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RECAP...Big smile

Geet is a small town girl looking for a little happiness... her parents love her... but in their unique way... her brother is the only one in her family who understands her... but he too cannot do anything against their mother...she has completed her +2 and wants to pursue further education... but fate has something other for her... even before knowing what is marriage she is married to highly educated man... Maan Singh Khurana ... 

Maan is well educated and self made    guy... his took the responsibility of the family when his father left them... Maan has one elder brother... Dev.. he is a very ordinary guy who work and his lives in Delhi... with his wife and son...  he loves his family but with limitations... and naina is also like that.she is a pampered child in her she hates doing works..  Ansh is their son and is a nice kid...

Maan has one sister... arohi... she is married to Arjun and have two daughters... Payal and Palak... and now she is pregnant with her third child... she is loved by all as she is the only daughter of khuranas...

Vick is the youngest among them and is still studying... naughty yet mature..maan is a father figure to him n he thinks maan as his idol. he understand Maan more than any one and loves him too like that...

Maan liked geet in their first meet ... Savitri Devi... his mother choses geet and Maan has nothing to say but yes... 

geet is not ready for a marriage... but who cares... she has nothing to say from her side... Rano decides and her father comes as a guest and the marriage happens...

Maan and geet are married and geet's fear of intimacy makes her more nervous... Maan gives her some time to adjust... he observes that she is very reserved... especially with men... he understands her and supports her when Vicky says something about her nature... he makes him understand how it is difficult to adjust among a bunch of strangers... they should give her some time...

they start their family life ... even then geet is ignorant and is scared after thier first Union... meera explains her about family life and tries to make her comfortable...

Maan has to move to chennai for his work and he takes geet with him... they start thier life... and it is more than a dream to geet... Maan loves her crazily and looks after her small small needs...

geet mingles with their neighbours daughter aishu... she is a great time pass for geet when Maan leaves for work... 

maan makes vickys admission too there itself n he is living with them..

Geets cousins marriage is fixed and they leave to attend the marriage... they travel to Mumbai ... they stay at arohis house... a small mu occurs between arohi and geet... but geet keeps it to herself... later Arjun explains and says sorry to geet for his wife's behaviour... 

while returning from marriage maan gets to know about geets result... she is topper of her school... Maan is dumbfounded to know geets age... he doesn't know geet is so young... he feels cheated and he asked his mother about the same...

he que geet if she accepted the marriage willingly n she said no..maan is angry n the situation is heating up...

in all this mishap geet feels that she might have done something wrong so only he is angry... she fears that Maan might leave her and as a result she faints...

his mother called daima n she confirms geets pregnancy

Maan feels very bad for geet... she is just a teenage girl and he married her and shackled her with responsibilities... n now she is carrying too.. he decides he wont force any decision on her unlike her family..even with baby..

what is the future of their relationship ... what will Maan do... how will geet cope up with the situation...

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LOVE U PRIYA N SHRUTHI for awesome banners

Part 49


Vicky:maan..where are u going..

Maan was lost in his own thoughts..he needs fresh air..the roof he is standing with geet is mocking him..the last night too he was desperate to love her..

He that ever a love for her..n will be for me ever..?????

He started to walk aimlessly where his legs took him...the villagers are rarely seen outside..n it was too silent like a grave yard..its not only the outer world..his inner self too was empty..he stopped near the pond..

Maan: Aaahhh...

He screamed his lungs out as much as he can..but his inner volcano was such he couldn't cool it..his every moments with geet flashed before him..he hit his hands on the could he..

How he will face her..will he be able to treat her the same way like before..will he be able to see her as his wife..he cant even touch her..the husband inside him has died the moment he came to know geet is under age..he failed to understand his wife ..he doesn't know anything about her...

he is so confused there is baby..his baby..his jaan..his ansh..but is it a symbol of love or the symbol of his sin -a result of his physical desire...will he be able to love his child..

Maan st:yeh kya sochrahi hoon cant risk geets life with baby..she is not yet prepared for marriage..n carrying a child is big responsibility..more than my baby I want to know geets view..ab jo bhi hoga uski marzi se hoga..if she wants the baby she will..if she doesn't..

The thought itself killed him..he closed his eyes..i ll ask her to abort if she is not ready to carry the baby..

But the thought of losing his blood..his baby made him tremble..

tears rolled down his cheeks with the thought itself..

his dreams is now in geets decision..

n he don't know will he be able to near geet the same way he did before..

He was helpless ..confused..

for the first time in his life he couldn't take any decision in his life ..he stood there numb watching the dark sky...

why me god..why???what I have done that I am standing helpless today..

but there is no answers..only the fate can answer him...


Geet gained conscious..nt n sd was near her..

Geet tried to sit..

Geet  looked around in fear..

sd stopped her..

Sd:take rest need to get up..or speak..we will talk later..

Nt:haan geet..u must take rest at this time..n must take care of must eat healthy foods..n..

Sd glared nt..she shut her mouth immediately..

Sd:u take rest...i ll come signaled NT to follow.

N she did..

Sd:naina..what r u doing there..

Nt:meinei kuch nehi kaha..mei tho uski balai keliye hi bola..

Sd:hmm..its not wrong..but she doesn't must be a girl who will say to her husband first..n now as geet doesn't know it is maans right to say it..n in this way maan may talk to her..the gap will reduce between them.. I understood..

Sd:go n ask Vicky to call maan..i guess he may be near the pond...he usually goes there when he is upset...


Nt conveyed the msg to Vicky n he left in search of maan..



geet was trembling in fear..she want to run outside n search her husband..she want to say him..not to leave her..she was not at fault..n she has nothing to do with their age difference..same time she cant go against her mother in law..who said her to stay there n take rest..

geets st:kya hua mujei..why I fainted..where is maanji..

Her eyes travelled around insearch of him..but he was not seen anywhere..the fear was like a dragon eating her inside..

Savitri entered inside n saw geet lost..her eyes told everything..she is searching her husband..

She gently placed her hand on her head breaking geet's trance

Sd:maan has gone out..vicky has gone to call him..he will come now..

Geet felt a bit relaxed hearing her mil..her eyes fixed on the entrance ..

Sd:do u want to have anything..


Sd:do u want to have anything..nakul se kahoon..

Geet was still scared n couldn't fathom whats going around..why she feels her mil is so sweet today..even nt..but what mattered her was only maans presence..she just want only him n nothing else..

Geet :n..o..

She said meekly ..


Vicky came to pond n saw maan staring the vast sky..

He cleared his throat to get maans attention..maan sensed him..

Maan:go from here Vicky..

Vicky:maa called u..

Maan:u go..i ll come later..

He said without turning his side..

Vicky was getting maans intentions..he doesn't want to come back home nor face geet..

Vicky came n stood before him..maan looked other side..

Vicky:kab tak bagogi maan..

Maan:tum jao..

Vicky:cb has gained conscious..

Maan stilled in his place..

Vicky:n maa has asked me to get u that u may say about must be u now who has to say this news to her than us..

Maan closed his will he face will she react to will he ask her to take the decision about baby..does he have courage to hear her answer..he felt weak today..


Vicky:she is already weak..u know that..n don't make her sick..she is waiting for you..

He pulled maans hands..n started to walk..

maan started to follow him like a zombie..his heart was in storm..but he cared for geet too..he cant make her sick at this time..that too when she is carrying his child.


As the house neared he felt vulnerable..he stopped at entrance n Vicky turned n looked at him..knowing his turmoil he left him..

Vicky:maan..whatever happened is happened..u cant change..but think what to do on it..u only taught me to face every thing..

Maan looked at his small brother..once it was a time he guided the plates have changed...n he is guiding him..

Maan sighed n went inside..

Dev who was in living room stopped man..

Dev:maan..u r not a kid..u just left all without saying where u r going..gods sake maan u r not single..u r married n u have family to worry on u..maa bhi guzza hai tumse..

Maan:sry bro..aagei dyan rakunga

Dev:don't behave childishly again running away from situations..

Maan:ok bro..

He respected dev as his big bro n never raised his he felt guilt for making all worried on him..

Dev:first go n speak with ur wife..bichari doondrahi hai tumei..

Maan nodded n left..

Seeing him sd started to leave  so maneet can talk alone..


Maan:maa..woh mei..

She gave a glare n went out..she is angry on him..bcoz of his anger she couldn't relish the good news of the new arrival too..she sighed n walked to kitchen..


Nakul:ji maa

Sd:make some sweet too for night dinner..sab ki muh meetta karni hai..aur kuch special khana bhi..bahuke liye

Nakul smiled..:ji maa..choti bahu has given such a good news..dont worry I will make all special dishes too..savitri moved from there n asked nt to help nakul..which she accepted but like always cribbing inside for making her work..

Sd joined dev Vicky n ansh..


Sd:he is with bahu..

Dev:ab bhi guzza hai kya..

Sd:hmm..but I know him..he knows to control it too..aur haan..tomorrow morning we must call geets parents n inform the good news its late..we don't know if they are awake or sleeping..

Dev:ok maa..

Ansh:dadi..chachi will give me bhai or behen.. bhi ho..we will love it ..he/she will play with you..n after he/she arrives u r going to be the senior..big bro to the baby..

Ansh was too happy to hear it..

Sd:ansh tum khelo..i want to talk to ur father n chachu..

He obliged n went to play..

sd discussed few things with dev..he too gave his suggestions..

vicky:pata nehi how maan will react on your decision maa..

Sd:let geets family too come tomorrow we will decide..

All chatted for few minutes...



Maan entered the room with thudding heart..but determined to face geet..

He saw geet who was looking at the entrance with longing eyes n seeing him she left a long breathe like she got her life back.

Geet hurriedly sat up to rush to him..maan was too quick he rushed to her n stopped her from moving so fast..

maan:what are you doing..sit..


she couldn't form her words what she want to say..

maan :hmm..woh..mujei tumse..baat karni hai...

all the happenings again came fresh before her..she panicked n her thoughts went negative..

geet:pls..dont send me back..i don't know we have long difference..sachi..

she pinched her throat n maan smiled painfully..

she is till such a kid pinching her throat n swearing she is saying truth..isnt her face enough to say she too is unaware of truth like him..

maan:mujei bolne dogi..

he requested her before she starts her insecurity talks..

geet waited for him to speak..but maan was looking all places than to say her the news... there was a fear inside him ..n that made him tongue tight..

geet was looking only his face..why he is thinking so much..his face showed nothing..just a blank expression that made her scare more..she clasped her fingers with his..after all she ony knew he was always there for her to comfort her..she is so used to his care n she seeked the same now too..

maan closed his eyes..her mere touch n her squeeze in his hands he felt a tug in his heart..

geet:maanji..pls..say something..your silence is scaring me..

he felt the pain in her voice n her scared eyes looking at him with he is going to say the news to her..if its normal he would have lifted her up n swirled her n happily scream they are going to be parents..but now the decision is going to be in her hands..maan saw her hands holding him tight..he slowly released his hands from his..geet felt rejected..does he hate her touch too..but before she think more he kept her hands on her stomach..

maan:there is another life growing inside you geet..

there was no love nor hate in his was plain flat..geet blinked her eyes..trying to understand what he said..n finally the realization dawned upon means she is pregnant..she looked her stomach that is flat..then towards maan..she couldn't believe she is pregnant..she knew one day it will come..but so soon..she never expected.or prepared for it...n when she is now she doesn't know how to react..n the way maan told her..she was confused..he must be is his wish to hold his heir in his arms..then why he seems so distant..

geet:maanji..mere andar bacha hai..

she asked unbelievingly..without knowing how her every innocent questions making him so vulnerable..

he nodded yes.. are going to be father..

she said with a little excitement..atleast she has got an opportunity to give something to the man she loves..her twinkle gave him a small hope n he decided to say what he feels..n then all is left over in her hands..

maan:geet..i..want to ask you something..


maan:geet..i know..this marriage is forced on you..n I don't want to force you more with responsibilities..

geet was silent..matlab kya hai iska..poor girl is confused..but her hands were still caressing her flat stomach to feel the little soul growing inside her..still it felt like a dream to her...

maan:geet..tum sunrahi ho na


man:geet..i know u r too small for marriage itself..but now baby..i don't want to force you geet..this one is more than marriage..n u have to be careful at every step..n more its your umar mein..u wont be able to bear the pain..

geet:ji..why are you saying all this..

man:geet..take your own time..if u think u can carry the baby then ok..but if you don't want..we..will...

maan gulped his was unbearable for him to say..

maan:abort it..its upto you have full freedom..noone will force you..

shock was under statement for geet..

geet:don't you love our can u say it..

she asked him..

maan avoided her eyes..she turned him by his chin n made her look at him..her questioning she fault anywhere..

maan:I do love it geet..but more than it..its your age..your health matters to me most..

geet sighed in relief..its still her he is thinking about more than his wish..

geet:i..i..want this maanji..this is ours..

maan:don't take decision in hurry geet..socho..then tell..i will w8 till tomorrow..

saying he left her in anguish..

who will say him for geet his happiness is her first preference n nothing mattered to too she doesn't know she loves baby or not..but she loves to give the happiness what maan desires for n that is his baby..n she will never destroy his happiness..she was determined..









 2100 words,,

hit like buttons n leave comments if u like..Smile

sry 4 hindi ,spelling n grammatical mistakes..LOL

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so HAPPY to see the update 
beautiful part 
Maan and Geet feelings , pain , confusion , guilt more in Maan 
all was so well written 
Maan's family reaction was expected 
just happy for baby but nor worried for Geet  or Maan and Geet's relation 
though they  are good people but what to do  thats how things work mostly

Maaneet part was short but sweet 
Geet want baby for Maan 
Maan wants what Geet wish 
thats is love 
i wish Maan stayed with Geet ... but guss he is in shock and guilt 
waiting for more 
may be no in romantic way trying to understanding eachother want more Maaneet scenes 
please cont soon 

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Beautiful update

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   Maan is thinking too much Disapprove
    his behaviour creating MU between him nd GeetUnhappy
    Geet is right at her place nd Maan'll respect her decision Smile


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Oh god maan is making it all more complicated 
N geet can't she say what is in her heart 
Aise toh maan ek din alag hone ka decision bhi lelega n ye madam Chup hi rahegi 
Are baba bolde what u feel for him 
N this age gap doesn't matter 

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Lovely update after a long time
Dont know what maans mother has decided for them 
Liked maan thinking n decision when he decided dat whatever will be geet decision he will support her in her decision above his own wish n thinking about feet also n her health
Update next part asap
Its a human nature getting little selfish to ask more n more update knowing it takes a lot of effort but update next part too

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