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ClapSuperb update shoba.Calling Daddy part was very emotional.Loved the update.Waiting for the truth.

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intresting teaser...
continue soon...

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dii plsss abb ud karooo

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 me waiting ji

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I killed Rajveer  Chopra there was a silence. Neither Maan nor could Geet say a word but she was backing away from him. Her each back step proved how much she was afraid of confessing everything tat he wanted to know. Aapki Jaan ne Rajveer Chopra ko maar diya Maan. These very hands she looked at her hands and she could feel them shivering covered with blood they have killed him Maan... I have killed him Maan I have killed him and she broke down falling on her knees.


Jaannn he was shocked but feared more for her seeing her breaking like tat. Jaan... you..


No.. don't come near me... I.. I she started crawling back but Maan strode and grabbed her in his arms. I kill..


Shush.. don't cry.. don't cry Jaan. Maan could not see her like tat. His whole body shook with the truth tat she just blurt out. He could never even dream of her killing a cockroach and here she confessed of killing someone who was none other than her husband but his mind could not stop questioning her. Why?


Geet parted and stared at him for few moments not understanding from where to start. Maan cupped her face and assured her with his eyes I need to know Jaan.. sab kuch... kya hua tha.. why did you leave me and go.. sab kuch.


Rajveer she too k a long breadth but Maan did not leave her. He made her lie down in his lap and held her hand tight understanding tat she needed his support. He was a friend na..


Haan tho.. woh tho Dad and Mohinder uncle ke friend ka beta tha na. She nodded in his lap but wat he heard next was something he never knew we did not know wat his father had done Maan... Dad and Papa ne.. they hid this truth from us.


Wat do you mean? Maan asked getting shocked coz he knew his Dad never ever kept any secrets from his family then wat was Geet talking about. Chopra Uncle was sentenced to jail coz he was smuggling Maan.. he used Papa's business for his illegal smuggling.


Wat each word was shocking Maan and he could not believe it. Haan. Geet sat upright facing him not wanting to hide anything from Maan now. I got this to know the day I saw his real face Maan... I..


Calm down Jaan.. calm down first. She wiped her tears coz it was time tat she tells everything. Papa and Dad came to know wat he did. You remember ek baar Papa was arrested. Maan nodded as he clearly remembered tat day when his own father had pulled everything together to get Mohinder out from jail. He had not known wat was the reasons but he had seen how Rano aunty was broken and his little Geet was hugged by him and his little brother. It was coz police had proofs against Papa for smuggling... Rajveer's Dad had killed Mr. Mehta and everything was against Papa Maan but then Dad (Maan's father) he dug out everything and proved who was the culprit and since Chopra Uncle was sincere no one could doubt but when Dad got to know he handed him to police and he was charged but later he died in the jail Maan.. he had committed suicide.


But Rajveer tho humare saath...


Dad and Papa never wanted Rajveer to suffer coz of his father. Geet cut him and said. They wanted Rajveer to be a better person unknown tat Rajveer was building hatred and venom for us. He knew we were in love Maan.. he told me tat he kept tabs on us. Geet tried to blink her eyes but they were getting heavier with tears and so Maan wiped them and cupped her face saying you want to rest now.


No.. I need to tell everything now.. bahut der hogayi hain Maan. He nodded and she continued. Aap London jaane wale the but Rajveer knew and had proofs about us being sexually active just few days before you left.


Haan woh tho mere bday ke din... we could not control ourself.. could he reach in the outhouse. Maan cursed as he remembered Geet was trying to tell him tat she had seen a shadow but he was so lost in his naked beauty tat he did not even let her speak a word. Haan...but he never used it against us Maan but kept tab on us... phir London jaane se pehle bhi humne raat ek saath guzaari thi but then everything changed.. I destroyed everything Maan.


Wat do you mean? He asked getting scared to even hear wat she was about to say. Aap London akele nahi gaye the. He nodded coz he had Sameera with him and she was his friend too but nothing more. Sameera was also with you and one doubt messed my life Maan.. sab barbaad kar diya maine.


Kya kiya tumne Jaan.. wat did you do. did you think Sameera and I had some affair? Geet nodded with shame coz tat was wat sowed inside her mind and heart by someone whom she did not know. The day you left I started to get calls and messages Maan... I did not know Sameera was not needed tat much but when I asked Vicky he said Sameera's visit wasn't official but personal and she would be staying with you in your apartment.


haan tho... I had said na. Geet just nodded but then sab galat sochliya maine. Someone started to send pictures to me about you and Sameera.


Kaise pictures? Maan asked as his anger started to raise. Intimate pictures. I would receive them in college, in library while travelling.. kahi pe bhi.. wherever I went used to get all those things tat proved you and sameera had something deep and I was just a time pass.. and then I got to know.. she gulped hard as she said it tat I was pregnant with Maansi.


And you decided to run? She shook her head. Nahi... I was scared Maan...Vicky also asked me why I was withdrawing myself..then I told him about you and Sameera and gave him pictures but I still tried to call you Maan.. I wanted to tell you about Maansi but I could not reach you.. pata hi nahi chala kab sab barbaad hogaya and when you ever called me you would only talk about how much you missed me but then I always heard Sameera with you and then my mind.. it used to stop working. I was scared... I did not know wat to do... Dad aur Mom se bhi nahi keh sakthi thi Maan and then I heard Dad and Mom talking about your marriage... I heard then saying tat they wanted you and Sameera to tie the knot as they thought you both liked each other.


And tat was the day you left me forever.. isn't it Jaan? She nodded with tears rolling down her cheeks and her body shivering. I...I.. could..


Wat you haan... did you think I used you for sex.. bolo... you were just 19 Jaan.. and I had always regretted getting closer to you in tat way..but tat was my love... the first time we made love I promised tat unless I get married to you I would not even think about it again but then my news for leaving for London... it scared me and once again I was lost wanting to feel you again deep.. but pata nahi tha ki woh meri aakhri raath thi tumare saath. He cried cursing himself for losing in those two weak moments but he always loved them. He never regretted making love but he cursed himself coz she was  young  and very nave. He was the one who decided for her and she blindly followed. She never had to face the world coz she wa always kept away from it by everyone and he had made love to her. How could you think your Maan was using you Jaan.. how could you?


M sorry... I was scared Maan... sab kuch galat socha maine.. she cried pulling herself away from him. She did not want to face him coz she was wrong in judging her Maan who always loved her. Uske baad kya hua.. where did you meet Rajveer and how did you land in Shimla.



I did not know where I would go but I had got into a bus and then suddenly I was being grabbed out. I cried for freedom but then I was shoved into a car Maan.. and it was Rajveer.


Rajveer. He asked with another shock. She nodded and continued haan Rajveer. He said tat he was passing by and saw me hugging a small bag and all scared so he just grabbed me. I cried tat night... he took me away in one farm house and then I told him everything.


Even about Maansi. She just shook her head. I was so scared.. I said I wanted to leave but he wasn't ready.. and then he said he will marry me.


Wat? Another shock and Maan was done.. he could not hear more but Geet did not stop. I refused but then he said if I feel right and wanted  to give baby a life I needed to marry...I did not know anything and I agreed Maan... but then he said we could not live in Delhi and we shifted to Shimla.. pata hi nahi chala sab kya hua.. but slowly days passed by.. he was nice to me.. I gave birth to Maansi but I asked him not to give his name to her.. coz she was yours and he agreed. Maan frowned hearing it but kept quite but then after 2 years... I could feel the change in him... but he never stopped loving Maansi... he never said no to her...but then one day...  I got to know everything Maan... I got to know the biggest truth.


Kya tha.. wat did you get to know? Maan pulled her by shoulders and shook her hard. Tell me wat did you get to know.


Tat Rajveer Chopra was the one who ruined my life Maan. He started to beat me up... you know na... just before  death Papa had made a will saying tat Yash Dad would look after everything if anything happens to him or his wife and transfer everything to me only once I get married. Maan nodded he knew it Maan.. Rajveer knew everything.. he was forcing me to call Dad and ask about everything... but I refused.. he started to beat me more..but never let Maansi know it... he showed as if he was best and then he started to blackmail me saying tat if I don't get property he will call you and tell about Maansi.


Then  why did not you Jaan.. why did not you let him? She cried even more hearing his anger. I was scared... scared tat you would not believe... but .. woh woh Rajveer.


Kya Rajveer.. kuch aur baaki hain. Maan asked getting angrier. His Jaan had bore so much and he was all unaware. Rajveer killed Maa and Papa Maan.. he killed them. (Rajveer  was about 8 years older than Maan and 13 years to Geet.)


Wattt he yelled with another shock hearing it. Haan... I heard him tell one of his friend on phone.. he had planned tat accident Maan.. Papa aur Maa ka accident Rajveer ne kiya tha... and he was planning to kill me and Maansi after he gets everything from you and me... he wanted revenge and everything he believed belonged to his father Maan.. he ruined us.


How did you kill him? Maan asked not wanting to know anything more. I got to know tat you were trying to find us.. and I felt tat it was my chance when I could reach you but tat was all my dream. First he made me believe tat you were in love with Sameera and then he was the reason why you could not reach me Maan.. aapko bahut time laga.


Wat do you mean time laga? He asked. He was tired of hearing so many truths but each truth was the reality tat she had seen. His men's always misguided your men's Maan. Rajveer knew each step of yours and tats why you never got to know where I was.. he was smart Maan.. ushne..


How did you kill him? he repeated his previous question wanting to know how did she kill him. Geet gulped down as she remembered tat night of horror in her life. She could never forget it and it was a biggest truth. I was sleeping with Maansi and then he suddenly came drunk and grabbed Maansi and walked out of the house.. I cried shouted but no one came for help. I called Maansi but there was no reply from her.. pata hain he had injected her Maan.. she was fast asleep.. my baby did not know anything tat happened tat night Maan and I thank god coz she would have seen me killing her so called father whom she loved so much. Maan fisted wanting to slap Geet but he did not. He walked away and with each passing second I was scared.. I did not know wat I would do and then I hit him with something hard tat I got nearby.. he fell and I grabbed Maansi away.. I was scared coz even in dark I could see him bleeding Maan... he got up and I tried to run away but he grabbed him.. he was heavy but he drunk so I pushed him and laid Maansi down on the road... it was a bridge Maan...and I just picked the rod tat I got earlier and hit him so hard and pushed him and next moment he fell down the bridge in water... I killed him Maan.. I killed.. Rajveer..


Maan grabbed her tight into him as he saw her shivering the moment she finished telling him how she killed Rajveer. I killed him..I was scared so I came back to house.. held Maansi and slept... I did not leave the house for 2 days but I knew I had killed him Maan... I could not let anyone know...and then I went and filled a missing case saying my husband was out for business and wasn't back.. the police searched  and then they declared him dead as they could not locate anything... I was living in fear but as day passed I was back to normal for Maansi and then you came back in my life after 6 months... I saw you... you were right in front of me Maan.. par sab badal chukka tha. I was ruined she grabbed Maan and tightened her grip fearing something while Maan cocooned her into him. His heart was in pain but more than tat his mind was in fury. His Geet.. his innocent Jaan had suffered so much and he, the man who vowed to protect her was cursing her for her betrayal but now he did not have time to think over it. He had to get hold of the one who was trying to harm his Jaan and his baby first and then see tat his Geet gets every damn right of being his the queen to Khuranna's but right now he needed to let Geet calm down. She had enough pain while telling him the truth and he could wait for some time now.


Maan her soft painful voice pierced his heart as if it was mocking at him now. Maansi... Maansi.. I.. never.. I wil.. die.


She is all yours Jaan.. sirf tumari hain. Her words killed him as he was a monster now and she never wanted him to be tat. She is..


Ours tears streamed down hearing his Jaan call their baby as ours. She is all ours Maan.. aapki aur meri.. humare pyar ki nishani..our Maansi.


Ours Geet nodded gripping his shirt tighter and only ours...but m scared.. I killed Rajveer Maan.. I killed him.. wat if Maansi comes to know. He shook his head and parted a little to cup her face. She will never know anything Jaan... she is ours and I promise tat I will never let her know anything about Rajveer.. he is past and our present and future has no place for our past Jaan.


But woh.. tat phone.. he..


Shush.. not now.. abhi ke liye kaafi hain.. you need rest Jaan.. and don't worry he won't be able to reach you and Maansi.. no one can touch my possessions Jaan.. tum dono mere ho and whoever dares to touch you both will be killed. She threw herself on him and he held her tight and right now he only wanted his Jaan to rest for some time.



Mumma Maansi stepped inside slowly calling out for Geet but frowned seeing her sleeping peacefully and Maan watching her. Mumma sleep.. Maan forgot Maansi Daddy. She pouted seeing Maan smiling at her Maansi don't love Mumma ok... Mumma sleep without Maansi.



Maansi Maan called out to his baby seeing her staring at them with big eyes and a sweet pout on her lips. Come here baby.. daddy wants to hug you. Maan totally pushed the matter of truth right behind his mind coz right now his baby needed him and he would do anything for her. Naa.. Maansi baby no coming.


Why? Are you angry on Daddy?  She nodded her head but her eyes on Geet. You angry on Mumma too he questioned and she nodded with a cute frown. Mumma sleep without Maansi.. so Maansi baby don't love Mumma ok.


Acha Maan climbed out of the bed and walked towards his baby. He picked her up in his arms and rubbed her nose making her to giggle. You love Daddy. Maansi stared at her father and saw him smiling at her. Maansi baby love daddy na baby. She giggled feeling him rub her nose with hers bolo baby love daddy.


Na .. na.. Maansi baby no love Mumma no love Daddy. Maan pouted making a sad face but Maansi grinned seeing him. She pinched his nose and then smirked just like him and said Daddy give Maansi more chocolate and ice cream.. Maansi love Daddy. Maan's eyes wide hearing his daughter asking for bribe to say she loved him. Mumma don't give more.. Mumma says Maansi teeth give pain.. so Daddy give more chocolate and ice cream and Maansi love Daddy more ok.


You love daddy if daddy gives more? He asked again wanting to confirm it. Chocolates and ice creams were nothing for MSK as even if his daughter asked him stars he would have bought them for her. Yeah.. Daddy give more chocolates and ice creams.. Maansi love Daddy more but no tell Mumma ok.. Mumma shout and she beat you with stick. Maan grinned and giving a last glance to Geet he slowly walked out carrying his angel downstairs.



Maansi baby love Daddy ok. Maan grinned like a fool after getting the nth kiss of the evening by his daughter. He would ask her to say Maansi baby love daddy after 10 seconds each and followed with a kiss while he feed her ice creams and chocolates. Though small and just three and half years old Maansi had finished almost 2 small bowls of ice creams and chocolates.. Maan had missed the count.


Baby... now Maansi stop eating ok. Maan said after feeding her the last spoon of ice cream from the 3rd bowl. No Maansi pouted and instantly she brought tears making Maan's heart to flip with them. He pulled her and kissed all over the face and said ok.. Maansi eat more ok.. no finish.. Daddy loves Maansi baby... so much.


Maansi baby too love Daddy.. so much. She widened her small hands to show how much unknown tat it was healing Maan and his pain and bringing the old Maan back in their life. But no tell Mumma ok..


But Mumma saw how Daddy giving Maansi ice cream and chocolate. Maansi looked up and gave a toothy smile while Maan slowly titled his head and smiled at Geet as if he was caught doing something wrong. So now Mumma..



Na na.. no Maansi mistake Mumma... this Daddy she pointed at Maan say Maansi say Maansi baby love daddy and daddy gives more.. no Maansi mistake ok.. hain na Daddy. Maansi no wrong na. Maan gulped hearing his daughter lie so easily and he was sure she was a true carbon copy of him coz he too lied liked tat when he used to get caught by his parents. Bolo na Daddy... Maansi no wrong na.. you give this na.. more.


Yaar yeh kitni aasani se jhoot bol rahi hain Jaan...dekho she said tat if I bribe her with chocolates and ice cream she would say she loves daddy but yaha tho pura blame mujhpar. Maansi giggled hearing Maan and seeing her like tat Geet too started to laugh and tat was enough for Maan to smile his two girls.. his angels were smiling and wat else he needed. Geet slowly walked towards them and wiped Maansi's lips tat had smeared chocolate on them. Bilkul aap pe gayi hain na... dekho aapki tarah jhoot bhi bolti hain.



Do I lie? Maan asked glaring at Geet. Ouch he rubbed his cheek feeling a soft hand slap him. Kyu maara he asked seeing Maansi glare at him. Daddy no big eyes to Mumma ok.. only Maansi show big eyes you and you. she said pointing fingers at Maan and Geet separately.


Yaar yeh bahut khatranak hain Jaan.. aise mein tho main tumhe shout bhi nahi kar paunga. Geet giggled kissing Maansi on her nose and then Maansi too kissed teasing Maan. This is not fair.. I give her all this and she kisses you... Daddy angry on Maansi baby now.


Ok... Mumma... Maansi tummy full. Maan pouted hearing her completely change the topic after saying ok to him. He looked up at Geet and she smirked narrowing her eyes as if telling him tat she was wat he was in real. So Maansi no food now.. Maansi sleep on bed with Daddy and Mumma hugging.


Tats not want Mumma will do baby. Maansi knew wat those words meant. She slowly tried to loosen Geet's grip on her but Geet held her tight and said you will bath now and then eat dinner and sleep... and no cheating ok.


But Maansi tummy full na Mumma.. see Daddy give so much ice cream and chocolates. Geet glared at Maan and he gulped down seeing his little Jaan who was a mess few hours was now glaring at him in anger. Mumma punish Daddy for it but Maansi baby eat dinner and then sleep... right daddy.


Yes Mumma. Maan said with a smiling face and then teased Maansi showing his tongue. Maansi don't love daddy ok.


Daddy love Maansi baby so much. He said kissing her nose and then called out to Rosy and asked her to give Maansi a clean nice bath and then bring her down for dinner. You ok he pulled Geet into his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hmmm she rested her head on his chest wanting to be closer to him. I need to.


Abhi nahi Jaan.. aaj ke liye kaafi tha ok. She tried to say something but then the moment she raised her head and tried to open her mouth he covered her lips with his without any hesitation. It was a natural reaction tat he always did when she wanted to speak too much. Geet was shocked at first but then she let him kiss and soon responded back wanting to let lose in his love.


Everything is taken care of and haan ghar pe security bada di hain maine.. so don't you worry about others ok. She nodded but then raised her eyes and he knew wat she wanted to ask. I spoke to Dad and told him everything.. he needed to know Jaan.. and just coz of him I got to know the truth.. na Dad hume yaha bhejte na sach bahar aata.. and trust me he isn't angry but asked me to be back with his daughter soon.


Tho hum jaa rahe hain kya. She asked with a low voice and Maan almost smirked seeing it. Do you want?


Aapne kaha na Dad wants us back..


Haan tho... Did you forget tat Maansi needs to be honored as the princess of Khuranna family and there are some big rituals to be followed for it. She nodded knowing tat their family had some weird traditions and it was Maansi turn now. But Maansi is still small na.. tho how will she?


She is the only girl who is born with the family birth mark after decades Jaan and you know its necessary tat we do everything tat has to be done right she shook her head. So when are we leaving back for home.




Kal.. itni jaldi.


Haan tho Dad and Mom want us back early so I said tomorrow. He grinned playing with her back but Geet was totally ignorant as she was sad tat they would be leaving soon. Ok... I will pack..


But kya hain na.. meri shaadi abhi hui hain so maine..


So aapne she asked with a glint and he smiled kuch nahi.. maine socha hum phir kabhi...






Are you getting back to my old Maan?


Off course... when Maan got his Jaan back should not I get the old Maan back and so I told Dad tat Maan isn't yet done with his honeymoon so don't even ask about his return. She smiled and pinched his nose for playing with her. Ouch..


You deserve it.. aap bahut bure ho.


Abhi dekha kaha hain... you'll be punished for all the pain you made us to suffer and haan don't even think tat I will let you get out of the bed.. ab Maansi tho badi ho juki hain and my wife is 23 so she needs to get pregnant again..


Chi..aap bhi na.. she slapped his face kuch bhi.. and how will you keep me on bed.. Maansi tho yahi hogi.


You don't think about it. MSK hoon so I know wat and how to do it... you just eat and eat so tat you can take my passion.. kal tho rukh gaya tha main but not anymore and he leaned to kiss her when they heard their angel call.


Mumma... I don't like rosy aunty. She complained as she ran towards them but stopped seeing Geet in Maan's lap. Why you sit in Daddy lap.. Daddy Mumma not baby ok.. so Mumma no sit in lap. Maan giggled hearing her. She was so cute tat he would just stare and hear her talk all day long. Mumma come down.. Maansi baby sit on Daddy.. you very big.


Na.. no baby just Mumma sit here. Geet wrapped her hands around Maan's neck and Maan was happy seeing his little cute Jaan coming back to life. He could now see the difference between the Geet he had seen in Shimla and this his Jaan.. there was vast difference between them. Hain na Maan.. only Mumma sit na.


Not only Mumma.. but Maansi baby to sit and he stretched his one hand for Maansi and the moment she came near he grabbed her slowly and made her sit in front of Geet  and both mother daughter hugged Maan tight as he would leave them and go.


I love you Jaan Maan pressed a soft kiss to her nose and smiled hearing Geet say the same and I always loved you.. just you...sirf aapki hoon main...I m..


I know... I know tat you body soul heart and mind only belongs to me coz I can see it now clearly... MSK had made your Maan blind Jaan but now your Maan can see the truth. She smiled and was about to kiss Maan when Maansi elbowed her saying don't kiss my daddy ok... he only loves Maansi baby and Maansi baby love daddy more and Geet pouted hearing it making Maan to laugh seeing his two girls already fighting for him.


Precap: Maansi and Geet fight for Maan and poor Maan...Wink


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Next update after 170+ likes yaar with 20 pages comments... Its almost 5000 words so at least I deserve so many likes and comments... but yeah the quicker the likes and comments the faster I update.. so do you work.. coz now updates will be filled with Maan-Maansi-Geet.. aur haan off course blackmailer tho hain.


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very lovely...
its good he got to know the truth...ab blackmailer will face the msk..
maansi baby is so naughty and cute...jhoot bolke papa ko fasa diya///lol//
loking fwd to more of their moments!!!!!!!!!

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