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congrats for new thread
waiting for up[date


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Geet smiled inwardly coz she had shut Maan for once and all unknown tat the burning lava was only boiling more and would burn everything with him. She smiled slightly seeing Maansi sleeping on his shoulders as they walked out of the car. After the bitter talk between them he pulled himself away from her and engrossed in Maansi who had literally forgotten about her but she was happy. She was happy seeing Maansi gelling with Maan coz she always wanted this and her own guilt of keeping his daughter away from him was erasing but with tat she also feared wat he was planning next. She knew that his silence was an indication to the upcoming storm but right now she had given him a clue tat she would not let him to take away Maansi from her.


Sir a servant came running seeing them and Maan just ordered him with his harsh tone. Get the bags upstairs. Maan did not wait for a reply and started to walk taking Maansi with him and the moment he was inside the master bedroom he placed a sleeping Maansi on the bed and sat next to her. You are a princess baby he said caressing her face and you will have all the rights tat belongs to you.. m sorry his tears made their way m so sorry I was unaware about you. You may think tat your Daddy is very bad and I'm baby... very bad but I love you so much.. I love you.. never hate me for not knowing about you.. please.. never hate me ok.


Geet's heart ached hearing the painful words and her guilt rose to a higher level than it was. She wanted to soothe and take away his pain but she knew he would never let her touch him and let her soothe his aching soul. She looked at Maansi and smiled seeing her sleeping and getting used to Maan.


Sir their spell broke when they heard the same servant call Maan. Should I keep all the bags here? Geet frowned and it clicked her tat she was his wife but she wasn't willing to stay with him anymore. She wasn't tat strong and it would make her weak and she had to deal and plan out for the kidnapper too. Keep them and make something light.  He said and then looked at Geet wanting to ask her but reframed himself from doing so. Get some milk ready.. My baby will be hungry and haan some sandwiches too.


She's does not drink milk. Maan's eyes turned wide in anger hearing her voice but  he did not burst on her and concentrated as it was about Maansi. She gets a tummy upset after having plain milk Geet looked at Maan and then said just like you.. so I prefer chocolate milk and some powdered almonds at times.


Do as she says. Maan barked back and then turned back wanting to see his sleeping angel once again. I want every damn little thing to know about her.. everything means everything. He said and Geet knew it was for her and about her health. Does she suffer from dust allergy like I do?


Yes Geet answered and Maan's heart clenched remembering where she was living. And you dared to stay in tat shit dirty place Mrs. Chopra. Maan turned swiftly and walked towards her in anger how you dare let my daughter a princess to suffer like that?


M not as rich as you Mr. Khuranna and tats how I want my daughter to grow up. He smirked and then laughed as is he was laughing on his fate but it was at her words. And you believe I would believe you?


That's the truth and right now I don't want to stay with you in this room. Maan glared and then narrowed his eyes hearing her shift too easily from wat they were talking. I don't seem there's need to share a room together and yeah don't forget tat she will be staying with me in my room.


Maan clenched his fist wanting to control from hitting her but she was crossing all her limits. You married me and here m under you but I would not share more than tat. She's your daughter I agree but she's mine too.


You stay here, in this room or get ready to be kicked out of her life. Maan did not say much as he knew once he raises his voice he would not able to control and he did not want to frightened his baby who was sleeping so peacefully. Stay here or get kicked before I planned it.


You cant..


Dare me Mrs. Chopra. Maan smirked seeing her tears glittering and ready to roll. You thought I would get scared of wat you said in the plane...then m sorry to upset you darling.. MSK hoon and I know how to play it. So stay here or get...


Mumma Maan instantly turned not even completing his sentence hearing the soft voice. His eyes brightened seeing his baby looking at him with her droopy eyes still flat on the bed and he just ran and pulled her into his arms. You awake baby.


Mumma.. Maansi wants Mumma. Maan caressed her hair ignoring her words. Maansi Maan cupped her face forcing her to see him and he smiled seeing her blinking her eyes. You know where are you?


Whlere? She asked getting confused and he just picked and carried her to the balcony. Is this slow.


Not slow baby its snow and we are in Switzerland. Maansi's eyes turned wide hearing him. She remembered how Vicky had showed her some videos on TV about all Switzerland when she was told tat they would be going there. Vicky chachu showed me... I want to go there. She said stretching her arm wanting to touch the white snow and play in snlow.. Chachu said its verly cold.


Yes its very cold and we'll go and play ok. She beamed with happiness and quickly kissed Maan on his cheeks and the moment froze for Maan. He was lost feeling her soft lips kissing her. The first kiss his daughter gave him and he just wanted everything to stop but it did not and to his surprise Maansi kissed him again and giggled. You nice ok and  Maansi baby loveb you.. but you take Maansi baby there and we play with Mumma. He nodded not wanting to ruin this moment as it was the most precious of all and priceless in his life. Ok but now we take a bath and eat something and then go there and play.


Maansi want to go now.. see she is all ctlean na. She said brushing her hand on her coat tat Maan had put on her. Maan just could not stop smiling and he walked inside and made her to stand on the bed so tat he would undress her for the bath. But my baby hungry na.. so before having chocolate milk and sandwiches she needs to have a bath.. a clean new dress.. you know I bought so many princess dress for my baby. Maan continued talking as he undid her coat and pulled pout the soft woolen gloves tat she was wearing.


Really she asked with happiness and he nodded. But before you see them I will give you a nice hot bath ok. Maansi's eyes wide hearing him while Maan tickled her as he unzipped her dress from behind. No no.. no giving Maansi baby bath. Maansi giggled as Maan tried to undress her by removing her dress. Na na.. Maansi girl baby no. bath. Maan was quite surprised seeing her giggling like tat as he had never seen her like tat. But baby you need bath na...


Hmm Maansi stepped back on the bed and glared at Maan and another shock hit Maan seeing his daughter standing just like him with her hands on her hips and glaring at him with her big eyes. Maansi baby girl and you boy.. so no boy bath girl.


Wat Maan himself imitated her and she narrowed her eyes seeing him stand like her. Why you stand like Maansi baby haan? He was getting shock aftershock just hearing him question her like this. You copy Maansi baby.. verly bad.. Maansi no copy ok.


You copy ME ok. Maan retorted back in his soft voice tat made him to shut himself for few moments hearing his own soft voice. He had totally forgotten how the old Maan sounded and hearing him again made him quite surprised. You bad.. you copy Maansi so you bad ok.


Naa,... you bad.. you copy me.. see m big and you small.. so you copy me. Maansi narrowed her eyes and then suddenly Maan felt a soft pillow hit his face. Na.., you copy Maansi baby.. you bad.. you not big.. Maansi baby big see. She started to jump wanting to prove tat she was bigger than him and Maan could not stop the tears tat burned his eyes with a hard realization tat she had missed so much about Maansi who was his and she was still unaware about it. So you copy me ok.


Baby you copy me ok... and now come on you need to get clean bath. Maan said trying to pull Maansi back but she threw the other pillow on him and laughed seeing his monkey face. Maansi baby girl ok.. Mumma says no boys look at girl.. and Maansi baby girl so no boy give bath to Maansi baby.


How about you give bath to me and I give bath to you? Maan tried to negotiate with his own daughter and she almost jumped hearing him. I can make you wet... put soap on you... can I play in water.


Yes.. my baby can do anything to me and next she was standing right in front of Maan and asked him to quickly pull her dress out and take her to the washroom. Maan was super excited of giving his baby her first bath by him. He held her softly and then looked into her baby soap and shampoo tat he had packed for her. Geet stood at the corner watching all these and her happiness did not have any boundaries and it was proved by tears but somewhere deep she was hurt tat neither Maansi nor did Maan acknowledge her presence there.




Hehehe Maansi giggled as she soaped Maan's full face and lathered it while Maan he was happy with his little angels' antics. See Maansi baby big... she knowbs how to give bath. She said and splashed water on his face again and stared to soap him once again. Maansi Maan tried to hold her hand but she stepped back giving him a toothy smile. Na na.. Maansi give bath to you now ok.


Hmm Maan hummed and kept sitting on the tilled wet floor of the washroom.  Haily.. haily Maansi said as she applied soap on Maan's checks and his beard pricked her soft hands. Maansi donb like this... haily haily.  


Ouch Maan flinched a bit when Maansi tried to pull his beard scaring Maansi a bit. She looked at him sucking her lower lip all set to cry right there. Baby he called seeing her like tat. Maansi baby.. sorrly.. verly sorrly.. Maansi baby


No no. Maan pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. Maansi baby no sorry ok.. Maansi baby a good girl see. He parted her and held her hands and started to pull his own beard. Its so nice na.


Really she asked with a glint in her eyes and the moment he nodded she started to pull it more. Maan did not even winch a bit and let her do whatever she wanted. He would even die for her and tat sweet smile tat lightened his life now. Maansi baby tire...


Ohhh.. so no more bath. He asked and she grinned shaking her head. Now Maansi baby put soap on back ok and saying so she moved behind him and started to soap his back but then she suddenly smirked and leaned from his shoulders and kissed his cheeks. Maansiii Maan called her the moment she started to tickle him near the waist. He was a very ticklish from birth and everyone knew it. Geet would often trouble him like tat and just by feeling Maansi's soft hand he remembered Geet.


You little mouse. He pulled her from behind and rubbed his nose. Maansi baby not mouse ok. She said pinching his nose after he pulled his face away. Maansi baby mouse I know.. Maansi baby mouse.


You mouse. She glared and then slightly slapped his cheek. Maansi baby no mouse. You mouse. Big mouse. She showed how big by her hands. But Maansi baby.. no fear.. Maani baby tiger.. big tiger so no fear and you mouse.


You big tiger.. hmm Maan said and made Maansi to stand in front of him. He scanned her and then said with a smirk on his face. You look like little baby mouse.. See so little he showed with his hands and Maansi got angry. She glared and next she started to pour all water tat Maan had kept for her in the bucket so she could bathe him. Maanis not mouse.. Maanis big tiger gurrr Maansi eat you now and she fell on him just like a lion and started to pretend as if she was eating him.


Awww.. Help help.. Don't eat me.. don't eat me.. help. She giggled hearing him say tat but she did not stop. They continued to play until Maan decided tat it was enough as she may catch cold. She refused to move out from the washroom and Maan could not deny her. They continued to play for almost 1 hours and then Maan forced her to walk out promising tat they would play once again tomorrow and she would give him another bath.



Geet stepped out of the washroom and cursed herself as she had forgotten to take her clothes. She had cried seeing Maan walk out with Maansi so tat they could play in the snow but when Maansi asked about her Maan sweetly denied saying tat her Mumma was sick and wanted to rest and like a sweet girl Maansi kissed Geet's cheeks and asked her to sleep after drinking milk and after long wait she decided to have a shower and get ready before Maan and Maansi returns back.


Kaisa pati diya hain hain aapne babaji? She questioned bending down a bit to retrieve her clothes from the bag tat lay on the floor. Beti ke kapde sambhal ke rakhe per biwi ke nahi.. how dare he and suddenly she felt cold with her own words realizing wat she was saying. Tears stung at the brutal realization tat she was just Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khuranna and nothing more. Once upon a time it was her dream and today it was like a nightmare for her. She closed her eyes trying to fight her tears and succeeded just by thinking about Maansi and pulled a salwar kameez she would wear. She stood up and sighed dropping the towel leaving her all naked but who knew tat she would face   the one who had marked her for the very first time in her life in her nude state.


Wat the he... her words refused to come out the moment she turned and saw who just entered the room while Maan froze seeing her all naked standing right in front of him. His mouth dry seeing the naked beauty tat once upon a time belonged to him and like a moth he felt himself being pulled towards her. He and Maansi had been playing in snow for long and after she was tired he brought her up and took her to the room which was decorated for her and in sheer excitement she jumped and played there to tat ultimately led her to close her eyes and sleep on her princess room tat Maan had asked the design on a short notice in their cottage.


Ma.. she was still unable to speak  and her heart thumped harder seeing him coming closer. She wanted to pull something and cover herself but her hand and mind refused to do so and she just stood the way she was, all naked letting his eyes feast upon her naked beauty and next moment she was pressed along the length of his nicely covered body but she could feel her change. She could feel her skin getting ignited just with the touch after so many years. She closed her eyes wanting to savior this moment and the moment she did she felt his fingers pinching her hardened nipples evoking a soft moan from her mouth.


Jaan her heart jumped with excitement and all love tat she had hidden deep inside hearing him call her Jaan something tat always made her feel special. You are so soft he said pinching harder, squeezing her curves in his large hands and I want you. Maan was lost in her feel. His heart was at peace having her so close and instantly forced him his mind to forget everything just like past where his heart ruled his life. I missed you Jaan. His lips poured out wat his heart wanted and hearing it Geet's heart just stopped. She was once again surrounded with a whirlpool of guilt and pain tat she gave him but would she able to wipe it off. Will she be able to be the same Geet who just loved Maan her Maan.


I... Ma..


Shush he shook his head for no and played with his lips with his fingers. He pulled it pinched it and smirked seeing her glaring at him. I love when they are raw.. and now I will.. her eyes wide and before she could get back his lips had attacked her and had them into his. He sucked bite and kissed her hard not giving her any chance to recover or fight. His one hand slowly reached down cupping her core wanting to feel her all the rawer. Maannn she elicited with pleasure and just hearing his name he was all the more wild and next moment she was flat on her back and he on her. His mouth staright away pulled her hardened bud into his while the other was squeezed hard making her all the wat and ready for him.  


Maan please.. she tried to grab his face and kiss him but he pinned her hands above her head with one and he played with her buds. Aaj nahi Jaan.. not today he spoke slightly raising his head and smiled seeing her all dazed in his love. I will.. and she felt the cool air hit her hard as if she was dreaming but she wasn't coz he was standing right in front of her while she lay all naked on the bed. Her heart cried seeing the pained expression and she opened her mouth but could not utter a word as Maan's phone rang but he frowned the moment he fished out the mobile and saw the number flashing coz this was his private number and no one had this number except few who had permission to call him directly.


Hello he barked but his eyes still on Geet who was lost in his face forgetting tat she was naked. How the hell is...


Can I speak to Mrs. Geet Khuranna please?


Mrs. Geet Khuranna the name brought Geet back to reality and she suddenly started to shiver seeing Maan glare at her. And who the hell are you to talk?


Nani bua...



Nani bua.. who the hell is this Nani bua and who the hell gave you this number? Maan's anger was rising as someone called Geet Mrs Geet Khuranna before he had addressed her like tat.  And there's no one named Mrs. Geet Khuranna hain.


Maan Geet cried standing up the way she was. Nani Bua was someone who was very close to her and without any fear she snatched his mobile and started to speak only to drop the phone on the floor and her eyes turning wide in fear as she realized who was on the phone just hearing the voice tat belonged to the one who threatened her even in her dreams.


How dare.. he yelled but was shocked to see her running like a manic in her nude state but he was fast to act and grab her back and threw her on the bed. Pagal ho kya.. do you even realize tat you are naked. She stared at his angry face but nothing came into her mind. She wiggled trying to get up and ran back but Maan pushed her every time she tried to even sit. Dare you move...


Woh.. Maansi..


But he cut her, yelling get dressed. I don't want Maansi to cry for you.. so better be fast and get the hell out of this room for  some time. He picked the clothes tat lay on the floor and threw it on her, turned on his heels and strode out but he wasn't able to step out of the room as he heard her cry out in pain. Aapki Jaan bewafa nahi thi Maan and m sorry for ruining you.



Precap: You aren't my daddy...CryCry


Sorry for any mistakes.. Did not go through it.. just typed the last part of it and updated coz I promised you tat I will if the previous thread is over and given a very long update to hope to get good likes and more comments.

Do like and comment.



And Wishing you all my lovely readers A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!






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Me first
Maan and maansi so cute precap was interesting continue soon
wish very happy new year

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congrats for the new thread dear

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Congrats for new thread...

Awesome update... maan missed his princess baby antics so much...hes enjoying very moments of her and dint want to hurt her in any ways..he got astonished and angry on geet when he came to know what all maansi possess of him ... geet is also feeling guilt for keeping his daughter away from him but she is helpless to explain her past to him... shes also missing his warmth and love... loved the way maan and maansi teasing each other and also giving bath to each other ..poor soul geet was totally ignored by maan and maansi... loved how maan got carried away seeing his jaan all nude and wanted to love her so much...poor geet also got carried away with his love and passion forgetting all the past... felt bad for geet state when she received the blackmailers call and not able to do any thing and was in confused state...hope maan will help her to know the truth behind her panic... 

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Congrats on the new thread di!!Party

lovely update di
maansi same like maanBig smile
maan and maansi sooo cuteBig smile
maansi saying her triger and maan as mouseLOL
woh bi big mouseLOL
par saddy for geetCry
maaneet momentsBlushing
who the bloodyCensored is that...making our maaneet life a hellAngry Angry
surely he/she will pay for itAngry
and that call...and geet panickingShocked
and the last sentence she saidCrybechariOuch
thank u for the lovely update di!!

Wish U A Very Happy New Year!!Party

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That kidnapper is a female?? :/
As nani bua must be female ;)
Maan n mansi part was so damn cute
1st time maan was so softly talking 
Mansi is Xerox copy of no maan is Xerox copy of her ;) :P lol
Maan was getting so close to geet but that phn :/
N at last geet said something...that she didn't betrayed him..

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Congrats for the new threadClap Big smile Superb awesome amazing update Big smile a little painful too for poor geetCry maan's self talk with his baby was so heart touching and emotional Cry maan and manasi moments were just mind blowing Big smile manasi is maan's zerox copy or maan manasi's LOLLOL manasi tiger and Maan Singh Khurana a mouse LOLLOL I loved each and every moment the father daughter shared Smile and what should I say about maaneet moments EmbarrassedWinkTongue phone rang on the wrong time AngryLOLWink geet is again threatened on phone by someone Angry who is he or sheAngry its high time geet tells about this threat to maan before something bad happens...hope maan takes geet's last lines seriously and ask her more...hurting precapCry feeling bad for maan already as manasi will not agree to call him daddy and it will hurt maan so much Crycan't wait for more...update soonSmile

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