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Nani bua is the old lady whom Geet mention in Part 5, the lady who took care of Maansi when Geet was at work.. and as I mentioned the Kidnapper knows everything about Geet her past and present so it's not tat he can't use Nani bua's name to talk to Geet when he calls on Maan's number. Hope confusion cleared about the kidnapper and Nani bua.




Aapki Jaan bewafa nahi thi Maan and m sorry for ruining you she cried out. He smirked hearing her and turned asking is it?


Jaane anjaane mein kiye hue faisle zindagi barbaad kar dete hain Maan. He just stared at her and she smiled sadly but I beg you . He raised his brows in confusion not getting her don't make yourself fall so low tat you will never be able to find the Maan who loved and cared for everyone.


He is already buried. Her body stilled hearing his harsh words after all marne ke baad ya tho jhalaya jata hain ya tho dhafnaya jaatha hain.. aur ush Maan ko dhafnaya gaya hain... I buried him the say you cheated on me.


She stared at him with pain coursing through her body with his words but she did not flinch. Tat pain was her own gift and she did not have the right to flinch or say anything but her next questions threw Maan over. How many zero's are there in 10 crores Maan?




I asked how many zeros are there in 10 crores? He was shocked was an underestimation coz he was paralyzed with her weird questions. He could not believe tat when they were so serious she was questioning him on such an idiotic question. Answer me na Maan, how many zeros are there in 10 crores?


Did you lose your mind? She laughed a bit and then suddenly she stared at him with so much of intensity tat he felt she was ripping him through. Kash sach hota na... tho yeh sab kuch na hota.. she said with a smile, a smile tat only she could see and no one. How about you tell me and I cut myself into tat many zeros Maan?



Rajveer Chopra ke maut ka bada sadma laga hain shayad tumhe. He said and walked out without another glance. Kash mar jathi main Maan.. tho yeh sab nahi hota.. why did god keep me alive when he took everything away from me. She cried sitting like not caring tat she was naked and Maansi would walk in coz right now the only way she could pay the blackmailer was to cut herself into tat many zeros and keep her baby safe.




Say your name? Maansi giggled hearing Maan ask her again. She had answered him nth time tat her name was Maansi yet he kept asking her. Bola na baby wats your name?


Maansi she said taking another bite of her chocolate messing it all over her face and Maan kept wiping.


See m Maan Singh Khuranna na then you should also say Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna.. she nodded and Maan grinned like a fool so bolo wats your name.


Maansi.. hmm Maansi Radveer Choptla. Maan just stared hearing her say it. He did not know wat he would say but she continued Mumma.. sayts.. Maansi.. not...obly Maansi.. shte is.. Maansi Radveer Choptla.


Nahi baby he cupped her face. He even hated her taking tat Rajveer's name and adding it to hers. She was his, his Maansi and she had to carry his name. You are not Maansi Rajveer Chopra.


Whto sait? She asked raising her eyes as she put another piece inside her mouth. You are Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna.


Naa.. me not thulana wulana otay. He laughed hearing her pronounce it and it was so funny but the sweetest pronunciation probably coz his Jaan used to say it when she was small. She could not pronounce Khuranna so she used to say thulana wulana. See you stay with me na.. so now you are Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna not Maansi Rajveer Chopra ok.


She just nodded and he was so damn impatient to hear her say it but she did not say. She just kept eating and nodding her head. Ok say Daddy.


Dadly she said with chocolate in her mouth and made Maan to laugh. No dadly baby.. its Daddy.


Wathi tho Dadly. She answered with a big smile and Maan just nodded. Ok you call Daddy. She once again nodded and his heart jumped inside wanting to hear her call Daddy. Then Maansi baby call me Daddy. He asked with so much of hope but wat he got was just her eyes looking at him. Say na baby.. call me Daddy. Maansi stopped eating her chocolate as he asked her once again to call him Daddy. She looked here and there for Geet unknown tat she was hiding and hearing them talk. Say na baby. Call me Daddy... m your daddy.. say daddy.


You aren't my Daddy. Her simple and clean words broke him but her next set of words killed him. Maansi baby Daddy die and it was not less than death for him. His own daughter does not believe tat he is his father and says tat her Daddy is dead. No baby he isn't dead.. m your daddy.. Maan is your daddy. He cried saying it. How was he supposed to bear this pain? His tears rolled down just by the thought.


Don't cry please..she said wiping his tears Maansi too cry ok. He just stared wanting to hear her call him Daddy. Say Daddy na please. He begged but she pulled her hand and once again stared at him. Please.


Maansi no Daddy.. Maansi daddy die Uncle. Uncle the world would be laughing at him right now. His own daughter his own blood calling him uncle and saying his daddy died. He wanted to die but tat could mean leaving his baby all alone with tat women who destroyed him. He just stared at her while his tears flooded wetting him. His heart, mind and soul stopped working coz right now they were numb with the brutal truth tat his daughter did not believe he was her daddy. For her he was some uncle and her real Daddy had died.


Geet, she wanted to run and hug Maan but she was frozen but her heart, mind and soul cursed her for giving this pain to Maan. Her own daughter refused to call her Maan daddy who was the reason for her birth, the love tat lead to her birth and she had destroyed everything in a moment.


Please he begged again and Maansi feared seeing his tears and red eyes. I beg you please. He folded his hands begging to his own daughter to call him Daddy and tat was enough for Geet to pull herself forgetting everything coz she had never seen Maan like this. This was a man who was broken and wished to die and she would not let this happen neither she would not let her own pasts sins and mistakes to ruin his future along with his daughter. She wiped her tears and strode towards them.


Mumma uncle cryling. Maansi said the moment she saw Geet but Geet did not look at Maan. She could not see him like this so she cupped Maansi's face and said in a soft loving voice. Baby Rajveer wasn't your daddy. Maan stilled hearing her. He raised his eyes and tried to scan Geet's face but he could not. He wasn't your daddy Maansi.


Daddy die na Mumma. Maansi asked with a soft low voice with an innocent feeling of not having Daddy and killing Maan again.


No baby... Maansi daddy no die.. you remember I said there's an angle up in the sky. Maansi nodded with a smile. So tat angel sent your real Daddy baby.


Real Daddy Maansi asked with a gleam in her eyes.


Yes Maansi baby's real Daddy and tat Rajveer wasn't your daddy.. he was your uncle but since angel had your daddy you called Rajveer your daddy ok. Geet said with tears in her eyes. She was feeling something lighten up inside her and he Maan Singh Khuranna.. he is your real Daddy.. and you Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna not Maansi Rajveer Chopra.


No Maansi Rajveer Chopra Mumma. Geet shook her head yes no Maansi Rajveer Chopra.. its only Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna and he she titled her head and looked at Maan who was smiling like a kid he isn't your uncle.. he is Maansi baby's Daddy.. say daddy to him and give him your special kissy baby.


No uncle.. he Maansi daddy Mumma Geet nodded with a smile and then she moved away and watched the father-daughter union. Maansi Daddy.. daddy.. I love you daddy.. Maansi loves daddy and Maan pulled Maansi into his arms. He hugged her so tight tat Geet feared he would break their delicate daughter but she knew she was in safe hands. She smiled letting the tears follow from her eyes.


I love you baby.. Daddy loves you so much.. so much.  Maan kissed Maansi all over her face showering his love on her. He hugged cupped and did wat not to show his happiness of having his daughter all for him. Maansi give special kiss to Daddy ok. Maan nodded sitting still and Maansi leaned and kissed his nose. He was shocked and almost frozen feeling her kiss his nose coz tat special kiss was his for his Geet. He loved to kiss her nose and she had taught Maansi.


She was always yours Maan. Geet said feeling his restless. Even on the birth certificate its Maansi Maan Singh Khuranna with father's name Maan Singh Khuranna. He froze once again while Maansi continued to play with his face. Aapke pyar ki nishaani hain and how could I give someone else's name to your love.. isliye tho iska naam Maansi raka.. coz she belongs to Maan.


Then why.. why did you he could not complete his words as his phone rang again. He saw the screen blink with the name number tat had called last night and seeing his expressions Geet knew whose call it was. Maan she took fast steps to reach him and grabbed the phone and received the call only to hear another threat once again.


Suna hain ki Vicky Singh Khuranna se bahut pyar karti hoon.. bhai maanthi ho na ushe.. so how come celebrating your marriage and union with MSK with Vicky's death.


Vicky.. she cried out his name and Maan was instantly alert. He grabbed the phone by one hand while the other held Maansi so she could not fall and wat he heard was something he never ever dreamed off.


Run as fast as you can coz MSK is about to grab your neck and kill you and the phone was dead. He looked at Geet and seeing her breaking down and stepping away from him was enough for him to know tat she was innocent. His Geet his Jaan was innocent. Rubyyy he yelled for the granny even though she wasn't necessary he hired one stay in the premises and ask the guards to be on alert. He said passing Maansi to her and then he scooped Geet and walked upstairs not wanting her to run away like she did 4 years back.



Precap: And the truth.. Angry Angry


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me first like n comment wow

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Lovely update it was really painful to see maan begged his own daughter to call him daddy glad that geet made her understood n finally maansi agreed their part was really emotional so finally maan understands geet is not at fault cant wait 4 the truth again nice part thnx 4 update

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what a ud diii just love ittt wanna read it again n again Big smileBig smile
geet cant see her maan like this ConfusedConfused
maan so much in pain after geet leave him CryCryCry
geet feeling this pain CryCryCry

maan n mansi moment LOLLOL
too adorable TongueTongueTongue
hehe maan wants mansi call him daddy
but she call deadtly lolzz LOLLOL
she is no thurana wulana LOL

maan in so much his own daughter calling him uncle CryCry
he begging his own daughter OuchOuchOuch
geet cant see this DeadDeadDead

finally she say to mansi that maan is her daddy Big smileBig smile
maan so happy
mani special kiss maan just surprise WinkWink

the calller AngryAngryAngry
fianlly truth out Big smile

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fabulous update dear:)

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Wow ... so maan knew geet innocent ... and truth is fonna cum out soon waiting cont soon

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Nice updates but really short
Waiting for next update

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