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 Happy new year graphics

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LOVE U PRIYA N SHRuTHI for awesome banners

Part 48

The car stopped in front of his house..

Geet:maanji..ansh taking him in..i ll come back n take the stuffs maa gave..

Maan stilled in his place..n got down..

Vicky who came out took ansh from geet..

Geet turned to take the things..but maan stopped her by holding her hands..he held her wrist tightly n dragged her inside his house..geet has never seen maan seeing him n his different behavior geet trembled in fear..

Is he angry on my teachers or anything else..did I do anything wrong..will they blame me for anything..will they call my parents n complain about me..but meine kya kiya..why maanji is so angry..

She couldn't come to any conclusion ..but she feared for worst ..


Maan doesn't know what he is doing..he grabbed her wrists n dragged her inside the house..

Savitri was coughing:nakul..get me some water..


He went inside..

Geet:ma..a.nn ..ji..

She was trying to get his attention..

Savitri turned seeing maneet..she knotted her brows seeing man dragging geet in..n geet who was looking pale..fear ..scared..n  looking man with mixed emotions playing on her face..

She may be strict n rude..but manhandling a women she always hate that..whatever it is it must be between them..but not in open..even if the people are his own..

Dev n nt too were there..vicky who put ansh in bed too came out n saw man holding geets wrist tight..his face red in anger..

Sd:yeh kya batameesi hai maan..

She raised her voice on him..

Sd:she is your wife..not any cow or goat that u drag her like this..

Wife..that hit him hard again..he left geets hand in such a force she stumbled n was about to fall..naina held geet..

Naina:kya hua geet..

Geet rubbed her wrists that is turning red..all looking at her with questioning eyes..she felt humiliated..but whats the reason..she herself doesn't know..

She nodded her head in no..whatelse can she say..but she looked at maan..who is seething in anger..he  pushed his hair back in frustration..he need time to digest it..he moved towards the steps..but he was stopped by his mothers angry voice.. asking u..what happened..why r u angry..what she did..u cant go like this without answering me..

It only provoked him further..

Maan:angry..yes im angry..hell angry..

He roared like  a lion..noone has seen him like that before..

Nakul who brought water for savitri too was shocked seeing man like that..maan was always a matured man..n keeps his cool in every odd situations too..but today..all were astonished to see him like that..

Even sd was surprised seeing maans this side n thought geet really did something that has made her super cool son so angry..

Sd:geet bahu..why he is angry..what u did..

Geets eyes filled by now..she stammered..

Shit..maan cant see geet being questioned too..without her fault..


Maan came n stood before his mother..she looked at him..

Maan:before questioning her answer me maa..u only got geets proposal for me na maa..

Sd was confused..


Maan:ok what u know about her..say me..what qualities in her made u chose her for me..

His questions were breaking geet inside..she thought she doesn't have some qualities which he expects..n now he is angry on her for that..

Sd:y these questions now maan.rano n mohinder ki beti..handas r well known for their respect..achi gharki ladki hai..sunder hai..susheel hai..padi liki hai...

She was going on..

Maan:hmm padi liki hai..what..

Sd:wohh..i didn't ask..ab geet hai usise poochlo..

Man:ussei pehle..did u know how much old she is..


Sd:maan..what sort of questions u r asking..hogi 20 22..

He stood there looking at her with painful eyes..she don't know

Maan.:did u ask them..what she did..what is her age..


Geet stood there looking at mother son arguments..what is there to do with her studies n age..she didn't know..n don't know how to ask them..


Maan looked at nakul who was holding the water jug n glass..he took the whole jug on poured on his head..the cool water didn't cool him..he took the water glass n drink it in one go..nothing can cool him..he  crushed the glass in his hands..angry on himself.this hands ..this hands touched a teenage girl..n broke her wings..tied up in this relation..caged her with him...has he been a little more careful..this would not have happened..

Geet was more horrified seeing the blood dripping from his hands..


Sd:maan...yeh kya pagalpan hai..

Maan cried..pagalpan..aapne meri pagalpan nehi deki maa..

He thought how love sick puppy he was with geet..he hated himself more..the guilt in him was eating him

Sd:hua kya hai maan..

Dev:maan..what happened..

Maan thrusted the paper in his hands to dev..

Dev opened the paper n saw the results of geet..he too was shocked..he never expected that .geet has just completed her 12th..

Sd:whats that dev?

Dev:erm..wo..maa..maan ki patni..woh..

He gave the paper to sd..

..a part of maan's heart want to hear atleast she is more than 20..some excuse like she delayed schooling..n she is 20+..he want to know it now by her only..only she can give the answers to him..

..he pulled the paper from sd n showed geet..

Maan:yeh kya hai geet..

She  was shocked with his behavior.. she looked at the paper which showed she topped in exams.her marks 93%..all praising her hardwork in exams...the twinkle that appeared in her eyes didn't get unnoticed by maan..his hands dropped the paper..she doesn't know about her result too..

Maan held geets shoulders tightly.

Man:bolo geet..jawab do..whats this..tum..tum.

He couldn't frame the words..geet is looking still in confusion..

Man:u wrote 12th exams..


She meekly whispered bcoz of his anger..

Man:what ur age geet..


Man froze..nehi..yeh nehi ho saktha..

Man:tell me ur birthdate..

She dipped her head..

Geet:kal mera birthday tha..xx..5.19xx

His hands fell on his side lifelessly..she was r8..she has turned 18 yesteday..

Savitri too didn't expect it..

Man:sirf ataara saal..

He turned to his mother..

Man:sunliya na maa aapne..she is 18..18...18..

He turned to geet..

Man:do u know my age..

Geet nodded in no..

Maan:She too doesn't know maa.. she is 18..Aur mei..29..11 yrs choti hai yeh can I marry her galat..hai..its not right..ek choti si ladki ke saath meri shadhi hui..

Now she got to know the reason..there is big age difference between them..her mind travelled back to devis words..

Kaash ..he had stopped the marriage knowing my younger for him.. he is of my fathers age..but he doesn't care for me n my feelings any man would stop the marriage if he comes to know about his bride is not of his age n not suitable for him.he would have left her...only if he has done it before..

devis words started to haunt her..did he regret this marriage..

sd came out of her trance.. hua tho hua na..

maan:but its not right maa..i married a minor girl

dev:maan please calm down..from yesterday she is major na..

both trying to calm him..but maan has fallen in his own eyes..regret n guilt.. old days we too got married in early ages..


he smiled sadly..

maan:u r saying na old days..not now..n that too u know how much I respect laws..laws ko chodiye maa..what about her..woh Vicky se bhi 2 saal choti hai..

sd:maan kuch bhi she is ur wife..n she will never regret marrying u..even if u r older to her..she accepted this marriage n so only u both r married..

maan:hmm..i ll prove u wrong u r..

geet was tensed..their arguments were breaking her every second..if she is 18 n he is 29 tho kya hua..she llikes him for what he is..but why is it a big issue..does it matters him the most..kya who mujei chod devi said knowing my age he is going to leave me..kya hoga mera..

daarji..maa..sab kya kahegi..they will only blame me..i did something wrong my in laws sent me back..they wont be able to show the face when the villagers blame me..she was lost in her thoughts even though present in between them..

nt stood silent..she felt pity for geet..but couldn't speak anything..when her mil is there she cant say anything..n seeing man angry for first time she too thought to keep mum..


maan shook geet...



maan:answer my question..but I want only truth..agar tum kisise bhi bohut pyaar karthi ho..uski kasam kake bol..bologi na..


maan:are u prepared for this marriage..i want yes or no..but only truth..


maan:when we are left to talk ..u presented urself differently before me..its bcoz u don't want this marriage to happen..haina..

maan:tum aage pada chathi thi..u want  2become a dr..


man:then y u accepted for this marriage geet..

he questioned her..

she gave a painful look to him..the look which asked him so many questions..but he doesn't have any answers for it..he failed to read her now..

maan:bolo geet..why u married me..


geet s heart shattered..but no one heard the noise of the breaking soul...why she married him..was there any chances for her to escape..will her family accept if she has stood in her decision..what should have she done when the girls doesn't have any voice in her own house..

she was heart broken with maans words..his questions.. how he expects her to voice out her feelings..he knew her very well..he has tried to make her speak..what is her fault in all this..did her parents ask her choice..did his family asked her acceptance..both families decided..n she got married..


she has accepted this marriage whole heartedly..bcoz of maans behavior..his respect care n love towards her..these days of marriage life was a bliss in her life..after all these happy days he is questioning her why she accepted for can she answer..what should she answer..her life has become a puppet to all..they are making her dance on their tunes..

n atlast she is the one questioned..but she doesn't have any answers than the fear..scared of loosing him..his care..his love..what if she is sent back to her home..fear of facing  her nanaji.parents..followed by the questions of society..all emotions blocked her at same time..she went pale thinking of after math..

darr..kahin bhi dekoon sirf wahi .. ch..o..d wi..ll  u se..n..d m.e

she stammered every words making him realize how much scared she is..but what broke in him was the lack of trust in the relation..she thought he will leave can she think so..


maan looked at geet..she was falling back lifelessly..naina hold geet before her touching ground..n maan too held her at same he held her,naina left geet to be in maans arms..

maan patted geet..


naina:Vicky pani lao.. bhabhi)

Nakul:ye lo..

All got worried seeing geets state...

Dev:maan take her in..

Maan lifted geet n placed her in sd's bed..

Sd sprinkled water in geets face..she doesn't move..

Maan was worried seeing her not responding..

He started to rub her took another hand in her..staying in village she new a little of pulse reading..she doubted if she felt is right..or is it  her assumption..

Sd:Vicky..jaa daima ko bulaa ke  a a..

Maan:daima..kyun maa..lets go to dr..

Sd:man this is village..n here almost all villagers go to vaidji n daima only..if they ecommend only we go to dr..

Maan was not convinced..

Maan:but maa..

Sd:I know what im doing man..n there is no need of dr. for geet I know..

She turned to Vicky.whi was standing there..he doesn't lknow how to react for his maa or his maan..dr..or daima..

Sd:still u r here..jaao..

Nakul:mei chalthi hoon.what if she doesn't recognize Vicky...if I go daima will come along with me..



The room was silent..all looking at geet..n thinking at the situation ..



Vicky:what u did is not right..maan looked at his small can he say he is not right..did he mean marrying a small girl is right..


Vicky understood his questioning gaze..

Vicky:im not saying about the age difference..haan maantha hoon..galathi hogayi..but u yourself told she is  small..younger to me..this marriage..responsibilities..all are over burdened in her..n now what u questioned her before all..if im in her place too I wont like questioned before all..u only told me na man...she is so shy types..n we have to wait for her to adjust in our new place..then how u forgot all those things n expect her to speak.she has not yet mingled with all of us.. as u said she is young maan..n these all are too much for her..i don't like your behavior towards her..see the result of your behavior..she must be shocked with all revelations..n that's why she fainted..

His every words was like a slap on maans his guilt n anger he forgot about she would have felt questioned before all.. all sides there is fault..nor she knew it nor hum..but u cant change the fact..she is your wife..shadhi hogayi tum dono ko..accept it..

Dev:haan maan. Ab jo hua usko hum badal nehi saktha na..u both are married..n u both are settled in your lives..

Maan listened to everyone..but didn't speak..his eyes fixed on geet..the shy n timid girl..a flying bird whom he has caged in name of marriage...


By the time daima too came..maan stood up n gave place to her..

 Daima:savitri..yeh tumhari choti bahu na..

Savitri :haan..

Daima:kya hua isko..

 she  sat next to geet..

sd:behosh hogayi hai..i I checked her pulse.. i have a doubt..kahin..woh..

daima took geets wrist n started to check the pulse...

daima:mard log thodi der bahaar rahiye..

she looked at dev n Vicky said..both left the room..maan too followed them..he don't want the ladies to be embarrassed with his presence..but he can see whats going on inside ..daima slided geets sari n touched her stomach..right..left..then placed the sari again in position..

sd looked ta daima...

daima:arei savitri..muh meeta nehi karogi kya..

naina opened the door letting the men in..

savitri:matlab mera shaq sahi tha..

daima:Mubarak ho savitri..tum phirse dadi banne wali ho..bahu petse hai..isiliye bekhosh hogayi hogi..thodi der mei utjayegi..

savitri:mera maan ka waris aane wali hai..ruk mei abhi muh meeta karwathi hoon tuje..

she was so happy for his son..the commotions  which occurred back was all forgotten with the news she got..she ran n took her purse..grabbed the money which came in her hand n gave to her..

savitri:nakul..get some sweets soon..


maan froze in his place.the ground beneath him slipped away...his eyes widened with realization..geet is pregnant..she is carrying his child..child...his part is growing inside her..he has dreamt of his child..very eagerly waiting for the day when he will become he will be happy hearing the news..he will bring stars n moons to his wife's feet..but today that excitement was not there..his blood drained with the news..he has not yet recovered from the shock she is 18..n now the next..he has made a small girl pregnant..he hated himself could he  be happy as the guilt started to eat him up more..


Vicky n dev too was shocked ..but happy for their brother..its a gud news for them..

Savitri thought to leave man alone with geet..she signaled all n all left the room leaving him with geet..


Daima:savitri..tumhari bahu thodi kamzor lagrahi hai..uski khane peeneki khayal rakna..i ll send some  herbal  medicines..usei khaneko kahao..

Savitri:ok..tu chal..tum mujei bohut badi khush khabri di hai..muh mitta karke hi tumei chodungi..

She pulled daima with her n left the room..


Maan still stood in same touched his shoulders..

Dev:everything will be fine maan..

Vicky:u r going to be a father going to be chachu..

Though it pained a little for him he was more happy as its maans child..

All thought only from their view..its maaans child..the heir of family..but only man thought about geet..her physical condition..

Geets teacher s line..the girls are not physically n mentally ready for marriage..if he had done a sin by marrying her..having her for his physical need.. their first night in all sense in the hotel room..she fainted..physically she is not ready..but he had sex with her..the love all the while is just  her virgin body giving to his desires..

then what about this,.the result of their love..or to say his physical desires..the baby...their baby..she is still childish by heart..her behavior with ansh payal palak aishu..every single things were childish..playing with games..eating chocolates..every can he think a girl who herself is a baby carrying a bay in her womb..


Dev n Vicky has left the room..maan moved to the bed..sat next to geet..suddenly he felt she is looking more small for he is seeing her connecting with her she looked a small teenager..he forwarded his hands to touch her..he trembled..his hands shivered to touch her ..feel her..the same hands which can never keep away from her body shivered to touch her..he slowly touched her belly..his baby..he took away instantly like he touched a fire..he felt  as if touching a fire.

.tears rolled down his eyes..guilt was over powering him..unknowingly he has snatched a girls life..


He bowed down n placed a kiss on her he use to kiss his niece n even the kiss will hurt them..he couldn't see her lips too.he thought it as sin..he felt he is doing injustice to her by getting close..geet stirred a little..she was gaining conscious..he took steps back ..looking at her petite feature..he cant be there when she wokes up..he left the room..he want to cry his heart out..take his frustration out..he must cool himself before coming before her..he cant make her tremble with his presence..she is weak n needs rest..he will give that..but what about him..he needs time to digest the fact..


Viky:maan..where are u going..

Maan was lost in his own thoughts..he needs fresh air..the roof he is standing with geet is mocking him..the last night too he was desperate to love her..

He that ever a love for her..n will be for me ever..?????


 Did his marriage life sinking with this revelation..what is he going to do ???how he is going 2 react for baby



2985 words,,

Next .PART 49 - PAGE 50

hit like buttons n leave comments if u like..Smile

sry 4 hindi ,spelling n grammatical mistakes..LOL

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Omg maan ka gussa ufff 
Bechari geet she's so scared 
Use lag rha hai ab maan use chod dega 
Geet pregnant laga hi tha aisa hoga 
Awww poor
He's feeling guilty 
Uff ye geet ka abortion na karwade 
Well divorce toh nhi dega but I think ab geet se distance maintain karega. N city jake geet ki studies bhi cont. Karwaye shyad 
Feeling bad for geet agar maan ne koi drastic step liya wo nhi seh payegi 
Waiting for next update 
Update soon 

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Feel Very bad for Geet..
Maan should behaved more maturely...
Geet will once againgo into her shell...
Waiting for next update ...

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yayyy... aagayi valliLOL

ab JALDI update dedo... dekho... Geet bhi aagayi haiEmbarrassed

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