuranna se bach sakthe ho tho bachke dekhao do and he cut the call knowing tat he would call again when he had another big plan.


He.. I killed... raj..


He isn't dead Geet.. Rajveer Chopra is as alive as you and me right now and just hearing she felt darkness overtaking her senses and before Maan could even reach her she fell on the tiled floor with a thud sound.


Precap: ? ?


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Next Update after 205+ likes with exact 20 pages comments... and this time I mean it.. so you decide want an update then with like you need to comment also.


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super awesome part omg maansi is so so naughty making his daddy dance on her tunes.n omg rajeev alive

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nice update

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Amazing update
Waiting for next update

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ehhe hitlar mummy devil beti helpless daddy LOLLOLLOL
geet in action mood
mansi baby crying CryCry
maan kya kare kuch bol bhi nahi sakhta kuch kar bhi nahi sakhti LOLLOLLOL

mansi such a devil LOLLOL
maan tere sath bohut bura hone wala hay 
carbon copy of maan LOLLOLLOL
mansi kya idea ahy maan ha bol diya LOL

hehe geet ban gaye devil DeadDead
mansi baby crying chalo daddy in action now WinkWink
hehe daddy ne tho baby ko pura princess bana diya in home too LOLLOL

lol daddy ke sath cheating LOLLOL
maan n geet laughing out
awee geet j of her own daughter lolzzz
ahem ahem maaan EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

mansi angry hehe she is also j with geet
maan beta tumhare pata nahi kya kya hoga LOLLOLLOL
rajbeer call geet scare OuchOuch
geet faint Ouch

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Superb sweet update di
bechara maan...
maansi maan geet...soo cute family!!

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Awesome update. Maansi is so naughty. And poor Maan pissed off between wife and daughter. 
So Rajveer is alive and he is blackmailing Geet. Now Maan will teach him a good lesson.

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very nice
poor maan sandwich between geet n mansi

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