ZAYA SS : THE 12 MONTHS ( Chap 4 page 16) (Page 8)

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Originally posted by HARSHTA


Thank you , the update will be up on saturday or sunday ! Smile

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Great chp Clap
Continue soon!

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Originally posted by Ilovezaya

Great chp Clap
Continue soon!

Thank you ! Smile
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This is amazing saleha...
i just loved their cruise party,their dance and the way he wish her...
and the bridge scene was awsome...

Continue soon..
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loved it
cont soon

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Originally posted by butterfly20

This is amazing saleha...
i just loved their cruise party,their dance and the way he wish her...
and the bridge scene was awsome...

Continue soon..

Thank you Hanii the update is on the way !

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Originally posted by zayadreamland

loved it
cont soon

Thank you for liking it !
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here is the new chapter , dedicated to all of you , because you guys just rock and to my little sis , who is 3 today , happy birthday ! 


14th February 2014

She was late . Like really late .  She glanced at the clock . Aaliyah Ghulam Haider hated to be late , she looked at herself in the mirror , she was still in her pj's . Not to mention , she had to be ready in 10 minutes . Her hair were in  a mess , like her room , which was not better , all the clothes were scattered on the bed , and she was still in front of the mirror , trying to see , which dress will suit her , she wondered how will the golden and red combination was , but then she looked at her nose and was surprised , that idiot was right , her nose was indeed deed inch long , * No Chance *, but that was the problem , whenever she had to go out with him , she never knew what to wear , it was simple for him , he could wear anything , like his mustard t-shirt that she hated , he would still look like the Masterpiece of God , his eyes , which could hypnotize anyone , anytime .

His hair , were her new obsession , they looked so perfect , she would loved to feel those soft curls against her palms . * Sigh * That is not gonna happen any time soon . Her daydream was broken by the sound of the door knob .

OH . MY . GOD , how does he do it ? Haan ? I mean look at him , his white shirt clinging on him , accentuating his abs , did anybody told him that white suits him , like really suits him ?  How can someone look so , so beaut- . Wait , he is coming towards me , with slow steps , i am frozen by his hypnotizing eyes .

  "Tum theek to ho ? " he asked slightly touching my shoulder .
 "Haan , t- tum yahan kya kar rahe ho ? Knock karna nahi aata?"  She said coming out of her reverie .
 "We have a party Aaliya , remember ? "
 "Of course , i do ." 
  "To tumhare kapde ? "
She looked at herself , embarrassed , then at him , with an apologetic smile .
  "Wo mujh-. "
" Chorro ye sab , aur ye pehne lo . "
He said , giving a gift package , she looked at him suspiciously .
 "Kya hai isme ? "
 "Tum khudi dekhlo . "

She opened it and saw a beautiful sari with white embroidery , and a red blouse , matching necklace and diamond earrings .

"Ye kiskeliye ? "
He chuckled 
 "Agar tumhe di hai to tumhare liye hi hogi , bhagi tumhari marzi ."

Her inner child was jumping in the air , Zain abdullah had bought a saree for her , but she had a reputation , to maintain after all .

 "Kyon ? " She asked with a stern face .
 "Maine soccha , aaj tumhain larki bana dete hain ". He said with his signature smirk .
" Excuse me , mujhe apne larki hone ka saboot kisi ko dene ki zaroorat nahi ! "
In your Face , Zain Abdullah !
"To dedo , i won't mind ."  he said whispering , the last part .
The nerve of this guy ! If i could , i would grab the nearest vase and crush it on his head , Idiot ! 
 "Waise tum janti ho ye ek couple party hai , Valentine's day hai na aaj ."  he said making himself comfortable on the couch .
Is he serious ? I thought we were going together .
" Kya tumhe aapna valentine milgaya ? "
He said stressing on the word .
 "Tumhe kya , ye meri problem hai , tumhari nahi !" 
" Matlab , nahi mila , Chalo tumbhi kya yaad ragokhi , main tumhara valentine bansakta hoon , mere Dad kehte hain , kabhi bhi kisi larki ko problem main dekho  , to uski help karni chahiye . "
He could have  asked  properly , i would not have said no , but now you can dream Zain Abdullah .
" No thanks , mujhe tumhari zaroorat nahi hai . Ab tum jao , mujhe tayaar hone do . "She said looking away .
 "Thik hai , ab dobara , tayaar hone main puri shaam mat lelena . "
" Jaooo !"  She closed the door on his face and smiled looking at the saree, his first gift to her  .

After 15 minutes 

ZAin's point of view 

Where is She ? I mean , koi itna time kaise laga sakta hai ? 8 bajhe jana tha , madam chaar bajha degin , i hope , wo saree , pehne le , Thank God , last minute main mujhe ye saree milgayi , warna ye nakchari chuhiya , wo Large kapde pehen leti , who didn't do any  justice to her figure . Waise main dekhraha hoon , aaj kaal full ignore mood main ho , par kar nahi paati , akhir Zain Abdullah ki baat horahi he . I am sure usse daar lagraha hai , ke wo bet harjayagi , accha hi hai , kab tak baagh ti raheki mujhse kabhi na kabhi stop marna hi parege . He chuckled at his own thoughts . They were getting real late . Now he was getting irritated .

" Pata nahi ye larkhiyoon ko aisa kyon lagta hai ziada time lengi to khoobsuraat ho jayengi ?"
His back was pressed up against the car , he glanced again at his watch , when suddenly .

And Hell , she was looking beautiful , he kept looking at her , the saree was accentuating her tiny waist ,  swaying with every step she took , her green eyes were traced by a thin line of kohl , making them shine , under the moonlight , Her hair were sealed in a messy bun , the earrings clinging on her ears , making her look , like a jewelry set , arrogance marked in her eyes , she was looking beyond perfection , but still something was missing .
She stopped in front of him , he took slow steps towards her , but before doing anything , he wanted her permission .
 "May I ? "
She looked at him confused , but nodded her head in positive .
He went close to her , her breath quickened , he unlocked her hair and released those brown silky strand , covering her back .
 "Now it's perfect ! Chale? "
"Humm . "

The whole ride was silent . She looked at the city from her window . Paris . The city of love . Everything was like film , the Eiffel Tower , was indeed magnificent , and perhaps , the most beatiful woman right now , she was surrounded by gardens , and roses , which enticed the whole environment , indeed , it was something to watch .

They reached their destination , the place looked like a palace to them , after all , it was the home , of the director of the 1st french news channel .

"Good evening , Mr and Miss Dubois ! "
" Good evening , Zain abdullah and Aaliya Ghulam Haider , i presume !"
 "Yes, sir ."  they exchanged a hand shake .
" Oh , so this is Mr Abdullah ! You know , you are quite famous here !"  spoke the wife of the director .
Aaliya looked up at the comment , that was not something new . 
" So you guys enjoy , will see you later ! "
Aaliyah looked at the people in the party , everyone was dancing , flirting , or simply holding each other hand , making promises , and she looked up at her left , Mr Zain Abdullah , smiling at the horde of girl ready  to hunt .
That was the last straw , she started to walk away when he held her hand .
" Kahan jarahi ho ? "
"Aapne Valentine ke paas ?"  
" Accha kahan hain , mujhe nazar nahi aaraha ? " 
"Tumhain kyon itni figar , ho rahi hain , tum jao  apni valentines ke paas !" 
She said anger spitting in her words.
" Ok , bye , enjoy yourself ! "
She looked outraged .  "I don't care ! "
she turned back , when she heard 
 "Will you be my valentine ? "
Zain abdullah was being a gentleman , he was asking her so politely , that for one moment , she had a doubt , a smile crept on her face , when she turned back , she was shocked , the idiot was asking it to the bhooki girls who were fluttering their fake eyelashes .
She went towards the bar in anger  What does he think of himself ? 
she was in her own world , when a man came towards her , and like a gentleman , asked her for a dance , how could she refuse ?
They sang at the the beats of the song , the name was called Franois , a pure french , it was a change , a good one .
Zain Abdullah was burning , when he saw a stranger keeping a hand on her waist , and her laughter , was not making anything better .  " You want to play , we will play ! "  he started dancing with all the girls , he found , but kept looking at her . She was watching him from the corner of the eyes , she was not good at pretending , she excused herself , went towards the bar counter , and gulped down a glass of water , she hated to see him surrounded by other girls, she hated that he could make her feel jealous  , and she didn't know the reason , that was making her sick , she went towards the bathroom , when she sensed her blouse was tearing , her hand was not able to reach it , she stayed anchored to the nearest pillar , one step , and she would been left embarrassed for her whole life . She stayed like this for a good 10 minutes .
" Kya huwa ? "
She turned to look at him , she tightened her grip on the pillar .
 "K-Kuch bhi nahi" .  She said looking away , she did not want him to help her .
 "You don't know how to lie Aaliya so stop trying aur bolo kya huwa ? "
She hated the fact , that he was always able to caught her lies .
 "M-mera b-. "
She could not tell him .
" Bolo Aaliya , main help karsakta hoon . "
 "M-Mera blouse phat gaya , m-main yahan se heel nahi sakti ." 
 "Itni si baat , pehle nahi bata sakti thi . "
"Ab ? "
" Main tumhari help karsakta hoon , par ek sharth par ?" 
 "Tumhain mazak sooj raha hai , yahan meri ye halaat hai au-. "
 "Take it or leave it . "
She looked at him , and thought of her more than delicate situation .
" Thik hai , bolo " 
" Will you be my Valentine ? "
Is he for real ? this is his condition , no chance ! But i don't have any other option .
" Haan ya Naa ?  "
My answer will decide my fate , i know him , he has a BIG ego , the time i say no , he is gonna leave me here .
He placed his hand at the small of her back , she gulped down , his eyes held another expression , i know i am safe with him but still , i am scared .
" Zai-. "
She looked at him helplessly .
" Do you trust me ? "
He needed to know the answer , because every relationship , foundation is trust , if she don't trust him , then all this was not needed .
 "Of course ."  she whispered , looking into his eyes.
 "So hold on to me !  "
She letted herself guide by him , he engulfer her petite frame into his strong arms , he took her in the most dark corner of the place , to keep her respect intact , she encircled her arms around him , like her life clinging on him , he took her in a slow , he slowly started to button her blouse , without touching her , taking in her scent , then he placed her hair as a curtain , the song ended , and the party too . Words were not needed , their eyes said it all .

It was cold outside , the rain had left , the road shining , in the night , Zain had given her , his coat , they reached their hotel , each of them heading towards their room when Zain interrupted her.
" Coat wapis dene ka iraada hai yaa ? "
 Oh sorry !  she started unbutonning it , when he kept his hand on her .
 Zain i wanted to say th-. 
 Shh... TUmhari nak laal hogaye hai , sardi na lag jaye , rak lo .  he said slightly touchng the tip of her nose
Her cheeks colored at his statement , he went in his room , a smile across his face .

She don't know if she cares about him but he does and that is more than enough to make her smile ! 

from your Makhi !LOLLOL

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