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Rishbala OS- Flower Basket

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 9:57am | IP Logged
What is this? A new OS from me? Shocked LOL Shocking, isn't it? LOL Don't worry no one has hacked my account LOL This OS is a New Year present to all of you...HAPPY NEW YEAR Hug

Dedicating this one to all my readers and buddies, and to my insane sis Sudha...this is your promotion gift sudha Big smile

Hope you all enjoy this one...let's see if I can still write OS's LOL

Rishbala OS- Flower Basket

(At a small flower shop...Sydney, Australia)
(Madhu's POV)

   Perfect. I smiled to myself as I set the roses perfectly in the vase. It was almost time to open. I gathered my hair up into a ponytail and continued to clean up and set the flowers in their place, running back and forth from the greenhouse.

   Once they were all set, I opened shop. I had a good amount of customers these following weeks. Most had come to buy flowers to their wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends. They looked so happy while buying the flowers. I too wanted to experience that feeling. If only I had someone who loved me too.

   Business was slow I sat around at the counter and read a book. I was getting into it when suddenly the bell attached to the door sounded. First customer of the day. I got up from my seat and prepared to greet the customer. But surprisingly, no one was there. I walked over to the door and pushed it open. There, an empty woven basket lay in front of my feet. Inside of it was a single rose, a note.

"Keep this basket. I'll bring another flower tomorrow." It read. "Once it is full, leave it on the doorstep again. I wil collect it."

   Who has left this here? I was confused. But I shrugged it off and took the basket inside, and placed it in the greenhouse. I went back to the counter and finished the book and the workday with a few customers. Then the same routine again. Move the flowers back into the greenhouse and then close shop. I went home tired, and I popped down right onto my bed.

   I couldn't sleep...and I was feeling bored. I rummaged through my closet and found my old college yearbook. A small leaf of paper was sticking out of a page. I flipped to that page and read the paper.

"Will miss you beautiful..." It read, and was signed by RK. His class photo was right next to the note.

   I shook my head. He was the most popular guy at our college. Girls couldn't get enough of him. But he was always following me. He liked to tease me, calling me "beautiful" whenever he saw me, which I found annoying. He wrote this note for me on the last day of the year, after we had graduated. He was going to London to handle his father's business. I never saw him since, but in all the days I felt his absence...I had begun to realize that I had feelings for him.

   I stared at the note for a while, then shoved it into the yearbook again. I stuck it into my cupboard. I wondered where he was now...did he miss me? It had been three years since that incident. I closed my eyes and pictured his face. That was enough for me. Who knows if I would see him again? I curled up in bed, clutching the extra pillow in my arms.

   I followed the same routine everyday. The mysterious person also became a part of this routine. Everyday he would leave a new kind of flower at the doorstep. Carnations, tulips, roses, sunflowers, you name it. Soon the basket was filling itself up, until it became a bright and colorful little garden. It was beautiful. I left it outside the next morning, waiting for him to take it. I kept a watch at the door, but instead he sent a boy to get it for him. I sulked at not knowing who this person was. I walked outside and looked around. There wasn't anyone with the flower basket. If the thing he wanted to accomplish with this basket thing was getting my attention, he was doing a great job at it. I groaned in frustration, and walked back into the shop.

(Next Day...)

   The basket of flowers returned to me the next morning, still fresh and beautiful. There was note attached to the basket handle.

"You may keep this. She didn't like it." I felt sorry for him. I took the flowers carefully from the basket and placed them in a vase full of water. At the bottom of the basket I found a small velvet box, next to a heart shaped card. I didn't want to snoop around, but he had left it in there. I lifted the box and opened it. Inside of it laid a diamond ring. It shine with a brilliance that I had never seen before. I picked up the card and read it.

"Did you miss me beautiful?" It read.

   Before I could comprehend the meaning of those words, I heard the door open behind me. Slow footsteps followed me into the back of the shop. The person wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I knew exactly who it was. RK. Tears dropped down my cheeks.

"Because I missed you a lot..." He whispered.

   I whirled around, not believing my ears. And there he was standing in front of me, looking even more handsome than 3 years ago. He spread his arms and smirked. I fell into his open embrace and buried myself in his chest.

"I missed you so much RK!" I cried into his shirt. He chuckled.

"I always knew you missed me." He cupped my face with his hands. "My beautiful Madhu can never forget me." He wiped my tears.

"How did you find me?" I asked.

"I had a big project here in Sydney. I was taking a tour of the town when I spotted you in this flower shop. A few inquiries and here I am."

   He stared into my eyes for many moments, moments that never seemed to end. He spoke up after a while.

"Is there something you'd like to tell me, beautiful?" He asked.


"Something that you wanted to tell me for the past 3 years..."

   I finally understood what he meant...but I kept silent.

"Still as shy as the college days...huh? I'll go first then." He looked behind me and grabbed the ring from the box. He lowered himself into one knee and took my quivering hand into his.

"I've loved you ever since I first met you in college. Your smile, your beautiful eyes, and your unique personality. Those other girls were just a distraction, because I didn't know your feelings. I didn't have the courage to ask you then, but now I will."

   He took a deep breath before continuing.

"Madhu...will you marry me?" He asked. I bit my lip to avoid letting the tears overflow.

"Yes! Yes I will marry you!" I said. He smiled and slipped the ring onto my finger. He stood up again and I wrapped my arms around my neck. "I love you too RK...I always did." I said. He hugged me tighter.

   He crushed his lips onto mine, sucking on them gently. I pulled him closer to me and kissed him back with equal passion. His body pressed against mine, my hand gripping the table for support. We broke away at the need of air.

   He plucked the last rose out of the basket and adorned it in my hair. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Where did you get this flower basket idea from?" I asked.

"My love owns a flower shop, so I thought I should propose with the help of flowers." He smirked. Him and his crazy ideas.

"You haven't changed one bit..." I giggled.

"Do you want me to change?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Nope...I love you just like this." I snuggled closer to him. He nuzzled his cheek against my head.

   The door opened. I looked over RK's shoulder. Customers.

"RK! Let go...I have customers." I said. He smirked again.

"Excuses, beautiful...fine. But I'll get you next time." I let me go and I went to help them. He leaned against the counter, smiling as I moved across the room. I caught a glimpse of him as the customers picked the flowers they wanted. He blew me a flying kiss. I blushed and shook my head.

   He grabbed me by the waist after the customers left, planting another kiss on my neck.

" naughty boy." I teased.

"I like being naughty." He laughed. "Besides, you will be mine soon."

"And I can't wait for it."

"What do you want for your wedding gift?"

"Another flower basket." I said. He chuckled.

"Not me?"

"I already have you.." I said.

"True. Anything for you beautiful." He laid another kiss on my lips, then gently stroking my hair.

   I finally found my special someone...

(1 year later...)

   RK permanently shifted to Sydney, as his business here was doing really well. We got my house renovated, so that it would be fit for both of us to live in. I still had the flower shop. We were a married couple, and I was 7 months pregnant.

   I was sitting at the counter of the shop. RK gave me strict instruction not to work, and that he would take care of the customers. I nodded, while he planted a kiss on my forehead and and on the bump. The baby kicked right there.

"Just two more months." He smiled. "Then I'll have a little Madhu to play with."

"No, we'll have a little version of you." I teased. "I want a boy."

"And I want a girl." He protested.



"'s a boy."

"And I'm saying it's a girl."

"Want a bet?" I put my hand out.

"I thought making bets was my thing. Everyone lost against me. You will lose as well."

"We'll see about that." I said.

"Challenge accepted, beautiful." He smirked and shook my hand. "If I win, I choose the name."

"And if I win, I choose the name." I said.

"Alrightly then." He smiled, and went to tend to some customers who just walked in.

(2 months later..)
(RK's POV)

   Madhu went into labor early in the morning. Luckily I hadn't left for the meeting yet. I wanted to be next to her, holding her hand, but the doctor wouldn't let me in. I paved back and forth in front of her ward, waiting for the sound of my child. I heard it minutes later, a baby's cry. I waited for the doctor with bated breaths. She came out moments later.

"Congrats Mr. Kundra, it's a girl." I smiled real wide. "Your wife and child are both fine. You can meet them now."

   Without second thought, I rushed inside. There I saw Madhu cradling our daughter in her arms, rocking her back and forth. She looked up at me and smiled.

"RK! Look...look how cute she is." I joined them, sitting on Madhu's bedside.

"She looks just like you." I said. Madhu handled her off to me. I held her carefully and kissed her forehead. She cooed in response.

"I get to name you." I said to her. "Sorry, Madhu." I chuckled.

"Go ahead, RK. Name her." Madhu smiled at us.

"How about...Rishika?" I said.

   She squirmed about in the blanket, a small smile forming on her face.

"Looks like my angel likes that name. Does my beautiful Madhu like it too?" I turned to her.

"Of course I do." She blushed.

    I leaned in and pecked a small kiss her her lips. Rishika began to cry, seeing the lack of attention she was getting. We both laughed and kissed her on her forehead.

"We have a drama queen to look after." Madhu said.

"I can handle one more." I winked. She smacked my arm. I laughed.

   She linked arms with me and leaned on my shoulder, watching the symbol of our love in my arms.

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Volah!  See Meghu I'm again first! LOL

Meghu! Meghu! Meghu! stole all my hearts that I have only one left and giving it upon this...LOL
Dude Rk you waited for Madhu for 3 years that's great!
Well I still can't understand  how you waited for her for 3 long years? ROFL
Okk now serious time...LOL
It was just Awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome! Meghu 
I got to know before itself that it was Rk who ws behind those flowers and basket...
I loved Rk's pov a lot because  you already know the reason MeghuLOL.I loved the way he proposed Madhu!  He was like Awesome. ...I wish. ...I wish. ..I wish...I know my wish wouldn't come true then why should I wish LOL

While I was reading the sort I was literally  smiling  you know...Thanks for this cute story Meghu!Well I thought  during  pregnancy  madhu would be cranky  and all but you made it totally ulta LOL
She was  a very good wife and she will always be! 
Mrs. Beautiful  actually  Rk's...actually  I'm giving up on Rk in this story because he is married in thisLOL or else I never give up on him...

No thanks for pm Meghu! LOL

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Yayyy finally i got chance to be second on ur story
awww meghu it was exceptionally beautiful os
loved rk so much
his idea was really unique in proposing mb
hehe our rk is genius in knowing babys gender lol
woww he named his daughter after him
rishika frm rishabh
loved it totally
Happy new year dear
have fun

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Wow awesome os dear simple n sweet 
Happy new year 

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 10:09am | IP Logged

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Meg, today i declare u r the most cutest story writer of this forum!!
how cutely u have written this was so simple, sweet , cute & just amazing!!
what a way to start a new year??  
gosh! i'm lacking words to praise this story!!
really girl, i fell for u for ur cute one shots which i missed lately but i'm so glad u wrote this excellent shot for us as our new year gift & thanks for the dedication for my promotion too...i'm seriously jumping in joy bcos u have dedicated this lovely story for me...i should say its a great gift i got for this new year!!

i loved loved loved it!!
especially the ending!! that was so so perfect!!
awe...rishbala having a baby girl!! papa's princess & a drama queen too!!
haha...i know when they made the bet itself that Rk will win it & it happened!!
haha...he can handle one more drama queen huh?? well, he can definitely bcos this madhu is not crazy pagal demanding annoying cranky jungli billi madhu but a sweet heart...but still all the time Rk shld not try to win, he shld give a chance to Mrs.beautiful too...

thank u so much for making me smile on new year!!
love u so much!!
God bless u, Meg!!

Edited by madhurish - 31 December 2014 at 1:02pm

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Beautiful os. I had a smile on my face while reading it. Smile Cute and sweet one. Write more dear. Smile And Happy new year. Smile

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awesome,and refreshing os dear meghana,i love it
wish u avery very happy new year dear

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